The Venerable Swordsman


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As the heir apparent of the Ye family, Ye Xuan went through fire and water for his family, but Ye Lang, who had just awakened his Divine Soul, usurped his place. In order to keep his position, Ye Xuan challenged Ye Lang to a Life-death Duel. With a broken Dantian, would he be able to win this fight?

The black ring his mother left behind also brought him a great opportunity: Realm Hell Tower, where he met a mysterious lady, who told him to look for nine Daoist Laws to enhance his strength and gave him the Spirit Heaven Sword. Could Ye Xuan find all the Daoist Laws and become a powerful swordsman?

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One Sword Reigns Supreme (manhua)
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2 Reviews

Oct 05, 2019
Status: c100
Its a typical xianxia. Lots of idiots committing su*cide by MC, plot holes, inconsistent characterizations, paper thin characters who only exist to admire, fall in love with, or die to the MC, extremely weak sidekicks that exist solely to show how awesome the MC is and/or fall in love with him, and the occasional r*pe that the author tries desperately to justify and which inevitably leads to the r*ped woman falling in love with her rapist.

If you're just looking for a bottom tier xianxia to fill the time and don't... more>> care about quality at all, it might be worth reading. If nothing else, it doesn't waste quite as many words as some when trying to stretch out its word count. But, fair warning, the later chapters are all locked behind a paywall, and this series is definitely not worth paying for. <<less
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Daoist of Fire and Lightning
Daoist of Fi
Jun 05, 2022
Status: c705
It's very cliche, MC gains world defying treasure but the benefits of the treasure are very inconvenient to his cultivation. Cultivation levels are irrelevant in this world as external forces are so extremely powerful. On top of this, climbing the levels feels unrewarding as the main character understands these hollow badly written explanations for how one should follow their heart and resonate with their sword. The main character is also s*upid and always asks others how to cultivate and didn't even know to place blood on a treasure to gain... more>> ownership by ~ch400-500.

Light spoiler rant below about power scaling:


It's constantly repeated that one needs to not rely on external forces to grow stronger yet once the treasure is revealed, the MC is hunted relentlessly by people multiple major levels above him and the only way to survive is to rely on his treasure and seek backers. Additionally, a dumb concept of "cultivating in adversity" occurs where the main character drops multiple levels of cultivation yet keeping the same strength so Ye Xuan is levels under the enemies but can insta-kill them.


However, I've enjoyed reading it as it's not terrible if you're seeking a story where people are s*upid and face real consequences and sects are quickly obliterated. <<less
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