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Yoshio Tanaka gets reincarnated into a fantasy game world, with healing magic as a “cheat” ability. The strongest wizard. I mean magician! The one with the fireballs. Oh, wait that sounds wrong too…

Associated Names
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Atelier Tanaka - Age = Years Without a Girlfriend
Tanaka no Atelier ~ Nenrei Ikōru Kanojo Inai Reki no Renkinjutsu-shi ~
Tanaka The Wizard
Tanaka ~ Nenrei Ikōru Kanojo Inai Reki no Mahōtsukai ~
田中のアトリエ ~年齢イコール彼女いない歴の錬金術師~
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Renovartio rated it
May 6, 2016
Status: v5c3 part2
I always find it funny when a reviewer doesn't like a series for nonsensical reasons. Yeah, it's one thing to find faults (the MCs actions, mindset or what they say doesn't make sense or fit their character) in the story. It's something completely different if you take a thing that isn't even a fault and then rant about it. (The fact that the MC thinks about s*x a lot).

It's a good series, after seeing the illustrations. You can see that the MC isn't actually ugly. He just doesn't fit the... more>> Japanese modern standard of beauty.

It's supposed to be a story on how this guy is coping with living under unfavorable conditions in another world. Don't like it? Don't read it. <<less
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TypeFantasyHeart rated it
May 27, 2016
Status: --
Well I can say about this... Romance? no chance, harem? not even mention it. MC gets a girl? Nope.

... more>>

What I don't like is that basically one of the girls likes to be gang-banged, the other girl even though she is having s*x with another dude she says she loves the MC then she goes back to have s*x with the other dude along with the other girl resulting in group s*x. The MC somehow ends up with engaged with the girl that has quite a few s*x friends but they don't end up together as she goes to search others.... And the MC doesn't want to have s*x with a non-virgin so since every girls he knows has done it already you can guess the rest.

Well this story is about an OP protagonist that somehow don't get any of the heroines of the story with the girls being like, I love you but I only have s*x with others... and stays virgin.

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Strident rated it
May 9, 2017
Status: c131
I've read the entirety of the web novel and I can confidently say that everyone who says the MC gets his girls NTR'd, or that after girls fall in love with him they go and have s*x with other men, have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.

... more>>

Every girl who sincerely falls in love with him are entirely uninterested in other men, the only exception being Sophia who, by the end of the web novel, has just begun to fall for Tanaka. None of these characters have s*x behind Tanaka's back, and no one gets NTR'd from him. The first s*x scene absolutely does not count because the girls were already in a sexual relationship with Allen by the time Tanaka even meets them.


What makes Atelier Tanaka so good is how it turns the traditional Isekai genre into a satire on the audience's carnal desires. Traditional isekai novels emphasize being young and unwanted in modern Japan and thus given a new life to exceed at and realize their true potential. Along the way, these self insert protagonists who are unusually handsome (Ikemen) and good natured collect virgins to add to their harem and become renowned across the land adls an unparalleled hero. It's entirely wish fulfillment. Atelier Tanaka turns this trope on its head by inserting a dirty old man who is butt ugly (busamen) and Japanese in a medieval European setting where nobles abuse the hell out of peasantry. He is a Wizard in both senses and from his inner thoughts you can tell he loves every genre of hentai there is no matter how weird it is, except traps. He obsesses over losing his virginity with another virgin and collecting a harem, but at the same time represents traditional Japanese values on the outside through humility, kindness, and polite speech, and he's very introverted around around new people. He is a manifestation of the desires of people who eat wish fulfillment right up. Instead, Tanaka has to deal with the reality of his life and is almost never offered an easy way out of his predicaments without the help of his overpowered magic stat. He is a tragic protagonist, and a true societal underdog who bonds with deep, female characters that have their own desires unrestrained by wish fulfillment or a petty sense of censorship. <<less
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thorlong rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: c11 part1
This was a great read, kinda feels like a silly version of The Hobbit with an OP idiot hero that has semi-great luck. I am looking forward to reading more.
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charioles rated it
December 11, 2015
Status: --
A very untypical transported to other world adventure novel. The author really doesn't sugar coat the story like many other where the MC become handsome or instantly a lady-killer in the new world/life. There will be poop throwing as a fighting method, the MC stays ugly and old as he was, he starts pennyless and level 1 although with insane MP and INT.

