Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero


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After experiencing heartbreak from being abandoned, he enlisted in the military.

And then, he became a war hero.

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소꿉친구에게 버림 받고 전쟁 영웅이 되었다.
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35 Reviews

New uneverknow
Sep 29, 2023
Status: c120
I was enjoying it. Apart from the age gap between the MC and the heroines and the MC's motivations for joining the army but other than that it was a good read and a good way to pass the time, unfortunately, I believe it has been canceled
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Apr 17, 2023
Status: c120
For now, the story got some promise to it but some parts are quite dumb.

I think his trait of being "handsome" is focused on way too much, so far every chapter mentions him being handsome at least once. It ends up reading like a glorified self-insert fanfic.

Even the motivation for the MC becoming a war hero is ret*rded. "Oh my childhood crush broke her promise with me, guess I'll go join the army and fight in the front lines", "Oh the woman that I opened up to but never made... more>> a move on went to another man, guess I'll fight and train even harder and give up on everything else". Literally brain rot behavior you expect from a 13 yr old; it's really difficult to find the MC appealing due to his motivations.

I'd argue that a "Misunderstanding" tag should be added because the MC's actual motivation is so different from what you would normally expect and what I think other characters would normally expect his motivations should be. Hell, they even joke about it "Even someone who had lost their parents to monsters wouldn't fight like me" like an offhanded insinuation that experiencing half-assed NTR is worse than seeing your parents eaten by monsters.

Overall, it's interesting enough but the focus on these childish bullsh*t really takes me out of the story sometimes. If these women had died or something it would've been fine but because the nature of his "trauma" is so s*upid, it really just makes me not respect the MC at all.


I've read the raws up to chapter 120 now and I'm going to stop reading entirely. I'm just malding more and more after every chapter, there's so much potential but it keeps being wasted. Every f*cking 10-20 chapters there's a c*ckblock moment that is so arbitrary and just erases all possible character development or plot development that could've happened.

The author seems to be content with having a romcom harem in an academy/highschool setting with a sprinkling of fantasy korean drama. It's so aggravating seeing the main character deciding to do something that would be interesting and cool then immediately turn a 180 afterwards because some dumb basic bit*h character asks him not to, honestly he's just a f*cking gag character at this point.

All the romance becomes contrived because the author constantly want to drill into your brain that the MC is the most "handsome man in the world" that can make women wet just by looking at him. So now the main reason every female character like him is vain and almost disgusting. The action is contrived because every single fight the MC takes ends up with him dominating with no real weight or purpose behind the fight, it's just there to flex how strong the MC is. He doesn't even kill anyone most of time and don't you f*cking try that murder hobo argument with me it's f*cking ridiculous how many dangerous fights he's taken but he always holds back even at the possibility of endangering others, it's the same basic bit*h JP protagonist bullsh*t where they don't kill anyone, so far the only one he's killed is a goddamn undead.

Every single interesting development is instantly scrapped, every time I think "oh this is going to get interesting" I'm instantly cucked as the MC goes back to being a glorified PE teacher while every female student and teacher tries to rub their crotch on him to mark him. What an interesting story frfr no cap ong

0/5: I was cucked harder then the MC was <<less
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Apr 10, 2023
Status: c25
I really tried to push through with this one....

The writing quality is good and the world building so far has been promising but unfortunately this is one where the MC absolutely kills it for me.

His constant thoughts about his 2 exes are unbearable. You kinda get it with the second ex because that was more recent and more traumatic, but the first one.... Being hang up on a 14 year old girl as a 34 year old man because she promised to marry you and then decided to move to... more>> the city instead is just bad by any metric.

To be clear, it's not a hardcore betrayal or anything... They both just dumped him in a one sided way (It's pretty obvious there was actually more to it, but from MC perspective he just got dumped is all).

It's made worse by the fact that those breakups were the driving forces towards him becoming suicidal and a battle manic (which lead to him being strong).

Overreaction much??

Maybe he gets better after the point that I read? No idea, but even if he does it wouldn't solve it for me since his start was so bad.

If your a reader who can somehow gloss over that huge part of the character than I think you'll find a fairly promising academy novel. Unfortunately I can't. I don't need an MC that's a perfect badass but I do need an MC who's actions I can rationalize to an extent. <<less
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Apr 08, 2023
Status: c52

... more>>

Ion Graham, the MC, was a mere villager. He had a childhood friend named Ella.

