Pretending as the Immortal Emperor in the Cultivation World!


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Crossing into the cultivation world, Chu Xiao became an average cultivator and, at the same time, awakened the Special Effects System.

As a result, Chu Xiao embarked on the road of pretending to be a strong powerhouse while cheating for wealth and bluffing throughout the cultivation world.

[Temperament Special Effect – Killing Intent has been unlocked! Effect: Aura like a demon crawling out of the blood of thousands of corpses.]`

[Realm Special Effect – Nascent Soul has been unlocked! Effect: Get a thousand-foot dharma body and have the blessings of heaven and earth.]`

[Attack Special Effect – Six Paths of Reincarnation has been unlocked! Effect: The wrath of the Underworld—the six paths of hell descends to the world.]`

Several years later, when Chu Xiao ascended to the Immortal realm and used the special effects of the Immortal Emperor, the whole world shook.

Blood shed throughout the world, and Immortals cried at the welcome of the Emperor.

“Immortals beg for the grace of the Emperor!”

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