Villain Days


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After transmigrating into the body of Amano Yuu, the villain of the boys’ love novel Shinjin Gakuen – Beloved by Maou, the new Yuu attempts to live peacefully in hopes of not triggering any death flags. This is difficult, since the Hero’s main love interest, along with all the handsome side characters, just won’t leave Yuu alone!

Bit by bit, Yuu unravels the secrets of his predecessor’s past…and things aren’t as simple as they seem.

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The main problem of the novel is that the story lacks direction, while the characters lack 'character.'

the novel is basically Mary Sue Fanfiction.


... more>> 1. At the beginning, the MC's goal was to 'survive' by not taking on the villain role. Thus, he becomes this 1-dimensional mary sue character, who magically attracts hot guys because of really shallow reasons or events.

2. We do not see the characters develop at all. Their main defining 'trait' is that they like the MC and will do anything for him. Then throw in some cliche character tropes like hot leading man, hot bestfriend, hot rival in love, hot mysterious guy, all of whom love the MC.

3. Characters just pop in while not really contributing anything to the 'story.'

4. Lots of filler scenes and conversations that just talk about the MC, or his relationships, or him talking with other boys. 5. The leading man and the MC's relationship development is very lacking. Theres gonna be tons of chaptera where they don't really interact with each other. Instead, we see MC just get caught up in drama and make out sessions with other boys. <<less
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
June 7, 2019
Status: Completed
If you want a harem bl story with ... more>>

no resolution on who the MC chooses

then this story is for you.

If you want a wishy-washy, weak willed, nearly slutty, ditzy MC, then this story is for you.

If you want a host of good men fawning over an MC that has no defining trait OTHER THAN BEING A D*MN CRYBABY, then this story is definitely for you.

If you aren't interested in how or why the MC transmigrated into the novel, and want to remain clueless about the MC's backstory, then this story is for you.



WTF!!! So evidently this story is not for me ? <<less
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Yumika12345 rated it
April 26, 2017
Status: --
I like the novel so far its well written and the story may be a little cliche with the reincarnated villain troupe but all in all a fun and light read. The only thing I don't agree with the novel is the 2 childhood friends of our protagonist.

... more>>

so basically our MC lost his mother as a little kid and is thrust into a new home with his dad and his distant relatives who he has never met before. He's scared and shy and then he meets these 2 boys a little older then him who treat him very well as well as spoil him rotten literally. As he grows up he obviously becomes a little selfish. When his 2 childhood friends enter high school they grow distant and are busy with club activities. Our MC gets bullied and blamed for doing selfish things that were all just rumors made up by jealous fan boys of the 2 childhood friends. Instead of investigating if these baseless rumors were true or not these 2 childhood friends who are practically our MC's whole world decide to believe these rumors. They only see his selfish side and don't even try to talk to him about it. All they do is try to distance themselves from the MC. Like NO. One of the friends even laid a hand on our MC and used him as a s*x friend. Basically manipulated and took advantage of our MC's feelings for him. In the original story MC gets dumped by this friend and thrown away. You can't just use other people like this and manipulate their feelings and when your're tied just throw them away. In the original world MC commits suicide and dies. These 2 childhood friends that should have looked after him abandoned him in his time of need when he was getting bullied and they blame it on his selfish attitude when he only developed this selfish attitude because of them. I don't like how they controlled him when young and took up all of his time but then just left him to fend for himself. He wasn't even able to make one proper friend in junior high because his whole world revolved around them since young. Wheew just had to rant about this but to be honest in the whole harem my least favorite would have to be these 2. My favorite would have to be the disciplinary chairman. He comes later on in the chapters tho

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Gluttony rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c31
The translator is doing an absolutely lovely job but unfortunately the novel itself is just a terribly executed cliche of misunderstandings, childish school, politics, and Mary Sues. On the other hand, if you want something quick, dirty and mindless to read this is the perfect novel for your consumption.
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Narutolvr rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: c48
I want to rate this story higher, I really do. I just can't stand the story. The translator is endearing and genuinely loves the work (s) he is translating, which is why I wish I could like Villain Days more. But it's just terrible. Cliches and misunderstandings aside, the MC is quite possibly the worst character I've come across in a light novel yet. I'd call him a Gary Stu (male Mary Sue) but he doesn't even have that much personality. The MC is basically a mannequin- the other characters... more>> do whatever they want to him and he just sort of sits there and takes it. And then persecutes himself for no apparent reason. r*pe him? No worries, just tell him your name and you'll be forgiven. Dislike him? Just make some wild claim that has no basis in reality and he'll believe you and hate himself, despite what the truth is. I seriously don't understand what's wrong with him. But enough about that pet rock we call an MC, let's talk about the other things wrong with the story:

