My Daughters Are Regressors


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My daughters started regressing out of nowhere, stirring up a storm because they missed their mother.

…But I haven’t even married yet, let alone have any daughters!?

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내 딸이 회귀했다
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New chencking rated it
March 25, 2024
Status: c110
It's a great read. As others have pointed out, the author is well-known for their rich characters. The MC feels like a stereotypical pe*verted protagonist at first, but as the author expands the world building he quickly develops into a quirky yet endearing thief.

Similarly, the other characters seem simple at first, but the main 7-8 quickly develop solid characterizations of their own. Best of all, the author really makes good use of the daughters-from-the-future trope; the author uses the daughters' characters to show us the future parenting styles and family... more>> dynamics.

The story is good, but a bit episodic (though there is foreshadowing this may change for reasons mentioned in the spoiler). It has mainly been focused on Judas (the MC) trying to figure out what the heck is up with his daughter that popped out of nowhere and dealing with the incidents he runs into as a result. Judas proactively solves the incidents, but he lacks a strong motivation / goal to connect them into an story.


To oversimplify, in this story, people become gods at lvl 50, and Judas is cursed to become possessed the moment he ascends. So Judas had to do his best to idle and avoid leveling up. However, recently the author has hinted he may begin looking into how to overcome the curse.


tl;dr the characters are amazing. The story progresses smoothly, but feels a bit episodic because the MC has not had a strong goal behind his actions until now. Hopefully, this will change and the series will get even better. <<less
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New Nuage rated it
March 23, 2024
Status: c3
How did this story get such good reviews? The MC is a s*upid, panicky doormat that somehow became a hero. He is heavily discriminated against due to rampant racism, but hey, since he's a s*upid doormat MC he's fine with that treatment.

The author gives a setting and immediately breaks it through his MC. Unless, of course, the MC is completely delusional. *That* would make the story interesting.
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GenesisPainter rated it
July 31, 2023
Status: 200s
Time for the shameless translator review.
Honestly, writing reviews is not my strong suit, so I hope you'll bear with me.
First and foremost, I'd like to mention that this novel won the Novelpia Excellence 2022 contest. Though it might not matter much for most, I felt it was worth pointing out.

Now, let's dive into my thoughts on the novel, starting with a brief summary of the early chapters.

The story follows our protagonist, Judas, who gets isekai'd into the continent of Pangea—a typical fantasy world.
However, he faces persecution due to his dark hair, which resembles the 'Barbaroi', a savage race in this world. After two years of struggle and even defeating the demon king, becoming a hero, Judas faces his biggest crisis yet: finding a wife.
Just as he's about to give up, a little girl appears, claiming to be his daughter and asking him to find her mom. This leads them to an academy where the little girl, Naru, reveals that she remembers something significant.

The novel's author is the same as for 'Pseudo Resident's Illegal Stay In Another World', 'Backstreet Nymphs', and 'Taming the Villainess', which indicates vibrant characters and a solid dose of comedy should be expected.

It's hard to express how much I genuinely love this novel—the setting, the characters, the incredible interactions, and the overall wholesomeness.

Each of the main character's three daughters possesses distinct personalities and charms, and the same can be said for his three wives.
The pacing is excellent, the novel takes its time to develop the characters when it should but also knows when to slow down for some wholesome family moments.

The novel presents two main points of view. The first one naturally revolves around Judas, while the second focuses on the daughters and their misadventures. One aspect that I particularly loved is how seamless and purposeful these changes in perspective are. They never feel useless or forced, leaving readers without any sense of frustration.

This is kinda spoilerly, but I love how contrary to a lot of isekais

the MC, Judas, still longs to return to his original world. Surprisingly, in the 160s, he manages to accomplish this and reunites with his family. The moments when he introduces his new family to his old one are both heartwarming and humorous, making them some of my favorite scenes.

The 'main' story ends at around the


leaving the rest of the chapters to tie some loose ends, and prepare for the epilogue.

This review feels kinda lacking lmao, but I hope it made you all interested in giving this novel a try, it's really worth it.
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September 1, 2023
Status: c13
I'm avoiding giving a score because I feel like my opinion is fairly skewed.

I tried reading this and 'Pseudo Resident' (the author's other major work).

I think he comes up with fun/cool concepts alongside decent enough world building that allows said cool ideas to play in well.

