Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter


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When a young woman is killed in a traffic accident on her way home from work at a tax bureau, she suddenly finds herself transported to the world of the otome game she was playing the night before – but instead of the heroine, she’s been reincarnated as the bad guy! Using her knowledge of the game, “Iris” manages to avert personal disaster and decides to rebuild her life with her modern-day economic know-how. This is one mean girl who isn’t going to let her perceived reputation stop her from being a heroine!

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Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami
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caszandra6 rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: --
Interesting plot, more on government and economy which is uncommon for me, I like iris, the fact that she is selfless and goal oriented protagonist makes the story even more interesting. She reminds me of shuurei from saiunkoku monogatari
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klickbait rated it
April 3, 2020
Status: --
Really dont understand why people think this is a great read.

I admit the start was good basically just before she went back to her fief, it can still be considered good. But nope, it started crashing downhill afterwards.

The premise got me hooked. Oh, here's a villainess story about a noble lady able to represent herself in front of so many people and not get a bad ending (usually beheading, as villainess stories usually is→_→).

... more>> Then she went back to her safe zone and everyone just pampers her, saying "it's not your fault" "it's that scum prince" "Lady Irish is too kind and pure to be a villainess".

Yes people. Lady Irish is not a villainess. She is a misunderstood lady who loved too deeply and she can never do wrong. She is righteous and gracious. She is pure and magnanimous. She is a delicate lady who was cheated by her fiance. She is a flower wjo can melt the heart of others with just a smile. She is the virgin mary able to heal all wounds.. Yeah... Lady Irish is a MARY SUE.

(Someone commented about her knowing so much despite being just an office lady and I actually agree. I actually searched about cocoa beans too, and there is a lot of steps in order to make a decent chocolate, so I cannot believe how she is able to do that.

Maybe she likes to bake, make chocolates, make essential products like shampoo, conditioner, makeup and perfume in her past life as well as a wide array of knowledge about making other products. I don't know. And I wont presume otherwise. Actually let me!!!! How the hell do you know all that?? Seriously?)

But seriously, there's a loy of unneccessary lines like explaining, doing that, saying this, which are really noy even important to the plot and just inserted there to make it seem like this is a story worth readimg all this bullshit. Decorations. Even the dialogues are boring.

Characters are bland, and just there to make us realize Irish is the goddess sent to earth. <<less
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WindaTiti rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: c202
Oh my gawd, , this novel is really exciting XD, thankyou for your translation, I'm waiting for the next chapter XD.

But, suggestions from me are: please give tags to who is the speechs belong to... it really confused me, makes me wonder who conversates with who.... sometimes I lost, but still I can guess.

Then, the other suggestion is, , please give the an arrow to next chapter so we can directly continue to the next chapter...

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Otwentyfirst rated it
August 28, 2018
Status: --
I've tried to get into the story several times but I inevitably lose interest. It just feels very dry and lackluster, making me feel like I'm reading a dictionary. It's a combination of the way the story is told and the characterizations itself; the story just feels really distant. It's like a subject matter with great potential being taught in very bland way by an incredibly boring professor. What could have been wonderful was completely ruined.
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makenai89 rated it
October 2, 2016
Status: c50
Reviewed at c50, rated 4.

Common Sense of A Duke's Daughter is a very nice read. However, I wish it would go more forward at times. The way it develops right now, it is rather half-hearted, be it as an otome game-based novel or as domestic affairs-based novel, as well as the political maneuver around the MC.

Still, Common Sense presents a unique charm in the way a modern woman who was transported into the body of a supposed villain in an otome game faces her adversity (yes, she did face adversity).... more>> Also, the novel's characterization are "make sense" and relatable, be it on how the higher echelon of the country acts or how the s*upid youths make mistakes. <<less
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jjjupiter rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: c263
I really love Iris and Dean's respect and love for each other!! There isn't too much romance but that is also why it feels so so so good when a little bit of it appears ^///^

My power couple ♡♡♡♡♡ thank you translator!!
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Si Kucing
Si Kucing rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: --
Personaly, I like the how the story progress and the mc's ups and downs....... but the over praise for the MC made me sick..... I mean praising the MC is fine and all..... but in just the first 100 chapters I felt like..... ugh, again? Another praise? Not just how the other character overly praise her, the narratoves too, over praise or beautify her..... if it's once or twice then fine but realy? Almost each chapter? (Almost)......... there's also:

... more>>

MC call for 2 dida and ryle and ryle

MC said that she's going to state her response to dida question yesterday

Ryle jaws drop

MC state her response to dida question

Ryle (again) jaws drop

I'm not kidding there's only one sentence which is mc's statement that saperates Ryle two jaw droping..... I mean..... does he have loose jaw or something? Cuz that would've been better than the explanation of: MC amazes ryle so much thay he dropped his jaws not once but twice in less than a minute which again, overly praise the MC.....


