Yonin no Ikemen ni Kyuuai sarete Ore wa Namidamedesu


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This is the story of the protagonist Rei, who tripped into another world from Japan, who, due to his excessive magical power, will be swallowed up in plenty of trouble for handsome men to enjoy.

For those who can tolerate anything no matter how forcible, from a pitiful protagonist to multiple erot*c play, etc.

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Four Ikemen
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New AbsAreHot
July 14, 2020
Status: c16
Don't get me wrong, I actually do prefer BL over GL...

However, I just... feel like the characters and their interactions would feel better if they were (between)... females instead of males. I just Couldn't Stop Thinking about it, so here I am...😀

It wasn't much, but for the smut I have read so far, except for the d*cks, you could easily edit it to fit two (+) women.

... more>> It just doesn't feel like I'm reading about men😰😰 Like, men and women are different, ya know?... 😬😬😬😬😬 idk 😅😅

In general, I feel like the author wants the MC to be as close to a woman in every aspect as possible, with the exemption of his parts.

... read further, smut not easily changeable, but I did find this sentence, putting a spoiler for those who don't want to see it

}"Then he used his entire palm to fondle my non-existent breasts, causing the beads which his palms rubbed against to swell."}

... why use that phrase? Say pecks or something. "non-existent breasts"?! Men don't have them in the first place! 😱😨😟😟😒

... read further, even more examples. <<less
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New Jay0 rated it
July 13, 2020
Status: Completed
I'd read this just for the smut (which is great). The setting follows a simple, fun adventure-game style plot, easy to read and not anything special.
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BillionJellyfish rated it
February 20, 2019
Status: c72
What plot! What character development! I need none of that! All I need is bl bed scenes!

This novel is purely a 1v4 gay porn novel. The uke got four handsome semes to do him every day and it's beautiful.

1st Seme: Prince, samurai style, a normal length down there

... more>> 2nd Seme: Elf, tsundere, thin but longer down there

3rd Seme: Dragon, muscular (manly), thick and long down there

4th Seme: Demon King, sadist, a normal length down there

The uke is the typical androgynous femme fatale that can one hit ko all the male leads' hearts.

I highly recommend this to all the rotten peeps out there, this novel is a hidden gem! Great masturbation material! <<less
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Badplantmom rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: c8
I have a hard time reading this because it feels more like the author is constantly giving us a summary of what's happening rather than telling an actual story... the writing is bland and rushed. But it's still a fun, light read.
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Alta rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c7
It's interesting so far.

I like that the MC has such high potential to be OP with experience. Also, I find it funny and awesome that he can talk to God.


It's pretty simple and straightforward in writing but I enjoy the game-like set-up, slight OP-ness, and BL so I'm gonna stick around for more of this.

It not setting up to be a deep plot-driven story so far, more along the lines of a BL fantasy game.

If you're interested in that, this is a light and amusing read.
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Vineri rated it
July 3, 2017
Status: c7
I'm not giving this novel a low star because it is yaoi or because I didn't like the summary, as implied by another reviewer. Actually, the summary got me really interested. However, when I start reading the novel I felt like the writing was stilted. I don't know if this is due to the translation or the actual writer themselves. Also, the situation that bought the MC to this world was idiotic in itself (and the fact that the MC just sort of accepts it is sort of weird). This... more>> reminds me a lot like other transmigration story I read before in which a protagonist travels to another world, gain some amazing abilities, and form a harem. The only difference I can see so far between this and another is that it is yaoi. I will try to read on to see if the situation changes, but so far, I don't see any hope for this... <<less
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edition rated it
October 15, 2017
Status: 20
I really love this story.

It's a shame that the chapters are always so short.

(I want Aleph to push Rei down already and that Dragon guy should show up again.... (hehehehe))

It's a real fluffy story that one can enjoy reading, there's some slice of life with sugar sweet romance and a perverted demon and one can laugh while reading it.

It has a nice story line and the characters are also interesting (well.... the MC is kind of.... a bit standard but it's not that bad)
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rinshi rated it
March 7, 2020
Status: c88
Before I start, I want to refute one major point of criticism of some reviewers here, because all chapters are, in fact, complete. Many of them are actually just split into two, but the link to the second page is pretty hidden in-between the ads, or at the bottom of the page. I only feel like the translator could have made a more obvious hyperlink to the second part :P But they did an overall good job translating, so kudos to that.

