Affection: Call of the King


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One day one of the twins born between the werewolf mother Hayato and the human father Gamon, Takahito was suddenly abducted by the Gosford family of werewolves from England. The present head of the family, the pack Alpha Arthur was a muscular, ruthless man. His amber eyes gave off a strong radiance like that of a predator hunting for his prey. Arthur informed Takahito that though he was a man his body was capable of conception. And thus: “You will conceive, and give birth to my child,” he ferociously pronounced as such and forcibly embraced Takahito…

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Enjou: Ouja no Yobigoe
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
12/05/18 HimikoChou c3 part1
12/01/18 HimikoChou c2 part5
09/14/18 HimikoChou c2 part4
09/12/18 HimikoChou c2 part3
09/09/18 HimikoChou c2 part2
09/07/18 HimikoChou c2 part1
09/02/18 HimikoChou c1 part3
08/31/18 HimikoChou c1 part2
08/29/18 HimikoChou c1 part1
08/27/18 HimikoChou prologue part3
08/26/18 HimikoChou prologue part2
08/22/18 HimikoChou prologue part1
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New Humph
January 28, 2019
Status: c3 part1
I don't know if this would be considered a spoiler so in case it is to some I put the spoiler tag....

anyways I really just wanted comment on the recent chapter I just finished reading

really all I wanna say is that the it finally started getting interesting in chapter 3.1

really don't even expect that much from this comment cuz really all I wanted to do was comment on what I thought when I got to the chapter mentioned in the spoiler (?) tag.
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UzumakiHana rated it
September 19, 2018
Status: prologue part2
I've been reading Chinese Danmei and Korean Novels all this time along, but now I decided to try Japanese (actually Im interested in Finder novel, unfortunately I couldn't get hold of it...) This is my first Japanese bl novel and so, my first thought is, I guess it's not gonna be as 'aesthetic' as Chinese with all the Chengyu..., They're hard to understand but interesting at the same time. I've only read up to prologue 2 and the story of course has not make any notable progress, yet. I think... more>> this is an interesting novel, really, I hope this novel can make me stay longer here \ (^ 3 ^) / <<less
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