The Villain Has Blackened Again


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Nan Xun encountered a mythical beast that could take her to different worlds. She helped the mythical beast collect merit points. After collecting enough, she can go back and change the outcome of her death.

But now, now she regrets, regrets till her insides are turning green. Your mother, those merit points are collected from the scum villain with a blackening value of 100 and an evil value of 100 ah! She only wanted to purify the souls of those scummy bosses. Fu** she didn’t want them to fall in love with her ah ah ah!

Pervert number 1 eats people! Pervert number 2 is an evil ghost! Pervert number 3….

After Nan Xun realized they were all the same person, she closed her eyes and pretended to be dead.

The evil, charming, crazy Boss-sama gave her an evil smile: “Baby, weren’t you going to purify my soul? Come here.”

Nan Xun: “The evil we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear, I really want to die, ah, what to do!”

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New Blueraven rated it
March 26, 2020
Status: Completed
This series seriously goes beyond the idea of human decency. I'm going to honest, the first 4 worlds are treacherous, they really violate my sense of human morals but the interactions and worlds are very nice afterwards-even though the ML seriously pisses me off sometimes in between. This is not a very easy series to read at first but it does get better later on in terms of romance and world-setting.

FYI, you will come to hate the protagonist at times; he really is infuriating. However, he is still a... more>> pretty enjoyable (yandere) character.

Overall, I really enjoyed the MC and loved many of the diverse world plots. There are some real tear-jerkers in the mix. I caution readers to read initially with a light-heart. <<less
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New fltstrt rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: c101
I'm actually amazed that I've yet to read a BG QT/world hopping story prior to this novel. I was stuck in my BL pit for the longest time haha.

Im actually really really enjoying the story. It's for a mature audience and not for those who only appreciates vanilla, warm and fluffy relationships lol.

IMO the story isn't as bad as some made it out to be. Though there's Smut it's pretty tame. I actually wish the author elaborated more on the snu-snu, but probably due to censorship, these juicy parts are... more>> often heavily implied or replaced with euphemisms (eg, known as pancake time, sauce time, etc)

The real focus is really more about the retelling of ML's utter devotion and love to MC through different storylines. I like seeing the various ways the ML became blackened haha. Guess I have a slight sadistic streak as I like reading about ML suffering and how he does everything he can to obtain MC and achieve their HE together. Though not every arc ends well. As most QT stories are, the goal that the MC is supposed to achieve is formulaic. QT isn't my fave genre, but so far, I'm far from bored yet. MC is entertaining and she takes everything in her stride despite all the craziness from the situation and ML!

Might write an in-depth review when the story is fully translated, which will be a quite a while, seeing as we are only at the beginning of the 4th arc and there are 19+1 arcs in total (if I rmb correctly).

I wish to commend the translator who I can tell from her consistent translations and ad-free site that she is devoting her spare time to share her joy– sincerely introducing to us all these wonderful novels for free. Thanks 🙏🏻, the cnovel community is grateful for your contributions! <<less
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Julianita rated it
October 7, 2019
Status: c100
This is the first novel I've read that was this bad that I would come to give a bad review because otherwise I simply don't care.

A rather rude description of MC is of a manipulative woman selling her body for points. A mild one would be someone willing to do anything to be able to get a second chance. This part isn't a problem. The problem is, it's just too damn shallow. Sometimes it feels like she is just prostituting herself for fast money.

This review will have some spoilers but... more>> they aren't heavy, so it won't compromise much.

MC dies, is found by a mystical beast that gives her an offer to cleanse the soul of the blackened male lead. AND the male lead is a Yandere. Nothing wrong with this. But during de course of the world, things will go downhill. If the plot was well written, it would be all good. I like yandere novels. But this one is simply stupid. The purify-the-soul-of-ML-thing, if you put it all in the end, it's to satisfy ML's possessiveness and sexual desires. So it becomes a different world jumping like different scenarios for MC and ML to have sex. The good thing is that the s*x parts aren't very detailed if not this would be a pure shallow smut novel. But even so, some smut novels actually have solid plots, and this one doesn't. It's a waste of time.

First world:

MC becomes a little pure girl that is offered up as a bride for the demon king. Ok. yada yada, the demon king receives her. Her first goal is how to seduce the demon king. Then yada yada they roll in the sheets a lot, demon king got imprisoned because of poison on MC's body, he trough it was her plot but she was plotted instead. yada yada they find the truth, reconcile and roll the sheets again. Then the war between humans and beasts/god beasts/whatever. In the midst of war, they fake MC's death so ML goes berserk and self implodes so everyone can be her funeral companion. But MC was alive and pregnant, she chooses to stay until she lays the egg (because she births an egg that needs to be hatched). ML's true form was a four-clawed snake and she even rolled the sheets with him in monster form. That's right. Straightforward animal-human sex. Buuuuhh bru, he is a magical beast but has a human form. This doesn't f*cking change that she had s*x with an animal.

