Common Sense of a Warrior


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I was born to a Marquess military family; my father is a hero of the country. Motivated by my mother’s death one night in a burglary, I too resolved to study the blade. My aim was to join the army just like my father, and to avoid repeating my mother’s tragedy. Unexpectedly, despite my gender, my swordsmanship grew strong… However, my ambition ended when I learned that women could not enroll into the army. Furthermore, although I hadn’t received even a single lesson in proper etiquette, I suddenly had my engagement set with a Ducal House that had churned out prime ministers for generations…

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Buke no Tashinami
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September 23, 2017
Status: v1c10
The story's nice. It shows Melice, Iris mother's development from a boyish personality to a fine, smart and wonderful woman. I highly recommended it.
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The Douche
The Douche rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: c27
I just realized that this is from Iris's (Common Sense of A Duke's Daughter) mother's


The story is good and it's making me very curious as to how she and her husband got together
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Peppyfox rated it
May 9, 2018
Status: c37
My only complain towards the Novel is the fact that the chapters are too short.. Other than that his story is interesting... In this story, The MC, a noble takes up swordsmanship for the sake of revenge towards the bundits who killed her mother and this reults in her becoming a tomboy. personally I am looking forward on how she transforms to elegent "Melice" from "Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter".
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Asphyxia778 rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: c80
Well this is honestly much more enjoyable to read than the main story. But it's still ridden with plotholes and 2 dimensional characters.

A story about a kid being stronger than fully trained soldiers who learns to be a lady. Yea. This is. The story.

It's bland and I have dropped it.

It's a ok enough to read but honestly this many glaring plot holes and forced writing make me angry.

Overall 3 cause translations is cool. (2.5 story)
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October 27, 2019
Status: c36
It's nice and all but how is a 7 or 8y.o, in the first place, stronger in almost every aspect than the average soldier and, secondly, speaks more maturely than most adults. It really takes me out of the immersion when the kids start to have a deep philosophical debate about life, like bruh this isn't how a 7y.o speaks and behaves, Did you forget how to write children characters? I understand that they're a vehicle for the author to expose their views and whatnot but I just can't picture... more>> a child speaking in such an unnatural way no matter the situation. <<less
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soulwarfare rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: c48
If you like Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter (the main series) then you will most definitely like this.

If you haven't read the main series and just go into this then you might find the pacing really odd. It kinda jumps all over the place with no direction in the first couple of chapters. Additionally, a fair amount of chapters are really short especially compared to the main series. Still, it is perfectly enjoyable to see how she goes from the warrior to who she is in the main series.

I... more>> personally recommend though you read the first 100 chapters of the main series before reading this as I feel this is a series that is better enjoyed when you know the destination. <<less
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chande rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: Completed
It's already been sometimes after I read "Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter" but Iris's mother, who was MC in this story, left a deep impression in me because she stood up for Iris after she was condemned by so many people, including her own brother, Berne. She didn't even hesitate to disown Berne because of his action.

Speaking of Berne, I'm quite surprised that MC could have a son as muddle-headed as him since she and ML were considered a power couple who were equally intelligent. Also, is Berne's name... more>> was took from Bern aka Abel's name since both name were quite similar?

This story was quite interesting. MC's journey to find her purpose to wield a sword was also well-written and heartwarming. But it's also a bit heartbreaking because she lost so many important people in the ending.


She lost her mother in the beginning of the story. After the decisive battle near the ending, she lost Anna (her attendant) and Bern/Abel (her training partner and also ML's attendant). Not long after that, she also lost Granny and ML's mother, who both were a mother figure for her, due to their illness.

And if you already read "Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter", she lost Sharia too, who was her only close female friend.


Although I like this story, I still couldn't give it a full stars because of some points:

  • MC and ML's relationship made me a bit uncomfortable because it started when they were still a child. It's actually quite normal getting engaged early between noble kids but what made uncomfortable was the way they interacted with each other. When they're still underage, they already kissed each other and talked about love so deeply like an adult.
  • The ending was a bit rushed. The decisive battle ended pretty quickly while the perpetrator was killed quite easily by MC. Also, MC's wedding was only mentioned briefly and there was no more of lovey dovey moment between MC and ML after that.
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June 5, 2019
Status: c71
I liked it up until about chapter 60 or so. After that, the character arc takes a sudden turn without much explanation and, even though I don't hate the development, it doesn't feel earned and the lack of repurcussions from it are irritating me. I hope at some point it gets explained, but it already feels like the author is moving on story-wise so I doubt it.
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znukhsoc rated it
July 26, 2022
Status: c10
In 10 short chapters I couldn't feel anything for the characters, the writing style felt very bland, the paragraphs are 1-2 sentences long so not many brain cells are needed, the characters are two-dimensional and don't add much to the story, children talk like adults, adults act like machines... Feels very forced.
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