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Yang Ye’s entire family relied on him to keep them safe, but just when everything seemed to be going well, misfortune struck in droves!

How will he overcome the odds and rise up to protect his loved ones?

This novel tells the tale of Yang Ye, a ruthless yet loving young man who’s driven by his desire to protect his loved ones. It’s set in a world where most only value strength and gain above all else, yet Yang Ye who’s shaped by his experiences during his youth proves to be unlike everyone else.

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Invincible sword Domain (manhua)
Invincible Sword Realm
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Aerogfl rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: c2795
Alright, let us begin:

The story follows a young man called Yang Ye, A person with mediocre talent, but has a fierce, no fear mentality.

He is the kind of MC who values hard work more than talent.

... more>> His main motivation is to protect his loved ones and to do that, he is willing to kill (a lot, I mean it).

-- Main Character:

The story starts as one of the common background stories of MC being a "tr*sh".

Now while early chapters of the novel may suggest or imply that MC has a very good talent, he actually does not.

However, in terms of hard work and perseverance, no one can beat him.

Throughout the story, the MC does mature and changes, although I would argue he does not change a lot, and at that point in the story (chapters), it was just too late.

His main principle is, as long as you don't mess with him, he won't mess with you.

However, this principle sadly is kinda overused in this novel as story arcs (yes, arcs).

As usual, the MC is not actually a tr*sh, it was just because he had something that would, later on, made him special.

-- Other Character:

Since the novel has 2795 chapters, there is a lot of characters.

If we're talking about the amount of characters that stayed with the MC from the early chapters to further late novel chapters, I would say not that many (excluding harem members).

Will they stay relevant? Kinda, only when the plot demands it.

Will the harem stay relevant? Refer to harem section

As for character development:

Below average.

A lot of characters in this novel will come and go without proper development.

Some characters at a certain point in the story will almost never be mentioned again.

Can't be that bad?


For example:

Mc's little sister is one of the most important and probably the longest one that stays with MC

Does the author gave her further development? NO

Maybe she does not have talent? WRONG, her talent is MUCH better than MC

In the later arc, she is almost never mentioned/developed, even less than some harem members

Another example is the Mink, she is pretty much nonexistent around late novel chapters


--World Building:

    • Geo: To put it simply, Not too complicated, without giving a spoiler, The author usually keep is as simple as Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, and Central Region.
    • Cultivation: As a whole, it's okay.

      Good idea, Poor implementation.

      The cultivation in this novel does not follow 1 - 9 level/stage template (which is good imo).

      Some cultivation realm actually has a decent background or explanation behind it and give the cultivator certain power. Very few will be just a realm w/o any special power with some explanation (oh, you're stronger now). Too bad only a certain few realms ever developed and used properly in the story especially in the middle and late novel chapters.

      Breakthrough journey:


      If you're hoping something like:

      - MC flies through the sky and breaks the heaven punishment, or

      - MC endured and fight with heaven lightning tribulation, or

      - MC has to enter a certain state and survived to enter the new realm.

      You will be disappointed
    • Fighting: Actually not bad.

      Pretty good actually on some point.

      Most of the fighting does have flow and descriptions.

      Rarely you will find something like 1 slap or 1 punch kill just because I have higher realm than you.
    • Auxiliary Technique: Absolutely underdeveloped

      Rune Mastery: Very early auxiliary technique that was critical to MC's early development and strength.

      Too bad, this technique is Never mentioned and developed again, it was abandoned very early in the story (considering the whole 2795 chapters).
Another important Aux tech that was abandoned and once was a plot point in the story.

It was introduced quite early too, but since the translation probably hasn't mentioned it, here's a spoiler tab.


Pill/Dan Mastery:

It was introduced around the early novel chapters too.

The author introduces it as he wants the MC to learn it and becomes one of his strengths.

He actually NEEDS to learn it in order to save someone.

But then never mentioned again.

Gone!, No sect, No power, There is no character in the whole novel that knows, or do Pill/Mastery!

It was almost like the author realized how much effort and world-building he needed to invest and just decided NOPE, screw that.

Let's leave a plot hole instead.



Well, it is no secret that this novel is a Harem novel.

If you have read my other reviews, you probably know that I like the Harem genre.

