The Devil’s Origin


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When I woke up, I became the Demon King!?

It’s my responsibility as the Demon King to increase the monster population, and the only way to do that is to mate with as many monsters as I can…

This is the beginning of my life as a monster-making Demon King.

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New ChocoHia00 rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: c74
The smut is interesting, and its cute the Maou being cared by everyone in their on way. Plus there are their children!
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New XavierForest
October 21, 2021
Status: --
So when I first saw this novel over a year ago, I thought 'ew, gross', and put it in my Do Not Read folder. It's been a year since then, I've been baptised by all sorts of literature, and my tastes have changed.

Anyway, once I saw there was BL bestiality with dragons and monsters, I was in
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Reitian rated it
September 26, 2017
Status: c84

The story is very unique, with a lot of thought and research put into the anatomy of each monster. It's amazing how the author considered the unique characteristics of each monster to form their unique personalities and backstories. I really respect that after so many monsters, each one feels refreshing and unique. I was also surprised that this wasn't just a fantasy about having s*x with monsters; not all monsters are friendly.

I also like that it has a bit of philosophy and touches on subjects such as... more>> pollution and, well, the end goal of world peace for both sides.

For example, I loved the portrayal of the hero. He isn't a bad guy just because he's the natural enemy of the demon lord and kills monsters. The hero has his own troubles. The demon lord tries to understand him so that both sides can attain peace, and the hero, who fell in love at first sight, falls even hard for him.

It shows that while this is 95% smut, the 5% of world building helped make the world immersive.

The author occasionally writes a chapter where you see all the major monsters collected so far, so if you like one, chances are, it'll pop up again. <<less
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MofuMofu rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: c85
Many disgusting moment but the story is absolutely soo unique and interisting. I like the mind break and psychological event. Ahhh and the story of each monster. Especially the story of the hero in this story
... more>>

[who is fall in love with him. Many misunderstanding the maou had to hero, but I like it when he planning to negotiate with the hero, and try to understand his place as hero. Kuhhh I wanna them not be an enemy, really. Even though the hero is an absolute pervert, I like his story....]


Anyway this is a wonderfull story and if you can telorate some disgusting event here and there, then you will find a beautifull story... <<less
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RandomProcrastinator rated it
September 7, 2017
Status: c84
It's pretty good despite being too graphic. Most of the characters (mostly the humanoid ones), even with almost no character development, are likable.

... more>>

I especially like the hero (lol). He never fails to make me laugh when the MC reads his perverted thoughts. He's super OP being lvl 800+. Despite being the hero, thus, an enemy, he's quite hard to hate especially once his background was told. Beside him, I also like the dark dragon (according to google translate but it could be black dragon), fenrir, basilisk and vampire (that cosplay pervert).


Just a warning though:
IT'S HARDCORE YAOI SO IF YOU'RE NOT INTO THAT THEN I DON'T SUGGEST READING IT. And also, that r*pe and Pregnancy tag is not for display (bestiality should also probably be added just to be safe even with the monster tag). Almost all chapters contains s*x scene (not that it's that much of a problem since that's most probably the reason why you're reading this) and considering that the MC have the body of a child with adults (if it was even in human form) as partner, you can pretty much guess how it ends. If you're fine with that then you're good to go.


Seriously though...A giant, Kraken, Leviathan, etc. Then there are some with multiple partners... His body returns to it's previous state which means he's always like a virgin... And the C-section (can't forget that one, it's without anesthesia)

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sleepingjay rated it
June 10, 2017
Status: c25
So far the story is very entertaining, due to its incredible wackiness. It's definitely not the usual plotline you see on NU, and both the writing and translation are pretty good.

... more>>

The MC is 100% confused, but he also has a spine, despite mostly going with the flow (forced to). The "system" that guides the MC is hilarious because of how merciless and blithe it is to the mc's confusion, though it does help the MC somewhat. The story development is too fast paced so far, but it's forgivable with how entertaining it is.

Warning for weird stuff such as shota, mpreg, laying eggs. It's also implied there will be bestiality in future chapters. It's not exactly a new kind of p*rn on the internet but definitely isnt the norm for NU.

Edit for ch24: r*pe. Tbh I should've known it was coming. Previous chapters had dubcon situations, but this was the first one where it was explicitly noncon, but then the rapist had a sad backstory and MC Forgave and Accepted him and yeah, f*ck that. I'm tossing this one out.