And actually, this world is the only one that I could feel sincere feelings between the ML and MC. Besides body desire and crazy obsession, that is. You may think that I'm picky because she had s*x with a beast but this is really too world-views-destroying. The ML keeps pushing the MC to accept him in human form, then in half-human form then beast form. Buut bru, it's because she needs to accept him for what he is. I completely agree. But all of this is too much sex-oriented, and that makes it shallow and tasteless. What about feelings? Is this edible? Just roll in the sheets and you'll purify the ML's show. Screw it.

Just imagine MC has a partner but ta-da he transforms into a border collie dog and tells her: I want to believe you really love me so come and satisfy this border collie's sexual urges. A woman and a dog having sex. At last for me, this doesn't sits well in any way.


Second world:

MC starts having shallow backgrounds just... so you can have one? Poor life, lost mother, lost everything, lost studies, became a singer in a bar. Then one of her classmates calls her and asks her to go for the class reunion, she agrees and there she discovers that this classmate has actually died recently. So who the heck called her?

The whole yandere ghost idea is good. But... she doesn't even remember him. And he is obsessed with her. In the end, for him to be cleansed she has to say sweet nothings for him that are lies while forcing herself to have s*x with a ghost. This was pretty disgusting because she was like an actress in a stage. And the ghost guy really liked her.


Third world:

This world is the one that made me drop this sh*t completely. MC and ML have actually Father/Daughter relationship. ML receives a 1-year-old MC to raise. ONE year old. A baby. He raised her from babyhood to adulthood. And from one-year-old MC was a manipulative bit*h from the start to the end. Sorry for the heavy words, but every action she did was calculated so the ML could have soul cleansed aka being satisfied. Her caring actions, sweet words she was deceiving him from start to end. She felt happy about having a nice father because in her original lifetime she didn't have one. But in the end, she had to pretend that being chained and confessing her love for her father as a man was true while all the arc she called him old sicko, beast and that she felt uncomfortable with this setting. But oh, it's for points, screw feelings. Let's dupe the stupid ML and get the hell out of here. And all this father raised a daughter to eat her, in the end, is simply sick. But bruuu, they are not blood-related. If a father raises a daughter from babyhood to adulthood and has s*x with her it's not for people to admire, it's for people to call the police. This not-blood-related fiasco is often used in parent/child or siblings romance as an excuse. This arc it's freaking sick from beginning to the end.


Many people will disagree with my review since it has pretty high ratings. But alas, everyone has its tastes and distastes. In my opinion, this work is simply a waste of time and I don't recommend this to anyone. <<less
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draw2much rated it
October 26, 2019
Status: c46
What are people expecting from 100% blackened male leads? They aren't going to be exactly.... Moral. You don't come to this novel expecting pure, clean wholesomeness, a'right? Honestly, it's rather remarkable how the author skims over the mature bits with Chinese euphamisms (making pancakes is one of the best).

I happen to like the MC. She's not perfect nor is she dumb. She can only do things based on the information she's given. In some ways she's one of the more realistic MC I've seen in this genre.

There's also no system.... more>> Just a trans-dimentional beast.... Person... Anyway, I like him too. He's in this thing for himself rather than because he was "programmed" to do it.

Translation is top notch. No complaints at all in that regard. This weird little story really lucked out on getting this translators devotion. <<less
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Chillyboba rated it
October 11, 2019
Status: --
Bruh. What is up with all the good reviews? I’m sorry, but this story is just an excuse for the author’s sick festishes. I had to drop the novel in the middle of the first world.

... more>>

It actually started out okay, but it quickly spiraled out of hand when the female protagonist met the male protagonist. After the two got together and they rolled in the sheets — actually yeah, that’s the problem. NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS BUT SEX. It seems like the plot is just a pretense for them to do the deed 24/7. Love? Pfft. The male lead has s*x with the female lead once, and she has him wrapped around her finger. Also apparently she was a virgin before, and she isn’t even phased with having her virginity taken by a stranger because it’s “not her body”? Not to mention bestiality??? The male lead in this world is a mythical snake and they ACTUALLY DO IT IN HIS SNAKE FORM. I can’t.