The harem in this novel IMO is pretty meh. Maybe Early to Mid novel chapters are still pretty good. But in the later novel chapters the harem is not really important or a focus anymore.

There are quite a lot of members actually.

Although you could argue what is a lot since I won't spoil the numbers.

The reason why IMO it was meh because from around Mid novel chapters the harem members are rarely developed or mentioned with the exception of very few members that always or usually still be in the story,

It was even more sad when I can't even remember their exact name or numbers even though I just finished the novel.

Because some of the members are almost never mentioned anymore.

A few of them instead got the focus and still relevant throughout the story.

At least this novel is not that kind of Harem where the members just "like/idolized" the MC.

They do actually love him and willing to follow him.

If you don't like harem, don't worry, it won't really annoy you later on.

----- Rant / The bad section (IMO) :

This novel has too many plot holes.

There are some plot points that the author introduced that was never explained or even outright ABANDONED.

-Too many fighting!

There are so many fighting chapters in this novel, almost feels like out of 2795 chapters, probably 2000 of them are purely fighting (probably exaggerated but the number at least 1500).

This is the reason why there is not much character development, how are you going to develop characters when MC is always fighting.

It was so bad that the author does not even have time to clearly set up sect's background story and development since there was just too much fighting! (After early novel chapters).

Therefore I never had an attachment or feelings to any of the sects.

-Too repetitive!

The main plot usually comes to:

MC breathe

- Offend someone

- Kill someone

- Other person got angry

- 1 group got angry

- 1 sect got angry

- multiple sects got angry

-1 area got angry

-the whole world got angry

-he kills all enemy

-rinse and repeat

--MC as a victim

Remember when I mentioned his principle? The author always revolves his enemy around that.

For the entirety of the novel, it was because a person/sect has a problem with MC, and it explode until almost everyone in the world is his enemy.

And again and again and again and again.

Painting the MC as the victim since it's always other people that were looking for problems. Now, MC is a vengeful person.

So without spoiling too much, let's just say that he will kill a lot (to the point of being called a butcher).

-- Ending:

I am torn whether to put the summary of it or not.

Ultimately I choose not to put it here.

If I was to summarise my feeling about it in one sentence


Disappointing and anti-climatic



If you actually read the whole review, kudos to you (and thank you).

In conclusion, I would suggest this novel if you like actions and fighting, not so much if you want romance or character development.

Overall, I would rate this 3/5.

Not particularly innovative, Yet not boring either. <<less
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Mah3sVara rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: c700
Really dumb MC, like ten times more dumber than the most dumbest MC you've ever read.

So, in many cases, he'll want to kill someone if they were to cross the road infront of him.

In another case, he went to destroy an empire but before starting the war, he talked with his gf that he should make the surrender.

... more>> When he appeared in the field, opponent wanted to surrender without bullshit. But he didn't agreed and wanted to remove the grass.

Don't know if author is suffering from short term memory loss or MC.

And after sometime one empire wanted to do coalition with him, he didn't agreed. Then they wanted to surrender he didn't agreed, after that he's saying I'll kill you because you keep going against me. F*ck man. How can you be so dumb.

He's moody, edgy, even most arrogant type of mc's aren't shitty as him.

Don't know why ww chose this novel. <<less
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warmonger23 rated it
February 13, 2021
Status: ---
one word to describe this novel? Extreme! You may ask extreme in what? To answer that I only say extreme in itts ability to be tr*sh, extreme in its ability to be bland, extreme in its ability to be predictable.

i guarantee if you randomly open a chapter in this novel, you can guess the plots advancement. Its literally that simple. If you look at MC wrong he will kill you. Example? Okay here

MC is walking on the road to a new area, he stumbles across an expert. The expert bumps... more>> into the MC. MC stops and says cripple yourself or die. Random expert says no wth who are you. Then expert tries to fight and then dies instantly. The expert was a disciple of a random powerful sect. The bystanders relayed the information to the sect. Sect sends reinforcements. Reinforcements are killed. Sect sends more reinforcements. Which are also killed. MC is now being hunted across the entire new area. No disguise, no name change, just walk and expect the sect to send youths same age and cultivation so he can kill more. MC then claims he is from a powerful sect. That powerful sect doesnt even confirm they just send disciples to save him and help him. They then tell him your on your own come back to the sect. Weird, very weird but go on.

okay now MC is being hunted by a powerful sect and they send more and more disciples to be killed. Yes it is that bland. Conflict began because expert bumped into MC. A full fledged war and conflict begins because MC didnt have the sense of restraint. He kills anyone and everyone far too quickly. Even allies if they displease him he kills. There is ruthless and then there is just plain evil and then there is just plain s*upid and author tries to make him look cool. MC is the third one, not evil just s*upid and forced author plot writing to try and make him look badass but it turns to be corny and cringe.

