Even Though it’s a Yuri Game World, I, as a Man, will make the Heroine Sisters Happy


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Kuro Kaito, a 21-year-old working adult with no girlfriend, reluctantly attends the funeral of his rude senior. As he observes the relatives bickering over who will take custody of the children left behind, memories from his past life come flooding back. “This is the world of the Yuri Game!!!” Determined to help, the protagonist decides to take care of the four sisters himself until the game starts, since no one else seems willing. And so, a heartwarming slice-of-life romantic comedy unfolds between the protagonist and the four sisters in this Yuri Game world.

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12 Reviews

Apr 18, 2023
Status: --
*** While there is yuri in the title, don't expect yuri in the story.

The description does a much better job of describing this novel than most. What you read is what you get. The only thing I'd add is light supernatural elements. As far as how well it performs, from as far as I've read on syosetsu, the protagonist honestly struggles a lot more than most "single guy adopting children" tropes.

The girls don't immediately trust him, he doesn't have a large network of overly supportive adults, he doesn't have some... more>> hidden talent that awakens and helps him earn enough money to support four more people in his household, he struggles with time management and how to be a good adult, and he has certain preconceptions that are both helpful and harmful from the original story. And while he's immersing himself into the role of "good dad", it's not that easy to get (pre-) teen girls to accept a 21yo man as a father... <<less
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Jun 11, 2023
Status: c30
The story has very little to do with its premise. It's a "fluffy feeling" story of 4 middle school girls who had been neglected and abused getting adopted by a 21 year old man and how they gradually open up to him.

The premise mentions that the MC was reincarnated, but the reincarnation doesn't impact the story at all and isn't brought up anymore. The sisters have superpowers, but besides a single chapter mentioning it, they are never used or brought up at all.

The "arcs" of the story have so far... more>> focused on one of the sisters at a time and helping them grow closer to the MC and overcome their problems. The MC is constantly trying to be a good dad to them. But there seems to be an underlying drive to have romance between them which seems out of place in the actual writing. The "dad" MC is 21 and the girls are middle schoolers.

If the premise of reincarnation/game/superpowers were removed the story wouldn't need to change at all. That and removing the "romance" between children and the MC would make this a cute story about being a dad/overcoming trauma/becoming a family, but currently it's just ok. <<less
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Jul 28, 2023
Status: c40
Pros: Interesting premise and story. Excellent translations. Every character has their own distinct personalities. A lot of "diabetes" moments (3 stars added for these pros).

Cons: What I do not really like is that there is a romantic subplot between the 21 y/o MC (who also has 17 extra-life years since he supposedly reincarnated) and between multiple 4th grade children who are 10 y/o. They're 10! It has not really gotten anywhere yet, and I reaaaalllllly hope it doesn't. The MC is trying at to act as a dad, but when... more>> there are almost over-the-line moments, he kind of just gives into them and suddenly has the maturity of a child. He has yet to draw any kind of line between himself and the children as of chapter 40, not even in his own internal dialogue. If this continues the way it is, I will drop because honestly it has potential to be utterly and devastatingly disgusting (2 stars taken away because of these cons. If more tension comes back I would add a star, and if pedo stuff gets rectified I would add another star).

Lastly, it definitely has a slice of life feel once the story gets going and there is more trust between the MC and the girls, with a lot less "tension". Unfortunately, the author is replacing it by trying to build "romantic" tension..... ugh. Think holidays, trips, school events etc. Tension is going away but I can see how it can be brought back (ex: girls do not know the MC knows about their superpowers which is apparently a huge source of trauma for them, I am guessing this will come into play in the future).

Anyways, if you like slice of life, this is for you. If you like excellent translations, this is for you. If you are a borderline pedobear, this is for you. <<less
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May 17, 2023
Status: c23
The world setting is in modern day Japan. Only the sisters have super powers but other than some emotional drama the powers aren't mentioned much.

All girls and MC have character development. Everyone grows in their own wa.

Economically MC seems to be a stable office man with a house and car. Isn't he prime marriage material? Unfortunately he skipped all the steps and has 4 children now. Lol.

... more>> The kids go to school and eat h experience normal school life, they are split between two classes, two girls in each class.