  1. Crappy backstory. According to the plot, the MC suddenly woke up one day and didn't remember anything. But he immediately realizes he's in a game world. At no point does he recall his previous world or having heard of or played the game before. In fact, the author goes on to say the MC doesn't remember anything about the current or past him. So how the hell does he know he's been "reborn"? How is he so sure it's a game world? Wouldn't the most logical thought in that situation be that he's psychic or dreaming or something? This is a plot hole that would literally take 1 sentence to fix, but the author just leaves it hanging.
  2. Are they in an all-boys' school or what? AKA crappy setting. Yet another case of the author not telling us something in 1 sentence that wouldn't leave us wondering for all 58 chapters. I know BL novels have a knack for not having (read: ignoring) female characters, but this is ridiculous. 48 chapters in and I only know of 3 clearly female characters, only one of whom we've met (hint: it's that one nurse with 2 whole lines!). But we don't actually know if they're in a co-ed school or not so half of those random classmates all talking at once could be girls. Even the translator misunderstood and thought one of the rival characters was female. It just seems like an unnecessary amount of confusion to leave the readers.
  3. Everything sounds awkward. Honestly, this might be an issue with the writing or the fact that it's an MTL project, but the story is super awkward to read. Whether it's the monologues or dialogues, it reads more like a robot pretending to be human than a human. I don't even know what exactly is so discomfiting about it; maybe it's the fact that the author will say the same thing multiple times in different ways, when saying it even once was unnecessary because a character just expressed that emotion via action.
  4. Why is any of this drama even happening? It's kind of a spoiler from here on out so be ready for it:

Everything is literally Hiroto's fault. People hate Yuu because they think he's stalking Hiroto or that he's interfering with Hiroto's relationships, yada yada yada. Basically, they think it's Yuu's one-sided feelings that are getting in the way. So why doesn't Hiroto just come out and say he likes Yuu? Or spend some time with Yuu in a friendly way in view of other's and express they're just normal childhood friends? Or suppress the mad rumors about Yuu by saying they don't have any relationship? Basically, all he has to do is come forward and say something. But he just sits there waiting for something to happen to Yuu so he can freak out about it later. Unless he's got a fetish for worrying, this isn't making sense. No one is busy to the point where they're that unaware of everything around them, especially considering he'd known the reason for Yuu's first run in with bullying was because of rumors spread by his fans.


Long story... long, it's a bad story. The unedited, amateurish nature of light novels is appealing, but not to this extent. You could find better stories on the back of a serial box. But there are only so many translated BL novels so you take what you get, I guess. I just don't want this to be anyone's first because it can turn you off BL or even light novels for good imo. <<less
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: c16
Story is pretty good. In Villain Days rather than the MC reincarnating into a despicable character it's almost like going back in time. There is no talk about their prior life or memories of Japan. Other than knowing that they're living in a game setting they only know things from their current life.

This makes it feel more like a second chance story than reincarnation. Also, as things progress the MC is revealed to be a victim rather than a villain. With a focus on self reflection and redemption from... more>> his friends/love interests who's actions had led him to suicide in the original timeline. This gives the a completely different feel from other otome game stories. Truthfully, this story is much better than most of the otome game stories you find on NU.


And I have to agree with opinion on the two friends. As much as I enjoy reading this they were terrible friends and don't really deserve the MC's forgiveness.

That being said, this story focuses quite a bit on their redemption as they realize their mistakes and the horrible consequences that they caused. While the MC forgives very quickly, he doesn't really remember much and so the impact of what he suffered because of them is greatly reduced. It makes the forgiveness much more reasonable since he truly doesn't recall the things that caused his depression. As a reader though, I hope that in the end neither of the friends end up with the MC. They both obsessed over him, tried to isolate him, and took advantage of him. This eventually led to the MC's ruin as he was unintentional ruined by the selfishness of two closest people in his life.