Her mother was a lady-in-waiting from a famous aristocratic family.

She was pretty and popular among the boys. Ion couldn't leave her alone, so he took her in the group of boys. They were playing the knight and the princess. Ella longed to return to the capital.

Ion made a promise with Ella to take her in the capital. One day, Ella just fled the village with some mercenaries to start a new life and just left a letter to Ion asking him to not look for her.

Heartbroken, he enlists in the army to get as as far away in the capital as possible. Ion fighted like a crazy guy on the frontline. With how crazy Ion was, nobody approached him except for the Sister Charlotte.

Her healings skills were amazing. She cares about him more than other soldiers and prioritized him over other seriously injured people. If it wasn't for her, he would have died several times already. Ion tried to push her away, but the more he did that, the more Charlotte got clung to him. Both of them eventually got closer to the point that he brought the story of Ella to her. Charlotte consoled Ion and healed his heart.

However, she suddenly decided to join the Hero's Party and asked Ion to never meet again. The war against the demon king has begun and the prince of the empire chosen by the holy sword gathered allies in his journey to defeat the demon king. Charlotte was reverred as the saint of the battlefield. Ion used his resentment, anger, and sadness as a fuel and became a war hero as he killed demons in dangerous territories.

Years have passed and the fire in Ion's heart that motivated him finally extinguished.

At the recommandation of his superior, Ion becomes an instructor in the academy.




1-Ion, having been on the battlefield for 20 years since he was 14, is socially inept. Through his time in the academy, he struggles on some aspects, but he is aware of his shortcomings, so he is able to ask help from his colleagues. You can see his growth as a person.

2-The students of the Ion each have their own motives and their own pasts. They are not just here to show how incredible the MC is. The author is able to slowly build up their characters and develop them.

3- The author takes his time to build up the story and develop each character which I really like.

It is not like other novels with the regret tag on novelpia where childhood friends or hero's party abandon the MC.

In fact, Ion being abandoned is only from his POV and the entire truth was not revealed yet. The heroines are all virgins and there is no NTR. The author clearly states that in his first chapter.




1- The pacing might feel off for some people.

2- The fact that Ion still thinks of his ex-lovers even after all this time might be annoying.

3- The students might be some potential love interests. However, the age gap between the students (18) and the MC (34) is weird.

4- MC's lack of pride over his achievements is sometimes annoying.


About MC


Ion is one of the Seven Continental Heroes who played a great role in the war. He wore a black armor that covered his entire body, so not many people knew about him.


About MC's students


Ion teaches in a new class for students with very special standings.

1- Elizabeth von Galatea, the 3rd princess of the empire and little sister of the hero.

2- Marianne von Karlstein, granddaughter of the commander-in-chief from the army.

3- Gwynn Triss, disicple of the sword saint.

4- Oznia Hebring, youngest disciple of the sage.

5- Schurz von Valier, the son of the prime minister of the empire.

6- Battar Kun, a descendant of the great warrior of the steppe. He is a typical barbarian like in the korean novels.

7- Titania el Elendrin, the Elven Princess of the Great Forest.

8- Saladin Al-Kamil, the 1st prince of the Al-Kamil Kingdom.


Overall, I would recommend this novel as the story is well done, though some people might enjoy the story, but hate the MC. <<less
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Apr 08, 2023
Status: c100
The novel might not seem great at first to some, but keep reading as it gets better and isn't some cliche novel, so I would suggest ignoring reviews who didn't even reach the 50+ chapter mark as most of the points get countered by important things not yet revealed

The story is about Eon, who got abandoned by his childhood friend who ran away from the village with a mercenary group.
Unable to cope with the resentment and loss, he left his village and enlisted the army; going... more>> to the front line as far away from his home and memories of his cf.

In day he's fighting with monsters and in night he trains until he can no longer lift his sword.
Alone in the unit for people thought he was bound to die soon, no one has approached him besides a nun serving in the army.
Pouring his heart to her and telling her about his past, they become close.
And then, she left him as well to go with the Hero's party.
The war between the demon army and humanity has begun. Consumed by regret, powerlessness, and anger, he goes beyond the front lines, to the land of demons, there he lets loose and achieves many feats.
Years have passed and the war has ended, no longer feeling anything for his past "lovers", he wishes to retire. The commander upon hearing that, not willing to let go of his best man, persuade him to become an instructor at the academy, and so the story begins.