The story started out as a pretty fun, unapologetic p*rn, but it's gone into far more dubious stuff. I'm pretty sure the author's just trying to fit every possible kink into the story, but that's made the story lose its fun for me.

By now I'd say half the s*x is dubcon, and it's just unpleasant to sit through now. I draw the line at excusing r*pe. Changed my rating from 4 to 1 too.


Edit: see spoiler. Changed my rating since reviewing at ch4 <<less
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Bai Xiaolong
Bai Xiaolong rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: c26
I love yaoi period.

So when I read the synopsis, I was instantly hooked. It's not like previous yaoi I've read when it takes a pretty good amount of chapters before you get to the steamy part. No, it skips all that and takes a plunge into parts that make you want to blush on the second chapter.

But, you know that you are expecting it as soon as you read the summary so it's not that surprising. Every single chapter is basically filled with s*x.

I'm really looking forward to the releases.
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yourheatherness1297 rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c5
The novel is simple, straight to the point, and very easy to read. The tone is light hearted and humorous.

The characters lack a bit of depth and dynamism, but its just the start. So, we will have to wait and see. Even so, they are quite likable.

The story doesn't dilly dally with unecessary filler chapters to the point of it being fast-paced and linear.
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emletlei rated it
May 22, 2017
Status: c3

Idea is pretty original and who like yaoi probably will like it. Still is fking weird, is like bestiality yaoi, something like a hero with demi-humans, but this one is Devil with monster...o gosh.
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-Luvello- rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: c54
Points for you to like this novel (If you do not have any of these or can bear the ones you are missing, it is better not to read this) :

1.- You like the shotacon (Just to remind you of the fact that he is reincarnated, so psychologically he is an adult, that does not take away the fact that his body of less than one meter has to support horse-sized c*cks (literally))

2.- r*pe (There is not much to explain here, it is something really explicit, read at... more>> your own risk)

3.- s*x (In all the chapters, at all times, with all kinds of monsters, which do not necessarily have a humanoid form, with two at a time and a large etc)

4.- Zoophilia (? (They are animals that have conscience, but they do not stop being animals, poor Maou-sama)

5.- Mpreg (If you have no problem reading how Maou-sama lays MANY eggs with his little body, so good)

6.- Disruptive adults (Yes hero, I'm looking at you, I'm afraid to read your dark thoughts about Maou-sama again)

7.- Possible incest (Well, this has not happened yet, but because of how your children are behaving and because of how obscene and morally this novel is, it is very likely that it will happen at some point)

Here are the 7 deadly sins to which you must show indifference (or twf taste) to read this, after all it is just fiction. I do not know if saying that I liked it is disturbing, I would not reread it, but the curiosity of seeing how all this ends is what makes me keep reading.

I give it a 4 because the plot (don't expect much either, the development of romance is slow because s*x occupies the plot more) and the writing is nothing to write home about, I must admit that the variety of f*cking monsters is surprising, there are few scenes that seem repetitive, reading this novel is like eating popcorn while watching a good movie, when you realize it is over.

Besides that I admire the translator for the effort she puts into this. (THANK YOU VERY MUCH, TRANSLATOR <3) <<less
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Cheesylollipop rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: c54
I won't deny I crave and like smut tehee. In reading only I meant. I've noticed that some people do not like High Sexual Content and this one might be a little no maybe above average and it's hardcore so hope you keep this in mind when you open a chapter. But for me this is a 😫 5 star coz' it matches my taste.
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lazyasianscientist rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: c35
I click this for yaoi and smut but stayed for the plot.

... more>>

Not gonna lie. This is actually legit good but what erks me is that he is in a body of a child. Basically hes a shotacon. Because he was born too early.

He's a forever a virgin state everytime he recovered (so ouch!) + Big monster dicks in that smol body (oh noes)

Im glad there are monsters that really take it slow on him, give him the love and care. They genuinely love him. BUT there were still those that r*ped the poor kid and I am flipping a table when I see him hurt.


The story gives insight to the grief for other monsters that were left alone as the only surviving species of their kind and its truly heart breaking. This story aside from s*x and smut. Also has a psychological feel to it and you cant just point fingers to blame anyone because they all had their reasons to why this and that.

Its a really great story that balances the fluff, angst, humour and smut

Ahh I feel like I understand why the monsters love the demon king (maou) because I cant help loving him too. He's such a precious treasure <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: c24
This is like slapstick comedy man x monster s*x. This series makes me feel a baffling combination of being feeling turned on and laughing so hard that tears come from my eyes. I'm not entirely sure how to react to this series, but I really like it and caught up with all the recent chapters in one sitting!

