Omiai Shitakunakattanode, Muri Nandai na Jouken wo Tsuketara Doukyuusei ga Kita Ken ni Tsuite


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One day, Yuzuru Takasegawa — a first-year high school student — is urged by his grandfather to go on an arranged marriage meeting, insisting that he wants to see his great-grandson before he dies.

However, not wanting to bear the weight of a fiancee at the tender age of a freshman in high school, Yuzuru tries to avoid the arranged marriage meeting by imposing an irrational condition that, “ If she is Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, Fair Skinned etc., only then I will think about the marriage”.

But somehow, he finds the girl who meets the conditions that Yuzuru has put out, and he reluctantly ends up going to matchmaking only once.

And on the day of matchmaking, it was Arisa Yukishiro, a beautiful girl with reputation at school, shows up on the scene.

Upon hearing her story, it seems she was also reluctantly made to go on matchmaking.

Therefore, the two of them try to prevent themselves from further marriage proposals with their false “engagement”.

And so, as they play the role of fake lovers, they find themselves in love with each other and become real lovers.

Associated Names
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I didn’t want to meet a prospective marriage partner so I set an impossible condition and then my classmate came
Omiai Shitakunakatta node, Muri Nandai na Jouken wo Tsuketara Doukyuusei ga Kita Ken ni Tsuite
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Hoouuujae60 rated it
December 26, 2020
Status: c109
I read the raws and it was good... kinda similar to 'my neighbor next door spoils me rotten' but different... you know what mean.

Yuzuru Takasegawa

... more>>

is a 15 year old freshman in highschool born in october 16 (?). Has a family that consist of his grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, and little sister... yess a little sister, what every romcom MC has. Anyway, he's granpa wanted him to find a marriage partner because he wanted to see he's great grandchild as said in the description. But since MC didn't want to, he added conditions that was difficult to fulfill, like blonde, blue eyes, big oppai, smart, sporty etc. Or so he thought. Because he's grandfather found he's classmate Arisa Yukishiro but she's brown or flax haired and green eyes so he thought he could refuse since the condition wasn't met. But then he noticed that the girl was actually being abused by their house so he proposed that they make a fake engagement since the girl is also being forced to find a marriage partner. And it goes without saying MC is rich, Takasegawa family is hella rich and prestigious and the only family who can rival them is the tachibana family, mc's childhood friend's home and a distant relative. MC has black hair and blue eyes he got from he's father, Kazuya Takasegawa and is the next head of the the family, the so called heir, so he was trained to talk and act like one that's why he's a mature and calm type, he's also smart as it was mention he got 5th place in the mock exams and next 2nd place and even overturned the heroine in the exams. He has four cutie dogs and I forgot their breeds but they were trained well, MC is a dog lover, MC was a messy type that doesn't clean he's room even though he's living alone but ended up cleaning it since he got scolded by the fl. Doesn't know how to cook and is good-looking, he's not the sport enthusiast but he can do it, he even has muscles since he also does jogging and muscle training, he also does 3 (or was it 4?) part-time jobs since he wanted to experience and have he's freedom since he's the heir and will be the next headof the house. Has 3 childhood friends one boy and two girls and made a guy friend in highschool so he hangs out with two boys then a female friend so they hang out as a group with 7 members including the FL but it's a long way to go since the kept it a secret that they are engaged although fake and unofficial


Arisa Yukishiro


same age as MC 15 years old born in june 25. Parents were in an accident so she lived with her maternal aunt, her mother's sister the Amagi (?) Family starting at 2nd grade in elementary. The adoption process wasn't complete yet so her last name hasn't been changed yet. Her adopted family consist of her aunt, uncle, older brother in college and little sister in 6th grade. Her aunt hates her as she is her sister's daughter so FL was abused, hitting her, scolding her, locking her up in the closet and even going so far as leaving her out in the garden with only in her underwear in winter when she was a kid. Her uncle or father didn't know she was being abused but was told by the eldest son so he had an argument with he's wife and then she stopped harrassing her or so he thought because he's wife only did it when he was not home since he's busy. Older brother also cares for her but FL thought it was unnecessary since he's not of help and only makes things worse for her (don't know if I can call him a siscon or not but he was showing similar symptoms as one). She's pretty close with her little sister so the only eyesore in the house is her mother, her real aunt. She got a trauma, and is scared of closed space that is dark and always leave the nightlight on since she was always locked up in the closet. She also can't take watching horror movies and had trouble going to the toilet. She started liking yuzuru at the time when they gone to the pool when she was asked if she liked MC by he's childhood friends. She's a cat lover but she herself is like a dog while MC is the opposite as he acts like a cat but loves dogs. She's good at housework and cooks for MC. Her cooking was said to be much more delicious than mc's mother said by MC himself. She was always 1st in the rankings in exams but was overtured by mc's childhood friend with the last name tachibana. So the ranks from 1st to 3rd are taken by MC, fl, and tachibana girl. She has a neighbor that likes her and he ended up seeing her being abused but could do nothing since he was only part of an ordinary house so he was jealous of MC since he's good-looking, calm, smart, cool, mature, and rich although he mistook him for a distant relative of the FL and thought he was in college because of he's features and how tall MC is at first. It goes without saying he's love ended before it started.


