Three Days of Happiness


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Three Days of Happiness is a novel by Sugaru Miaki, also known as Fafoo. It’s a rewritten version of the story originally posted to 2ch.

The premise of the story revolves around a shop where one can sell away the remaining years of their life, and the consequences of doing so.

“I Say A Little Prayer” is a short related story which was posted along with the novel’s release. It spoils some things about the main story, but nothing major.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Mikkakan no Koufuku
三日間の幸福 (メディアワークス文庫)
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New FeeThale
April 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Absolutely recommended.

A novel with lots of lesson to be learned it doesn't feel forcefully shoved but the story it self explained it beautifully with much emotions.

It doesn't matter if you live for a hundred year if you doesn't enjoy it at all.
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Sumire rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel is like a good cup of coffee. One day like every other day, you walked down the same street, surrounded with the same people, and to be greeted with an interesting scent. Following that scent with curiosity, you arrived at the coffee shop only to be met with an extremely bitter taste, but as you keep drinking the aftertaste mixed in and it slowly getting better and better. It gets so good that by the time you realized, the cup is almost empty. As you tried your best... more>> to savor the remaining coffee, the taste hit you even harder and finally as you drink down the last drop, you climaxed like never before, not even your best lover could accomplish such a feat. Sadly, after climaxing, the emptiness that was left behind was so huge, it's like an addiction, and you starting to want more. You tried asking the staffs for more but was told that this is the last one they will ever make. You fall into the depths of despair. You then go around drinking the coffee that is popular right now, trying your best to smooth the urge, but the taste was so bad it make you want to puke. Disappointed with the current trendy coffee, you rushed back home to sleep, hoping that the pain would go away with your consciousness. But as you open the door to your apartment, it's there, right on the table, the coffee called "Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria" and "The Lazy King", made especially by your lover, and you began to think, "That coffee is good, so good I could kill for more, but still, only number 3 on my list." And with that thought in mind, you got to sleep, a real good night sleep, not minding the tons of caffeine you just poured down your throat. That's basically what this novel is to me. <<less
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Grarg rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: --
Can't believe there's no review. Honestly one of the best short stories I've ever read. It's a perfect mix of nihilism, tragedy, and life-affirming hope. It's impossible to say too much without spoiling it but I'll give you a introductory synopsis:

The story byline talks about the monetary value of life but that's just a premise to get things going. The protagonist find an odd shop where one can sell his life for money and he does just that, leaving himself only a few months. That, however, is just the starting... more>> line. The real story stems from that and explores the value of life, the nature of happiness, and the ability to find joy in not only the world around you, but more importantly, the people. <<less
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clowred rated it
September 16, 2016
Status: Completed
I... like many others have regrets. Maybe at some point I fell in love with someone but I was to afraid to admit it, even to myself. Because of this life never went the direction I thought it would when I was younger. I'm just an empty shell of the dream I expected to become. But now, after seeing how a path can be created even through sacrifices, I fell like there is still a path even for the older me, a path towards happiness.
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Ragearo rated it
June 29, 2016
Status: --
Pretty amazing story. I can completely understand the MC's viewpoint. Not that I feel the same way he does about life or anything, but the psychology behind his personality, viewpoints, and actions all just makes sense to me. He feels like a very real character because the author did an incredible job in making the characters and interactions all very real. I find this incredible because usually, even with a decent story that I enjoy a lot, I usually find it difficult to fully "buy into" something about the story.... more>> The discrepancy for me usually has to do with character interactions seeming out of place or being just plain illogical to me. The dialogues and interactions all feel genuine and well thought out. Aside from the supernatural aspects, it felt like a biographical snippet of someone's life. <<less
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Firedrakon rated it
April 20, 2017
Status: --
I do not know how I am going to manage to write a review.
Nevermind, I decided I'll make a spoiler-free review first for people looking to try this light novel:
- To start off, I have to say that this series is incredibly emotional. It manages to sway your emotions with but a single sentence. This goes to show the author's mastering of conveying meaning. Not one word in this book felt out of place of useless, in fact.
- The story itself is going to make you cry... more>> one way or another, either from sadness or happiness. That probably sounds like a strange point, but really: the timing of the actions in the story and everything else is simply too good to be true and manages to surprise the reader often.
- The characters have depth when looked closer onto, and each makes a contribution to the story. Of course, the main character is still the protagonist, but when you take a moment to look back on the book you notice that it was a story made possible also by minor characters, which is very charming.
- The total number of pages (at least, in the version I had) was 230, and it was definitely worth it. As an avid reader, once finishing this book I decided to join this site JUST to give a review like this. That should speak on its own: these were the most well-spent pages I have read in my life because the story grew inside of me. I really love it.