Edit: This novel is even worse than before. MC relies on plot armor to survive almost every encounter. If he were in real life, he is the type of guy to see a huge gorilla in front of him. He will then tell it to move and then if it doesn't listen, he starts fist fighting it. Yes that would be the literal modern day equivalent of yang ye. If you want a ret*rd that would fight a gorilla with his bare hands only to be squatted in one punch but saved by plot armor then you do you. <<less
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December 28, 2019
Status: --

Imagine wasting more than 400 chapters on ”I have to save my mother!!” only to have she is already dead when saved. A truly s*upid choice by the author. The novel could have been without this whole saving bullsh*t that went on and on and on forever. Basically the entire novel was based on the MC saving his mother, and then she’s just dead, like what the actual f*ck? It really tilted me, wasting reading 400 chapters for a tr*sh ending. It would not suprise me if there is another ”save the damsel in distress” because this author is a monkey.

Romance is really, really f*cking bad. Three times, three f*cking times the MC has s*x with a woman because of aphrosidiac. Like fine, I’ve seen this bullsh*t before. Every time MC has been with a girl, instead of strenghtening their bond, the author just introduces another female into his harem. There is so much forced bullsh*t it’s just really bad to read, the romance was written by someone truly incompetent.

Almost everyone stops supporting the MC at one point, so don’t expect him to stay allied with anyone. He builds his own force, but it is extremely basic with nothing impressive about it and since it was supposed to help him save his mother, and that completely failed, what the flying f*ck is the point of even having it? ?

IMO, I don’t suggest you read this novel. The author completely wasted 400 chapters for nothing. Romance is bad. Powerups are rushed and not well made, like his sword intent improvements are a joke even when compared to other bad novels.
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Sugarcube rated it
December 24, 2019
Status: c49

This novel is the definition of Dragon Proud Sky. (龙傲天)


Us veteran readers usually have had our fill of these type of stories but I guess I can recommend it to novice readers.
It's well written and the pacing is good.
But if you've read 2 or more of these stories you can literally predict what will happen next.
I myself did so as a test before I started reading this and i've made 0 mistakes so far.
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Kakeru rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Don't read it. I read this whole book for almost two weeks and what did I get?

... more>>

I really read this novel, without skipping any chapters, this is the first time I read a long novel without skipping anything and I am disappointed.

What I liked about this novel before completing it is:

1. TheMC is really ruthless to his enemies from the beginning, although sometimes you may feel it is extreme because he follows his heart but it is good.

2. Sometimes, sword Dao cultivation process is really good.

3. Most of all, this is the most important, little white. It is really the cutest thing in this novel.


1. His sister and his daughter are never mentioned throughout the book after sometime. Even in the end, it is vaguely mentioned. No contact, nothing.

2. Alchemy. It is completely forgotten, literally. It was first mentioned that pill masters have a very high status in their universe, but nothing about pills is mentioned at all, nothing, the word 'pill' also doesn't exist.

3. Harem. It was good at first but gradually even his wives were not mentioned at all. Just here and there they are mentioned, because they are too weak. Only An ningjing can follow him until the end and he didn't marry or had s*x with her till the end. Of course, the real wedding happened only with one girl among his harem.

4. The one thing I found ridiculous is, always a powerful person could see what skills MC has just by looking at him, like sword domain etc., but MC never could see what the other party has when he is in their realm. Weird and s*upid plot hole.

5. Heavenly Dao punishments. They are never mentioned again after an arc, I mean I can understand about the eternal (3D) universe why heavenly Dao was not present but what about the one below? It should have existed but not mentioned.

6. Many characters who are mysterious and powerful, I mean real powerful were not mentioned, I mean seriously, the author even admits it. You know why he wrote at the end? Ridiculous, I don't even want to mention it.

