Conquer the Protagonist’s Mother at the Beginning!


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Su Lin travels through a parallel world formed by the fusion of multiple novels, and becomes the younger brother of the heroine – Su Yiran.

He thought that the protagonist would soon steal his sister, but accidentally discovered Su Yiran’s little (pe*verted) secret…

Accompany Su Lin in his journey to collect heroines and live the life belonging to a young master villain!

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bozakir rated it
January 11, 2023
Status: c61
This is an unapologetically shameless wishfullfillment novel. Our protagonist is incredibly rich, incredibly handsome, incredibly talented (cooking, arts, music, martial arts), incredibly powerful and incredibly well connected. 99% of the women around wants to bed him. He drives a different super car each day. It's so ridiculous that it stops being ridiculous at some point and you go, huh I guess that makes sense.

Is it good? No not really. But it's like a bag of unhealthy bag of potato chips. You know it's not good but can't stop eating them.... more>> It's enjoyable so far but I don't expect longevity. Chapters are short, try a couple and you can see for yourself if this kind of story clicks with you or not. <<less
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July 10, 2023
Status: c63
If you want to turn off your brain and read a wish fulfilment novel, look no further. It's excellent in this role. I read it to take a break from a serious, difficult book, and I enjoyed it a lot so far. It's some quality comedy too.

However, if you want something more deeper, don't bother. This novel's pretty shameless and shallow.

Bozakir's review is accurate. I only want to add that the translator might've changed after chapter 50 to a worse one. It's not by much, but overly literal (and sometimes... more>> clearly the wrong meaning of a word, it's easy to tell if you have read any MTL in the past) translation mistakes started showing up. We're watching, Mr. TL. <<less
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