If I had to describe the story as a person, it would be a nurse. A nurse who once spoke to me in December. I'd tell the nurse I was slowly recouping from my sickness and was feeling 'ok'. The nurse would tell me a story to pass time. Every day, I would wait for the nurse to come, to hear the continuation. I would lend her all my attention, and never shift my eyes from hr lips as the words came out of her mouth. In March, at the start of spring, I'd separate from the nurse once I finished listening to her story, and got discharged from the hospital. But I would never, ever forget the nurse, who came to tell me about the story and the amazing developments of the story she told.

I loved this book with all my soul. If I could forget it and read it again without knowing the contents, I would. A thousand times over. <<less
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kkgoh rated it
January 5, 2019
Status: afterword
What is your life worth, and does it change as you near death?

That's the key premise and author's perspective of a young down-and-out man who trades the remaining years of his life for monetary gain. As the protagonist Kusunoki slowly counts down his remaining days and goes over a list of to-dos, he (together with his observer Miyagi) slowly discovers out what truly matters to him. It's a heartbreakingly beautiful novel of magical realism that covers a range of difficult topics including self-worth in an increasingly capitalistic society, meanings of life, regret, happiness and death. While the Hollywood movie "The Bucket List" covered the slowly fading lives of worldly old men, "Three Days of Happiness" focuses on what happens if the same death scenario occurred for a young man who has led a less-than-fulfilling life. The novel offers no easy answers for the reader, except that even a "fool" can experience life to it's fullest before death. Since the story was compiled from 2chan forum threads in Japan, there's considerably less polish to the writing style and vocabulary. That said, there are amazing lines.

"Why did nearly half of people feel better seeing my idiotic actions?
Maybe the reason was surprisingly simple.
Because I looked like I was having the time of my life.
That might have been it."

"Just like money is pointless once I die, so is fame."
"Don't you want to be eternal?"
"Even if I am eternal in a world without me, that's nothing to be glad about, " I said.


There is a little side story "I Say A Little Prayer" that provides a POV from the observer Miyagi. I'd suggest reading that right after Chapter 10 so it ties in with the timeline. The novel has been adapted to a manga, but as of end 2018 I believe it's only up to Chapter 13, just a few chapters shy of the end. I'd encourage readers to check it out as well.
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Azure02 rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: Completed
I can't believe this novel is actually originating from a Japanese SNS.

But anyway, I'll get straight into it. Honestly, this is one of the best novel I have read so far. This is good. I can guarantee that.

The story follows around a man named Kusunoki who decides to sell almost his entire lifespan in a mysterious shop, leaving just three months, in exchange for money.



1st part:
... more>>

This, introduced us to Miyagi, sort of keeper of the shop in which Kusunoki sold off his 30 years lifespan to. She later came to observe Kusunoki on his last 3 months to prevent him from doing anything dangerous as this is what most people would do noticing that they are nearing their death.

Kusunoki later finds out that his life's value is only worth 10.000 ¥.

Of course, a person life's value cannot truly be measured no matter what. But at this shop, one's life value is measured based on his contribution to society, how much of an influence someone has on another and so on.

And there's 3 thing that you can offer yourself to sell. Health, time and lifespan.