The guy is basically a nice and moral guy, at least he's not an as*hole alpha male like some other novels. He's pretty understanding, patient, and mature. Unlike... more>> most other older MC in many novels that somehow getting a teenager personality and liking young girl after being transported or reincarnated.

I'd recommend reading at least until ch6 to see the potential of this novel (MC will start getting recognition of his OPness by then). Don't be discouraged by the early nasty poop fighting, if it looks s*upid but it works, it ain't s*upid. <<less
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elainekoek rated it
October 17, 2016
Status: --
Just a warning for those who wants to read this. If you are looking for a romance / harem story then this is not for you. What brings this novel out compared to others is the comedy inside. What's enjoyable about reading this is that the MC from this novel is different than the MC from other novels. He's more... to say realistic. If you're looking for a story with a popular MC with a dozen of harem then this is not for you.

Give this a try only if you're... more>> looking for something different. <<less
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Subzeroblack rated it
May 11, 2016
Status: --
Starts out great and funny with only a few “upsetting” scenes/events but you realize its not your everyday lucky (raijuu) transported to another world MC. Its an average guy put in difficult situations... Chapter 10 feels like the series picks up after a few disturbing scenes/events that a lot of the previous reviewers disliked (ch.7) which I was a bit put off as well.. But again Chapter 10 it feel the series is back on track.... RATING 4.5/5
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gdp740 rated it
February 18, 2016
Status: --
This one has a potential. Being one of among the reincarnation stories, this one is quite close to konosuba. But I still find this as quite refreshing.

Well, I do hope it get translated even further. I want to read more of how will this certain MC play his story.
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tilkku rated it
July 24, 2016
Status: c12
Very funny series with absurd humor, though the misunderstandings do go over the top sometimes.

The MC is basically an ugly sex-depraved white-collar douchebag that gets transported and picks healing cheat to cure PTSDs, because he wants to have lots of s*x.

Now he's not the brightest bulb of the lot, just living day by day and accidentally (with the help of alcohol) saving the day or blowing up everything with default fireball and >9000 INT. Misunderstandings ensue as he just wants to bang girls and doesn't have any other care in... more>> the world.

The story takes about 10 chapters to set up the characters. Just don't take it too seriously and you're in for a ride. <<less
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Rin rated it
December 14, 2015
Status: --
A middle aged man with average looks being reincarnated into a fantasy world as he originally is and gets OP recovery magic. He is a well-mannered person but has slightly ecchi thoughts. An interesting read. I think the end of chapter 8 is a good place to determine whether you want to continue to read or not.
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Ligoya rated it
December 5, 2015
Status: --
This is a story of an underdog, people have a bad impression of him just because he’s ugly and not looking at his skill. But they are mistaken, he’s OP but people just don’t understand. 10/10 will give it a read.
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Thilde rated it
February 12, 2016
Status: --
A very refreshing story when you look at the MC’s interactions with people. The MC is very timid and the people he meet have very ordinary reactions when you compare it to the often unnatural interactions between most MC’s in these scenarios. It’s a story where the characters makes sense in being realistic. The MC is an middleaged, ugly, and timid man, and a bit of a pushover, so he encounters the sort of unfair treatment that is expected. It’s what makes him likable, as you can easily relate to... more>> him, and you start wishing for good things to come his way. <<less
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TheManko rated it
December 14, 2015
Status: --
At time of writing I've read up to chapter 7. So far I'm having a great time. It's wonderfully off-beat compared to other fantasy series. Like when the protagonist goes off on his first quest, nothing plays out like it would usually do, and this is true for each step of the story. It gets going quick, and so far it hasn't fallen into any predictable patterns. The second I thought he was going to be a miserable underdog for most of the series, he started showing off OP abilities.... more>> But because he's naturally awkward and off-putting to everyone, this isn't exactly going to help him achieve his hopes and dreams. I'm fine with there not being any clear plot arc going on, as the situational comedy has been spot on. <<less
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FatalStrings rated it
December 5, 2015
Status: --
[by the time of this review chapter 5 is the latest update, Opinions stated here is not final, future revision might occur.]

