Ai o Ataeru Kemono-tachi


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40-year-old virgin, Japanese old man, found himself waking up in a different world. When he wakes up, he found out his body become young again. With no help from anyone he spends several years becoming a s*ave and spend his days full of hardship. His life in the living hell is continued, until he meets him…

This is a love story about a young man with small body in a different world that full of beastman.

Associated Names
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Ai wo Ataeru Kemonotachi
Beasts Giving Love
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New Wave_07
September 12, 2021
Status: c33
I honestly liked the flow of the story of this. It hooked me from the very beginning until this very moment. I have no courage to read the raws because I'm afraid I would misunderstood the story. I'm happy that someone pick it up again, I've been going back and forth here for updates and finally. 😍
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Illisaide rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: --
Try to read through ch3. I wrote a warning for ch1 further below, but I promise it gets better.

I am looking forward to more, though I wish the translator would have separate sections or links to maintain reading continuality. It's annoying to have to switch back and forth between NU and the site.

I'm especially looking forward to the healing fluff slice of life. I already got a little taste of that even though the MC is mostly unconscious. I can't wait until he wakes.

Just to prepare you though: Although the... more>> story and the translation got a lot better from the second chapter onwards, the first chapter was horrible. Both in content and translation. (They got better, though.) I mean, I get why we need to know his torment and the situation of his background, but couldn't the author have released it in flashbacks instead of a flood of overwhelming info? And although easily understandable, the ch1 translation was choppy and had quite a bit of grammar mistakes.

WARNING: the r*pe tag (not graphic), is NOT for show. Although it the story seems full of healing fluff and doesn't seem headed in a direction that it actually has any r*pes from ch2 onwards, the first chapter is basically a log of his r*pes (who, where, why, and how he felt about it) with a bit of world building. <<less
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Mad song
Mad song rated it
September 6, 2018
Status: v1c4
A summary of +R18 ch 1 (for anyone who is sensitive)

... more>>

MC wakes up in the middle of a forest (in a 10 year old appearance) and gets captured by s*ave merchants. MC learns that this world has no women, so the entire population is homosexual. MC being a rare human, as most are beast men with the ability to transform, is sold as a s*x s*ave. MC endures abuse (rape) at the hands of multiple owners, and at one point a brothel, for ~5 years. MC's body breaks down, and merchant decides that if not sold he can just die. Mysterious man sees him, and even with the MC looking like death, decides to buy him.

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K-ro rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: --
I started to read this novel which I like a lot, it's really cute and the contrast between the fragile human and the strong beasts gives a romantic side that I love.

But beyond chapter 29 all the links are dead.

I'm too sad not to be able to finish because nothing seems to have been changed for 1 year... Anyone have a solution? Other links?
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August 15, 2018
Status: v1c14
Ah, when I first saw this novel on amazon, I was hoping someone would translate it. So happy !

Well I think the first chapter is kinda.. Okay to skip. The r*pe is not graphic but I think it's okay for you guys to skip it if you guys can't stand r*pe. The r*pe part is kinda like a log (like the other reviewer said) and there's no real character development aside from our cute MC got broken because of it.