Eon is very interesting to follow, a badass instructor and socially awkward at some times. He cares about his students, both them growing and protecting them. As expected from the malevolent star, he acts like superman, as his identity is unknown to almost everyone, but when he comes into act, you can expect some badass fights.


The story is very slow, it's not rushed and author puts a lot into characters and world-building. Details about the 7 heroes that have won the war against the demons along with Eon, are slowly revealed, and the unexpected along with it.


The students are all interesting, each with a different personality and background, we see slowly how they are connected to Eon in one way or another which makes the relationship with their instructor so much more interesting to follow and see it grow <<less
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Apr 16, 2023
Status: c50
Though this novel has a rather limited lifespan at this point, it has potential to be a great novel in the future.

The story begins with a first chapter that depicts the past of our main character, Eon Graham. The chapter goes through the various events starting from when he was kid until the present day, which depicts the reasons for his change into the person he is now. It starts with his bond with his childhood friend, and the eventual loss of it (NOT NTR). The loss of his relationship... more>> results in him taking the forbidden pre as he strives to overcome his shortcomings and better himself.

This novel depicts the story of a broken man. He has lost his purpose after the end of the war. He had spent so long on the front lines battling to take his mind off of the fact that he had lost precious relationships with important women in his life. With the war at an end, he has lost the initial desire to hopelessly chase after these women.

Thankfully, this novel is not about someone who spends all of his time thinking about his ex-loves. Instead, the main character is placed into a setting where he has the play the role of a nurturer. I find it beautiful that rather than find solace in building a romantic relationship with a woman, he does so instead by becoming a nurturer at the academy. It would’ve left a bad taste in my mouth if he had immediately found a lover after the first chapter of the novel. Instead, he is able to play the role of a teacher, akin to that of a parental figure. He’s there to guide the students in his class, help correct them when they are in the wrong, and comfort them when they are in despair. He does this all in his own clumsy way. He had spent most of his life on the battlefield, a soldier has now taken the role of an instructor so of course he won’t be perfect. Yet there is beauty in his clumsy attempts to do his best as an instructor.

Some may think that the slow romance in the novel is a negative part. I respectfully disagree. I think that where Eon currently stands, the students that he guides will serve the purpose of healing his old wounds. Eon’s story is one where he grows as a person and as an instructor. Though that’s not to say that I don’t want him to ever experience romance, just not any time soon. I hope he doesn’t become romantically interested in his students though... especially since he is their teacher and akin to a parental figure. <<less
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Jun 29, 2023
Status: c55
At the time of this review, this series is ranked #2... and I don't understand why. Both the writing and the plot are quite shallow and rather cliched.

First the writing quality. To put it nicely, the writing lacks subtley and depth. It very much suffers from the problem of "telling rather than showing." The story is predominantly told through exposition and dialogue, both of which are done in a rather superficial way rather than organically.

As for the plot, it suffers from "why should I care" syndrome. The story introduces us... more>> to the MC through a massive info dump exposition of his 34 year life story for an entire chapter (yes, really). Then a setting is introduced which the MC is thrown into. But even after 55 chapters, it's still unclear what the MC's purpose is. There is no overarching plot dilemma. Instead, we are presented with long multi-chapter episodic arcs where the MC is solving the personal problems of his students. Along the way, some of his past is gradually clarified. But this is not enough to drive an overall plotline.

To top it off, the characters are incredibly shallow. Putting aside the side characters, we don't even really get into the head of the MC in any deep way (which is tied to the writing quality issues). What drives the MC? What are his goals and motivations? Why should we care? Unfortunately I am led to believe the MC is not a real character but simply a flexible and convenient instrument to advance the author's story. The MC is a complete Gary Stu who is not only OP as heck and super handsome (which the author emphasizes constantly), but he also somehow has ace detective skills when the plot calls for it.

I think I am ready to drop this. Below in the spoiler is my original review when I was 25 chapters in. All of that still stands and just goes into more detail on the writing issues.