The comedy is great. The monsters are great. Even the world-building and setting are great.

And then... there's the hero lurking around in the background, upping the suspense and tension with every appearance.

This series... more>> is definitely bizarre, and I am not sure I could read it if it were in a graphic novel format, but it's definitely worth checking out for those who are curious or just like yaoi!... If you are neither curious nor interested in yaoi, however, you may see something you might not be ready for. In that case, your world may be opened to a whole new range of experiences you're not sure you ever wanted. You have been warned. <<less
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Shio rated it
December 21, 2020
Status: c45
By all means, if people judge you as pervert for reading this, it's pretty much justified.

There's a lot of questionable content here, with the MC pretty much always screaming in pain every interc**rse. It's a combination of r*pe, pedophilia, gore, and monster fetish. I think I haven't dropped this one yet simply because it's in novel form and not graphic, so I could just blanked out all parts that I didn't like.

Velke and dark dragon best boy, the hero is a tr*sh.
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ishrocks18 rated it
July 31, 2020
Status: c35
[spoiler ]The novel has 87 chapters and is on hiatus.I wonder what would be the ending.[/spoiler]


... more>>

So the MC has transmigrated as demon king and his job is to increase the population by ***. He would have a harem with people loving him and his children are so cute. My favourite is Velke. Though one chapter is gore. What I like the most is MC is been shown as traumatic from his experience. Like it's how thing are in real life, you can't forgive someone so easily.




The MC is a child dude like he has a body of 10 year old.I wonder when he will grow up.

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Kazekun rated it
January 14, 2020
Status: --
This is the first time I read quite peculiar b*d scene you know with too various creatures involve, like actually, i've passed this story before like "come on, different races x human, would be strange, right?" but one day I feel curious and then banngg, I read it. Somehow, I can't stop reading it, feels like opening a new door?? Well, I don't read some scene like with orcs and doing "it" while eaten literally. Am I the only one who is quite bothered to it, but still waiting for... more>> translator to translate it? And also still give 5 stars as I hope the MC will have HE with his "human form" partner, whoever will be, harem also will be good as long as they are in "human form". I think this is the first time for me writing such long review. Well, to sum up if you are interested to some "new insight" BL story, perhaps you may try this one, with some warnings in some aspects, well just try to read it by yourself. As for me, I will still well read it, haha. <<less
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Big Bird
Big Bird rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: c63
This book is completely PWP, or at least very little plot. That being said, there are plenty of cute fluffy moments as well as some darker moments. I really enjoy this book, it's brilliantly translated, and I love seeing the interactions between the demons, the kids, and the main character as well as the different types of demon and their personality. Once again, it's mostly s*x scenes as well as mpreg, not too much plot.
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May 6, 2021
Status: c56
I loved to read this for some mindless smut but I guess 56 is a good time to stop.


I'm so tired of reading the author writing about the monster fcxking MC's sigmoid colon. It's not about the chrysanthemum anymore, everything has to be at the sigmoid colon or it's not sxx (it seems to the author).

It hurts to read how MC repeatedly screaming it's hurts while getting his hip bones dislocated or disemboweled.

It's not an enjoyable sxx if only one party is enjoying it.

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Ms. Hentai
Ms. Hentai rated it
January 25, 2021
Status: c35
I like the plot but I am just waiting for the day the MC just flips everyone off. like baby... just call Velke and he will kill them all. You don't have to do stuff that hurts or that you don't want... baby...

like I want to kill fictional characters because Velke isn't killing them. baby you deserve love and happiness not whatever this is
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Black Sage
Black Sage rated it
December 7, 2019
Status: c34
I really love ittt!

This novel has ALLL that we fujoshi need!!

Yeahg it contains r*pe.

But this made the story more interesting.

I love u translators San!!

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
XiaoMango rated it
November 13, 2018
Status: c14
Seems interesting to see how the devil "repopulate" the world with different monsters. I would like to thank the new translator for picking this novel up, it is definitely going to be fun reading the "adventures" Mao-kun will go through.
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October 21, 2021
Status: c1
Be warned the story was not written for the Be warned the story was not written for the pure of mind.

You have to be A little bit pervy to read this, the Sexual content Is. But otherwise the story this story is Fun to read.

There are some part of it that is uncomfortable to read or just not up my alley, But I suggest that you read For yourself To find out what is that you like and don't like about this story.

(P.S. I got this review for the... more>> translator, who really wanted an even number of a reviews 😏) <<less
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