(Btw, you can also access the page... more>> by just adding a "2" after the slash in the URL, if you can't find the link to the second part)


Now let's get back to reviewing.

3, 25/5

(but I rounded up to 4 to make up for the stars deducted by others for the "missing chapter parts")

For this novel's genre and for its purpose, it's pretty good, and I did actually enjoy it quite a bit. Not a must-read, but a good way to waste some time. It's overall pretty entertaining (and has some nice snu snu scenes). I also quite like the four MLs. They are pretty distinctive and interesting.

BUT: The reason I deducted stars is because

    • I feel that the plot is too rushed The author could have given the novel more depth had he elaborated the story further, because the premise is actually quite nice: The MC is sent to another world to accomodate his overwhelming magical power which had no place in Earth and even threatend to destroy it. This is different from the usual transmigration or reincarnation plot, which intrigued me.

      This is actually the biggest missed opportunity. The author could have elaborated MC's personal development a bit to make the plot more intriguing. I know this would require the story to be much longer, but I would have still really liked to see him become much stronger.... because he had the potential to become OP, and not require his 4 husbands' constant protection...
    • Lastly, I also feel like the romantic development is slightly lacking, again due to rushed writing.
While I am aware that most smut-driven novels are not focused on plot, and that's okay. Yet, I still find it sad that a pretty good premise was not developed further, and the novel's potential was not fully grasped. I would have easily given this novel more stars if that had not been the case. It might be unfair to judge it like that, but I can't help being slightly disappointed.

However, if you are looking for a lighthearted read with not too much of a developed plot, but with really good snu snu scenes, I'd definitely recommend it. <<less
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noeinan rated it
October 11, 2019
Status: c53
Quality smut, though I'm not super into the whole "straight uke" stereotype. It drops off pretty fast so it doesn't get annoying.

Beginning s*x scenes aren't consensual, especially with the dragon and demon, so it's off-putting but that also drops off. Aleph is the sweetest, I love his dedication to consent. He's a good boy.

That said, around chapter 50ish the s*x scenes seem to be translated differently, as they lack editing. Also, chapters suddenly cut off in the middle of a scene and then pick up next chapter somewhere totally different... more>> with new characters that were never introduced being shoved in as if we know them. This may be the author rather than the translation.

In any case, the smut up until that point is frequent and good! Not much in the way of plot but that's also not what it was written for. <<less
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Ldhyper rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: --
Pro: The story is overall well done, and generally engaging enough. There are some attempts at humor and while it’s no chuckling fest it’s still much appreciated.

Cons: I’m 100% certain that there is a problem with the upload of the chapter. Most chapters past 60+ (and some even before then) are fragmented with many chapters in between either cut off or missing. I don’t know if the upload site cut them off or if Translator-san messed up the order and forgot to translate them, but it’s missing large chunk of... more>> chapters.

A message to Translator-san: PLEASE review the chapters posted. This is a good novel and it’s killing me and other fans to see the story missing crucial parts, making the story unreadable.

A message to other reader: if anyone who enjoys this work can get in contact with Translator-san, please pass the message. Thanks <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
March 8, 2019
Status: c32
The writing feels watered-down and without substance. The character development is weak, the setting has hardly gone into at all, and, even though the MC has immense magic power, there have hardly been any action scenes. The relationships are not considered seriously and just happen.

The writing reminds me a lot of the pacing of shoujo manga--slow and dragging while loaded with filler.

That said, this is supposed to be a s*x novel. Sure, there are s*x scenes, but they're not exciting and somewhat nonsensical. For one s*x scene in particular, the... more>> anatomy isn't going to work unless one of the men can literally bend himself in half. This changes picturing the s*x scenes as something erot*c to something comical but still not very funny. If you're looking for a yaoi porn series, I would recommend The Devil's Origin over this. <<less
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blackhairedmaya rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: c64
The start of the story was interesting enough, and I seldom read threesomes and such but the dynamic of their relationships are considered good. (Especially the snu snu hehe) Their love for the MC is kinda rushed IMO

... more>>

I mean first sight the 1st seme was captivated, the second seme I thought he was a friend but surprisingly in the 4p situation he loves also the MC, the third seme was straightforward and he was cute, The 4th seme is my fave coz apart from being an OP demon king, sadistic, and literally he was the first to snu snu our MC (in the earlier chapters, literally his first meeting), he is truly interesting~

There are some inconsistencies, I mean after the 4p incident the value of monogamy of the elfen seme went poof as described in earlier chapters. Really thought that it will be one on one but meh I guess that's the scenario the author wants to achieve. (Im not complaining tho) and he was supposed to be a tsundere but guess with other 3 husbands you cannot be tsun


All in all the characters are interesting enough with the typical trope of a dog prince seme, an elfen slight tsundere seme, the aggro dragon seme, and the devil S seme.



