Affection: Call of the King


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One day one of the twins born between the werewolf mother Hayato and the human father Gamon, Takahito was suddenly abducted by the Gosford family of werewolves from England. The present head of the family, the pack Alpha Arthur was a muscular, ruthless man. His amber eyes gave off a strong radiance like that of a predator hunting for his prey. Arthur informed Takahito that though he was a man his body was capable of conception. And thus: “You will conceive, and give birth to my child,” he ferociously pronounced as such and forcibly embraced Takahito…

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Enjou: Ouja no Yobigoe
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05/22/19 HimikoChou c7 part3
05/17/19 HimikoChou c7 part2
05/09/19 HimikoChou c7 part1
05/05/19 HimikoChou c6 part4
04/27/19 HimikoChou c6 part3
04/23/19 HimikoChou c6 part2
04/16/19 HimikoChou c6 part1
04/08/19 HimikoChou c5 part3
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03/06/19 HimikoChou c3 part2
12/05/18 HimikoChou c3 part1
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UzumakiHana rated it
September 19, 2018
Status: prologue part2
I've been reading Chinese Danmei and Korean Novels all this time along, but now I decided to try Japanese (actually Im interested in Finder novel, unfortunately I couldn't get hold of it...) This is my first Japanese bl novel and so, my first thought is, I guess it's not gonna be as 'aesthetic' as Chinese with all the Chengyu..., They're hard to understand but interesting at the same time. I've only read up to prologue 2 and the story of course has not make any notable progress, yet. I think... more>> this is an interesting novel, really, I hope this novel can make me stay longer here \ (^ 3 ^) / <<less
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LivingNB00ks rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: --
I hadn’t expected much due to the disappointing patterns some Japanese translated novels have been given.

I mean I don’t mind a unique writing style but I need the book to be free of errors (the obvious) grammatical wise. It would have been great if translators went back in their work and edit or someone steps up as a samaritan to help with that area if the translator is bogged down with life and trying to juggle.

In my opinion the translator did a clean job even if she or he translated... more>> some sentences incorrectly to English I was able to immerse myself deeply in the story and it had me thinking of it and anticipating the next chapters.

The story itself was great as far as creativity I believe it is the same as everybody's.

The morals in the story has been nullified to the point where the reader may question the sanity of the author but still find it acceptable to explore without stopping in a grimace. (It might just only be me) <<less
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January 28, 2019
Status: c3 part1
I don't know if this would be considered a spoiler so in case it is to some I put the spoiler tag....

anyways I really just wanted comment on the recent chapter I just finished reading

really all I wanna say is that the it finally started getting interesting in chapter 3.1

really don't even expect that much from this comment cuz really all I wanted to do was comment on what I thought when I got to the chapter mentioned in the spoiler (?) tag.
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DiamondGreen rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c7 part3
I was initially worried about character development and stuff since it's merely a 7 chapter story but luckily were getting a second part! Mainly from the perspective of the MC, I did enjoy reading this novel and it would be interesting to see how MC and ML's relationship would develop in the second book.

I do hope however, that the second book will somewhat give us an insight to the MLs thoughts as well.

Thank you translator translating this story!
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izayaYY rated it
July 11, 2019
Status: --
Compared to danmei, good japanese BL novels are rare. This one was well translated and the story has a good premise. I loved Taka's description of his daily life, his outlook on his double identity, his feelings about his friends and family. The plot is not as intricate as some danmei I read. There are some plot incoherences which bothered me. For example, I doubt that kidnapping 'Eve' is the only solution they could think of... come on... how about seducing 'Eve' first then kidnap if seducing fails lol... also,... more>> Wolfgang suddenly wanting to be alpha did not make any sense, it just jumped out of nowhere, without backstory or explanation and felt like some plot device to just have the main couple come closer together.

This novel flows like reading a manga...i get the same vibe as when am reading manga... it was still enjoyable to read. The sexy images were a delicious treat... thank you author 🙂 <<less
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softmatcha rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: prologue part1
I don't write a lot of reviews, but I have to give my thanks to HimikoChou for picking this up and providing a wonderful translation. I'm so excited to know that the second book is going to be translated too! I'll be patiently waiting for updates and I encourage others to give this a chance.

From the summary, I expected something a lot more campy and harlequin... surprisingly, I ended up getting invested in a story about werewolves in a struggle to preserve their race and live well among humans.

The tags... more>> shout blatant content warning, and the author spares no effort in describing those related scenes to be as unsettling, uncomfortable, and dreadful as they're supposed to be.

I appreciate that the author doesn't shamelessly romanticize the subject matter, instead treating it seriously. By drawing you into the MC's psyche, the author does a good job establishing the gravity and turmoil of his circumstances in a way that feels very vivid and tangible. The MC is introspective and emotionally complex; I loved watching him mature throughout the 7 chapters as he found opportunities at every turn to discover and better understand himself, his situation, and his captor.

Contrary to the cheap impression that the summary might give people, the story's written quite well and, judging by its trajectory, the second book will likely move forward and away from the tag warning (hopefully). <<less
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Animelover73 rated it
May 9, 2019
Status: c5 part3
At the beginning I really didn't feel like this novel would be something I would enjoy. I am sorry that it's so short was really enjoying the hate to love romance.
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