He laughed at how much his life is priced at, indicating that he's done only a few to be considered useful. The story progressed, as now that we see Miyagi is following him around as it is her job as an Observer. Starting from this, we're thrown out into an emotional roller coaster ride.


2nd part:

We later found out what kind of problem plagued out with Kusunoki.

And then we flashback to Kusunoki's past. As a child, Kusunoki is smart, a kid that is a loner and shunned by everyone but is very entitled. How do I explain this? It's like that one kid who most people bellitled but deep down he underestimated everyone and saying things like, "just look at our standings in the future" but he's actually got real potential. He's good at the art of painting.

There is also another one with same type of problem. That one, her name is Himeno. Let's say both became childhood friends knowing they have the same struggle.


3rd part:

Now go back to present, we knew that Kusunoki in his current state isn't what his past self wanted to be. He wondered about his past as the feeling of despair and hopelessness shrouded on him. It's a very relatable feeling.

As a child, we all have a dream that we want to live up. There's those that are able to fulfill their childhood dreams, some are not. Some of those who aren't, got a decent result, but some aren't very lucky as they are haunted by problems and inability to find their own path.

You see, these guys, as they grow up, usually when on highschool, they started to think.

They started to fear their own future. Their own pride started to ruin them within because of the expectation they put themselves in. The anxiety kicks in.

They started to reminisce their past. Guilt is pilling up from their own action in the past events.

They started to question their own life.

Being hopeless or useless isn't something good. Doing crimes is even worse, it's something unjustified. But we don't symphatize with crimes or the person's flaw itself. Never.

It is the reasoning that we symphatized ourselves with.

I think author really did a very good job on explaining the main character's background story. How Kusunoki feels at the time, the author really gave us some top-notch reasoning for us to relate, as to why Kusunoki is being a hopeless person. It's how to learn to be human.


4th part:

Later on in the story, Kusunoki is faced with a lot of things, on how reality is messing with him. From how his acquaintance from college isn't the person he expected him to be, to a surprising encounter with his childhood friend, that turns into an immediate disaster.

Kusunoki faced those many hardships, learn to accept his own past, his regrets, his fate and improve as a person to overcome many problems.

From this many moments, the relationship between Kusunoki and Miyagi develop. They'd go on to reveal their own feelings about each other. She's also telling him her own problems, her past.

That she's accepting her job because the debt his mother made from selling her lifespan. That his mother had gone suicide and forced the debt on Miyagi. Forcing her to sell off her time, becoming keeper on that shop. People can't see her because of that. How she actually has one kind of a childhood friend herself. Just the difference is that, her childhood friend had forgotten about her a week later.

Then came the agonizing truth. That Kusunoki life's value isn't worth 300.000 ¥. It's actually just 30 ¥. Those 300.000 ¥ is from Miyagi selling off his entire time, leftover money from paying her mother's debt.

Knowing that, Kusunoki tried to find a way to paid her debts off. To regain her time. And we're back to his childhood. What he's good at? That is the art in painting. He would draw in his sketchbook since then.


5th part:

He showed at the shop where he first met Miyagi, meeting different shopkeeper and sold off his last 30 days. Shopkeeper seemed to be in shock because it turns out, Kusunoki would later paint world-renowned pictures.

That it would contribute so much, those mere 30 days terrifyingly has a lot more value than his entire 30 years remaining.

This would be the most critical point in his life. The biggest decision he would ever make. What would he do?

He chose to sold off those 30 days lifespan. So that his most beloved would be having a chance to see a better future. Still don't paid her entire debts, but almost all of it.

Then they said that the last 3 days can't be sold as they said the store would still give the person some time remaining to enjoy their own life. I mean, if you tried to sell your entire lifespan for money, then it would be useless if you're dead right away.

His remaining 3 days, he goes into a park he used to go with Miyagi. Then he started crying. That he would never see her again.

He couldn't live those 3 days without her.