MOE IS LIFEEEEE!! recomended for those whose deprived of sugar and fluff <<less
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Rampage Debut
Rampage Debut rated it
October 2, 2021
Status: v4c7
Since everyone in reviews said it is like 'Otonari no Tenshi sama'/'Angel next door', I will do a review comparing this novel with Otonari no Tenshi sama


1) Arisa is better developed than Mahiru from Otonari Tenshi. She overcame her family situations, became cheerful and made friends after she fell in love with Yuzuru, all by herself. I would appreciate Yuzuru too because unlike most MCs who rush to intervene and solve the problem of their loved one's family trouble, he knew that she is the one who needs... more>> to solve her problems and he sticked to supporting her in this case so that she can grow of her own which is correct way of solving someone else's problem. This is better than completely neglecting family problems in favor of fluffy romance (I am looking at you Otonari Tenshi).

2) Yuzuru isn't dense and he knows Arisa also has feelings for him unlike a certain MC who knew that only after the girl straight up confessed to him (Shame on you Amane, why did you force Mahiru to do that? Dense MC). Arisa also knew that Yuzuru likes him and that he was waiting (actually preparing) for suitable occasion to confess. But that didn't stop her from seducing him to hurry up his confession.

3) Yuzuru and Arisa behave like normal teenage high schoolers. Naturally they have libido (although it hasn't reached beyond a kiss at the time of writing this review) and some fan service scenes happen too indicating they will reach that territory too. In contrast, Otonari Tenshi have both their MCs with grade schooler mindset. They declared that they would maintain a platonic relationship before marriage. I personally don't mind that but the fact that Otonari Tenshi story is then limited to headpats and hugs and repeated sequence of these actions as our innocent couple don't have knowledge about romance beyond grade school level makes it boring and completely kills my interest.


The love rivals are cardboard cut out villains who all have unrequited feelings for Arisa but gets easily washed away when faced with Yuzuru's wealth and family status. One of them trembled when Yuzuru showed off his wealth and easily gave up because he felt he wasn't financially on Yuzuru's level to woo Arisa. The other one was Arisa's cousin who likewise shut up when he was told about Yuzuru's family social status so he instead coaxed the other one to take Arisa from Yuzuru. He was finally taken out for good when he tried to mislead his family that Arisa was unwillingly obeying Yuzuru and Arisa, who had enough of his antics told him to stop interfering in her life. When he tried to cover it up by saying that he was doing it because he was thinking about her, she told him ''Shut up, Outsider!'' (God, I so freaking love this scene!). But still, the so called love rivals were extremely weak and weren't fleshed out good.

Personally, I prefer this novel over Otonari Tenshi because at least the MCs here are perfectly normal high school students and not grade schoolers MCs who God-only-knows-how ended up in high school like in Otonari Tenshi. <<less
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June 22, 2021
Status: c11
I tried reading this due to positive reviews but turns out, this is pretty plain. Probably because I already read "Angel next door". This is like a 2nd hand copy of "Angel" but with different reason as of why the female and male protagonists became close and the rest, it's prettyuch the same.

If you haven't read "Angel next door" novel, then you might love this novel like how other reviewers did. But if you already read "Angel next door" you might find this so plain compare to that novel.
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fakkeng rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: c12
The story is the still the cliche go to Romance where both leads have to hide their relationships because of some Deus Ex Machina occuring due to their family or whatever it is. Still a good read if you're looking for a romance LN tho

Have to rate a 2/3 out of 5 for the new translator, might as well read MTL
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yukirina rated it
June 21, 2021
Status: v5c2
Reiwa era btw. Age of 300 chapters for romance development is over.

