After My Death, The Villain Blackened Again


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Bound to the ‘enthralling tens of thousands system,’ Yan Ge thought she would enthrall all living things and become a tree-born winner. She never thought that the Big Boss she helped out would keep on blackening.

This book is also called “The Big Boss’s Woman Runs After Sleeping”, “The Woman In Question Is An Endangered Tree”, “Every Blackened Big Boss Has A Black-Hearted Woman”, “My Woman Has Become A Tree With Countless Lethal Weapons”, “World Of Plants And Animals”.

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nixxara rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: --
I’m confused why people are rating it so low when there are only 7 chapters?

This novel isn’t bad at all, it’s just starting out so you wouldn’t know what you’re jumping into yet. From what I read, the MC is a tree spirit trying to be able to move to different places instead of being stuck at one place as a tree. She helps regretful spirits solve their regrets to gather enough energy. (Just typical trope: a human girl who was wronged by her bf and the girl he cheated... more>> with. She takes over the body, etc.) The thing is, she doesn’t live out the life of the girl but solves the situation in a chapter or two. There’s also this guy stalking her trying to eat her, literally. Not like flesh but I think he’s trying to eat her spirit? Or the energy that she’s gathering. Then she gets a system so she can world hop to worlds where that guy appears and try to figure him out.
This is my interpretation. The beginning made me a bit confused. Still not a bad read. 🤷🏻‍♀️ <<less
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