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Huangli Shi, according to legends, refers to a Fangshi who can alter the effects of seasonal solstices, solar terms, and festivals, and is able to predict each day’s fortune.

Xiao Nanzhu, an unemployed young man, decided to take on his usual job that has been passed down for generations, after being inspired by his childhood friend. Now he just wants to call 110.

Chuxi: What are you looking at? You don’t want to live past new year’s eve?

Chuba: Today’s fortune is terrible, nothing’s going to turn out right. I’m afraid there might be a… bloody disaster.

Qingming: So am I a solar term or a festival? In that case, I should get double the pay, right?

Dongzhi: Alas, digestion happens faster when it comes to winter. I want to eat dumplings and wonton and sweet dumplings~

Xiao Nanzhu: “…”

1.Huangli Shi 黄历师: Huangli is a traditional Chinese calendar which not only involves dates, seasons, festivals but also do-s and don’t-s on each day and moon phases, Shi refers to master.

2.Fangshi 方士: A mysterious type of Daoist who possesses special power and works in the field such as medical, fortune-telling, forecasting, and astrology

Originally named “Secret Archives of Unscientific Materialism (不科学唯物主义秘密档案)”, the novel was formally renamed to “Huangli Shi (黄历师)” on April 24, 2018, due to the animated adaptation of the novel.

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Huangli Shi
Secret Archives of Unscientific Materialism
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1 Review

Jan 30, 2021
Status: --
I have read the first six chapters and some of the next chapters with the awful mtl. I wish there was someone that would translate the rest of this book....

I have also watched all the sixteen episode of the TV show, but it's very different from the book, and I really want to know what happens in book, even a summary would be fine.

all I got to know so far is this, I hope it would help you:

Xiao Nanzhu is the protagonist and the one with the sword in the... more>> middle of the poster. He is not the chatty type.

Situ Zhang is the one with the glasses and he is Xiao Nanzhu's childhood best friend.

Chuxi is the calendar god of New Year's Eve, He has to protect the last day of the year and make sure people start the new year happily. he is very powerful because most evils work on new years eve to ruin people's whole year, and he has to fight all those evils and destroy them. Since he has been doing this for a long time, he is kinda unstable and people say that sometimes evil takes over him. He is the handsome ML with long black hair and golden armor in the poster.

Plot: Xiao Nanzhu is looking for a job, and a job finds him. His grandmother was a Huangli Shi and he gets to inherit the job. Every day has a god of it's own, so as the day goes by, he sees new gods that protect that specific day, and one of the things all the god have in common is they stay away from Chuxi.

Chuxi used to be a very lively and kind person, but suddenly something changed about him and since then he is dark and gloomy, the other calendar gods are even afraid to look at him.

Every day Xiao Nangzhu comes across difficulties that are mostly caused by evil energies and he fight those evils with the help of the calendar god of that day. <<less
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