The writing in this series is shallow and what prompted me to write this review. And the writing is what I'll focus on, as some reviews suggest this series requires 50+ chapters before reviewing the plot.

The writing in this series has three glaring issues. First, there is an excessive amount of exposition (telling rather than showing), which is a rookie mistake. But it's quite bad with the series starting off with a non-stop info dump of exposition for a straight chapter. Specifically, we are "told" the MC's 34-year life story... Really now, seriously?

Second, the author's writing treats this more like a visual medium rather than a written medium. This is a newbie mistake where it's written from the perspective of a movie or manhwa, whereas a written medium should help the reader get into the head of characters. That's not to say no internal thoughts are conveyed, but they are generally quite superficial. The story is predominantly told through dialogue and exposition, which is not proper utilization of the novel medium.

Third, the writing itself is quite shallow. This is a resulting combination of the first two issues but also extends beyond them. As an example, the author is quite in-your-face about how handsome the MC is (another review also points this out). At one point, the author dedicates a full 1.5 chapters with girls gushing and thirsting over the MC, again demonstrated through exposition and dialogue. The execution was so cliched and immature I had to check that this was actually a KR webnovel rather than a JP one. And despite all that fuss, we still don't know basic things about how the MC looks, like his hair color or overall appearance.

Having said all that, if you ignore the first few chapters (which are quite terrible), the writing does become tolerable since the info dump expositions become more spreadout. I expected a lot better though as this series is ranked #2 at the time of this review. This puts it right below "The Extra's Academy Survival Guide" yet the writing quality is like night and day when comparing them.

As for the plot, at 25 chapters it's still not clear what plot dilemma the MC is supposed to be facing yet. Supposedly I am supposed to read 50+ chapters before I can pass judgment on the plot, but from a writing and storytelling perspective it is a problem that a purpose and "why should we care" has not been properly established 25 chapters in.

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Apr 12, 2023
Status: c55
This is a novel that has solid potential; very few chapters till now but I have a gut feeling that it is going to become an all-time favorite for many of the users once more chapters land and the story is fleshed out some more...

The novel tells the tale of Eon Graham. He was a normal countryside boy with a very ordinary dream, but once he receives heartbreak from his childhood friend he enlists in the army and after a series of events, and another heartbreak acting as a driving... more>> force, he becomes a war hero that saved the world from the demons' clutches.

The story unfolds after the war has ended and 5 years have passed. We see that the MC has become tired of his life at the frontlines, he wants to find a new lease on life and start living life for something other than war and bloodshed and that's how our protagonist finds himself in the academy of the empire as an instructor and starts teaching kids on how to survive.

It's honestly a beautiful story that depicts the life of a broken man. We see MC find a new path to lead his life and develop himself into a better human being throughout the chapters of the novel. Even through the small number of chapters, we can see the changes that slowly assimilate into Eon and change him progressively.

The side characters and the love interests are also a plus as we see life-like characters that have their own issues surrounding them. We see them helping Eon grow into something more than what he is now and through him, they also grow into a better version of themselves. The interactions between Eon and his students are always a treat to watch.

Other than that there are also some downsides to the novel... Romance doesn't seem to be up on the horizon as we see Eon coping with his new role and trying to sort his life out. He doesn't seem too keen on giving his heart to anyone anymore after the eventual heartbreaks and there has not been much development of the romantic subplot as of now in the story, but I can see the potential of the quality harem that will surely form around the protagonist. Then there is the note of Eon still not being able to cope with his heartbreaks. It has been a long time in his life but he still hasn't been able to forget the two people that have been the most precious to him in the past. However, unlike some others, I think of this to be a good thing for this novel. I mean sure, this shows us that the MC is still wallowing in his past even after the long time that has passed between his heart rendering events. But this also allows us to see how Eon can grow and surpass the shadow of his past with our own two eyes and that honestly seems very appealing to me. I hope the author portrays this part well and gives us a good depiction of the MC's development through the story from here on...

Long story short, there are the pros, then there are the cons. I love the direction this story is going and I sincerely hope this story turns out to be as great as I can picture it growing into. This has potential and I implore everyone to give it a read and think with a realistic mind of a man going through hardship and his circumstances and then evaluate the story for itself. I also hope that they can come to love this work as I have loved myself, that's all.

