Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability


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I fervently critiqued the development of a Sherlock Holmes-based mystery gal game.

Villain Maker: Fulfilling the probability of Professor Moriarty’s appearance.

Love-Hate Relationship: Becoming ‘that man’ for Holmes.

Lady of London: Completing one sham marriage with Watson.

Freeze: Receiving a confession from Inspector Lestrade.

Phantom Thief’s Treasure: Getting kidnapped by the Phantom Thief Lupin.

In doing so, become this twisted world’s very probability.

Best wishes, Mr. Isaac Adler.

I’m screwed.

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모리어티 교수의 개연성이 되었다
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New Leinyl rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: c57
I'm gonna be honest, I don't care about all that detective/mystery and magic part of the story as I don't know much about Sherlocke Holmes and this novel's power scaling is pretty bad. I'm more interested in how the heroines are all developing for the worse and it is made more interesting because the MC is somewhat of a nutcase as well. The MC is a yandere magnet and most of them are capable of giving him either a bas**ent or nice boat ending. He has to manipulate and use... more>> them against each other to avoid ending up as their personal drug, all while needing to lead the events to certain conclusions or else the world will collapse. Unfortunately for the MC, these crazy girls are talented and are difficult to read which has caused him to experience the following:


nearly r*ped, drugged, forced on a contract of engagement, kidnapped, locked in a warehouse, nearly killed several times over, nearly brainwashed, have his body partially taken over (twice by two separate people), turned into a vampire and forced in a magic starved state.


All those crazy things have happened already and the girls' obsessions with him haven't even reached their peak so I could only imagine what's in store for his future hahaha. It is such a fun, wild, entertaining and crazy ride that I'm here for as long as they focus on it, even if I could care less about some parts. <<less
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New Kleini rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: c50
This novel attempts to create a gender-bent version of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Unfortunately, it fails to capture the spirit and intrigue of the original works.

The premise has potential, with the protagonist waking up in the body of Isaac Adler, the male version of Irene Adler. However, the execution is lackluster. The mysteries themselves are not well-crafted and often feel contrived. The deductive reasoning that Sherlock Holmes is so famous for is missing, with solutions appearing from nowhere.

Additionally, the focus seems to be more... more>> on the harem element rather than the mysteries. Isaac has multiple female admirers that become obsessed with him over time. While the romantic relationships are given attention, the cases fall flat in comparison.

The gender-bending also creates some odd character dynamics. With Holmes and Moriarty as females dependent on male guidance, it defies Doyle's original depiction of Adler outwitting the arrogant Holmes.

Some may find entertainment value in the romantic relationships and basic mystery format. However, true fans of Sherlock Holmes will likely be disappointed by the failure to capture the incisive mysteries and immortal characters of the source material. Unless the writing and mysteries improve significantly, this novel pales in comparison to Doyle's masterful storytelling. <<less
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Praise is a dancing whale
Praise is a dancing whale rated it
August 23, 2023
Status: Completed
"My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere. I can dispense then with artificial stimulants. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation. That is why I have chosen my own particular profession, or rather created it, for I am the only one in the world." - Sherlock Holmes

This novel has captured that aspect of the original Sherlock Holmes.

For characters as smart as... more>> Sherlock and Moriarty, time must be considered a torment. They can understand all the insight of the world and can calculate the outcome of any event, so what left could there be to stimulate them?

When we have insufficient stimulus to fill our lives, we resent the relentless quality of time, and we engage in activities designed to “kill time.” In this novel, Isaac Adler becomes that activity of "killing time."

This is not a novel about solving mysteries; it is a novel about addiction.

When the main character opens his eyes, he finds himself in a mystery game version of "Sherlock Holmes" that he helped develop, where every character has become the opposite gender. However, he unintentionally provokes the interest of Moriarty--the Napoleon of Crime--whose life is insufferable boredom, and in an attempt to remain alive he becomes her assistant.

The issue is that the main character is a sinful man who unknowingly seduces women in his efforts to save the world and his favorite characters. What is worse is his personality--he continues to risk himself for the heroines and torture them with hope. He becomes a mystery that repeatedly confounds them and does unreasonable sacrifices that cannot be explained with logic. Gradually, what was important to the heroines changed, and Isaac Adler became their drug. Moreover, he is a drug that they do not wish to share with anyone else.