And when the light in his eyes dimmed and he lost his bright personality they left him. Put of by the change in his character they never bothered to find out why he changed. And when rumors slandering his character were spread around they chose to believe them instead of discovering the truth. In the original timeline the MC commits suicide after being strung along, isolated, and used by what he believed to be his friend and lover. So now that the MC has lost his memories and regained his bright personality they both flock to him again. They are slowly learning the truth about the MC prior situation and feel regret. And while I appreciate their remorse I feel that they don't deserve the MC and that their selfishness will only ruin him again. I really hope he ends up with one of the other love interests as they seem to actually care.

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btsdynamiteAUG21 rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I dont know why the ratings were low.... For me, it could get to 4-5 stars.

Honestly, I didnt expect anything too big at all from this from the beginning. I read some comments but still wanted to give it a try.

After reading the first few chapters, I know that this is

... more>> one

of that novels which doesnt immerse into deep plots and only revolves among the exchange from the characters.

I thought if this similar to an otome game where it was a HERO instead of a HEROINE... having multiple lovers (not exactly - more like flings) centered on one male while having a villain.

First off, the mighty, embarrasing, weakshit pitiful MC:

    1. I really loved his role of a transmigrating villain. He tried to grab the golden thighs so that he will escape the "death flag" if he tried to hinder one of the ML's love.
    1. When the chapters went on, how can he just have s*x with anyone... on the harem?? Idk maybe because the MLs were piqued by the sudden change on MC's attitude so the went on it...?

      f*ck! They even had threesome 3 times! with different people!

    1. Im a normal fujoshi so I dont dislike smut but bruh! Even the smut is not cleanly written and leaving cliffhangers! I mean the story itself did not have any distinguishable plots SO WHY THE HELL THE AUTHOR EVEN SHORTEN THE SMUT SCENES?! JUST WHY!
    1. Spoiler

      I know for the fact that NONE of the MLs were totally rightfully admittedly in "love" with the MC, except Genbu. Other were like just indulge themselves in the epitome of like, obsession, "it's okay if we arent lovers, but we had sex", or "any relationship is fine aslongas I stay beside you" shits.....In short, obvious flings. There's a harem tag so I expected a little of this.

    1. Im just disappointed in the MC, like how can you do kissing and having s*x to them then dont feel anything afterwards... like it's a normal thing?..I had a hunch... maybe because MC doesnt take the book/plot he replaced into so srsly so it's not a bigdeal what the characters do to him.. like he dont see them as real people... also the same that he thinks MLs see him as the real/book Yuu, not the present Yuu so he lets them do anything and act nothing afterwards.
    1. However, it's not like MC resists them, it's just he's sometimes going with the flow, (messed up) except the time he resolutely refused Hiroto because he thought Hiroto was in a relationship. He also dont like being forced by someone he doesnt know (r*pe).
    1. Until the last chapter,

      MC said that he will start living as the Yuu himself, not the book Yuu. So he ONLY THEN realized he COULD?! HAAHAH

Second, my opinions on the harem candidates:

Hiroto, Kenshin, Teruki, Mizuki, Genbu, Sazuka (based on favorability)

    1. Genbu - First impression is not good but last impression is great. A player who sleeps witb everyone but suddenly held real feelings for MC, even had the guts to properly ask him out. I felt his sincerity is being shown and conveyed properly. I love the way he said "You are you"

      things to MC and took care of him properly. The only thing missing from him is MONOPOLIZING!!! Like how can he let the others have s*x with MC??! even if he's under drugs but STILL!
    1. Teruki - From the start, Teruki stole my attention and felt that he was indeed more suitable for the MC for his protective, mature and genuine attitude. I just feel that he's too much of a goody-two-shoes and irresponsible. He had s*x and kissed MC and held emotions for him but force himself into self denial that "It's better to be BFFs"...The worst thing is, he said that to himself while contnuing being physical to MC. Damn just fight for it bro! If not, STAY AWAY!
    1. Sazuka - A typical funny talkative boyfriend type. I think he would suit the MC as bff rather than lovers. Lmao he was only one who didnt had s*x with the MC.
    1. Kenshin - I feel he dont hold SO much love for the MC. Just the innocent like - except that he had threesomes with him. He gives the vibe - "It's okay if other guys sleep with you too and I will just stay by yourside until then". Not my type. I dont feel great emotions.
    1. Hiroto - There's a sudden change on his part after the ridiculous amnesia incident. I think MC responds to his provocations just because the past Yuu is in MC's body, therefore his emotions werr affected too. So MC was always giving in to him. (except the last part). When MC asked Hiroto "Do you really love me?"... damn he chickened out hahaha I think what he feels for MC is just pure obsession, not love. Just because MC noticed other guys and made friends rather than only him. Seems like he's too much of loving his own main lead syndrome.
    1. Mizuki - less screentime, basically no role as a lover but also shown worries for MC as well.
The real villain, the H guy.... for real I thought he's going to be one of the harem too.

oh well.