... more>> My problem is, I just don't get who this kind of MC is for...

In both novels MC is a person from modern times in a fantasy world that is quite underdeveloped but everyone thinks he's the savage because of his hair color.

MC is both smart and an idiot flippantly, he says wacky stuff but half the time it's unclear if he's saying it comedically or seriously... There's obviously moments where he's taking things so lightly and making fun of it but others that confuse you as to where his state of mind is.

One second he's totally lucid and another making jokes about world ending stuff.

We get so much of these wacky inner monologues of his, monologues that are funny btw but make it impossible to believe he's a real character and not just a narrative device for jokes.

I know he's supposed to be mentally scarred which leads to this behavior, but it's still too jarring writing of a character for me.

It's not that you can't use comedy but the way this writing style switches so quickly between absolute comedy to seriousness doesn't work for me.

Considering the amount of positive reviews on both his works I assume that I'm the outlier but still if a "succeeding despite himself" MC who flips between normal to pure foolishness isn't your thing than... <<less
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Lonely_Paradox rated it
August 1, 2023
Status: c161
Michuri strikes again with another solid novel, and this time, not an R-19 one. f*cking finally!!! All jokes aside, this is one of my favorite novels from what I consider to be the best KR author overall...

Now onto the review of the novel itself. My Daughters are Regressors is a very wholesome and heartwarming family novel. This is often compared to Spy X Family and even hailed as the Korean Spy X Family in the KR scene so you can already understand how popular it is from that fact alone.

The... more>> story centers around our protagonist, Judas, who is a denizen of Earth and somehow ended up in the continent of Pangeae after a bolt of lightning hit him out of the blue. He is your typical Michuri protagonist. A savage barbarian who is discriminated against by the entire world. After a life of struggle, he finally establishes himself as a hero, but he faces his biggest challenge yet— marriage. Soon facing the dread that no one would love him as he is a loathsome barbarian, he decides to live unmarried and alone. As fate would have him, he crosses paths with a young child— his child, Naru. A daughter who regressed in time to save her father.

I think the biggest pro about this story is the children themselves. He has more than one child regressing for him. And the story spirals into a mysterious revolution where he must identify the children's mother or mothers while the children must tread on the path of saving their father. The kids are a wholesome bunch whose s*upid interaction will easily melt your heart and make you fall in love with this novel. Apart from the greatest attraction, the MC himself is a very well-established character with clear morals and his own way of seeing life even though he may not look like that at first glance. The characters are lifelike and have their own stories and circumstances, and like many other novels by Michuri, their interaction with MC becomes another highlight of the novel. I believe the dual perspective of the daughters and the MC brings a uniqueness to the novel that sets it apart from the rest. And again, the daughters will force you to fall in love with this novel. They are just that good. Truly a masterpiece of a family novel.

Now, if I had to list a major con, then it would be the romance itself. The romance is very stale. It is very lackluster even till the part where I have read. The feelings that they feel for each other are hardly established and kept vague which may become offputting at times. It was probably intentional, seeing the story genre the book treads in. Though disappointing, it is still understandable and I personally prefer it since that just makes more room for the wholesome family interaction between the sibling children, their father the MC, and their mothers.

All in all, even though the novel has its cons it still deserves a 5-star in my opinion. It is one of the best novels I have read and I rarely read a slice of life and especially so for family interaction oriented novels like this one. I mean there are still action sequences, pretty epic ones too, but the interaction between characters is just too good and basically spearheads this novel. And from that fact alone, this deserves all the 5 stars it can get.

A very wholesome novel, definitely a recommend to everyone. I hope everyone can love this novel just as much as I have loved this novel and I will soon finish the book and may even give a more in-depth review. Who knows? Lol... <<less
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assman162 rated it
October 26, 2023
Status: c15
Interesting premise, but suffers from a pretty terrible protagonist.

The protagonist combines the JP lustful maniac stereotype combined with the classic Chinese xianxia ruthless maniac. Not quite as bad as either, he doesn't randomly kill people or sexually assault others, but his personality is as interesting as a pile of rock.

Dude's a compulsive liar and an a**hole. That's about it. The depth of his character is just that he isn't that much of an a**hole. Nothing about him is interesting, nothing about the side characters are interesting, none of it matters.