The charm of this novel lies not just in its characters, but more importantly, in its exploration of the emotional, psychological, and illogical chains of addiction that bind its victims--this is a novel told from the point of view of the drug.

Through Isaac's eyes, we are compelled to understand that addiction is not just about the drug or behavior--it's also about the void it fills, the relief it provides, and the destruction it brings. Isaac brings pleasure and solace to the heroines--he wishes to save the characters that he admired as a child and developed as an adult, but in the process, the characters become twisted because of him.

The heroines' journey of obsession with Isaac is symbolic of being addicted: fraught with periods of clarity where the world seems bright and full of potential, interspersed with moments of profound despair and the haunting specter of past mistakes. At times, Isaac is the medicine that saves them--at others, he is what brings the despair of loss. In the characters' moments of heightened emotions, we are offered a profound insight into the human psyche: the heart of addiction often lies in the void it fills. Whether Isaac is their vice or their haven is up to the reader to interpret, however, their infatuation with him is undoubtedly their desperate attempt to fill a void, a hollow chasm borne from trauma, loss, or perhaps the haunting monotony of boredom. This raises a bitter question: does the addictiveness lie in the pleasure that the substance brings, or is it the semblance of solace it provides?

The nature of the ending is up to your interpretation. From the reader's outside view, perhaps the result was a tragic one. For the protagonist, perhaps it was a wretched one. But, for the heroines, they certainly view it as having finally found their solace.

This novel is not a cautionary tale about the dangers of addiction. Isaac and the heroines' experience transcends that simplicity. For anyone seeking to comprehend the intricacies of addiction or to feel seen in their struggles, this story is an essential read. <<less
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Venyonnnn rated it
August 1, 2023
Status: Completed
(Updated Review)

Oh boy... This novel did not turn out the way I expected it to go.

... more>> There were a lot of twists and turns, but somehow, all of them managed to intertwine and connect to each other in the later chapters.

I won't spoil much but just know that you'll be on one hell of a ride for this one. The author would try to introduce new concepts that would more or less be a good addition to the story.

As for Isaac Adler's true identity, I didn't even anticipate that. Also, Professor Moriarty's identity also came out of nowhere, but that identity actually fits her.

Anyways, I'm here to leave a review after spending two weeks reading this novel. It's definitely good, with some laughs here and there, but it also has some moments of tension and drama (which I love).

There's this thing that the author implemented where your eye color changes to the color of the person you love's hair color. I find this particularly interesting and I think the author utilized this property pretty well in the novel.

This novel definitely earns a spot in my good reads section. <<less
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Slayer66 rated it
August 1, 2023
Status: c60
Isaac Aldler, the male version of Irene Adler.

This story is basically about solving mystery cases and seducing girls.

Isaac knows that he is tr*sh since he is seducing girls left and right. He is literally playing with fire since the girls become obsessed with him.

... more>> The more he seduces the girls, the more he is digging his own grave. It should be taken with a grain of salt since he just gets what he deserves.


- Character development : The way the girls become interested and obsessed with Isaac is just pure gold.

- Comic relief (?) : there are really some funny moments in the story. Well, some of them involves the MC being in a bad situation because of the girls, but as some people say, it is a tragedy for the MC and a comedy for the readers.


- Somewhat fast-pacing <<less
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Gayle rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: c18
I'm not in the mood to write out a full review but I wanted to point out a few things about this story.

First, the main focus of this story is not mysteries. It is the harem. This is a story about woman after woman falling in love with the protagonist. The mystery cases are just vehicles for this to happen.

Second, in this story the genderbending leads to a kind of tonedeafness that sours the story. In the original Sherlock Holmes story, Holmes looks down on Irene Adler only to be... more>> outwitted by her in the end. Thus he learns the folly of judging a person based on their gender. This story takes Adler and turns her into a man. Then it takes Holmes and Moriarty and turns them into women who, although geniuses, cannot reach their potential without the help of Adler, a man.

Finally, although much of this story is written in the form of mystery novels, it doesn't really follow the "rules" of a mystery novel. For instance, the reader won't necessarily be given all the clues to solve the mystery before the reveal. Characters will sometimes do that annoying thing where they pull new clues out of nowhere at the end of the case.

Despite these problems, I found the story entertaining up until the "actually I was secretly a badass" moment. That's all I wanted to say. <<less
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Lonely_Paradox rated it
October 5, 2023
Status: c154
Well, I would have wished to review this novel once I had finished but there are just way too few reviews for this novel so I will have to take the mantle on my hands to review it.