And well do I ever explained that in between the timeline where the disaster with his childhood friend occurred and when he sold off his 30 days, there is this certain period of time where he brags to everyone about how he's having Miyagi as a girlfriend?

He praised her, how she's a real beauty, that she's nice and always treat her like she's there. Damn boy, he's growing a real lot as a character. From hopeless guy to a nice loving boyfriend.

Yeah although that would make him seem like sorta crazy person because everyone just can't see Miyagi. Remember? But everyone just liked him anyway because he's likable.

The crowd is asking him why he's sad. He said that he can't be with Miyagi anymore.

This scene is far emotional than what it seemed to be from my spoiler, because well duh I'm not good at praising something and then discussing the whole thing.


6th part:

Luckily though, Miyagi appeared to see him. Everyone's surprised. I mean how she's there? She's supposed to be non-existent to them. And for us, she's actually invisible to those people. There's still a little debt left for her.

So how? Simple, she sold off her remaining lifespan so that she also has the same 3 days remaining, after knowing what Kusunoki did. She's determined.

It's not exactly the biggest twist someone could ever pull off. But you won't really notice or don't really care anyway because you're too immersed in the story.

It's amazing, it's hopelessly beautiful. My god, it's an ultimate act of romance.

Rather than having her own freedom to continue living, she'd rather be with her most beloved person, together in their last moment.


And then we're entering the moral of this story.


For Kusunoki, he'll die leaving nothing behind. His 30 days life would probably have more value for anyone else. But for him, it doesn't matter anymore.


Because he would experience the happiest three days of his life.

Three Days Happiness.

Taking this quote from the end of the story,

"I believe those three days,

compared to the tragic thirty years I would have lived,

compared to the worthwhile thirty days I would have lived,

were of much, much more value."

The story of happiness and tragedy, death and life's value, regret and acceptance, enveloped with high level of realism. Masterpiece. <<less
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November 1, 2020
Status: Completed
a very depressing read, it makes you think a lot about your own life while reading and I don't recommend this for anyone who has depression or feels lonely.

Overall nice quality stuffs and I can see why people love this since it's really a well-written novel about life; But to be perfectly honest I would rather read a fulfilling fantasy/slice of life rather than this type of novel.
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villainrage rated it
October 2, 2018
Status: afterword
This book has touched me in ways I myself do not understand, to the point that I had to create an account just to write a review.

Perhaps because I can identify with the characters so much and to some extent have gone through the same thoughts as the MC and have asked the same questions myself as to "how much my life is worth".

That aside, this book although may seem short is very much thought provoking, will make you ponder on how you define happiness or on for you what... more>> is it that is most valuable.

To give you an idea on the depth of this novel, I'll quote a paragraph in the book that made me really think:


However happy or sad something is, you'll soon forget it if you don't get a chance to recall it. What people don't realize is that they've forgotten about forgetting. If everyone really preserved the happiest memory from their past perfectly, they'd only be sadder living in their relatively hollow present. And if everyone preserved the worst memory from their past perfectly, well, they'd still be sad. Everyone just remembers what it's inconvenient not to remember."

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Master10K rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Although I appreciate how she went out of her way to write the type of novels she struggled to find, I feel like I'm done with Sugaru Miaki. Sure her novels are easily digestible, but they are all painfully bittersweet. This one's no different, involving another thought experiment, dealing with the value of life. Definitely fascinating, yet I just didn't like this story much and the ending left some loose ends.
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Left4Die rated it
November 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Real good.
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_dreamlesscloud_ rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite novels I've ever read.

There's something about Japanese light novels that usually portrays the human nature and the like that I am really fond of. Even if reading them incites sadness and melancholy within me, I find comfort in the midst of it. I can say to myself that I'll come back to read this novel again after some time, when the 'magic' has worn off.

Hats off to the author and the translator.
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ISumimasenI rated it
March 10, 2019
Status: Completed
Honestly deserves the rating it holds.I had never felt so many mixed emotions reading a conclusion, I felt sadness, sympathy, despair and yet happiness.