Honestly I would've give this novel 4 out of 5 if not for...... things i've stated above..... but the thing author did annoyed me and made me drop this novel a couple of time before I reached this latest chapter <<less
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clamps rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c85
I really like this WN but since asian hobbyist took over I dropped it.

3 pages per chapter, how shameless could they be? It's not like the chapters are long that hinder loading on mobile.

So I decided that everything that those tls took over will be automatically dropped. Sad but there are other WN out there.
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Kagamiya rated it
July 20, 2016
Status: v2c43
All in all it is a good novel, with fresh idea and plot about social-politic and economy, not so cliche romance and enjoyable MC. But the most disappointing about this novel is the writing style that makes reader sometimes got confused, and there are too much skipping in it that the novel's potential cannot brought out.
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macy2 rated it
March 15, 2020
Status: c246
Well written and unique enough to be engaging. Hurdles are actually hurdles, villians are not one dimensional, no random harem, and the heroine isnt "fluffy".

However thats as far as it goes. This is ultimately made for light reading. There is a touch of romance but not too much. There is scheming but nothing wild. There is politics but not in depth. And that pretty much sums the entire book.

You will not be able to 'connect' with the heroine because honestly while plot develops and the character gets stronger; we dont... more>> know much about her, enough is given to know but not understand.

Supporting characters (heroine's allies specifically) are likable, but barely any growth is allocated to them. They remain one dimensional for the most part; faithfully paving the way for the heroine. Former antagonists, actually get more growth and development due the fact that they drive the plot.

The heroine is a Mary Sue and not at the same time. Her abilites and achievements are played off modestly enough, there is no emphasis of how good/intelligent she is, but thats because they all arent important. She uses ridiculous understanding of things in her former life (Taxes? No problem! With knowledge of it I can recreate a working financial/banking system for an entire population in one go! For a kingdom even!) to improve the fief and her finances, but in the ultimate story they play a tiny background character role.

However, if is a little annoying how everyone around her is perfect to support her.

Trusty righthand man? He's the mysterious Prince who loves you and will give up his crown for.

Mother? Perfect flower of society and the mysterious warrior who'll wage war for you.

Brother? Antagonist at first, but the perfect reliable, understanding, and supportive brother later on (good enough to be a prime minister) after FL changes his world views.

Garndfather? Even the crown fears his military might and he loves his granddaughter.

Personal maid? Please, try a highly educated, infiltration expert, combat vetern, loyal bodyguard. But oh, this was all nurtured by the love for the heroine after being picked off the street as a child.

And thats only the ones with significant screentime and roles. All I can say is that she has great fortuity of meeting the right people. She makes a education system; but is able to attract talented people in one gowith strong loyalty. When trouble appears, heroine is able to attract those willing to help out of the goodness of their hearts.

Im not trying to downplay the heroine's capabilities. Maybe its plot armor, but the author writes it in a way that isnt (or at least not so explicit). It's a type of luck to cross paths with people who can and willing to propel you forward.

In short its a novel that is, but isnt at the same time. Good pace and enough decisive action to satisfy, but developments are not deep and complex enough to make it a novel that you cant let go. <<less
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Bunnypillow rated it
November 6, 2016
Status: c50
It's really unique and there's also a manga adaption on it! I love it, it's your usual MC recarnates into a different dimension, but I love how strong and clever she is. One my favorites!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RandomComment rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: --
Whether its shoujo or whatever shouldnt deceive you. This is, hands down, the best isekai/reincarnation story. Its not like some others where the MC is just OP with cheats or reincarnates with knowledge of the worlds future (ie. Because its a game or whatever). Rather, the MC comes into the world as the villain, right when the good ending is reached. She then works hard and, though she does use IRL knowledge, the progress she makes and the success she achieves are due to her hard work. She is a... more>> very hard working, intelligent MC, at the same time entertaining. <<less
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ZeroLevel rated it
February 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Definitely worth the time. The love triangle isn't as intense as the cover makes it seem like. The second one enters really late and isn't mentioned very often, almost like an afterthought so it's not your cup of tea if you want some intense romance. It's more about world building, city development, character development and well-written political shenanigans. If you want something more mature and realistic to read, it's one of the best.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lynkaster rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: Completed
story : 4/5

characters : 3/5

world-building : 2/5

... more>> writing style : 3/5

a usual plot nowadays with a reincarnated otaku-OL into a villainess in the otome game she played before dying.

let's start with the good part : the story. it was pretty easy to guess what's going to happens pretty much each time but all in all, it wasn't such a bad plot and the ending was pretty fulfilling (to be honest, without the last 10 chapters, this novel would be classed as a waste of time tbh...)