Okay so, if there was anything I could use to describe this novel I would use 3 words— Addiction. Obsession. Salvation. They are enough to sum up what is going on through the breadth of this novel.

The premise shows the novel to be a Sherlock Holmes-themed mystery novel with a twist, most of... more>> the characters have changed genders. At first, you would think it is another one of those Sherlockian novels with its own take on Sherlock and how he resolves mysteries in a different manner than the original and you would be right, lol... But not really at the same time. You see, even though the mystery itself is an integral part of this novel it isn't exactly how you would envision it in a Sherlock novel. The greatest mystery is the identities of the characters themselves. The reveals are interesting and more often than not you won't even understand what's going on as the author tends to surprise you by deviating from the norm and suddenly giving you one surprise after the other. Anyway, I am deviating from the main point here. Again, this is not a novel that focuses on the mystery. As I have said before, if I have to sum up the novel it would be in 3 words, the above 3 words. The characters in this novel that mirror the original Sherlock Holmes novels are all special. Seems obvious but there is an explicit reason for that. They are all cursed. I don't exactly know how, but the abilities and the special intellect that the characters have come with a tradeoff for them and it is inherent in all the characters, at least the major ones. These curses make it hard for them to live and dictate their lives, you will understand more once you read through the story. So, their talents are both a boon and a curse, and from this curse comes their eccentricity. Now, since the author gave them the curse, he needs to give the solution as well, right? Well, that's where the MC comes in. We see the MC first as a variable or rather he is the balance. The balance that holds the world together and keeps the world running, but to balance the world he needs to play his part in making sure that both good and evil are leveled and in this case, he has to make sure that neither Holmes nor Moriarty get an edge over the other. It is a brilliant theme but that again doesn't truly describe this novel. You see, Adler, the MC, is the cure for their curse. The only variable that can make them feel alive and transcend them from the limitations of their talents. That's where their addiction comes from. They are addicted to his presence, and the feeling of liberation and fulfillment he brings to them, and that leads to their obsession with the MC. This puts MC in the crossfire since he needs to act as a double agent and balance the obsession and addiction they feel for him, making him quite miserable but it's all part of the greater whole. Adler is their salvation, the hope that... even they could feel normal and not let their curse dictate them. They love him and thus would like to possess him and there comes the main conflict and the story that spirals among the characters. If you see it from a bird's eye point of view then, the novel just revolves around possessing Adler with him trying to save the world by balancing the two sides and making it plausible thus upgrading the chances of its survival. But if we dig in deep, we find how Adler acts as a sort of cornerstone for all the characters. How he acts as the hope of all of them and what meaning he has in their heart. It is very endearing and touches deep into how love can bring salvation to a person.

All in all, this is a solid novel. I would still not rate it above The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me which is the author's other work but it is really up there. There can be some iffy moments in this novel since all the characters are essentially various degrees of Yanderes. You can get yandere of all kinds here, so if someone doesn't really like the whole Yandere demographic you should not delve into this novel. But for those who love this demographic, this novel will always keep you excited for what is to come next. Hop on the bandwagon of mystery as we delve deep into how Addiction, Obsession, and Salvation can define a work. And with that, I end this review, thank you for coming to this point and reading this long-ass review of mine. I wish you all a good day. <<less
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DrVanilla rated it
September 1, 2023
Status: c26
Never thought I would enjoy this novel so much, as I don't know much about Sherlock Holmes, but this novel definitely took me by surprise and is slowly becoming one of my favorites.

The story revolves around Isaac Adler who gets transmigrated to a galge game of Sherlock Holmes- all the male characters of the original story are female in this world. Isaac is faced with challenges in order to save the world and will try his best to succeed.

As of now, there are 2 major characters (those on the... more>> covers) :
Professor Jane Moriarty, a criminal who has killed the og Isaac. After she finds out that she "failed" to kill him despite having a curse of having every crime of hers succeed, she becomes intrigued for the first time in her life.

Detective Charlotte Holmes, an addicted smoker who is bored as no case challenges her enough. All this changes when Isaac does something she had never expected. As the keep getting entangled with him, Isaac poses her challenges for the first time in her life.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for their journey of obsession toward Isaac.
Besides these two, Isaac gets entangled with more characters, each with his own reason and story.
The mystery and the cases part is done extremely well by the author, though I can't compare it to Sherlock Holmes, it is definitely satisfying to follow each case and see it gets resolved by different means.