This series has potential!

this series’ protagonist is likable not because of his positive characteristics but because of his flaws, and that’s rare. right now the MC is following the “underdog” archetype so a switch in tone might happen in the future, but so far I’m enjoying it.

Update: as of chapter 9

Well I did say it has potential but it didn’t live up to it...

... more>>

Early in the novel the MC was treated unfairly buy humans: he was accused and imprisoned by the guard, betrayed by the woman he helped and was beaten up by passersby for no reason other than his ugly face. Then he met a goblin which he helped and then later helped him back TWICE, on two separate occasions!

They exchange dialogue with the goblin stating that not all goblins are bad.

Now what does that chain of events tell you?

Humans = shit

Monsters = reasonable

His first friend is a f*cking goblin while every human is a d*ck to him. This is a clear set up for a revenge story, which didn’t happen, what we got is an inconsistent derp adventure. I was expecting the MC grows from a humble underdog to a badass antihero.


It started out good and a refreshing take on a familiar premise, and the MC is relatable. The early chapters made me cheer for this guy. But the change of priority by the author killed any good will I have for this novel.

I also looked at the spoilers just to see if it proves. It doesn't.

I’m disappointed, very disappointed.

Changed the rating from 4 >>1 <<less
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a random fly
a random fly rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: Completed
ahhh! I seriously liked the story at the start, I mean it was good, about middle-aged man (not that good looking) transfer to a world with OP magic stats, manly healing magic.
It was good but..
... more>>

First of all he is waaay to much obsessed with virgins. I mean not that I hate it or something even in IRL there's are ppl like that BUT author, he played well. Come on like I was hoping he would get sophia but nooo author went and led her had s*x with another guy. Like seriously author ur kidding. Then if its not enough at the end of the story he decides to tell his feelings to Edita-sensei but could not and went to drink water at well annnnnd fell and dies... SERIOUSLY!! my man didnt died when he was beheaded but died dropping in a well. then god ask him about wanting to reincarnate again as all the girls were crying over his body BUT nooo. COME ON!why! Its the same feeling of frustration I got when I was reading MY Wife is a Beautiful CEO, the feeling of me throwing my mobile outside of the window and kill myself of frustration. Ah! btw he never had s*x throughout the whole series

Anyway if u can take it then I salute u.
Sayonara <<less
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MegaAtomic rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: c11
TL;DR: This novel is a comedic play on how an awkward guy might handle an isekai. This novel is really unusual compared to most isekai and includes a small amount of 18+ themes. Everyone shits on MC but not as bad as a "isekai hell" novel

It's a refreshingly comedic and maybe realistic take on isekai genre.

People are not falling at your feet, waiting for you to rescue them. People are not kind-hearted and gracious every single time. If you've been living a life where you were unpopular, going to another... more>> world was not going to change that unless you just have luck (which the MC has a pitiful amount of). People have personalities that show their own desires instead of desiring to please the MC. In a sea of happy, cool guy isekai, you have Atelier Tanaka.

MC is really uncool (he gets thrown into prison in the first scene and has to throw poop to escape! And he picked healing magic as his cheat so he could visit prostit**es and cure his STDs!) but that's part of his charm as a more realistic and awkward guy. He's a perv, thoughtless, indecisive, gets depressed easily, and has no charisma, but he's not a bad guy.