7. Incomplete ending, very rushed at the end.

And there are some other things too but it will be very long. Usually I won't be lucky, but my investment of time for two weeks went into the dumper, so I am mad.

For someone who really invests in a novel when he/she reads it, this is not for you. Of course, read it at your own risk. It is a pity that a good novel has been ruined at the end by the author. <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
January 27, 2021
Status: c1018
Unlike most other reviewers, I enjoy the MC's ruthless, take no sh*t from no one, attitude. It is the only reason I still read it.

What I don't like is the romance. The only girls he hasn't r*ped are only the girls he has yet to have s*x with. The author has no idea how to organically arrive at a s*x scene, so they all start off with s*x poison or cultivation backlash.
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Skoll028 rated it
December 24, 2019
Status: c130
Hey, giving this a review since no one else has yet.

Due to a slight error, the translator released up to c 130 briefly, so I have a decent idea about some of the going on's in this story.

Firstly, get the big questions out the way: Yes this is a harem, yes the MC gets a mysterious cheat item, yes the MC has a mysterious background. Normal cultivation type story. No big plot twists (yet).

The story isn't anything revolutionary, but it's not bad either. The main character hasn't gotten into murder... more>> hobo territory (yet), can be a bit s*upid at times, and kind of smart at others. They are a sword cultivator (duh, novel name). If I was to liken this story to something, it'd be like Talisman Emperor, but instead of having Chen Xi focus on Talismans, the MC focuses on Sword Cultivation. MC is willing to kill if it comes down to it, but is also prideful. Pretty black and white so far, as in, you're either with me or against me kind of thing when dealing w a lot of people. Not all, but a lot.

The relationship developmental process could definitely use some work, but it's not quite to the extent that every female he comes across wants to jump his bones. As of chapter 130 the relationships in his harem that exist are as follows (warning: spoilers follow, including how they are related, so don't read if you don't want to know) :


Sect Leader's Daughter:

Merc Big Sister Lady:

Current Imperial Empire Princess Lady:

Previous Empire 9 tailed fox princess:


If you skipped that: we are at 4 ladies so far.

Same translator that did Talisman Emperor, and its on Wuxia World, so no complaints about TL quality. Just beware the occasional Chen Xi transmigrating into the story (haha).

Not a bad read to pass the time/if this is your genre. Ignore thos initial reviews, people tend to spam bad reviews on new novels for some reason. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: c37
this was fairly middle of the road for me until c37 where there is aphrodisiac-induced r*pe. Not only that, but another comment says the exact same thing happens no less than 3 times. I thought the story was mindless and cliche entertainment, even if it wasn't great, but r*pe is a big NO for me (I don't care if "it's just a story"). I would have given it a 3 up until then but now it's a 1.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 10, 2021
Status: --
I just have to ask, what are chinese novelists obsession with mindless aphrodisiac infused r*pe scenes?the first few girls in the MCs harem are ones he unconciously r*ped into loving him. This makes me concerned that this is a common fantasy in many chinese novelists minds.
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EnuoFH rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: c686
Edit Chapter 686: The novel quite picked up i'd say, protagonsit have actual strong backer, and there is at least one woman that he develops romantically in a decent way, there is some quite interesting plots and ideas but unfortunately the author proved to be the kind that will forget characters, the world building, etc, so expecting for him to do good with what he have later on

is pointless,

will still keep my 3 stars because I'm enjoying it

... more>> Below is my review when I was on chap 349:

Its pretty standard it should be read just for the sake of it not expecting anything above average, its mainly ruined by the overuse of some

tropes that this chinese works have that really make it less enjoyable

Some of them and a few other bad points that should tell a lot of people if they should waster their time on it

    • MC is never "worthy" of being saved or helped
    • Aphrodiac r*pe trope

      One is done him and another girl in aphrodisiac, another is a girl that needs to do it else he dies he doesnt do anything so its reverse r*pe

    • Author just forget things he built in the first 120 chapters is worse but later gets a bit better but sometimes happens, for example that MC has X skill, MC can do X, or only someone X strong can pass a test
    • MC never has a time to take a break he is always meeting enemies everywhere which just numb to the tension
Now... I got to chapter 349 and I just have to point another thing that for many would be a good reason to drop its related to... uhh necrophilia


