My Daughter Is the Final Boss


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Lee Seojun could only watch as his daughter, the witch Lee Seola, turned into the wicked final boss who destroyed the world and brought upon his death. Though never a good dad, as he loses consciousness, Seojun gets a new quest: “Change The Future.” Upon awakening, he sees a 5-year-old Seola standing before him. Now, Seojun must raise Seola to avoid the misfortunes that originally turned her wicked and become the caring father she never had. The price of failure? Only the end of the world.

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내 딸은 최종 보스
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5 Reviews

Oct 30, 2021
Status: c131
Very good and fun to read, but there's flaws, its a little sad because it had the potential to be in the top 10 novels, if it was not due to that.

The good:
- The plot is interesting and has some cool mysteries that makes you enganged to what will happen and start to think about answers to that.
- The adventure/action segments are good and well written.
- MC pursuit of strenght and purpose is good and makes sense.
- There's some good parent/child chapters

The bad:
- There's not much character development, MC so far continues the same since the first chapters and some of his relationships does not develop.
- The fluffy is not that great, I was expecting something good in this regard but after the start its just a basic slice of life.
- MC jokes 9/10 are awfull and annoying.
- Since there's no relationship development there's also no romance development, the story is very focused in adventure of the MC, you get 20 chapters of dungeon and training and 2 of slice of life.
-Too focused on the MC solo adventure, if you expect something like a family manhwa or a couple adventure you will get disapointed.

So thats my impression its a great manhwa, but I expected more than the same old with some tweaks
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Sep 03, 2021
Status: c7
It's still early but the setting seems good. It's a classic korean Gates setting, with awakened people called hunters and monsters popping out of gates. But the focus seems to be on the family. With the MC trying to make up for his bad choices in the past that led to his daughter becoming the enemy of humanity. So far the daughter seems cute, and the dynamic with the mother is also interesting. Though the MC seems like a somewhat weak and unreliable, hopefully his regression will give him the... more>> chance to improve <<less
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Aug 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Overall, it's not bad. The author is good at writing seol-ah (the daughter) moments, decent at writing a fantasy system type story, and not so good at writing romance between the MC and his ex-gf.

Starts strong, with a lot of cuteness. In the middle, poorer writing begins to hold it back but it's still an engaging story (could use more seol-ah) and the ending is a bit of a cluster. What the author crams into the last 20 chapters should've been more interlaced with earlier story elements.
Too many things in the conclusion were introduced for the first time a chapter before they are used to drive a major plot development and its quite jarring.

The conclusion itself was quite open ended, and the author has plans for a bevy of short stories to flesh out the ending. The main arc ended Jun 22, 2022 and there's a few month break before the SS start getting released so who knows how those will be written.

I swear I've read a western fantasy novel that has nearly the exact same story elements as this story, but it's been years since I read it and can't remember the name. I had a near constant sense of deja vu while reading this.

Lastly, for those of you that mtl things, the writing in this story is pretty simple so you don't miss nearly anything by mtl'ing raws.
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Aug 25, 2023
Status: Completed
Let's start by talking about what I liked about this story:

  • Seol-Ha. The greatest charm of this series. She was really cute and her cutiness only grew during the story.
  • All the main characters were written pretty well. They all had their space and no one was really stronger than the others. Only the MC but he wasn't OP, so it was good to see.
  • The system, the way it was created and Ezebeth were great. I didn't expect that kind of thing in the end but it wasn't bad.
  • The idea about the unique mission and the butterfly effect were good.
  • The ending was ok, but the way we reached that wasn't and that's a pity.
Now, about the problems (Some spoiler ahead) :

  • A lot of bosses were killed too early after the first World Boss. The third front was good but the fact that the second one was basically destroyed is something that I didn't liked too much.
  • The power level didn't make too much sense in many battles. The Final Boss of Korea, for once, was too easy to kill and he was also probabily weaker than the one we saw before at Busan (?).
  • The author "forgot" about the restriction that he himself put on Ezebeth in the last 50 chapters about space travelling.
  • The truth about everything should have been treated a bit better and not with everything being condensed into a few chapters at the end.
  • The time paradox should have been treated better.
  • It's not possible that for the final battle you only thought about getting two guilds. I can understand that they are strong and everything, but you can't fight something like that with the power of just two country. It doesn't make sense.
  • The final battle was pretty decent but considering everything that happened in the few chapters before I would say that no one should have been able to really fight that fight.
  • Meteor wasn't used well. She was forgotten too many times and since her importance was pretty great I think she could have been used a lot better than that.
To sum up,

I enjoyed reading this story even if it does have a lot of problems both in the middle and in the end. If you are picky readers that want everything to make sense then I would say that this story isn't for you. But if you like family bond and cute children that can warm your heart and you... more>> think you can pass on some problems then I think you could give this a chance. <<less
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Jul 01, 2022
Status: c100
I remind you, if you want a sweet romantic family story you better stay away. I read the mtl and I didnt see any development in romantic relationship. I even wondering if this novel end up with Harem route because MC got to know more female characters and I think some of those female chara likes MC.

But MC did focus on his daughter, level up and change the bad end. (I still like this part of story).
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