The characters and situations are almost purposely the opposite of most isekai. Girls hate the MC, MC's first friend is a goblin, people see his actions as troublesome and treat him like he's a pain. Honestly, if he did not have a cheat, this world would suck total ass for him. However, he gets his time to shine and be cool in uncool ways. <<less
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SorakaNii rated it
November 13, 2016
Status: c13 part2
The portrayal is really fluid and connects perfectly. The character itself acts a 3rd party and not directly connected to conflicts, I really wonder if this really have comedy but this really makes me feel giddy because the author's feelings clearly reflects the antithetical side of most harem reincarnation story, while again, being a third party. The MC took stand as a real otherworldly person, but uncaring towards his surroundings and only wanting to put airs, in essence, making him quite cool compared to other protagonist. Well, the MC also... more>> doesn't care about relationships. Well, same could also be said towards the other characters, they are uncaring, indirectly involved with each other and well of course they're diverse. Well all I could say, is the author is really cooler than most MC. <<less
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Custardmouse rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: v4c3 part7
Five stars to counter trolls that can't read tags.


Be warned that some of the perviness in here has a really violent edge to it that I did not enjoy.

This story is almost like an intellectual exercise: if you took all the weird subgenres of p*rn that Japan has mastered and made Tanaka, a repressed, bitter middle-aged virgin and wage s*ave in his last life, a willing perv to every one of them despite his otherwise constructive society abiding and good-natured public lifestyle; then transported him to a dark fantasy world... more>> full of other people having s*x by choice before sexual violence can be done to them and give Tanaka almost unlimited power to thrive there; leave Tanaka with his butter face that he still keeps him insecure and set him loose in the world to masturbate to at all the evil and good he encounters; could you still write an exciting, deep, hilarious, and even emotional fantasy novel while staying true to all the worst dark fantasies of Tanaka's personality no matter how damaging or unrealistic they may be to the verisimilitude of the story at that moment? When you save the girls from the orc rapists because it's the right thing to do regardless of reward is it still OK to have a hardon when you do it and masturbate lots later? Is this still a real character you can empathize with or just a satire of our primitive natures and a mirror showing us how little free will we actually have?

I don't really know the answer, but I do know that this is a helluvah good, and sometimes incredibly evil, dark fantasy that is deeper than its erot*c surface.

Don't worry, although Tanaka's insecurities and bitterness keep him oblivious or scornful of the romance he could have with the main girls of the story, he does seem to be evolving self-efficacy and awareness of his true strength and influence in the world. He also never commits evil acts no matter how jealous or aroused they make him, and remains a fundamentally decent human being In Action to this point of the story. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
July 29, 2016
Status: --
Well, at least there are not many chapters translated, so reading this was fast.

Seriously though, it starts with some of the laziest settings possible, a writing style that's poor, and a translation that's overall ok, but not great.

The story abuses the "you are ugly" that's put onto the MC, gives no crap about any kind of description or background, and puts the MC in situations that make no sense at all.

... more>>

From chapter 1:

For example, the prison thing at the start, he is put there for not having money to pay the entry toll into the town, never questioned or anything, and put into a cell with a death row convict, but for her execution, only 1 jailor comes in to take her away, leaves the door open, despite being in a cell with 2 people.

He dies, the girl somehow cooperates to escape, single handedly kills every soldier that's in the way and they escape from a castle (the escape thing is done in 2 short sentences too).

She then betrays him for no reason and he is beat up by some random people and left to die without even clothes.


Nothing gets described well, there is a boring system of stats, skills and skill levels that doesn't really add anything. Also, the stats don't represent reality, as we have a protagonist with 5702000 intelligence but that doesn't seem to think much or be capable of great mental prowesses aside from being able to kill in cold blood without feeling anything.

All in all, a very badly put together novel based on a concept that could have lead somewhere, if it was from someone that had a story to fit with the concept, and much better writing. I mean, a protagonist actually ugly (he describes himself as "an especially unfashionable middle-aged man", so not really that ugly per say, but whatever) that is really proficient in healing, this could have made great stories.

A serious one that delves on the darker side of society an how it treats people, as well as corruption and so on when his skill is discovered, with people trying to abuse his gift or strait up s*avery could fit. A lighter story where he makes up for his handicap by helping people could also work well.

Maybe it could make a story more in the line of a comedy too, where the ugly part and the "holy" healing part contrast so much that it gives rise to incongruous situations.

But you'll find none of this here, just a vague attempt at making it feel gritty, but with nowhere near enough characterization and description to make you feel anything for the characters.