This is a slowburn romance of two classmates in a unrealistic scenario getting together. The premise is very awkward and forced, but the progression can be felt every chapter. Despite the tragic backstory and the Drama tag, there's nothing climactic that happens like soap opera. However, that's a good thing. Not all drama has to be in your face and blatant. It also adds some interesting political background to the families along with shifts in power, giving it an... more>> interesting world instead of a story of simply two high schoolers, albeit very heartwarming, getting together.

As this is a romance-focused story, the most important are the two characters, Yuzuru and Arisa, the main couple. Yuzuru was born in a prestigious Takasegawa family, and was raised as such. He is calm, collected, and sharp. He understands the power and responsibilities of his name. However, he is also a high schooler. He is inexperienced, especially in romance, and despite how much he tries to remain collected, he is fumbling around. His proactive efforts to match Arisa overcome her trauma and break her free of her life in the shell are very refreshing to see, and is instrumental in opening up Arisa's heart to him. However, he's a pretty flat character up to this point. I'd be interested in seeing if he can go through any development when the political affairs come into play.

Arisa was born in Yukishiro family and is the daughter of the late first wife of Naoki, head of the household. Her aunt abusing Arisa is the primary reason for Arisa's trauma. Most of the actual abuse is sidelined however, the trauma is not very blatant to readers' eyes. However you can feel the heaviness in Arisa's, the main heroine's, words and actions; it does a great job of giving a subtle undertone of what life she has gone through up to this point. She has a very submissive attitude, and is the recipient of most of story's focus as a passive character. I feel that Arisa could have been a better dynamic character; in my opinion she opens her heart up to Yuzuru a bit too quickly. I am hoping that she would develop as a better foil character for Yuzuru as the story progresses.

Brief mention of several side characters in the story: they are definitely in the lampshade of the main protagonists, but are great foil characters. The story explores their concerns over future, their position in the power struggles among families, and romantic partners. Honestly some of these characters are potentially more interesting than Arisa if they are developed more. We'll see what happens though.

All in all, the realistic approaches in these two character to romance to each other are very nice to see. Both are unsure of how to progress, and take small steps forward and back as they bounce off each other. I'm excited for volume 5 to be completed, but the author noted that each chapter will come out every 5 to 7 days, so it'll be a while. And like Yuzuru, I am also pretending to be calm and collected but I might die of diabetes, so RIP me. <<less
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_Ako_ rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: v4c6
There is 2 things I would like for people who hasnt read this series but would like to know the weather if the series is worth to read. And thus, my answer would be: It depends, if you like series that you read worth nothing of worth every single word and sentence that it provide that goes through your brain then this series is totally worth it for you. If you want something of meaning, then this series isnt really for you because, honestly this series has nothing for it.

Secondly,... more>> I would like to disagree on the certain notion that this series is the same/resembles Otonari Tenshi because Otonari is about the daily interaction of fMC and MC while Omiai copies that but in away that it doesnt look like it's a filler chapter, although they have the same aspect that, in my honest opinion both series are desperate to sell itself to the people so that it could, in the future be adapted to light novel or anime even... That's the gist I get when I read this series. Anyway, onto my another short shitpost about this series that will prolly get an anime adaptation because, I mean, just look at the f*cking title. It's already 10/10 on that front.


I have to wonder, well obviously because I've never dated someone before (tho I doubt these authors who writes this had), like why does these author write "UGGGHHHHHH I'VE SEEN HER TITS..... HER ti*s IS SUUUGOOODDDDDD I WANNA TOUCH IT" like viewers already not know that we know this authors cant write that because... how could they, when they havent even spoke to a girl? Or prolly they've touched someone's ti*s before that's how they write this kind of this... In my opinion, there is a line between a good erot*c scene and a bad one, and in my honest opinion, erot*c scene/ecchi scenes are almost bad because it stops there, it goes nowhere and it'll just stop there, it's like crudely written that was just to slap you of a filler and then afterwards you're like "well that was utterly pointless", like I've said before and I'll say it again, erot*c scenes in this kind of WN, like Otonari, Omiai or even that WN about marrying the dude because he was in-debt, it is all pointless... I just wonder, like really wonder why authors go through all the trouble of writing this... Like in this novel, MC was like "ugghhh I wanna s*x with her" and I was like "uhhhh what? Of course you will not write that author-san, can you even write a proper erot*c scene? I think the thousands of playing eroge wont help you on that one"