I will write a more in-depth review of this novel once more chapter drops and there's a more conclusive direction to the story... <<less
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Jul 16, 2023
Status: c67
The novel follows Eon, a man who has suffered heartbreak in his youth from a childhood friend and later from a woman he opened up to during the war. After losing these relationships, Eon becomes obsessed with bettering himself and joins the army, eventually becoming a war hero.

Now that the war has ended, Eon takes up a teaching position at an academy, hoping to find new purpose. However, it's unclear what exactly that purpose is or what Eon hopes to achieve. While he helps his students with their problems, there... more>> doesn't seem to be an overarching plot or character motivation driving the story forward.

Eon comes across as a bit of a Gary Stu - not only is he overpowered and handsome, but he also possesses ace detective skills when needed to advance the plot. His excessive trauma over failed relationships from his youth also doesn't quite align with his stoic personality.

The writing has issues with telling rather than showing and lacks subtlety in both dialogue and exposition. The characters overall feel rather one-dimensional.

While there is potential in the premise of a broken war hero finding new meaning by nurturing the next generation, the execution falls flat. The lack of plot direction, shallow characters and writing issues make it difficult to become invested or care about the protagonist's journey. More character depth and organic plot progression could help elevate this story. As is, the novel feels clichéd with mediocre writing quality. <<less
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May 06, 2023
Status: c31
It's not bad, decently written for being a cliche novel. So far anyways. Some people say they don't like his trauma which I have to agree with. It seems excessive that it has gone on for so many years and he still has flashbacks about a extremely ambiguous relationship with no actual commitment. He is portrayed as SO stoic and unflappable so it really doesn't fit with his character.

Ch. 31 was the turning point for me where I see it getting worse and losing the consistency that it has built... more>> up decently, except for the trauma. His responses, for an individual entrusted with some high profile individuals, seem to be lacking in the moment thought or prior planning.

He allowed for a mob to turn violent in a market when there was no indicator that it would be a problem for him to stop it from escalating. He has already suppressed a group of highly trained teenagers/young adults who are stronger than average male. Why couldn't he do the same then? Why did he allow it to escalate out of control? Why didn't he use his military position to make the protestors rethink their actions?

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Hazardous waste
Hazardous wa
Jun 11, 2023
Status: c64
In other reviews I’ve noticed people saying that his reasons for getting stronger are pathetic and lame. U haven’t even f*cking read that far–are you joking with me? The reason he becomes stronger gets clearer further down the plot as those events get expanded on. The reason he feels weak and powerless is clear as day.

so don’t listen to these tr*sh f*cks who barely read the story and instead read far enough yourself to make your own conclusion. Maybe you’ll enjoy this novel like me
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Jul 14, 2023
Status: c62

One day, Ella ran away from the village with a mercenary group that had stayed at the inn. She left behind only a brief note saying she was going to start a new life in the city and not to look for her.

“Please tell Eon to take care.”

That was the only message she left for me.

No matter how much I denied reality, Ella never came back. The promise we had made as children had been taken seriously only by me, in my naivety.



“I’ve decided to follow the Hero.”

Charlotte joined the Hero’s party.

“... Let’s not meet again, Eon.”

With those words, she left my side.

The Demon Army crossed the border. The war between humanity and demons had begun, and the prince of the empire, chosen by the sacred sword to be the Hero, gathered comrades to defeat the Demon King.

The addition of a nun, known as the “Holy Maiden of the Battlefield” for her exceptional divine magic, was met with cheers and praises from all the people of the empire. All except me.



My relationships with Ella and Charlotte were somewhat like lovers. Ella was my first, and I was hers too. We were young and foolish, but we wouldn’t have had that kind of relationship if there were no feelings involved.

Charlotte was similar. We never explicitly expressed our feelings due to the dangerous circumstances, but we shared a relationship that we couldn’t disclose to others.


When he was 14, his girlfriend ran away with a mercenary group instead of keeping their childhood promise of going to the capital together when they grew up. Several years later, second girlfriend broke up with him because the Demon Army invaded and she wanted to use her holy powers to fight and defeat the demon lord.

This story is literally about some 34 year old OP dude who can't handle the fact he was dumped when he was 14, and then dumped again a few years later by a girl he never told that he loved her.


He's 34.