I just wished that even ONE of the MLs would get into fight with the OTHER MLs for MC......i didnt see anything LIKE THAT.. TT

Neways, it was a good read for passing time. <<less
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nadeshikoyuu rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c52
This reader has something to say:

So, after reading this much of the novel, I must say this story is actually a diamond in the rough — except that diamond is really dusty, unpolished, uncut, and probably still in the rock in terms of plot development.

Plot: Truth be told there isn’t much. The story itself is very 2D, straight-line, melodramatic romance. If you’re looking for a sad light read in between updates, this is pretty good.

Characters: Putting others aside, despite how other reviewers see Yuu, I actually think he’s a very... more>> interesting character. Also correction, this kid is in no way a ‘Mary Sue’; this kid is a very deeply traumatized boy who suffers from abandonment and separation anxiety, to the point where he accepts anything and anyone that approaches him.


And unlike what the synopsis says, I have reason to believe that The ‘new Yuu’ isn’t even transmigrated, but actually a future Yuu who was actually reborn after his suicide, but probably due to high stress and anxiety, and other psychological issues, he actually lost his memory, and made up a personal setting about being a transmigrated person. But then again it could just be me over-interpreting. :P


Some of the other characters are interesting too, but really underdeveloped.

In conclusion: If this story/concept idea had a different/better author, it most likely would’ve been a big hit. It’s sad that the author didn’t do it justice.

The translator is a darling, I do agree with that. <<less
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paputsza rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: c28
Well. There are too many tropes and too much Mary Sue in this for me to enjoy. The MC transmigrates into a misunderstood villain from an otome game. Through a positive personality that involves having s*x with everyone and having everyone fall madly in love with them because the MC ignores the characters everyone sees the "light" and continues to to questionable seme things. So like 80% shallow tropes and 20% implied smut. The romance was too predictable to count into that percentage.

I don't like otome games though, so maybe... more>> someone who did would like this. <<less
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Reitama rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: --
₊ 𓂃𓆩 Rei's Review 𓆪𓂃 ₊

MC f*cks everyone. He appears to have a resolve at first, but fails to execute it. Basically, the MC is a Gary Sue, doormat, nice, cute, amazing person that everyone falls in love with.

Overall, feels like a 13 year old wrote a BL fanfiction.

₊ 𓂃𓆩♡𓆪𓂃 ₊
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nia_K rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: c51
I wish I could rate this more totally love the translator, they are really into their work and you can feel their dedication but I seriously hate the story... The MC is just too annoying and s*upid, a doormat and a mary sue and the ML is a disappointing piece of garbage. No character development and MC seems to just do the deed with just about everyone. It's a read for a mindless afternoon where you don't really have to care for story.
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Alta rated it
June 30, 2017
Status: --
How I summarize my opinion: "This is BL."

And by that I mean, before any other way to tag this, BL comes first

It plays with a lot of BL tropes. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. As a true lover of BL as perverted as that might sound, I like and appreciate this novel. It's has all the right ingredients for a good read for a BL otaku. You have the "angelic type of uke with alpha-male characters who can't help but fall in love with him but most of... more>> which will have their hearts unwittingly broken by said too innocent to hate said uke" type of set-up. But, it also has a lot of the classic irrationality in plot and character traits born from the need to make a conflicted romance bloom.

As generic as that sounds, it didn't change the fact that it was able to make my heart twinge at the protagonist's suffering and fill with happiness as he makes better relationships.

So overall, it's really what the tags say: a school life yaoi harem with it's own comedy and romance drama. If you're in the mood for that, this is a good read. <<less
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someonewithemptyhands rated it
December 5, 2020
Status: --
actually I really love harem story but I dont like this novel and dropped it

i agree with yourheatherness1297 comment and others. I really wanted to continue and read this until the end but I cant

i love yaoi novels with light plot cause I read them for fluffy and cute and funny stuff but it has a limit.