Please, just do yourself a favor and click away from this novel. If you want a similar type of story but with MUCH better execution, I’d recommend Quick Transmigration System: Male God Come Here. It has its moments but nothing compared to here... <<less
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Little Pretty
Little Pretty rated it
October 27, 2019
Status: c37
I just finished the first Arc and let me tell you; this story is an experience.

If you wanted full-on fluffy story with a cup of sugar: Don't read.

My heart was twisted and pulled in all kinds of way. It was broken and put together enough to want to read the next arc.

... more>> If you wanted moral, upright protagonists: Don't read.

The MC is a practical woman. She doesn't get personal all that much. Or at least she tries to.

The ML of first arc is actually pretty scary, which plays right into the whole rehabilitating villain plot. I love that they don't go the sob story way (--Oh, my, his family was tortured and murdered in front of him when he was a child, now he's evil--) or just a hegemony of pet the dog moments (--look, gap moes are cute, but I'd like characters with other personalities--). They went the exact opposite way, actually.


We don't know that the ML was bullied during childhood up until the end of the arc and they went farther than kick the dog: there are a few eat the rabbit moments.


If you wanted unweird, normative story: Don't read.

This is not for the weak-hearted and easy to disgust.

Right at the start we begin with an ML that's not only a literal beast, but he's not the cute kind either. Not a fluffy eared wolfman or a nine-tailed fox. No. A snake.

If that creeps you out, don't go yet. Give this story a chance to break your three views. Because he's still mostly physically human.


In the beginning, at least. Discounting the whole charade when ML licked MC with snake tongue when she 'seduce' him.


But if what you want is something that's just a little out there. Something new. Something that will pull on your heartstring so hard it breaks you. A story that taste like dark chocolate with marshmallow, here's a serving for you. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
September 28, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is gem. It's deserved five star rate. It's my favorite novel I ever read three times. Each arcs is so sad, tragady, sweet and fluffy. ML is so yandere, loyal and doting. You could see how much he love her and follow her soul into different world. Love how much he doting on MC. I crying whenever MC die, ML follow her. It's heartbreaking and bittersweet.

Ending is one of best and satisfying. MC and ML reunite with their son. Funny how ML eat vinegar when MC hug her... more>> son. Later, MC and ML travel multiples world. <<less
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PasserbyA rated it
November 18, 2019
Status: c62
I see why people might be triggered by this novel. I was put off too for a while but it gets better y'all. Like of course, the Male leads won't be the perfect gentlemen with his morals all lined up. But then again, title are important. Author put out "Blackened", the Male lead is f*cked up yall. He ain't no Prince charming in white horse, but once he loves someone, he'll give his all. Give him and the novel a chance. If you want a sweet caramel latte though, you... more>> should probably not put up with black coffee with one cream. It won't really be your cup of jazz. <<less
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GhostGal rated it
January 26, 2020
Status: c101
What foul spirit descends upon this glorious translation and brings bad reviews?! Be gone! :V

No, seriously though. This translation is top notch and the plot is, for me, fresh and interesting. With such a golden combination of good TL and entertaining plot, only 5 stars does it justice, honestly.

I've read a few QT novels and I can truthfully admit that I haven't come across an MC I like as much as this one. Like bro, she's practical but not perfect, how can people not relate? Even if someone is utterly... more>> romantic and idealistic, I think appreciation for her unashamed imperfections is definitely warranted. Lol, but maybe I just like her because she's such a narcissist sometimes and I can relate. Either way, I think she's a great MC. I like how she isn't experienced with some cold system but still tries her best to stick to the missions. I also love Little Eight. He is as real as she is. He's just a void beast working for merits, but he still has enough conscience to constantly remind her not to fall in love (yeah I get that he probably does it with his own interests in mind too, but who doesn't do stuff with at least a little of their interests in mind?) Plus, I like that although he's so strong (hello, majestic void beast with world-hopping powers here), he actually has his own flaws and isn't omnipotent. I think that adds its own twists, turns and conflicts which just brings flavor to the whole thing. Their relationship is actually quite hilarious with him constantly bribing her and her constantly stuck between sucking up to him and wanting to mince him, lol.

Now let's talk about ML. Whew, ML. Gotta admit he was a bit heavy for me at first but currently I've learned to appreciate that, lol. It's VERY rare that authors do villain right in these types of novels but this author nailed it. Because this ML is definitely a Final Boss 😂😂 I swear he freaked me out so much at first, I was wondering if MC wasn't digging a hole for her burial after death. But. I love him now. He's utterly majestic to me, blackened or not. The yandere tag was very on point, no doubt. Yandere-Done-Right. Please, pretty please read this novel if you're good with that heavy stuff but also appreciate a good dose of honey!