And hung up on a girlfriend he had 20 years ago.

62 chapters in and that's all I've gotten from this story.
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Jun 10, 2023
Status: c21
Boring, typical childish drama story. To start with, I hate the premise, the MC is supposed to be someone strong because he trained like a dog to forget his first love, then tried even harder to forget the 2nd one, I hate this. It's a fantasy setting, but it's still disgusting. Then became an academy instructor because "I don't know what to do", and of course, by this point, he's the teacher of the strongest students with big backgroung and all. And of course, once again, the MC is an... more>> OP hero but because "i like being low key" there's only a handful of guys who know who he is, but since the author made this with idiots in mind (or maybe he is just an idiot himself) the MC doesn't really try to hide for real his strengh, he's like "ah it can't helped" then with "let's talk about something else" all doubts disappear for 1 or 2 chapters then come back and all, futhermore no one in the novel wonder why a random guy who appeared out of nowhere became the teacher of the 'scary students', so here is the "LOWKEY" pretend & face slap korean way with a lot of drama and boring follow up because generic corrupt random aristocrat doesn't agree and all, since it's a kr, habitually we're waiting for a solid plot, and since we're in an academy setting with politics and an MC already STRONG we're at least waiting for some scheme and conspiracy, but here it's just random pretend and face slap korean lowkey way, disgusting. Of course we're also gonna have the curious students who begin to wonder on this and that and the teenage girls will fall in love with the MC of course because he's handsome, strong and mysterious. <<less
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Apr 20, 2023
Status: c12
Its only 12 chapters rn so its hard to tell if its gonna stay good, but it's got my attention and was a solid read so far.

I'm a sucker for broken MC stories cuz I love seeing some wholesome wound healing. Let my man heal his scars and form healthy bond with the young new students (he becomes an instructor for an academy). I wanna see some character development and its definitely gonna be fun seeing MC handle being a teacher. There's gonna be cliches for sure, but I don't... more>> mind as long as its done right and tastefully. I just hope MC is able to move on and get over his previous love interests because I hate when author drags that kind of thing out.

There's not much else to review but I'm very interested to see how it all plays out <<less
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Dread of the knights
Dread of the
Jul 08, 2023
Status: c61
I tried. But I give up.

Bruh, why TF is this even rank no.2? Its literally generic! The writing is fine, characters are fine though there are some unreasonable ones. I just can't.

Trust me this is overrated, I thought there would be a development, but I guess it's my wrong for expecting something.
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May 08, 2023
Status: c32
Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero follows the life of Eon Graham, a man who has experienced significant trauma and loss throughout his life, which has led him to the front lines of a brutal war. Eon's journey begins with his childhood and the formation of a deep bond with his childhood friend, who eventually abandons him for reasons unknown. The loss of this relationship is a catalyst for Eon's enlistment in the army and subsequent self-imposed exile to the front lines.

The story revolves around Eon's... more>> struggles with his past and the constant thoughts of his two exes, one of whom he shared a more recent and traumatic experience with. As the war comes to an end, Eon finds himself lost and without purpose, having spent years in battle as a means of coping with the pain of lost relationships. Now, he must confront his past and find a way to heal and move forward.

The novel has received mixed reviews from readers, with some praising the writing quality and world-building, while others criticize the focus on Eon's physical appearance and his obsessive thoughts about his past relationships. The story has garnered a dedicated readership and has been topping charts, showing potential for growth and development.

As an early work, this novel has some flaws, but it also has the potential to evolve into a compelling, character-driven story. If you're a fan of drama, romance, and tales of personal growth, it might be worth a read.

Please note that the story does not contain NTR elements. <<less
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May 06, 2023
Status: c22
The textbook example of a boring story. For now, possibly.

The initial idea was good, like many others. But once that was expressed, the author didn't know what to make out of the story.

Oh no, poor guy, cry, sad. There's that, and the next thing you know, dully written school setting, I can almost tell the author didn't plan the story. The same framework of "things happen then adventure" but with school setting alteration.

It has that slice-of-life procedurally generated nuances that I didn't put up really well. I'm reading c22, still... more>> nothing worth reading. And know MC is serving as swimming club advisor. Yep, that's the final straw.

I might give it another go, but who knows. <<less
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Apr 28, 2023
Status: --
This is one of those novels where the title and beginning makes it seem like garbage but its actually really good.