So a woman that is obviously going to be a lover saves MC and pretty much dies if it was not for the vortex (Cheat item from MC) forcefully preserving her soul but her body not even vitality have anymore, so he goes to his master that give him a sexual cultivation technique to share his lifespan with her... yeah, and then author goes in to narrate MC thoughts of how to do its good but he dislike taking advantage of her... so basically MC have to screw a corpse to give her lifespan enough to keep her fully alive until he fully revive her... yeah


If you can avoid this point it can be a nice time killer if you have nothing to do <<less
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pitre960 rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Well, it's different from typical novels where MC's objective would be to grow stronger or become immortal or gain strength inorder to go after a girl. But, in this novel MC just wants to live a normal life but he's destined to not have a peaceful life as circumstances force him to grow stronger after a slight intervals of calm.

MC's character is more emotionally involved, i.e. Becomes a mad sword demon sometimes because of that. Novel has it's own flavor but Except for fighting, Dao and more Dao there's very... more>> little of romance, comedy towards the end. MC doesn't have auxiliary profession to earn money, or supplement his dao, And it felt single tracked.

Overall it was a nice attempt by the author, most writers would choose to lean towards reader friendly way of writing. But ASD's author chose to stick to his own way of doing things till the end. <<less
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Allex2001 rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: --
Ofc is about the generic MC with cliche personality and mysterious family, the first woman falls for him after getting r*ped ofc, cause why not, aphrodisiac power in these CN harem novels, the rest I don't even remember them, because I thought that there is no point into remembering all the women regardless of what race they are but I WAS WRONG, you have to remember all of them cause anything that has two legs and is a woman, will fall for the MC, idk how, but this is how... more>> it works

that princess plot makes no sense, it says that the emperor has like over 8000 concubines+ the consorts+ empress, he should have thousands of children, so how tf does anyone even take seriously a political marriage with any of those children that are from concubines that only had a one night stand with the emperor? besides the fact that idk how she loves her mother that was willing to have a one night stand with the emperor only for power and money disregarding what might happen with her child and don't give me that bs that is the mentality from the past, is not, people from the past were not dumb, they knew what they were getting into when they decided to become the concubine of someone, they were not fking dumb as much as modern day people like to think only to inflate their ego by making themselves feel superior, and let's disregard that, what makes it even more weird is that those involved into this know this too like how tf does this work, marry one of the thousands of children of the emperor and boom you have gotten some power within kingdom? doesn't the power come from the family of the person involved too? like if you marry the crown prince or if you marry one of the many random princes, is completely different, so what fking power do they get if there are maybe 10k children... like what exactly? and this author has the idea that only women can be wronged, not men, men can't be sexually abused by women, anyone that is not ok with being taken advantage by a woman is s*upid and if he isn't willing to take advantage of that moment is even more s*upid, despite the fact that the MC acts so righteous, what MC says is the hypocrite side of the author, what he does is what he actually feels and thinks, per short saying all those righteous things about being disgusted by harem and not willing to take any woman because he has one that he loves and what he does is actually making a harem with any random woman...

and he mocks those people that have s*x with people only for lust, I don't disagree but his woman are not much different, they are all naked and scrubbing their body against him even tho they don't even know each other, but ofc only naked when is him cause idk, still a stranger but is the MC so... like do you actually think that a person that scrubs her body against strangers still has her chastity? well in this novel they do, because actions and personality have nothing to do with each other, it just doesn't make sense.. their actions and personality are contradictory, unless you want to say that actions don't define yourself. <<less
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vamsinaruto rated it
October 4, 2020
Status: c890
It is very slow. The story doesn't progress linearly. It keeps going in circles and the author drags it too much.I read through some chapters after the eye of heaven thing in mtl and decided to drop this. It feels like everything that happened till then is a waste of time. You will know what I mean when you get there.
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Manef rated it
August 11, 2022
Status: c730
Is an average novel if you have nothing else to read but it had to many probelms.

first lets start with MC truthfully he is on of the most dummest MC I have ever seen.

second the whole plot is very repetitive MC always playing the victim become enemy with someone for some bs reason the his family then sect then region then whole world it get annoying after a while.