I dont dislike damsel in distress. In fact I think these kind of heroine mostly rides on how the author portrays "distress" and how much he want to milk her like this that, in my opinion is like a bad thing, because I feel like Japanese author only has one mode and that's "GO THE f*ck ALL THE WAY DOWN" like it's the only thing that matter. If she's a damsel in distress, she'll be a damsel in distress every single chapter. Like no ifs or buts, just full on rage mode. It's like that inter in your LoL game that just runs it down mid every single time. In my opinion, Arisa is a fine heroine suitable for how damsel in distress is written and in my opinion, the distress in this series that she is portrayed to, are quite balance and does fall therein with no counter-logic, well in my opinion, the plot does allow for it to happen, but as later on found out about the structure of her family and the dynamic within, it make sense why she's powerless and afraid, why she has no escape from it because, I mean; who can? It's not like she can just ditch the f*ck out so her step-mom would stop abusing her.

How FMC and MC developed their feelings to each other was not rocket science, it's just one of those things that; I feel like we all know we will reach at that point but I is just waiting for how long it's gonna take. I just could not for the life of why like, it has to be White Day because she was like "ugghhh watashi wa daisuki romantic event confessiond desu" and like MC was like this 200IQ tactician of like "according to keikaku" kind of thing like... Every couple/married couple in this world should then be like celebrating all of their anniversary/monthsary on like, dec/feb/march/jan, like why? Why not just write a decent confession scene, without attaching it to f*cking META f*cking troupe to sell this hot garbage of a bullsh*t story? Like, it is not romantic because you're doing it on WHITE DAY, it's romantic because you're confessing your love. It shouldnt be focus on the WHITE DAY, when she gave that valentine chocolate, I think the logical outcome is not to wait for WHITE DAY. It's to go after her and decide what short thing you want to get the heck out of your chest and just say "I love you" which I think is just... I think what would have happen normally, this META troupe of confessing on WHITE DAY because she confessed on VALENTINES DAY is f*cking lazy writing. Not every event should be tied-down to circumstance in which the character will decide their action, I think that the confession scene was quite nice it's just... For the life of me could not understood... COULD NOT. Why the author decided the next ch to be after feb.14 and decided to have this be on WHITE DAY, like, what is this meta thing to do? Do ppl in Japan actually mass confess their feeling on WHITE DAY when someone confessed on VALENTINES DAY? Like what? Does ppl in Japan then only have s*x during December 25th because of fireworks? Like what? AUTHORS... pls stop doing this... sigh, then again I doubt authors will stop doing this. primarily because, in most cases these kind of chs are written DURING WHITE DAY in Japan so I guess to soothe the souls of those soon-t0-be novelist (forever virg*ns) Japanese that was heartbroken by someone they liked for a long time and decided to confess on WHITE DAY because why not, and was broken-hearted because she was dating the GIGACHAD SENPAI that's the ACE FROM THE BASKETBALL CLUB, and upon noticing his look, pitiful bad posture, depress as f*ck eyes, and the realization that kicked in that he's not actually the main protogonist in this real world, he went home and cried and then to go on to live a fantasy life by reading WNs in syosetsu which is titled "Omiai Shitakunakattanode, Muri Nandai na Jouken wo Tsuketara Doukyuusei ga Kita Ken ni Tsuite" and envision himself as the MC who confessed to Arisa and she also confessed to him and they hug each other. I'm not saying, that's morally disgusting, I'm just saying; we've all been there, and hopefully to the Japanese guys who are reading that particular ch when your confession didnt go through, I hope you're already writing one of the best LN to come out this year, or prolly the year before or prolly in the future... I'm looking forward to it! I hope it's not isekai ffs.

