Realizing She Misunderstood The Villain, The Heroine Begs For Forgiveness


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Ye Xuan transmigrated into a novel world only to discover he is the novel’s villain?

Moreover, the heroine of this world was aware of the future plot and was preparing to kill him?


Luckily, he awakened a system that allowed the heroine to see the plot.

“In order to save you… it didn’t matter if I was possessed by a devil!”

Heroine: He turned into the devil to save me?

“Why, you won’t listen to my explanation? Being wronged by you is like a sword piercing my heart, it’s so cold and painful.”

Heroine: What, he was wronged?

“Your sword hurt me so deeply… This life, I will not fall in love with you again.”

The heroine cried her heart out: No-!!!

“Please don’t r*pe me. This life, I would rather betray the heavens than betray you!!!!

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New HeavenSentMelonEater rated it
February 22, 2024
Status: 292
Good for binge-reading. Plot is quite repeatative though quite addictive. MC loves someone, they somehow misunderstand. Them they break his heart. He sacrifice almost everything for them. He dies, they get reborn or its after quite long time, they meet, they judges MC as evil, somehow pulls some memory watching or mirror or some spell out of their ass, they watch they cry and beg MC for forgiveness. Honestly I liked it quite bit, but the author did ending f*cking dirty. MC kills the last boss and becomes god but... more>> last chapter? Its dogsh*t wish I didnt read it. <<less
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