A Story About a Suicidal Girl Who Attempted Sui**de but got Hindered, and Was Taken Out to Play


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“Jun Aiba, will you give me your life?”. On the last Christmas of his high school life, Jun Aiba, who is having a hard time living, makes a deal with a woman who calls herself the God of Death. In exchange for his life span, Aiba obtains a watch that can rewind time, and uses the power of the watch to realize his ideal life. Aiba tries to spend the remaining three years of his life without any inconvenience, but his life changes drastically when he interrupts the su*cide of a girl who was supposed to die. Aiba decides to keep interfering until Tsukimi Ichinose, a girl who wants to die, gives up on su*cide. He spends his days struggling against Ichinose, who refuses to give up on her su*cide.

Associated Names
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Shinitagari na Shoujo no Jisatsu wo Jama Shite, Asobi ni Tsureteiku Hanashi.
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Snowman256 rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a really beautiful short story about su*cide, regret, and how even a single friend can save a person who's given up on life. Kudos to the translator for picking up this series, and I highly recommend people MTL the series on Syosetu to finish it in one go (Google/Bing Translate work quite well, and the series has more impact IMO when read continuously. It's only 25 chapters, anyway.). The story really gives the feels, and although the topic is dark I feel it overall gives a hopeful message.

I... more>> also appreciate the author's nuance into the different types of depression, and how suicidal thoughts are sometimes completely separate from depression. From the author's comments, it's clear they tried to take care when writing these depictions, and it shows from how powerful the emotions are/how inclusive the writing is. <<less
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ZongNew rated it
February 20, 2023
Status: Completed
A story that deals with the regrets and struggles of living. Beautiful story line with good pacing and development of our 2 characters. A rollercoaster of emotions 10/10 will recommend this story for reading.
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