A must read work in this site that will stay with you much longer than all those xianxias and isekais here.
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Isabelle rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: --
Well, how could I say that this was one of the best readings of my life? I have become so identified with the character that it becomes pathetic, for there is nothing more explicit than the obvious difference between us. In my opinion, it is much better than I would ever have been. Even so, I persist in the idea that this is, yes, my future. I will not sell my time, nor will the opportunity arise, I will not have the love of Miyagi, but he is no use... more>> to me: she does not love me. Here I have the consolation that I can lean on death, that it is worth showing others that they are important to you, and that I really will not get anything waiting. Mr. Author, I love your characters, and in a way, I love a part of you.

For those who will still read, know that there are few things in life that are worth more than this story. <<less
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Nitpicking Reader
Nitpicking Reader rated it
February 25, 2017
Status: Completed
What a novel...

All I have to say about this novel is:

A BEAUTIFUL tragedy and awsome story that made me -a 23 YO man- cry like a little girl...

... more>> Hope you'll give it a try and enjoy it like I did (you can even learn from the story)

edit: I forgot to say but you can either read the "2ch" version or the novel version, personally I've read both, in this order : the novel first then "I say little prayer" then the 2ch version, which is the opposite... but having done so I highly recommend to either do it in my order or just read the novel version (same for the author's 1st novel "Starting over) <<less
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CrystalAurora rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I first read the blurb 1 year ago but somehow I forgot the name of this story and couldn't find it anymore. But the blurb was so interesting that it was constantly on my mind. For the last year I have been searching for this novel and today coincidentally I found it again and I immediately read it. Even before reading this, I knew I would like it and boy, I DID!!It was absolutely beautiful (even beautiful is an understatement). Instead of filling the novel with unnecessary words, it was... more>> short but so powerful. At the beginning, I wanted to cry for him as I can relate to him on a spiritual level.I am depressed, I am suicidal and I often wonder what am I still living for, just like the MC, I don't have anything or anyone worth living for. The beginning of the story was depressing but realistic. And I loved how the story progressed. It didn't feel rushed nor slow, JUST RIGHT!And the ending was perfect. Even though people might think its a tragic ending, I don't think so. As the last sentence stated in the novel, three days of true happiness is much more valuable than worthless 30 years or days...I LOVED IT!! <<less
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Rusio2 rated it
November 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I really love this authors works too much. I feel like her works have been helping me live the way I truly want to ever since her first tranlated work in 2013. There main characters were great and felt very realistic making me feel depressed whenever I thought about the fate they had at the end of the novel.

I also reccomend reading the manga since it does a pretty good job as an adaptation

... more>>

some people might consider this to be a very depressing ending but I personally think it was the sweetest ending that I will be remembering for a very long time.

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Evergreen rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: afterword
If I could, I would like to say thanks to the author. I dont know what to say as a review... Just that, this is what I needed most right now. The novel may change my life or... it may not. Still, Im glad that I was able to read this at this point of my life. Thank you translator as well.
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October 27, 2019
Status: Completed
One of the most filling pieces of reading I've ever had. The emotion is genuine, frank, direct - there is no forceful prose. The writing is nothing more than the medium to carry the emotion, the story is the vehicle. Books where the misery is internal, in yourself, where the story primarily happens in the mind, through thoughts and not actions, are rare. Rather than a idea, I find this book to be about an emotion, a state of mind, a feeling. And that is its greatest quality. It was... more>> a few hours of wonderful pain and grief, and at the end of it I felt empty, as if someone had scraped off all the rust on my heart and now it was all soft and fragile and exposed. I felt sick. It's a dull misery, a heavy heart. You feel like throwing up. Read this. You'll feel so much more human afterwards. <<less
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optjam rated it
September 26, 2019
Status: --
I don't know how such amazing authors can portray all these emotions so well.

This read has been a great short read, nothing short of 5 stars.

Such a beautiful story.

A story of redemption, love, sadness, and fulfillment.
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