I created this account today simply because this is the first translator and novel that has made me feel the urgent need to deliver praises and worship their majesty. And our translator is definitely fricking majestic. Like, infinitely majestic. Do you know what dedication is? Kindly look up our family's translator! Do you know what artful is? Kindly look up our family's translator! Do you know what heroic is? Kindly look up our family's translator!

My mind is blown everytime I think of how our family's translator is so majestic to be translating multiple novels and still be able to fulfill the needs of commoners like myself! I mean I'm new to this novel honestly but I'm not blind! This commoner recognizes Mt. Tai!

So thank you, treasured translator, for all of your hard work and effort!

Fellow commoners, kowtow to the Great Immortal N.T.!

(ノ^o^) ノ

*coughs* Ahem, this one has read many CN and is greatly influenced (´ ▽ `) ノ

On that note, since I'm new to leaving reviews, I don't know if anything I've said is considered a spoiler but if it is, please tell me and I'll rectify it at the earliest! <<less
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Vanessanellyn rated it
October 25, 2019
Status: --
... It goes against morals (well, my morals anyway). This is just a bundle of the author's sexual fixation made into a book.


Reptile x Human copulation is just ONE item in the list.


It's a shame cause I love reading stories about possessive men (the kind that doesn't kill their partner) 😆

I appreciate the translator though, translating chinese takes a lot of hard work, thank you!
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October 20, 2019
Status: c37
Just read the translation of the entire first arc/world. ML reminds me of a less dense, yet somehow EQUALLY dense, version of the ML from My Disciple Died Yet Again lol. I'm a yandere lover, so that aspect made me love this novel all the more.

The structure and details of the story are to my liking. We don't have to suffer through 100s of chapters to do what can be done in 10. The FL is admirable in that she doesn't immediately forget her objective and fall hopelessly in love... more>> with the ML. She isn't a genius but she's also not a White Lotus idiot and has a personality.

The beast God that accompanies her is also not annoying where he pops up every 15 seconds to drop uninteresting exposition (thank God). He also is NOT an a-hole for the sake of being one to the FL. Though, honestly he could be a lot more helpful & give useful info BEFORE certain things happen seeing he is a literal GOD lol.

The translation quality and speed is amazing too! The translator is a pro to have translated several stories so darn quickly... at the same time 😮.

Anyway, give the story a chance and ignore the negative reviews. We're all old enough to know what the "yandere" tag means on a story (like, come on now). The FL being a normal person by not falling in love and trying to complete her missions to get back home to her family is pretty realistic. Having to entertain the whims of a tyrant is what most of us in the real world whoever had a boss had to do lol.

I hope the translator won't drop this and others can encourage them by leaving a review or comment 😊🙏. <<less
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FourSeasons rated it
October 6, 2019
Status: Completed
It's great~! Each arc are unique, the tragedies made me cry, the sweet moments are very fluffy, there are many funny scenes. I like how the main couple slowly fell in love through shuttling the world. It was hard to read the first parts because the MC is sometimes stupid, the beast who brings her to each world is unreliable, and the ML is very dark. But if you got used to it, eventually you'll like each arc. They are op but not unreasonable to the people in each world.... more>> The ML is really black that MC making the ML fall in love to herself is saving the universe *sigh* <<less
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September 27, 2019
Status: c244
Did I just see that this series has a rating of 3.7?! Why??!

This is a great original series! Go read it.

It has all the goody stuff without being too boring and the worlds are so diverse without the usual cliche. There is some, don't get me wrong, but it is good. :D

I'm getting back to raws and gonna devour it this weekend. Mwahahahaha!
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SoupySuspicions rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: --
10/10 love this

I absolutely love this! It’s an easy read with lots of fluff and some snu snu (UwU)

I’ve recently gotten into the quick transmigration genre and I love that the world hopping splits the story into nice manageable arcs so you don’t get bored of long drawn out plots. I also really enjoy the interactions between the MC and the void beast, who takes the place of the normal “system” style of things. I also like the idea that the MC and ML keep meeting over and over... more>> again, just in different worlds and bodies.