fmc's family circumstances are a mess, which if not for it, I dont think the plot would have just worked but in my honest opinion, it does work. She was abused for still idk why, but plot I guess and this developed her inferiority complex, and how it slowly untangled was a warming feeling to say nonetheless, cliched? Absolutely. Was it such the greatest feeling when she's moving forward on her own accord? Yes, it was a blissful moment. Would I think it's morally disgusting that it was presented in a way that MC is whiteknighting her? That depends on the perspective where you view this scenario. And there, lads, where I will stop; I will let you all decide where you stand on this, for me, in my humblest opinion, I think that despite the extremity, the romanticism of someone whiteknighting you out of your demise is indeed, one of the most fictional orgasmic moment that will forever be romantic in my humblest opinion. Ultimately, the story really boils down to such detail and while I've enjoyed reading the series, I think to myself, that, on the realm of Gimai Seikatsu or Sweat and Soap, this series then just amount to nothing. A 130 ch of nothing. Is it a shame, that you enjoy this? No, it's just that, you havent seen the pinnacle of what romance LN/WN/manga could uphold that you're still here reading this thing, but; despite that; it is still a very enjoyable read for what it's worth it. Every romance LN/WN or genre faces the problem of, ironically, the romantic development (or in this case confession), which in fact I think stays for that due to the potential lose of what could it bring if you just inch it away as possible or delay it, works that captivate the essence of romance, if you're looking for this in this WN, I hope you dont, please dont, because there's no genuine thing on this delusional-based WN, for what it offers is that "high" that other drugs like cocaine give to your brain and inject the high you want and slowly kill you. This wont kill you but it'll just.... well, you wont find an ounce of essence that could call this good....

It desperately sells you the story of a romantic development between a man and a woman whom are in fake arrange marriage and slowly fell in love to each other, with word-for-word of copy-pasta from thousands upon thousands of romance WN/LN that has existed to craft a romantic development out of what the author had hand-picked, thus "Omiai Shitakunakattanode, Muri Nandai na Jouken wo Tsuketara Doukyuusei ga Kita Ken ni Tsuite" existed as a series born from the thousands of LN/WN that it had taken attributes from, and will at the end of the day just be that... another series yet again with another cliched development that arouse simply because, for the ultimate dream, of having an anime adaptation.


Lastly, thank you for the MTLer, (for which I think it was very f*cking readable MTL I would say that), without you, yes you... BAKA, it's not like I'm thank you or something because you TLed this so I could shitpost or anything... REALLY... HUMMPPP <<less
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rcpsycho rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: v4c31
A very pleasant romance with plenty of fluffy and cute but also funny moments. Starting out with the fake engagement, the relationship skips many steps in some occasions and then sometimes seems to progress backwardly to redo them.

Though there seems to be some level of being conscious of the skipped steps, the order still seems a little strange to my Western sensibilities. It's worth noting however that the main characters belong to wealthy and somewhat traditional families as well as the minimum age for marriage being lowered in the setting... more>> of that novel.

Simply put, engagements and marriage are discussed considerably more in comparison to more ordinary relationships that people at that age would normally have.

One major positive point from my perspective is that contraceptives are explicitly mentioned rather than their existence being forgotten like in Otonari no Tenshi, although the actual physical relationship is progressing at a very slow pace. Even if the relationship doesn't necessarily go that far between fifteen year-olds, it should at least be under consideration.

I'm not quite as blown away as some other readers, part of which has to do with how the relationship seems to pointlessly regress to stretch the story on occasion, but overall it's still a very good novel that I'd definitely recommend to read.

Edit: Because it's been a while since I started reading, I forgot to mention this, but there's an immense difference in translation quality between the translators of the first chapters (especially Hayato) and Impatient MTL. I strongly recommend to bear with it until you get to the good part from chapter 15 onwards. <<less
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: v4c27
If you already read Otonari no Tenshi-sama, you might like this

Even though some main part is the same on fMC like she's good at cooking, household, blonde (not quite right tho), but the plot is different

The plot is 'slight' like aristocratic

... more>> The actual pace also quite long, on volume 2 chapter 13 they still on friends term & this is already maybe 2 or 3 month?

