Villain: After Intercepting the Female Lead, the Protagonist Collapses


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Jiang Che traversed into a merged novel world, becoming the major villain in the novel. His story begins with the descent of a divine healer.

However, this healer is not ordinary; he actually has seven exceptionally beautiful senior sisters. Moreover, the eldest senior sister, whom the protagonist has long admired, turns out to be his childhood sweetheart and fiancée?

According to the plot, he is supposed to end up with his family destroyed and himself in ruins due to the protagonist’s actions. Therefore, Jiang Che can only lay out his plans in advance, changing the plot time and again.

Soon, an outrageous scene unfolds. The beautiful senior sister, who initially had tender feelings for Ye Chen, is now insisting on marrying no one but Jiang Che.

The ‘lolita’ senior sister even drags Jiang Che to her home daily to show him her newly bought white silk stockings…

After Ye Chen comes down the mountain, he is completely enraged seeing his senior sisters one by one turn away from him. Jiang Che then innocently expresses: “Chenzi… it’s not my fault, your senior sisters are just too enthusiastic…”

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April 15, 2024
Status: c30
This novel is just another destiny villain system type where MC steals the main MCs harem. Haah I don't know what to say because every Chinese novel you pick with system settings it's bound to show an MC who just wants to get into the pants of the female leads. I read this type of novels to find creative than the previous ones but it's all the same even if you copy the theme atleast try to change the main plots with own creation and I know it's though to... more>> write novels like that but there is no harm in trying something new. After reading so much villain system novels I have come to hate this genre entirely. If this novel is your first read in this genre you're bound to like or if like me just skip it there is no new elements or scene worth reading for <<less
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ticticboom rated it
February 22, 2024
Status: c28
Recommended without reservation.

Characters and plot are very good. Prose/translation (hard to separate the two) are okay but hardly great. Overall story is far from original but hasn't been done to death.

Still early going, but I like what I've read so far. It's setting is modern cultivation, which is a nice change from most Chinese fantasy. MC takes over the role of a poor little rich boy with a severe case of oneitis for his childhood friend/fiancée with a dark future ahead of him thanks to being the designated villain to... more>> a psycho 'hero' dead set on cucking him.

MC, on the other hand, is not a man meant for monogamy, and is far more competent than the go along to get along herbivore he replaces. He gets a system, as is tradition, but I think he'd get by just fine without it. His opponent is the kind of arrogant ass all too common in Chinese literature. MC shows up looking like a boss; other guy shows up looking like a hobo and gets all slappy when everyone doesn't start bowing down to him.

MC's also not a borderline eunuch, as in too many Chinese novels (I blame the CCP censors). This was the first one I've read that involved cond*ms, which threw the translator off. Apparently it was slang he hadn't heard before. I gotta admit, 'human baby burp bag' got a laugh out of me. <<less
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