Cultivation – Stand above the Heaven


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A peerless genius who gave up his cultivation himself just for love, now possesses a playboy. In the cultivation world filled with beauty, how could he stand above the heavens and finally be the owner of the world?

Ancient jade in hand, treasure in my jacket; cultivate with the beauty, live with the heavens!

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June 18, 2018
Status: --
This novel is truly shity it's big soap opera of romeo and juliet with people always trying to murder then for the most dumb reasons.

Also the MC and the female protagonist are terrible you just wish you could murder then too always acting like idiots making a already bad situation look even worst.

Avoid this novel like hell these 2 MCs only make everybody miserable around then and I even feel sorry for there familys that have to put up with these morons with no common sense at all.
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leste rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: --
MC and story is boring. Many of the women in this novel also have terrible personalities. The story is nothing out of the ordinary either. Every next woman wants to beat up or kill the MC. One woman even beat up the guy whom the MC took possession off to his death bed simply for peeking at her bathing yet she ends up with a guy that used to protect and help a rapist. The main story is basic and slow.
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OppaiDaisuki rated it
October 19, 2018
Status: --
I really don't think that I should put a comment so early since the updated chapters is so little. Still I just want to say few things.

1st of all the characters description is pretty bland and also their personalities.

2nd the translation its pretty bad I think, some of the chapters might look like it's machine translated but I don't think it is.

3rd the world description is so vague I can't even imagine how large it is, specially the kingdoms there is literally little to no description of it at all... more>> just the name and its population count. <<less
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