Other than the girls liking MC just a little there have been absolutely no romantic scenes so far. MC gets ribbed at work by his Co workers with grooming and child bride jokes but it isn't serious. He also makes friends with his senior who has children and asks parenting advice.

The story is good, it's cute and it isn't creepy. As for the future who knows but it's pretty good for now. MC is a typical Japanese passive man but he tries hard as a parent. He cooked every day and drives them to school, they take the bus back and he drives home from work. <<less
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May 30, 2023
Status: c33
First of all, I love this genre, so I had high expectations for it. Even though it didn't exceed my expectations, it didn't let me down either. Minor spoilers ahead.

Our main character is supposedly a reincarnator, but they didn't explain it well. Somehow, he regained his memories when the girls became orphans, and he happened to adopt them because, in his past life, he played this game, which is also a yuri game. Now, the story begins with the quadruplets and our MC, who is similarly awkward. There are some... more>> parts that are disturbing because these 10 or so-year-old girls know so much, including topics like pedophilia. Whenever I read Chiharu's point of view, I feel like I'm reading about a biologically and mentally grown adult who has gone through the viscosity of life. Other than that, I don't have any particular issues, except for the fact that Chiharu keeps repeating how cute her sisters are, which takes up a huge portion of a chapter. Alright, I'll stop nitpicking. Other than that, it's a REALLY wholesome novel. The characters' interactions are well crafted, and the suspicion is also well justified. I really want the MC to be more of a "Papa" figure rather than a romantic partner. Overall, I would rate it 4/5. <<less
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age gap romance connoisseur
age gap roma
Jul 13, 2023
Status: c64
A slow, steady series about a young man and quadruplet sisters with unusual backgrounds learning about family, trust, love, and everything inbetween.

The development between characters is incredibly well written in terms of consistent progress. It is never stilted; everyone comes with their own baggages and their own, natural ways of behaving within it given the new environment they find themselves in.

While not the main focus, there is romance here and I (along with all red-blooded non-h0m0 readers) am here for it. This is not something that should sway you even... more>> if for some incomprehensible reason you hold this point in negative regard.

The chapters are lengthy, there is minimal padding disguised as exposition, editing is solid and consistently amazing. This is very far from the usual garbage you see in the front page. <<less
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Apr 29, 2023
Status: --
I've been looking for a breath of fresh air for a while among so many generic novels, which repeat the same formulas over and over again.

The development of the characters is incredible, the author takes his time with each one, solving their personal problems in a way that captures your interest and launches you to read the next chapter. This is something I haven't seen very often, because today's heroines don't stand out because of how flat they are and you really don't care what happens to them, but here... more>> it is.

Likewise, if I have to give a rating in terms of romance, I would give it 10 and with great expectations regarding its future quality, because the story takes place in years and we are just on the third. <<less
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Theo d d
Theo d d
Aug 22, 2023
Status: c83
I like this story, MC and heroine. Story slice of life so warm to reading, and sinopsis same with story other, but in story so diference to me.
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Aug 02, 2023
Status: c78
One of my favorite novels to just read and smile. The characters are well written and each is unique. They develop and grow and the interactions are interesting to follow. If you want a wholesome read definitely recommend this one.
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Sep 14, 2023
Status: c9
I gave it 9 chapters but couldnt really tell the sisters apart aside from one being chuuni.

there's a lot of descriptions of how the sisters are cute or amazing (and the MC putting the girls in a pedestal isn't helping), and other descriptions or world/character building are are basically giant uninteresting blocks of exposition.

it could maybe have been interesting, but the author takes way too long to make anything happen, and the characters are pretty tropey and forgettable.
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Jul 07, 2023
Status: c105
  1. Really it's one of my favourite slice of life novel. The characters the way of pacing is really so good and I hope their relationship stays as child and an adult I don't want to see the romantic plot between the MC and the girls so I recommend it for those who like family type of novels and the fulffines level is 10/10 for me and the reason for 3 stars because they are trying to bring romantic relationship between MC and the girls which I hate to the utmost core. Really it had a great potential
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I Find It Good
I Find It Go
Jul 02, 2023
Status: --
It was enjoyable, the story was indeed fluffy. Its not necessary to add romance whatsoever but it is gonna happens anyway, I myself prefered wholesome family instead turning this to a romance-harem, but its up to the author. Shout out to the translator, it was good and I like the proper update schedule.
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