... more>>

what kind of also annoying is the inconsistency for exemple he find a fire treasure at first it's rank 3rd then 6th after a couple of chapter there is also his father at first it is mentionned that he is from the captil then suddely from a super familly in another galaxy

another thing that is also annoying for me is there no sense of progression in the start you are told a cutivation rank is at the top of that world but when the MC reach that level every one and theirs dogs are also at that level every one on the street at that level in get annoying after a certain point when your 700 chapter in

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stanljpierre rated it
November 29, 2021
Status: c1570
This novel is fairly mediocre and that’s being nice, but this somehow managed to curb my boredom when I had nothing else to read, hence the two star. Can’t even really say I read it in its entirety and randomly started jumping chapters when certain events and characters piqued my interest, though even while doing that it was fairly easy to understand what was going on because this novel’s plot isn’t all that complicated, just being a rinse and repeat.
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June 17, 2021
Status: c26
Now I only get to chapter 26.... it goes like this.

Chapter 1, out of nowhere the younger sister say want yo marry him. Seriously... this again? Cant say much, many novel writer like their younger sister.

Chapter 4, yes, just 3 chapters later. Another girl comes in, young girl who MC need to save. Prospective partner but I think definitely will be one.

... more>> Chapter 17, comes another girl who is slightly older than MC. After meeting for a few minutes then fall in love with the MC. 🙄

I don't mind harem, but only if is done nicely. 🤷 <<less
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unone rated it
September 27, 2020
Status: c1545
This novel is pretty average compared to some other ones ive read but than it drops drastically once you hit around ch1500 and 1600. MC obviously got kicked by a donkey cause there are some parts that just leaves me speechless and completely illogical. author obviously was not in the mood writing that part or obviously dragging out that scene.

overall this is average compared to some of the really representative novels or plot-less ones. but its not good either because some characters are just dumb as fk.

if you have nothing... more>> else to read this is readable. just dont get your hopes up on reading something intelligent. MC is muscle brain and author just throws plot armor/luck to make him seems far seeing and smart.

Edit: continued reading a couple more chapters and holy damn it gets worse some clan "hit his people" (wont spoil) really badly and like the clan didnt freakin get extinct wtf... what a let down. 2.5 stars now cause this is definitely a disappointment.....

Edit2: forgot to mention that everywhere the MC goes is left destroyed of broken which gets boring and repetitive

Edit3: dont read this if you wont want to have s*upid plot shoved down your throat. MC is like a little kid and doesnt listen to logic until it hits him and he has to learn it the hard way. youd assume by ch1600~ the MC would learn from his mistake and listen to others when the reasoning is sound but nope, he just goes on his merry way and when sh*t happens to him he cries about it

note: this is just my opinion from where im atm and ill still read it because there's nothing else to read that's in my range atm. <<less
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atomsphere rated it
September 24, 2020
Status: c300
This is a story where an MC gets owned by women. He has an almost empty toolkit for communicating with them, but they're smart and everywhere. Sometimes he gets lucky and r*pes one with aphrodisiacs on accident. It is entirely off screen though. Also, he's an idiot.
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Chourou rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: c900
Edit: I am still reading this. But... Only if you are an open minded person, not nit-picking everything, understands that main character is a brainless person. And that the chinese writer is a pervert. Then you might be able to handle this novel.

-I can not really recommend this for normal readers. Or for the masses. And definitely not for people with white knight tendency.

So why am I continuing to read this perverted novel filled with clichés, even though the chinese writer says he does not like using references from other... more>> chinese writers? (bullsh*t)

It is because the novel does not word pad so much. Things happens. There is not so much peanut butter gallery gossip bullshiet.


I have only read to translated chapter 78. I have not read chinese version or the machine translated version. I have tested reading machine translation before for another novel and it made my brain bleed, since then I never touched those texts again. I do not recommend. It will affect your grammar and understanding context.

Story: 3/5. Story is he against the world, hated by everyone but entertaining. Not everything is explained yet. World building is difficult to imagine how it looks.

Characters: 3/5. A bit annoying character but up to chapter 78 he is in his teens. How he progress from here needs to be seen. Hopefully writer will improve the character.

Translation: 3/5. Weird grammar structured sentences sometimes, missing words, wrong words, weird past tense mixed with present tense. Weird placement of quotation/dialog marks "". Weird choice of he/she/him/her - Vocabulary is limited. Unnecessary prepositions. <<less
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