Mea-san, Look Over Here


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The day before entering junior high school, I, Kuya Nonomiya, was taken by my father to a newly built 1DK apartment. There stood a extremely cute girl of the same age, Mea Chitose.

“From today, you are newlyweds! You are to live together!”

Introduced as a fiancé and forced to live together?!

I was very confused by the sudden development, but Mea-san seems to accept it, as she said, “I’m going to be…Kuya-san’s wife” Her actions were extremely cute. I really got the desire to see more of Mea-san’s cuteness.

Then, our newly-married life(?) between junior high school students began─

Associated Names
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Mea-san, Kocchi Muite yo
Mea-san, please show me your face.
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