For the characters... I'd say every single characters is pretty much 2D and no real character development was done. The author put quite a lot of characters but didn't used them in the end or just didn't used them fully for the plot making them extras for noth'. for exemple rheme (or something like that, the library girl) was at the same level as ryle, dida or tanya but she got 5 scenes and were useful 2 times to the MC... same with moneda and merida, same level of setting but almost never appeared and even when they do, it was to receive one random order. Many characters either just disappear, killed by the author or never mentioned again.

divan was totally forgotten right ?


world building : almost nothing. We just know that there's the kingdom where the story develops, the poor enemy kingdom in the north and the south-ish over-the-sea kingdom for trade. even in the main kingdom, we just know 2 territory are directly at the frontier with the north, our MC's territory is in the south-east besides the sea and the gramp's family on the other side of her territory separated by mountain. We don't know any numbers for the population, even when they talked about nation-scale war, it was pretty much a few hundreds to a few thoulsands at most...

the worst part is pretty much the writing style :

_the timeline between chapters isn't smooth, the dialogs are bland after the first 30-40 chapters.

_the author didn't explain much bout all the absurdity of the story

_after the mid-point, it seems like the author was just running without thinking about details

_the different pov are usually nice in a novel but it was almost the same as if the author just put everything in a 3rd person perspective

_over dramatization, way too much.

I don't know if it was the first novel from this author but it gave an amateurish feeling. I can only talked about the WN version though, maybe the LN doesn't have these same cons thanks to an editor.

in conclusion, not an amazing read, almost a waste of time if not for that ending. The setting was surreal with the MC surrounded by incredible talents she picked up and saved from the street when she was a child like catching pokemon and it could have been quite interesting if used properly but it wasn't.

3/5 meh <<less
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PardoilGhepardo rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: c10
The premise of this novel is quite good and has a lot of potential, however there are a lot of problems:

-The MC is just way too perfect and super intelligent, in other WN the protagonists are just s*upid and dense, but here we have the total opposit, with her knowledge from the real world she can solve every problem without any sort of struggle.

-The author skips a lot of details, for example: the MC has to visit her land to know what's going on, in the next chapter she tells... more>> us that she did it, but we don't know how, when and what happened while she was visiting.

-Another thing that I dislike about this novel is the army of capable servants that the MC has at her disposal. These servants are the poor children that she picked up in her childhood, they have no personalities and are just tools that the MC uses when in need. <<less
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Tragically Rad
Tragically Rad rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: c101
It started out REALLY great, I was hooked! But lately... it just drags on and on. It has some forced, out of character moments that are unnecessary and painful to read. It is probably because the author has run out of material but wants more length. It interrupts the flow of the story. It's common amongst these type of novels, to have entire chapters showing the main character's thought process when the same decision could've taken a few sentences. It is really only there to justify how righteous the main... more>> character is. Will drop. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ArgosYesu rated it
May 21, 2016
Status: v2c43
Nice, short read. I like the rambles about the economy building. It's kinda jumbled to read all the POV shifts, but I get used to it when good characters pop up.

Because of pics, we get to see Iris (main character) and the other side characters... this time, instead of a bunch of overwhelmingly beautiful men, Iris is quite pretty~~
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[email protected] rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I have no idea if I was on a high of disappointment while reading this plus lamenting over my other not-very-good-reads but this was kind disappointing : (

basically, this novel is another otome-game-villainess-reincarnates book, except that the villainess reincarnates at the end, after all the death flags and whatnot. And I liked the change and going against the set cliche or whatever, but! Everything got super confusing! The chapters were set in a weird format and weren't cohesively put together, and when the POV changed, who knew? Not me! Took... more>> me three paragraphs to figure out it was a different person!

while I liked the characters kinda and the plot was good mediocre and the ending was sweet, I just felt like something was missing from the whole ordeal.


how can the FL and ML fall in love if they don't spend that much time together? Or is that just me?


while the novel is well constructed and it's the thought that counts, it's a 3.5 from me :/

xoxo, MiRA <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RosieRoses rated it
April 6, 2020
Status: c85
This is my first review on this site and I was hesitant to make it. But I figured I may as well.

First off, I adore this book, it’s cheesy but it’s all I could ever want.

Secondly. The translations kept getting worse each time the group changed, especially the fourth group. The ads were beyond unreasonable and I could barely read a sentence before the page redirected to a scam link.

So, in conclusion, this book is wonderful, but the translations are frustrating.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
August 23, 2019
Status: Completed
This was the first web novel that I started to read and my addiction to WN started here XD now I'm able to finish. Really, a good story! Though there r flaws and drama (making things that can be resolved easily complicated ? And with a quite predictable ending) overall, I highly recommend this novel, especially the POV of chara, U'll able to sympathize more.

It's very satisfying to read
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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