Aren’t You Just Going to Throw It Away Anyway?


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I, Willow Radgem, and Emuria Radgem are cousins. Emuria is the daughter of my father’s older brother and a marquess. In contrast, I am the daughter of a earl, belonging to a lower rank.

Since our fathers are brothers and we are the same age, we were raised like sisters. We frequently visited each other’s mansions, played, studied, and went out together. Now that we attend the academy in the capital, we even share the same townhouse.

Because of these circumstances, Emuria is both my cousin and my best friend. For a noblewoman with few playmates, having such a person was very much appreciated.

But there is one troublesome habit she has. That is, she often imitates me.

From dresses to hairstyles, makeup, hair ornaments, school bags, and even ribbons on our uniforms – everything was imitated.

Even the beautifully delicate glass fountain pen, the leather notebook, and the secretly carried gold pocket watch were all copied.

However, she does it without any ill intentions. On the contrary, she doesn’t even realize she’s imitating; she thinks she found and acquired them because she liked them.

Will she also like the man who i will like?

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Why would you throw it away anyway?
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Aug 07, 2023
Status: Completed
This story was so sweet. I like how ML could heal MC from her inferiority complex and made her have a courage to hold onto something she liked. I also like how MC and ML's relationship wasn't out of the blue. Although the pace was fast, I still could see the change, something that I've rarely seen in other oneshots. The translation's quality was also quite good so that's a plus for me.
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