I am starting to think that there are people that rate 5 stars no matter what, and none of the 5 star reviews feel like they are talking about the same story I just read, as they describe the protagonist as "well mannered" or "timid", where all he does is act awkward and inconsistent (kills someone without feeling anything, takes the lead on making decisions on multiple occasions, but at other times just act like a moron, and the "ugly" is used to justify just about anything that happens to him). <<less
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Kaithar rated it
March 15, 2020
Status: v3c1
I can't anymore... how did this tr*sh get enough interest to reach this many chapters?

The genre list is garbage. The tags are garbage. The ratings is garbage. *deep breaths*

Ok, let's start with the protagonist. He's s*upid. Not s*upid as in the comedy trope, s*upid as in a liability that gets everyone that meets him killed or tortured. s*upid as in the kind of walking disaster that acts on whatever idea crosses his mind without any consideration for the terrible consequences that are obviously going to happen. And he does this... more>> with the social status of a broke peasant and the war potential of a nuclear Armageddon. By himself, his character is already enough to make the story difficult to read. He's not by himself.

The protagonist's first encounter has him thrown in to (what seems like) death row for looking suspicious, no real explanation of the logic that leads to it. There he meets a female knight who seems to have been scheduled for execution, also for no readily apparent reason. Tanaka breaks out of jail with her, killing a bunch of guards in the process, just so she can tie him up because he broke out of jail and is a criminal. The next time we see her she's back to her normal job as an imperial knight. None of this has been explained by volume 3, none of it has had any consequences even though they both remained in the same city and repeatedly interact with the guards. Her personality and behaviour never really improve.

Other members of the main cast of idiots include:

  • the noble who appears to abuse his power when the author can't think of a way to explain the cause of a plot development.
  • the waitress/maid that primarily exists to provide a cheap supply of s*x jokes and "luckily" discover information every time the author wants to provide an exposition that otherwise makes no sense.
  • a trio of incompetent "adventurers" who seem to exist as more cheap comedy excuses.
  • an elf loli who serves as a convenient excuse for the MC to have a bunch of knowledge he'd otherwise have no reason for knowing. She doesn't seem to have any other purpose in the story.
So given that the story contains no decent characters, the world must be the redeeming feature? Nope. The "Level System" and "Game Mechanics" of this story have absolutely no consistency. The numbers in the stat values are all completely worthless, seemingly arbitrary numbers. The skill levels make even less sense... Level 3 fire magic seems to be expert level, and level 15 fire magic seems to able to handle wyverns no problem, so level 45... isn't that much difference than level 15, just conveniently more of the same kind of fireball. Every time he needs an ability he just dumps all his skill points in to whatever skill seems useful. Need to fly? Level 55 flight magic.

And the problem is, everything in this story is handled with the same half baked approach.

  • Comedy - "s*upid people are funny"
  • Drama - "Nobles abuse their power... some of them get insta-killed, some seem to have no consequences."
  • Romance - "Social car crashes count as romance"
  • Alchemy - "I made 2 potions and memorised a bunch of books"
  • Magic - "Fireball, Fly and Heal are the only spells anyone really needs."
  • Dragon/Cheats - "Let's kill a dragon and brew a mythical potion, that'll be easier than trying my cheat MAX level omnipotent healing magic."
  • Hiding True Abilities - "I could solve all these problems in seconds if I bothered trying, but everyone has to suffer for the plot to advance... and then the problem will be solved in an overly convenient way anyway once we've milked it."
The entire story so far has been this kind of stuff. The. Entire. Story.

This is a story with an MC who flies around the front lines repeatedly healing people on the verge of death, including people have been cut in half, so that they can jump back in to the fight. Dragging out the battle for hours, while his allies are repeatedly suffering fatal wounds and jumping back in to the fight after he heals them.

The MC could have ended the battle in seconds just by casting a few fireballs and vaporising what ever enemy soldiers didn't instantly run away from the flying mage casting 10m diameter fireballs. But he didn't. Because actually solving the problem would require the story to move forward. And because he's going to use that insta-slaughter approach to all the other battles, so this first one has to be done the long way. <<less
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