The beginning is full of cliches and we're led to believe the MC, who is heartbroken and constantly, annoyingly but somewhat understandably whining about it after being abandoned by everyone he loved.

The beginning is pretty cliche and it can be described with this list I robbed straight from user Kelicant's review

... more>> The MC:

Is incredibly strong
But his strength is a secret and he's humble
Doesn't care about status / money
Just wants to live a slow life
Is dense towards others' feelings towards him
Surrounded by girls who like him (girl to guy ratio is heavily skewed, even though the setting should have the opposite)
'Betrayed' by people he cared about, and now they'll regret it
The setting is also a cliche:

Surrounded by girls who like him
Those girls are special / talented / high status
Each girl has a theme / cliche character
These highly skilled / well connected girls all go to an Academy together for some reason and are all in the same grade
The men in the story are either MC's supporters or are villains

Now some parts of this is wrong, and some of it is just the guy coming to premature conclusions, but it's the conclusion most of you will come to have after reading the first few parts of this novel. Which is precisely why I gave it 4 stars. This novel fails miserably at delivering good first impressions. Give it a chance and it'll surprise you (probably)

I'd go into more detail but I can't use the spoiler tag worth sh*t sooooo <<less
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Apr 27, 2023
Status: c18
This story is written as if the author was trying to fit every Japanese MC cliche into one story as possible.

The MC:

    • Is incredibly strong
    • But his strength is a secret and he's humble
    • Doesn't care about status / money
    • Just wants to live a slow life
    • Is dense towards others' feelings towards him
    • Surrounded by girls who like him (girl to guy ratio is heavily skewed, even though the setting should have the opposite)
    • 'Betrayed' by people he cared about, and now they'll regret it
The setting is also a cliche:

    • Surrounded by girls who like him
    • Those girls are special / talented / high status
    • Each girl has a theme / cliche character
    • These highly skilled / well connected girls all go to an Academy together for some reason and are all in the same grade
    • The men in the story are either MC's supporters or are villains
I'm enjoying the story, but it's hard to judge the story on its own and not have it be a representation of the Japanese modern fantasy light novel genre, as so far there has been nothing unique at all.
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Aug 13, 2023
Status: c65
First, this has almost every cliche in korean novels/manhwas

* MC is OP but hides his identity for some reason

* Plot takes place in school

... more>> * every girl wants MC but MC doesn't have any interest in women (except for the two girls from his past).

* MC is built up to be some badass that does whatever he wants. But if a girls tells to do (or not do) something, he complies

To be honest, the only thing interesting about this novel is mc's past and what happened with his two gfs. It is obvious that something happened. Author seems to know that mc's past is the best part of the novel and that's why he slowly throws us small pieces of his past here and there. That way, he will keep readers interested for longer.

Also, like other reviews mentioned, it is pretty pathetic how MC cannot get over two crushes from 20 years ago. Like, move on dude. You are someone that every girl wants. You can easily find more women that are better than both your exs in every single way

And from the small peaks that we got to mc's past, even if they both had a reason for leaving MC, it wouldn't change the fact that I dislike them. Anyways I think I'll stop reading for now. Maybe I'll continue it later. Like I said above, I'm interested in mc's past, sadly we only get a glimpse into it like every 10-20 chapters <<less
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Jul 27, 2023
Status: c34
This story is a massive disappointment. There was a lot of potential in having this jaded war hero instruct a bunch of talented students while trying to overcome his own traumas, but holy did this story drop the ball so incredibly hard. The moment it was revealed that the MC had actually hid his identity was when I knew what the story would end up becoming, but I pushed on for a bit more, and, spoiler alert, it turned out exactly how you thought it would.

Not only that, but the... more>> MC is incredibly dislikeable. He says "I'm over them" constantly while literally mentioning them every other chapter, and he's just overall incredibly pathetic. Like, he's so heartbroken over a childhood promise that he basically tries to commit su*cide by going to the front lines? I'm all for emotionally scarred and broken protagonists, but there is literally nothing likeable about the MC's personality.

Honestly, I'm surprised anybody can enjoy this. The side characters are bland and lack personality, there is no real interesting plot, and overall it's just an absolutely terrible story. <<less
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