... more>> if I want to discribe this story in 1 sentences is: some handsome MLs without any reasson going after MC's ass.

and MC is really dumb not kind of dumb MC like raise your enemy that you like it and its cute. Some one who only knows how to be f*cked and cried :/ I really hate this personallity type they remind me villain womens in straight novels.

and I didnt love the smut scene too. Its lack of details. So what would motivate me to continue this story?nothing

i never tell in my reviews that the story didnt deserve your time and dont try to read it cause there are many people with many taste and maybe the story that I didnt like someone really love it but this novel really didnt deserve your time., if you have time and want to read something light try somethong else.

if you want reason you can read others review. They sayed many good point

usually I write reviews for the story I like and recommend it to others. But I want to inform you that this story only deserves to be in tr*sh bin.

btw my1 star is only for tr work. <<less
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SilverWolfHiddenInSnow rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: Completed

I liked the setting, and the character were enjoyable, but as a whole, this story was sort of disappointing? It’s pretty much just plot without point, and I usually like those, as long as the smut is nice, but that’s the issue here. NO DETAIL. It was killing me! Like, then what’s the point?! So, I was going to give this a 3-star, decided in a 4-star, and wanted to change it back, so ignore the star rating.
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Hercule rated it
April 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Gonna drop by and write my reviews!

Honestly, this story is weird (not gonna say some inappropriate words, I appreciate the author and translator work!)

If you have some free time and feel bored and want to get hype, beat someone up, boiling in rage then this story is best choice!

... more>> The MC is s*upid, I don't where his IQ has gone to! Honestly this is the dunce, most infuriating MC i've had ever seen!

The problem's with the ML's all of them are problematic honestly I cant really comprehend. There is also some problems like lots of typos here and there.

So if you want to feel energize and be mad to anger, trust me! This one is the main dish! <<less
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Reader036 rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm gonna say that when I first wanted to read this, the reviews were all really bad, and yea they all have a point.

First we have the plot, "the protagonist reincarnates in the villain of the novel bla bla bla and wants to avoid the death that in the original story he receives"

The protagonist:
I he's so annoying! He was literally a s*upid airhead. The only thing he knew to do was spread he's legs, cry and wait for someone to rescue him.... more>>

I don't want to repeat twice, more or less this is what I wanna tell *story part*. Thus yeah the protagonist became a huge pain in the neck since he's VERY CONTRADICTORY (says he wants to avoid the death flag, and the people, but does nothing and just have affairs or stays near that ones waiting for them to changed on their own) and since the story is different this time (he's recieving the treatment of the hero) he just waits for the missery of the villain to begin, and what I hated the most is that he just in the end declines all the smutty ideas coming from the other ones, saying that he doesn't understand the feelings of love or whatever, but man! he's been doing that f*cking sh*t with everyone!!!


The story:
He's supposed to be the villian reincarnated in the body of Amano Yuu

which turns upside down, he was supposed to have the role of villain but the story changed and makes him the hero without him knowing, so he's believing until the end that he's the villian. So this became VERY contradictory (imagine that he's believing he's the villain and wants to avoid the thing that made him suffer, but he's actually receiving the treatment of the hero, so all the things that made the villain suffer are clinging to him, but even if he knows he has to avoid the danger he really doen't do anything about it and waits for someone to rescue him) and it begans to run into circles ands goes nowhere but stay in the same place. And, like in every story, this needed a problem so it gives it more "action" (don't know how to put it), but this was just lame, what happened it was like an unnecessary problem

And it was just like reading a HUGE DRAMA about love affairs.

Although in the end he really avoids death flag, and beacuse he was the "hero"

But I have to say that, like a LOVER OF BL this was just a reading of waiting for the smut and juicy parts :v

I at the end read this because of the summary.... don't believe it, it made the story sounds "cool" and with "good plot" but no.

