Reincarnation of the Heaven


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A proud demon of the Heaven defeated many martial arts experts from Nine Heavens and God Domain in nine fierce battles. However, when fighting with the world’s most powerful deity, he missed a half movement, resulting in exploding himself. Fortunately, he was reborn as a live-in son-in-law of a rich and powerful family. Demons, devils, humans and gods contend in turbulent days. Faced with a different life, Xiao Naihe embarks on a new journey to go up the peak.

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Yoburi rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: --
Another terrible novel from Novel Universe the translation is just plain bad and with lock that demand payment to read everybody will have a better experience using google to read the raws.

About the novel its also bad a poor man Against the Gods version with a shity female that marries the MC but never meets him and let her family beat, humiliate him and even kill him even when his father save her parents.

Eveybody in this novel acts like a bastard even if this is a world rule by might... more>> these people don't have any sort of decency so you just don't care about any character.

How does this autors can make 2600 chapters of this sh*t is amazing the cultivation is a mess, no world build, terrible characters and no plot after reading 50 chapters, maybe the chineses use novels like these as punishiment. <<less
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Ske1th rated it
August 2, 2018
Status: c13
I am writing this review early only because the other review is a bit misleading.

It says: "About the novel its also bad a poor man Against the Gods version with a sh*ty female that marries the MC but never meets him and let her family beat, humiliate him and even kill him even when his father save her parents." That is not true and you don't need to read far to see it. MC family got destroyed, so the "sh*ty female" agreed to marry him to get him the status... more>> of her family so he can be protected, but they have met only once and she has no feelings for him, that is why she focuses on her life (as usual she has big talent for martial arts so she is probably focusing on training).

I won write more for now cause I have read only 13 chapters, I just wanted to clear up this misunderstanding, when I read more I will write a proper review. <<less
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muhammodalamin rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: --
MC is dumbest!
MC wakes up in a coffin But instead of laying low and get buried first he scares people. He could've acted dead even when the maids opened the coffin.
The previous cowardly person that MC has taken possession have after reincarnation had much better personality. It would have been much better if MC accidentally gets his soul devoured by the originial owner. The original owner could make a lot of use with that knowledge
The fool has a pocket dimension to keep her safe in and he... more>> keeps just letting his wife roam out in the open and get stolen kidnapped r*ped in every 50 chapter. Pocket dimension is quite large full of nature. Good for cutlivation. Keeping her with MC can also make them a happy couple. The first time getting kidnapped can be called a mistake But after that She as a wife should have stayed with MC. Since she knows that she is causing MC risk his life.

MC is arrogant and doesn't have power to back his words. I m surprise for someone who lived for thousands of years doesn't know how to control his emotion and dont retreat in order to win. He would rather die than retreating. We all know MC will become strong but he needs time. Why not wait and cultivate first, instead of just offending everyone here and there.

and the worse thing is--
Almost all the enemies escapes. He doesn't pull out the tree from the roots. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
November 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Look I’ll make this plain and simple.

The MC is an arrogant moron who constantly gets his own people kidnapped/harmed.

And by God: His wife has a tragedy aura. Not one of her original masters or teachers isn’t trying to r*pe her for her Yin cultivation or steal her. Heck, even later some random demon steals her and MC is “shocked and enraged” that someone attacked her.

... more>> The moron has a literal pocket dimension to keep her safe in and he keeps just letting her roam out in the open and get stolen.

But that’s not the worst part.

The worst part is that this MC’s strategy of fighting 1000+ chapters on is to act like a villainous boss, monologuing and letting just about every important enemy escape.

It gets to the point where MC’s late game strat is to let his enemy blow up his mortal body and then reforge it with his energy, only then actually attempting to fight his opponents.

Apparently being the strongest former demon expert means being the dumbest guy who can’t ever outwit his enemies.

Author will also suddenly have MC be a super plotter out of nowhere, but only involving an immediate fight.

Sigh, it’s just all so mediocre and frustrating.

Horrible, horrible novel 1/10 <<less
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qull rated it
October 3, 2018
Status: c129

This is a very casual CN novel. There are cliche plots but with some twist and turn. I'd rather say I like (but not love) the MC attitude. He is a devil cultivator reincarnated, so his mentality is of a devil. He has policy tit-for-tat and "mind your own business", but he is not your random evil MC that kill everybody for utterly no reason. Villains are sometime smart and sometime dumb, so I have mixed feeling about that.

Beware, I only read the translated version, so I can only makes... more>> judgment from what I read.


MC is a legendary devil cultivator who get reincarnated into human young master of Xiao family. Xiao family was wiped out by some conspiracy. His old self was a coward young master who has to stayed at family of his prearranged fiance family (Yun family). All the Yun elders want him out (in one way or another). However, patriarch and fiance have to keep him due to some secret he has and some past benevolence of Xiao family. There's no love between them and him, it's just out of reputation.

When MC reincarnated into Xiao young master body, he doesn't care at all about Xiao problems. As devil cultivator, he just want to sit, cultivate, and breakthrough. He could care less about solving his past self's issues. However, the dead soul of Xiao young master creates inner demon which he ends up having to solve some (or bare minimum) of the problems to breakthrough.

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