Anyway, I think from ch2 onwards, there will be lots of... more>> fluff and healing so I guess for the people with weak heart can just start reading from ch2. <<less
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ylial rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: --
There's a manga version translated by Galaxy does BL. I suggest you to read it since the r*pe scenes are not as detailed as novel so you won't feel the burden of the story. And the MLs are much better there than in this novel? Probably in due to plot or chara construction in the manga. Because in here (novel), the inner instinct of beastmen were told. Some reviewer says that the MLs are gentlemen. Probably if u compare them to beastmen. But comparing them to human ML of other... more>> BL novel, the MLs here are egoistic, possessive and pervert XD <<less
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Meow4meow rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: c7
Ok, so maybe it was a little too soon to quit, but I still feel like I made the best decision to quit. It wasn't gonna go anywhere I wanted it to. So in the first 2 chapters we get a rough summary of the time MC spent as a s*ave (5-6 years). He met ML 1 when he was bought by him. And here comes the part that turned me off. While MC was unconscious ML 1 and 2 admitted to wanting to keep him and protect him forever.... more>> Sounds sweet, but considering that he was just bashing his country for allowing s*avery, and vowing revenge on everyone who ever did him wrong, why does it feel like MC is being deprived of his right to choose. It gets sexual real quick, while he was still unconscious, even bigger turn off. Can you believe it, MC is still unconscious while ML 1 and 2 are copping a feel. And considering I've read a comfortable different world life, these two ML seem like scum in contrast to ryu <<less
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HellaCe rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: c22
I read this because it had good ratings but I don't see the good points of this story.

What was the point to take a 40 years old virgin, transform him into a 12 years od boy and make him a victim of r*pe and violence for 4 years? It has no incidence on the plot, he heals well and overcomes his past instantly.

Humans are apparently rare and very good s*x toys to beastmen, so they hunt them down... and kill a lot of them (cause you know kidnapping is really... more>> hard), then once a human is kidnapped, s*x is so good that they treat him really bad (so he doesn't last). I didn't understand either how the MC was still alive after 4 years.

Then he meets the 2 MLs, which disgusted me. The MC is unconscious and the 2 are fighting each over to sleep with him at night and feed him mouth to mouth at day. It becomes sexual between them 2 days after the MC awakened.

Apart from that, it's clearly a cliched plot with cliched personnalities and plot holes. MLs are the best fighters ever, handsome and from powerfull families, the MC is the pretty underaged wife (the 1950's wife, polite, great at cooking and housework and apologizing for enjoying sex).

But if you're in the mood for a princess story where she is saved by 2 knights on white horses who love sex, added to beastmen and isekai, go for it. <<less
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Ryocchi rated it
August 16, 2020
Status: c15
This reads more like an amateur fanfiction than an actual novel, the beginning is a little good in the sense that the author spends a little more time in fleshing how bad MC had the before being rescued, after that it was meh, oversimplified reactions from every character, the constant mind jumping gets annoying, the author writes assuming we know things we don't, and don't explain a lot of things, we don't get introduced to male leads until they introduce themselves to the MC after he wakes up even after... more>> we spend several chapters on their minds already, for all the trauma the MC received he overcomes it pretty easily, I stopped reading in the chapter the smut began because I have a feeling this author spends more care for the s*x than developing the actual plot and that is not my kind of novel, I can easily see why this project was abandoned twice <<less
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January 13, 2021
Status: v2c7
Typical sudden transmigration then get husbands and pregnant

The best word to describe the content is full of fluff. Yes, it has some disturbing parts like r*pe but that's the setting in this novel's world, where there are racial issues and discrimination between beast and human. Please be aware of it and if you aren't comfortable reading about it, you don't have to read it.

Anw, as much as I like this story, I can't help but notice some inconsistency:

    1. The male pregnancy theory. The author first wrote it out that [the Animus can only get pregnant with the nucleus from the temple and Anima's seed] as condition. But in later chapter, it seems that nucleus from the temple isn't needed as Chika can get pregnant with Doug's babies just fine without it. And from one of the conversation, indicates that the s*x sl*ves can also get pregnant without it. It seems they are pregnant in order to create more human *** s*aves. (I'm not very clear about this)
    1. Regarding Doug and Chika's son. As you can see in the book's cover. They have a big baby (lion beastman) and a little baby (human baby). The lion baby is supposed to be a legendary black lion and I just wonder isn't that means he inherited Chika's black... more>> hair? So why he has blond hair in the cover? Well, this is my personal curiosity.
Anw, this novel is quite fast paced. I repeat, ONLY READ THIS FOR THE FLUFF, don't mind the plot.