The... more>> TL mentions that the protag isn't "dense", buthe protag says sh*t like Female Processing Unit, and talks solely about s*x. It's pretty boring. <<less
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AMissingLinguist rated it
September 9, 2023
Status: c4
My Daughters Are Regressors Review

The below is a written transcript of the flow of thoughts I had while reading:

Beginning of first chapter is a whiplash of events. Very bad reading. Author should just cut most of the beginning out and leave in the part of failing to find a wife.

Black hair is associated with barbarians.

Water from vases do not immediately cure spontaneous fevers. Suspension of disbelief is in shatters.
The main character talks to themselves a lot.

"Lose my mental" is a mis-translation on chapter 2, unless this is an actual Korean phrase that the translator failed to convey accurately.
"[...]sudden paren thing, but don't I look quite the baby-daddy right now?" is a sentence with a few problems that I wanted to point out. The translation could be the problem for my enjoyment, but I think the author's way of telling the story is more indicative of their quality of writing.

"Barbaroi Style. Chatter, Chatter!" is an actual line I just read from this story. For context, the main character is trying to explain to a former co-worker about why he has a child calling him dad. I wish the author wrote something else. [Chatter, Chatter!] may be a skill similar to video game skills, but that does not excuse the terrible segway used to skip exposition.

I think the dad is an idiot, and so is his daughter, because he taught her that way. "You don't have to do math if you have the power, " is what the daughter quotes her dad saying.

I do not know if this story is good. I just want to kill some time waiting for other novels to update.


1 is bad. 2 is meh. 3 is good. 4 is great. 5 is a masterpiece.
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Morosisx rated it
August 2, 2023
Status: c3
Disclaimer, this is gonna be my first review (on a digital space) on a novel and I have only read a few chapters on this so take this review with a tinyyyy pinch of salt... (if u find any mistakes on this, pls don't bash me, wrote this near 3 am, spare me)

Now that I got that out of the way, I'll start with saying that this type of novel is quite my jam. I enjoy novels more when comedy takes the forefront while plot is sprinkled in between.... more>> Stories that makes you put pieces you're given or foreshadowed together makes a reading experience a lot more fun and engaging. Also makes info dumps and long expositions just for telling the plot less frequent. And this seems to be case for this novel, a fantasy-comedy where you have a mystery to uncover. Even though the mystery may be braindead, which is finding his future wife, but this makes this a lot more entertaining that a simple whodunnit.

Now to the characters, I don't have really have anything much to say cause I'm still at the very beginning of the story but the hate is misplaced.

The child is not dislikable even though she was being clingy to the MC, which is a plus for I have a gripe on this type of characters. As for the MC, yes, it may seem that he might be quite stereotypical, him being discrimated even though his a hero for being different (black hair= barbaroi), but all that matters is how well this is used and how it drives the story forward which it seems does.

I read another novel of the same author which has this type of stereotype and not in the slightest have I never got annoyed with it. (was gonna make review on this one first but I forgor...)

Of course, I have my own bias and this is not as objective as I hope it was but let's just hope for the best for this novel that it may reach our expectations and not disappoint us (and pls for the love of god don't get cancelled or dmca'd, I swear man).

So this novel will get 4.7 out of 5 for now, this may change for better or worse, I'll make updates if I have any more motivation to do so (most likely not). Now imma go hibernate now or lurk in the shadows, well till next time... <<less
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Mr. White Tower
Mr. White Tower rated it
November 23, 2023
Status: c154
Oh God, this is Mitsuri's creation, the author of "Taming the Villainnes." How could you let it be reduced to dust like this? Don't you realize the significance of Mitsuri's name? "Taming the Villainnes" stands as one of Novelpia's finest-ending novels! And yet, it's rated poorly here? What does that imply? Are you attempting to dissuade others from reading it?

Alright, let's delve into the review. The beginning is truly impressive, with the comedy seamlessly intertwining with the characters. Mitsuri's prowess in character development is beyond doubt. The characters are well-crafted,... more>> possessing distinct identities. The plot, conflict drama, and even the characters' decisions can be considered the pinnacle of this novel.

I deeply admire Mitsuri because of his exceptional writing skills; each character feels genuinely alive, not merely as superficial constructs. The dynamics during their interactions are thoroughly enjoyable. <<less
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SubLiminal rated it
September 30, 2023
Status: c29
I made an account just to review this.

This is a great novel, many reviews talked about this already, but I love the dialogue between all the characters.