The scenario of 4p happened only once and the other snu snu were mostly threesomes. Hehe I hope for more tho~


I was supposed to give it a 4☆ since the story was okay, seriously the ability of the MC to adapt to situations is beyond me. But the slight plot and the h scenes were good so I decided to give it a 5. At first I got confused since the chapters seems to skip but there is an option in the end of the page to skip the page [1] into [2]. I realized it in the almost end of the updates so s*upid of me 😢

anyways give it a try if you wanna read something light and delicious~ the way the semes dote on their wifey is so cute ♡ no wonder wifey loves them all~ <<less
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January 17, 2019
Status: c56
I like the story so far, but what has been confusing me a lot is that the story sometimes seems jumbled and missing parts?

Possible spoiler alert

... more>>

like when they get to the dragonian village and our MC is suddenly rushed to dress like a female by a girl after meeting Mikhail




they go to ciels village and have just entered his home when in the next chapter they're suddenly in a conversation with his grandparents? And the next chapter he's suddenly outside the village and in a forest looking for his necklace after which appears a chapter where MC is being bathed by ciel after apparently being attacked by a slime monster??


Like I dont know if this is also in the original WN or is something that happened during translations... but is anyone experiencing the same problems? <<less
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August 23, 2018
Status: c29
Ah I love this. I love how there's quite a variety of characters and the husbands has diff personality too. So cute! I love how they treat the MC with care, ahhh lovely!
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Amuseing4me rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: c26
The characters are fleshed out and it doesn't feel rushed which sometimes happens with harem setups. So yeah I'm liking very much right now
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aangtheblender rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: --
I don’t think you should expect much of plot from smut. If you expect some intricate plot in a smut novel, it is extremely rare and that’s just wishful thinking. It’s more of a 3.5 out 5 because of character development and plot.

I went in with no expectations, I just want a light fun read. But when you try to give plot about a war and rebellion and then not explain anything about it, why even include it? Yeah, it has consequences but I don’t really get how they are connected and how they managed to find out about what that chrystal does and and spells to use.
The dragon guy is the most undeveloped character, all I know is that he is a strong dude with the biggest hotdog of the bunch. That’s it. I feel a better connection to what is happening in the story if I know more about the characters, you know? And the whole time my favorite scenes were with Dy, mostly because I had a better understanding of him as a character.


if you are looking for smut and are willing to overlook some things about plot and characters, go right ahead.
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yueer rated it
June 11, 2020
Status: Completed
I think you should go into this not expecting anything at all. Keep your standards low and you might be pleasantly surprised.

In short, this is a purely self-indulgent porn novel, with minimum (almost non-existent) plot, and little to no character development. Character settings are all also very generic, very similar to other tropes out there. But hey, low expectations, remember? Plot is also very minimal and any sort of conflict is typically resolved in one or two chapters.

(My only complaints is with the complicated page layout of the translator, it is so difficult to navigate and can occasionally make you miss some parts. But that is neither here nor there)

Still, this was a very enjoyable read.
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Anikarp rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: Completed
I still give it five stars, but I want to clarify the missing content in the translated chapters. At first it's only occasionally, but later every chapter is cut in half so you miss out on the story. That's why I recommend alternating between the translation and the raws as you go, because the parts that are translated are very nice.

If you do so, you get to enjoy the story! I honestly really liked this novel, the story is endearing and the ecchi scenes were really hot, but that wasn't... more>> all to it. A big reason for me is probably that I'm a sucker for isekai haha. I recommend it if you can stand mtling a little. <<less
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Waterylime rated it
April 26, 2019
Status: c78
This is a really good story and I have enjoyed reading it. Than is until you get to chapter 60. After chapter 60 the story jumps around leaving out critical information, characters, and entire scenes in the plot. This makes it incredibly hard to understand the story. The translator is doing an amazing job, despite the authors attempt to make reading this story a waist of your time. I suggest reading up to chapter 60 then just making up what you want to happen. That begin said I will... more>> continue to read this story to its conclusion. Due to the missing vital information I can only give this story a 3 no matter how interesting it started out to be. <<less
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