The world building is okay but I suppose it's not deep enough. The characters as well, their personalities are flat. The MC comes off as too forgiving and he gets out of his traumatic past pretty easy after years of tortures, all bcs the power of love. But then again if we let MC to have a long and deep trauma, the story wouldn't come off as fluff but angst and tragedy. This is not about how the MC heas himself from the deep psychological trauma which is hard to overcome and everything is full of angst. It's one of those pampering husband's stories added with adventure fantasy, medical tidbits, and foodp*rn in beastman world.

Then again, the story is indeed quick-paced. Even some PoV changes provide time skip. Although, it isn't really affecting the plot, it just give me the feeling that everything happens really fast, "they falling love too fast" that's how I feel.

To sum it up, if you want something serious to read, I suggest you to read something else. This story is clearly a light reading. I'm agree if you find it a bit amateurish. If you like HAREM, doting partners, beastiality, and mpreg, this might be the one for you. <<less
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Someone_Somewhere rated it
June 12, 2020
Status: v1c15 part1
Don't read this if you're against r*pe/s*x s*aves. It only happens in the beginning (so I guess you could just skip those chapters) but it happens.

Other then that the story is sweet. The MLs are really nice and MC is cute. They also get along really well and the whole story is just what I love!
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mariaflora1208 rated it
March 30, 2019
Status: c18
The story is so cute and fluffy! I mean, the first chapter may be horrible (r*pe tag) but it reaaaally gets better after that.

The story got me hooked I went ahead and read the mtl ;-;
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Ellz rated it
September 11, 2020
Status: Completed
The world building is an okay. (I read the first chapter of the manga)

It's lighthearted and full of love for the main character. Fluffy because of the animals too.

Though, for me MC is a bit unrealistic since he appeared as a really forgiving character.

... more>>

Being a s*ave for years but could easily forgive the summoning accident was a lil bit irritating for me.


I hope MC could take the time to get really angry and express himself more and be a bit selfish. Esp since the author took their time to describe MC's hellish life when he was a s*ave.

The rollercoaster ride was not too extreme nor bland. (Though I skipped most food part lol)

Overall it was a nice read. <<less
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Shaelou rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: v1c15 part1
I really like this story, it's cute and the 2 MLs are sweet despite being human-beast. Apart from the past of the MC in this new world, as a s*x s*ave, there is no r*pe coming from the 2 ML, which is appreciable. The universe is interesting and different from omegaverse and other mpreg.
Some scenes are a bit wtf, but in a good way, I mean it's so light and not common at times that it's funny.
On the other hand, certain details can certainly disturb certain people, but... more>> this is not my case as long as there is no violence. <<less
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misaki8080 rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: v1 illustrations
Ok not bad but why you have say to us many and many time you have amazing husband ok we get that so please author sama end this it's really become annoying but if you looking at all story it was ok but not that make you want read more and more
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November 2, 2020
Status: c29
Really loving this. Loving the details on the medical background tbh~ It is quite detailed. Most mangas or animes or even novels don't usually do that.

Love the thought put into the magical-concept in this world. Love the characters! I am usually not into harem or 3P relationships tbh.

(If I had to choose between the three, I personally like Gail-san more... Not that I dislike Doug-san, if I had to choose, I'd go with Gail more is what I feel.)

But, I actually like this story, even if it is... more>> 3P. The main reason why I don't usually like harem-type stories is that there are squabbles and fights between the relationships to say, who gets to be with the uke (or girl) often. In this one, yes, in the first part they had some squabbles like that but later into the story, both Doug and Gail seemed to agree that only both of them will have Chika-san (MC) and love him to bits. I like that the relationship between Gail and Doug didn't deteriorate due to being in a 3P relationship as it normally does for most of the 3P-type stories.

That, with the nice story and in a unique way, kind of realistic, loving this summoning-isekai-type story. Love to see where it goes in the future. <<less
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