In my opinion the strongest point of this novel is the characters themselves. I'm a sucker for character interactions more than anything and this novel has most definitely hit the mark in that area. I really look forward to how Isaac will handle all those maniacs that are after him- figuratively and literally. <<less
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JoeMama15 rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: c58
I would like to get into the negatives of this novel first:

  1. Every single chapter is a damn cliffhanger- For someone like me, who is up to date with the translation, this is really annoying (but also a bit exciting). But depending on when you decide to read this novel, this may not even be a problem for you.
  2. Some cases may be a bit difficult to comprehend or maybe I'm just s*upid idk
And that's about it for the negatives.

This novel is set in a reversed world where women are the dominant... more>> ones in society, and our chad protagonist has been thrown into this world with one goal, which is stated in the Title of the novel. For those who, like myself, didn't understand the goal of the mc/novel I'll give a brief explanation.

Before MC was thrown to this world, he was working for a company and they were creating a charlotte (Sherlock) holmes game. But MC didn't like that in the ending of the game, Jane Moriaty (Holmes nemesis) basically came out of nowhere and became the final boss, there was no built up or foreshadowing for her at all.

MC was later isekaid to that game world and his goal is to make Jane Moriaty have a connection/involvement with everything that happens throughout the game/world and that way, her apperance/bossfight at the end is justified. Or at least that's what I understood.

This novel is really great, MC is great, the complete opposite of your usual Jp protagonists.

The two main girls are also great and unique.

I personally love when characters have good chemistry between them and this novel has that between its characters.

Anyways Read it. Bye <<less
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Couchman rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: c42
Professor Moriarty's Probability reads like a harem novel with a gender-bent Sherlock Holmes twist. It does an excellent job layering emotion from depressing to joyous laughter to sultry romance, but mostly to worried for Isaac's wellbeing (he is a bit of a troublemaker). It is a battle for England, devolved into a battle for our MC's affection by very strong and possessive yandere characters. The mysteries themselves are very entertaining as well and thematically carries a lot over from a Sherlock Holmes novel. If you are not necessarily a harem... more>> enjoyer, I still think you might find enjoyment in this novel.

Shout out to the Genesis Translations for bringing this amazing novel to us! Thank you! <<less
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Novel Casanova
Novel Casanova rated it
November 4, 2023
Status: c15
I have no idea why this has such a high rating. It is wasted potential, NOT a mystery novel (despite what others seem to say here), cheap copy of Sherlock Holmes, might be decent brainless harem, 5 out of 10.

Lets start from the premise itself. The MC's role is to 'resolve' events that had a low probability of happening. A fact that he quickly forgets despite being literally told about all the events he has to manage in a handy to-do list.

This novel reads like written by an author who... more>> has never read Sherlock holmes in his life nor understood the themes behind it but instead uses it as a ONE TO ONE basis for his chapter plotlines. It's like a bad twilight self-insert fanfic but written by someone who has never even read the original material.

Don't even get me started about the setting, world's best detective academy? You mean police academy? And the ones solving the hardest crime is this academy full of idiots? What happened to the scotland yard? Scotland yard was even mentioned in the original sherlock holmes series.

Also this random addition of 'mana users' who are so incredibly rare that they are all treated like nobles but somehow any in-world use of mana is barely mentioned. This might be a good harem as others claim but I find it impossible to look past the butchered silhouette of the original characters who've been bastardized into this utter nonsense of a world.

There is no 'mystery' or 'mystery solving' in this novel. Any 'mystery' component is borrowed from the original Sherlock Holmes, not that it even works in this new universe full of magic. And in the first place you are supposed to be following the PoV of the criminal, not the detective solving the case.

"Some cases may be a bit difficult to comprehend or maybe I'm just s*upid idk" No no, you are not MEANT to understand these cases without having read the original. I have read the original and they STILL dont make sense because instead of adapting the heart of the work, this author just copies the original instead, often times even missing out on the actual core issue.