Sorry author for being like this, but I have to really tell my view of this... maybe and other of your works will be good! but this one wasn't one of them :'/

This is just my opinion about what I have read, thanks for reading this comment!! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aangtheblender rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: c22
Well, ummm, idk. It’s bland? The MC is a doormat, just like the translator said. The plot... what plot? I don’t know what is the point exactly?? I’m confused. ... more>>

Ok, so, his initial goal is to survive, because the original died. But here is the thing. Original died because of suicide. It was not a planned murder, it was not some traffic accident. it was suicide. Since there is a different person inside the body, with what seems like an ok mental state, not dying shouldn’t be a problem. So what is exactly the point of surviving? Or do they mean surviving high school?
Second point. The MC’s [email protected] father. Sir, YOUR ONLY CHILD FELL FROM THE STAIRS, WAS IN COMA FOR A WEEK, AND NOW HAS AMNESIA!! And you didn’t even bother explaining how his life was and filling in the blanks? You don’t bother to check in on him everyday to see if he is ok while you are overseas?! You don’t bother to find an ADULT that you trust to watch over your kid who AGAIN was in coma and has amnesia. What sort of poor excuse of the father are you?
Third point. The MC. I personally don’t like him. I have no idea who he was before transmigrating, not even a hint, nothing, nada. And I’m almost half way through the book. He cries in every chapter (or it just feels like it). It feels like there is an infinite supply of ghost onions near his eyes. People f₽ck him, and there is not a reaction.. I don’t know how to explain it. He just goes with it? “You wanna bang me? Ok. “And just moves on. ???
Fourth. The smut is not steamy.


I think translator did a great job. The story... I had no expectations for it going in, and it still managed to disappoint. <<less
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The1Rin rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Strong starts and the story itself it interesting as the MC struggles between distancing himself from the story and his feelings for the characters (even if it had cliches) so I wish the story was more about that and how the characters react to it but it's a harem smut. There isn't much s*x scenes just a lot of kissing mostly and the actual s*x isn't that satisfying, the ending too is disappointing and I got bored by then.

... more>>

Everyone falls in love with MC pretty easily, the main love interest dosent know his own feelings as he disliked MC in the past but now he says he loves him yet he keeps ditching MC so everyone else takes care of him and at the end of the day he says 'MC is mine'. MC is also real s*upid as he runs into danger and dosent take most characters advice, and MC is kinda a sl*t as he kisses everyone like it's no big deal and sleeps around but in the end acts like it didn't happen or it's normal (but it is a smut harem so that's understandable)

in the end the story has no ML as they all are happy to be his friends but still want to sleep with him and only have him for themselves (such FRIENDS). It was real disappointing that MC didn't end up with anyone cuz I really liked Genbu at the end but I was at least expecting an or*y at the end if MC didn't end up with anyone but low expectations for that too cuz s*x scenes aren't great.

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eirinllrin rated it
November 28, 2019
Status: c25
Awful. Plain awful. Harem novels can be good, if theres definitive story building, depth of characters and proper investment into creating and developing each relationship singly and as a whole, giving due regard to the dynamics between those involved. This, however, is the worst of the worst.

With utterly deplorable characters, viz.,

(a.) a protagonist who's backstory is never worked on, his motivations and driving forces are totally omitted save for a half-as§ed attempt to create a 'plotline' of 'stay away from the MLs to save himself' which is really... more>> quickly abandoned before he starts sleeping with /any/ given person including TOTAL strangers at the drop of a hat who wants to do him without bothering to say a word beforehand → w/out any attention giving to understanding his psyche AT ALL

(b.) MLs who even with chapters devoted to their PoV fail to leave any sort of impression; as 1dimensional as the protagonist, their sole and only purpose in life being to jump the protag on sight w zero emotional or character development whatsoever (except in THE most superficial LAZY ways ONLY for the convenience of pushing the 'plot' to explain why they suddenly 'love' him) leading to NO credence to any of the r/ships, singly or in combination

The world building is lazy, the backstory given up on, side characters are just names, theres not even a plot worth mentioning.. Worst comes to worst it could've been just a hentai, right? Wrong, it doesn't even qualify as a quick-f*ck smut because all the explicit scenes are only alluded to, and even a 10pg hentai does a better job building characters.

Absolutely the worst writing i've read in a long time. <<less
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mufti rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c33
For machine translation, this is too good. Good job Sleepchaser-sama! ^_^) ~b

I'v get hooked by the fact that our MC in 'Origin Novel' is not a bad Villain.. But have to faced a really bad ending that I can't accept it!

I pray to God for Yuu Happiness.
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