And the daughters are so frigging cute, it's too much for my heart, I can feel the diabetes <3333.

Need moar of this.
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Leandro17 rated it
September 15, 2023
Status: c19
Really enjoying this novel.

First of all, this is a heartwarming family novel with comedy and fantasy elements. The story introduces Judas, a hero in the fantasy world of Pangea who faces discrimination due to his appearance. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets his daughter Naru, who's traveled back in time to save the world and find her Mom. More daughters along with the FLs will appear throughout the novel.

The best part of the story? The adorable kids. Judas's daughters (Only 2 introduced so far) are all so... more>> cute (especially Naru <3) and their interactions are always adorable.

Judas himself is a well-rounded and unique character. The interactions between the characters, especially with his daughters and FLs, are a highlight. Really gotta give to the Spy x Family comparison because it's really on-point.

It simply never fails to put a smile on my face. 10/10. <<less
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Giernold rated it
September 7, 2023
Status: c14
Love the concept, but the story is moving too slowly. I also felt that it's unrealistic that (the first girl, and only child so far) calls everyone mom, while also deciding that she shouldn't tell the MC who she is. It just became bothersome after a while.

I'm also kind of tired of MC's who are completely oblivious to flirting etc. I feel like the story is very stagnant and not going anywhere quick.
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
March 2, 2024
Status: --
Follows the MC-is-OP-but-is-borderline-ret*rded trope.

Not the saitama style ret*rded either, the genuinely s*upid as hell, and has no idea what is happening around him, but still managed to survive because he's that OP.

His entire country is racist towards him and curses him and his daughters out on a daily basis but the MC is too dumb to do anything about it unless someone gives him a step by step plan first.
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BluntMachete rated it
October 20, 2023
Status: c28
This is a comedy, slice of life and adventure novel.

The main character is a barbarian hated by many but loved by few. His humorous interaction with those few are what constitute most of the humor and slice of life.

I greatly appreciate the translation. The translator does a phenomenal job in translating humor such that it makes sense to an english reader.

This is an enjoyable read especially if you like comedy.
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MildlyChilly rated it
August 2, 2023
Status: c3
Great novel so far, I actually quite like the concept of the MC being dragged around by the real regressors and quite frankly I find his wives hot especially the one on the left. What can I say I know what I want from a novel. We haven't seen much but I'm interested in seeing how the relationships in this novel develop specifically between MC and his wives. And also what kind of conflict we shall have. Any way 5/5 so far.
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EroticReader rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: c57
One word: MORE!!! Loving the development and story so far. It had me guessing who the wives would be almost at every turn. The references were also funny where I thought it was more of a joke skill but glad that it used in the story development.

haven’t read novels from this author, but they are moving to the top of my list.
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YoBroItIsARaven rated it
August 2, 2023
Status: c3
The story is very cute and lovely. The daughter's are very cute and wholesome. The protagonist may be a little lustful but he is a extremely great father. The translation is magnificent aswell. I recommend this wholeheartedly.
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Kleini rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: c38
This novel tells the heartwarming story of Judas, a man from Earth who is transported to the fantasy world of Pangea. Due to his dark hair marking him as a member of the savage Barbarian race, Judas faces prejudice and struggles to find his place. After achieving great feats like defeating the Demon King, he believes he will always be alone - until a mysterious child claims to be his daughter from the future, coming back to save her father.

What follows is a tale of family, mystery and adventure. Judas... more>> must work to uncover the identities of his daughter's mothers while protecting his family from unknown threats. He is joined in his journey by his three daughters, who possess distinct charm and personalities. Their perspectives and interactions are seamlessly woven into the story.

The characters in this novel are vibrantly brought to life. Judas proves to be a profoundly caring father despite his initially off-putting Barbarian appearance. His daughters each delightful in their own way, from their heartwarming bonds with Judas to their comedic misadventures. The supporting cast is also colorful and adds depth to the world.

The truly wholesome focus is on the strong family relationships at the heart of this tale and not the romance. I've seen people compare this to Spy x Family, and I do indeed see why! Fans of the genre will enjoy the perfect balance of compelling storytelling, emotional depth and sweet comedic moments between loved ones.

I'm quite surprised the author of "Taming the Villainessess" and "Pseudo Resident's Illegal Stay in Another World" would venture out of his way to write a non smutty story like this. <<less
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