Also as a side note, Moriarty in the original work was not some kind of evil genius mastermind who has his toes in every case, simply because of the nature of the original work which was episodic, rather than serial. That is simply what the modern adaptations have made it out to be. Something which this author does not seem to understand. It's like some random guy breaks into an already established fandom, copies the modern fanmade versions of the characters then puts them word for word in the original stories expecting it to make sense. <<less
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Fausttt_ rated it
November 3, 2023
Status: c52
I went into the novel with fairly low expectations; I was browsing the various novels available on the TL site when I found this one, which seemed to have similar vibes to Fated to be Loved by Villains (which I enjoyed a lot).

The premise of the novel is that the original work it is based on in-universe had several plot-holes and loose plot threads. It lacked consistency and continuity, and the final boss - Professor Moriarty - should not even have appeared in the original game due to having absolutely... more>> no reason to do so. That ties into Adler's role in this world; his job, as one of those who designed the original world, is to close these plot-holes with his actions and manually bring about each of these cases and lead their situations to fruition such that the ending in the original work comes about. In other words, he becomes the reason for Professor Moriarty to appear in the story as an antagonist at all, which is what the title of the story refers to.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the novel. Magic combined with the aesthetic of London and England during the period of Sherlock Holmes paints an interesting backdrop of the world. The supernatural intrigue and magic-assisted crimes and case-solving are interesting enough on their own, but the very strong and complicated feelings (read: yandere) the main trio have for each other creates drama and comedy. Read the review from 'Praise is a dancing whale' above for more information on that; it most accurately sums up the relationship the main character has with the various characters.

Highly recommend checking it out if you enjoy yanderes, drama, supernatural magic mystery and all that good stuff. The translation is very clean, too, so it's not difficult to get into. <<less
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LonelyMatter rated it
November 1, 2023
Status: c51
Being an avid of the original Sherlock Holmes works, this series piqued my interest. And I must say, the author has done a pretty good job with the execution.

After sending a scathing email to the developers of a genderbent, fantasy Sherlock Holmes game, the MC wakes up in the body of Isaac Adler (genderbent Irene Adler). To ensure his own survival, he has to ensure that the irrational storyline created by the story team stays does not deviate too much from the flow of the world and that the characters... more>> of the story remain true to their purpose.

While the mysteries from the original works are adapted into the game, the fantasy elements helps add a twist to them. But, rather than having the mysteries as the focus, I'd say that the characters are what take the limelight. Each of them is well fleshed out, having their own personalities and struggles and hiding a mystery of their own. Their interactions are pretty amusing as well. Watching what can perhaps be called the 'Human-side' of some of these characters is pretty refreshing as well.

All in all, whether you like the mystery genre or you don't, or whether you like Sherlock Holmes or you don't, I'd suggest you give this novel a try. <<less
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Sertian75 rated it
October 15, 2023
Status: c41
This is a novel that revolves around the MC, Isaac Adler, changing the flow of the world so that it doesn’t get erased. As we read in the synopsis this is the world of the Sherlock Holmes novels but with all the characters genderswapped to females, except for the protagonist Isaac Adler.

Contrary to the Sherlock Holmes novels, this story is not about the mystery of crimes, they mostly get resolved pretty quickly and aren’t really interesting. The mystery is in the world itself and what would be the fate of... more>> our protagonist.

As you already guessed the are a lot of girls in this web novel, so this story mostly appeals to those who enjoy harem stories and especially for those who like yanderes. As every female character in the story is unhealthy obsessed with the MC. <<less
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Asfyal rated it
November 3, 2023
Status: c20
In short The Novel isn't good, I don't recommend it.

It's basically Sherlock Holmes

But gender bent and it has zero of the charms the original Homes Novel had

... more>> The deductions and case solving which should be one the main cores of this series is subpar at best

It's literally just random guessing without any explanation or evidence and somehow it's always true.

The author decided to add mana and other fantasy elements because why not I guess? But personally it just made the story worse,

And of course don't forget the fact that every other female character within 1 km of the main character falls in love with him for absolutely no reason,

I have no problem with romance or harem but the fact that in just 5 chapters? The main female leads have already started showing romantic feeling for the MC for no reason at least do some build up before that part.

Personally The MC is also one the worst parts of the story, he is not interesting at all (like at all) it feels like he is just a blank sheet that is ment for people to insert themselves into.

But I don't know why anyone would do, that because he even fails to be a good insert character.

I don't recommend reading this Novel,

I have no idea why it has such high ratings but this isn't it chief. <<less
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