What I don't like on this is about MC friend who create a Harem with MC childhood (2 of top beauty on school)

Not realistic for them cuz they don't adopt polygamy, their parents also still hands-off about this

And we know one of them would be thrown away but they 3 still lovey-dovey everywhere

I also quite don't understand with this 2 childhood, why even one of them don't have any interest for MC even though they know each other from baby... well, they choose MC friend who is a handsome lad & 2 timing them lol s*upid

If one of them have interest on MC, this story can turn in to comedy & make fMC fall for MC more fast... and a little depressing at the end

PS: this have comedy genre, but I don't even feel it

I choose MC Harem plot over MC friend Harem plot lol, even author don't show them often... They just show up once rn lol

Edit: v3c15

About MC friends Harem


Surprise surprise! They can legitimately continue with one of them not registering her marriage proposal cuz her weird religion make them can't have husband (she's a head clan)


Edit: v4c1

Im a bit dissapoint with fMC, she reject MC to kiss her even on the cheek... he already touch her b**ba & booty when she pretend to sleep. Idk why every author with this type of story want fMC to be so pure unlike normal high school student. In reality, many already had s*x in this age on japan lol. I didn't say for them to had s*x on their first day dating but damn. Sorry it's just a rant cuz I already read this cliche many time lol

Edit: v4c13

It start to get boring. When I finally have MC with backbone, now is fMC the one who continue to act tsundere. Engagement without even a kiss? why life... they already know each other for 1 year

Edit: v4c27

Ok drop it

The pace really long, 6+ month to have feel for each other, 1 year to go real date & not even a kiss after date. I don't want to wait 2 volume just to have them finally having kiss lol. I should stop reading after they start dating huh~

Note: I love the illustration <<less
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Prettyboy099 rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: v5c7
Novel is kinda 'Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsu no Ma ni ka Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken' as it has no rivel and lot of sugar.... but with some differences like the MC is rich, calm although little romance experience....

The MC (Yuzuru) is already a almost devloped character so he doesn't have much growth potential.... It doesn't mean that I dislike him rather because of it I like him a lot....

I think the FMC had the most growth impact... Overcoming family trauma, making friends, she became a fine FMC....

Looking forward... more>> to more of their sugar life..... <<less
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Raestloz rated it
June 11, 2022
Status: v5c25
Great story and the shark jumping point is far enough to get a lot of enjoyment before it happens

Bits of political intrigue is a good new ingredient and helps to add some flavor just when things get a wee bit stale, it's interesting enough to keep me going. Of course it's really nothing heavy, it's just flavor after all

Unlike many other stories, there's no relationship speedrun and both sides are pretty balanced. This isn't "average guy lands an idol", both sides have their own points going for them and both... more>> of them are competent.

Other side characters are also given a pretty well written background story. At least they're not there simply to egg on the couple

At some point the author jumped the shark and this devolves into some sort of ecchi. That point is volume 5, or at least that's as far as I can read. I do not know if it gets better after that but considering how well paced the relationship was for 4 entire volumes, the ecchi stuff will probably be staying <<less
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August 6, 2021
Status: c30
First of all, the story is pretty normal but still interesting.

The setting is something like Nisekoi but without the harem and the complicated stuff.

A pretty easy read, just nice and fluffy
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WTPieh rated it
March 4, 2024
Status: v8c2
Very random ramble incoming, not entirely pertaining to the story, but I thought it would be interesting for others to read.

So, I thought I would just put out my two cents after binging this story, it's in its last volume, and we are basically set. The last volume is

about life together, so if you aren't interested in hearing about them having s*x, then move along.
Your still here right?
Well, yeah, cuz that's what almost everyone was waiting for. V8 is all about their adult life. The high school life stuff got quite tame, but v7 ch25 (i think) covered the first time.

If I'm being honest, this story made me quite envious of a life I could've lived and made me wish I had relationships I never had. I'm sure we are all here to binge on a story that covers what we don't have, and I am right along side you. Now that they are


sophmores in college


this story really hit me that I watched them grow up, develop, and eventually they will really get married. It kinda made me do some introspection about what I've been doing with my time. Very odd way to realize it, but this novel has felt real enough that I realized I need to make a change in my lifestyle. It's been a very long time since I've read a romance that I truly envy, and it made all the negative emotions inside me rise up. That was a signal, and also in part due to the fact that I binged this over 3 days, and read 8 volumes. I can say that it has been a truly fun ride, and with the last volume being MTL'd, we come across one of the best done romance stories I have read. Very human characters, all fleshed out. I became so invested that I started living vicariously through the characters, and it was at that point that I realized they were the same age as me, and what have I done versus what have they done. It is obviously not smart to compare yourself to fictional characters, but I believe I received the wakeup call I have been needing for a long time.