Besides that, I just have to say that the translation quality is top notch. Well done, Novice Translations, idk why it’s called that and not Pro Translations at this point. Everything flows wonderfully and is easy to read and understand, I love it. Not to mention the translator works a full time job and STILL spoils us readers with chapters of this story, as well as many other novels, nearly everyday, it’s honestly amazing. Very awesome to have such a dedicated translator who does this so diligently as a side hobby while not profiting off it at all whatsoever. <<less
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Qu3in rated it
December 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Agree with all the good reviews above. For the bad reviews, in my opinion, even the worst novel have 1 or 2 things we can learn about. And this novel isn't the worst for me. Although not the best as well. But there are many things we can laugh and ponder about. Also I'm quite like the ending. Lastly everyone has their own taste. It doesn't mean one is better than others. Just different. So if I may suggest, try to read book/novel regardless of the reviews or synopsis to... more>> know if it really suits u till the end or not. <<less
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cupcakemish rated it
November 9, 2019
Status: --
I am enjoying this book so far, reading the raws at the moment, for people that is disturbed about the snake form s*x there is others ~


zombie and human s*x (ML is a revived corpse she calls him ancestor)

mermaid and human s*x (MC is a mermaid he did her with the tail they explained her hole is underneath her scales apparently)

there was an arc for zerg alien, I was surprise there was no s*x in zerg form I guess that was the limit for the Arthur haha

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Kurobito rated it
October 5, 2019
Status: Completed
The love of ML towards MC is wayyyyy over the top. I admit that I'm bias towards this novel as I'm currently into these kind of genre. Overall, it's worth the read.
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Herohito rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: c101
OMG. This novel is now my favorite CN ever! The translator is deserving of the utmost gratitude for delivering chapter after chapter of continuous awesomeness! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to help those of us that can’t read this CN raw.
I will be waiting for updates!
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December 25, 2019
Status: Completed
I love this novel.... this is the only novel I read the ending very~very satisfied... detail... not to fast but not to long....

becauce the MC has a regret for not seeing her son growing up... the ML who their son live in ancient time with his wife, child and granchild gave a chance for the MC to broght up their son from a cute little prince to a married man with his wife who is transmigator from modern world.... this is really cute....😍😍😍😍

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December 24, 2019
Status: 280

this novel is fantastic and is essentially 19 books in one. Not every arc ends the way you think but it is always two people in love. And each arc is funny but most are dark comedy and some are really sad. The FL is not an OP but she isn't stupid. She is a combination of funny, eccentric, dense, and practical BUT she sometimes is more dense because she may have to play a certain kind of role. Either way, she does everything she can to sow... more>> her love and it is very genuine she always grows to love the guy. Maybe because she treats each world as a lifetime, she closes that chapter and moves on. Or perhaps it is just convenient for the author I don't mind this. But there are little moments where I wonder if she is repressing things.

The guy in each arc is not always the same personality; he can be very soft spoken and sweet, or vindictive or smart but he is always possessive and he is different levels of yandere sometimes more extreme than others. He is after all a villain with evil thoughts and the FL is tasked with eliminating that down to 0 in order to return to her own world.

she has a guide, the void beast, who is always with her but sometimes is dormant and their dialogue is funny. There is a ton of s*x but it is not explicit and the Euphmisms are funny perhaps to lighten could be a staggeringly dark story.

The FL is not stupid but can sometimes be silly like normal people she is very likable. She treats each world as an independent life basically I presume because it would be painful to constantly have to start over. Hence, she does not become cynical nor does her age lived reflect experience.

as you read each arc, they end with the guys eyes turning red suggesting that the soul of each lover in each new world is either the same or connected. But the lover in each world is unaware of her task and her world hopping. I recommend it. There has been no r*pe so far I don't get the tag. <<less
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Aytise rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is a gem, super original and interesting! I love how the MC is heartless in the beginning but then starts loving the ML. And some may find it too extreme, but I love how yandere both the MC and ML are! In every story, they love each other and never separate until death does them apart, and then meet again in their next lives! The biggest plot twist happens in the last 100 chapters :

... more>>

The ML is so OP that he actually plays the little beast and remembers all their past lives and then decides to make the MC fall in love with him without following any mission or being able to speak to her little beast.


This is one of the best Quick transmigrations I've ever read, worth a read, definitely!

Oh, also, there's a lot of snusnu, hehe.. <<less
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FruitPunchBushi rated it
November 10, 2019
Status: c67
I recommend this novel for those who like a MC who is pretty realistic and not OP asf; a ML who is a yandere. Not to forget also for those who like smut.

The translation is perfect 👌🏼 honestly one of the best translations I've read.

I don't feel as though the MC is "selling" herself because if you pay attention to some hints you'll know the emotional struggles of the MC + I like how she easily adapts to "weird" worlds.

And for those who says that this novel is just a... more>> bs R18 novel: excuse me but 1) it clearly says that this is a smut novel 2) in comparison to other smut novels I've read, this can be considered as "cute/ and full of fluff". (Srry just had to get it off my mind because this novel is worth reading, has a good character development and the translation is GREAT 👍🏼) <<less
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