I just want to say this journey of reading romance novels along side all of you has been truly enjoyable, and your comment on the posts are genuinely hilarious. In my dark times you guys truly shine, but as a personal measure, I think it is no longer healthy for me to seek so desperately for human connections, because I put off working on myself. Everyone comes from their own walks in life, and we all ready for various reasons. My reasons are that I am very alone, and taking on college solo, debt, struggling to get up in the morning, missing work to sleep in or read (which makes me sleep in), ignoring assignments due, putting off health. I'm enabling a bad lifestyle, and I have no structure. This novel ironically pointed out to me everything that was supposed to be fun and enjoyable in life. I've screwed up so many chances with people I liked, skipped HS events because I was more interested in games, and now I am losing motivation for my favorite subject major in college. Enough is enough, and I want to become a better persons so I no longer have to fantasize about meeting the right person, because naturally, when the time comes, I will be ready for them. So I encourage all of you that feel loneliness to spend more time with those that you put off because that's all I've spent my life doing, pushing away inadvertently everyone I would come to care about. Enjoy your childhood and make memories.

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August 30, 2021
Status: v4c1
The story is pretty generic and very similar to "angel next door" except that MC here is perfectionist (he is literally the heir of famous family). There are some drama involving FMC.

... more>>

Basically, FMC is facing domestic abuse (quite extreme if you ask me) from her step-mother and there is one certain character in her family that you will find intolerable. Although, her step father and her step sister are good person but they too stay oblivious to situation until she speaks for herself.


As for side characters, there is nothing much to say about them. MC has 2 female childhood friends but they have their own love life. lastly,

I am not the only one who feel uncomfortable about the relationship ayaka, chiharu and soichiro are in, right?

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nouni rated it
September 14, 2023
Status: v4
Another take on JP school romance, albeit one with an arranged marriage.

A huge plus point of this novel is that the MC knows what he wants, and is willing to act on it. The FL is shown to be a flawed but ultimately well-fleshed-out character, with her backstory lending support to why her character is as such. There are definitely some plot holes in her past that don't really make sense if you think about it again, but nothing too serious to break you from immersion.

The arranged marriage is explored... more>> a lot more in this series. The MC comes from a prestigious family, and one of the main plot points of contention is the difference in status between the MC and the FL. As such, there is some degree (and exposition spent on) of political intrigue, as well as on the side characters, which I really can't say that I'm too interested in.

One of the flaws of this series for me is that the story feels lethargic at certain points, and I really am reluctant to push through it. I think some of it has to do with the "politicking" which while it does differentiate this from the mass of JP school romance novels, does get overbearing at times. One example is

where the MC has multiple conversations with his grandfather on how he has to beat one of his friends (family rival) in academics (which he loses to three times) while also emphasizing that this was simply just an examination which has nothing to do with achieving something in reality. It's a chore


There's also too much exposition spent on describing the FL. I can understand simping, but it was a little way too much. The novel is detailed, and while this is one of its strengths, it is at the same time a major weakness. I think that since it has gotten serialized, it can do with even more stringent editing.

Anyways, volume 1 deals with them getting to know each other. Volume 2 deals with them kinda revealing their feelings for each other, and Volume 3 covers a proper confession and proposal from the MC. The current volume 4 that I am reading further expands on Arisa's insecurities in this imbalanced relationship.

Overall, I can say that this is a pretty decent series, but I honestly have to take a break after reading up to volume 3. Will continue after taking a break. 9/10 <<less
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Kanion rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: v3c22
One of my favorite novels these days. It's a romance story with a standard style of pretending to be a couple, but here it's done very well and the relationship progresses over time.

There are a lot of couples too, it's not just the main thing, thus giving more life to the world of history.
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noodlesandrice rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: v2c7
A nice, feel-good series that balances out a ton fluffiness and a small bit of drama that further enhances that fluffiness. The addition of family politics in the background also adds an interesting twist that I don't think I've ever seen in other modern day highschool romances.

Overall a pleasant, slow-paced story that I definitely recommend.
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YuuKi23 rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: v2c20
So far, it is one of my favorite novels even the theme story is quite normal. However, I like how MC be more realistic than other MCs I have read before.
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pondernyaissa rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: v5c29
Slow, sweet, and to the point. If you like romance this will give you a lot of giggles. The translation is caught up to the raw and the author is busy writing another novel along side with this one so the new chapters are few and far in between his new work and this work, more so that the newest volume just came out a few days ago (at the time of this comment). The author is probably in a relaxation mode.
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