Ace of Ace


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The life story of Gun Choi going towards being the best pitcher in the baseball Major League.

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에이스 오브 에이스
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Trent rated it
August 1, 2016
Status: c2
It might be too early to rate, but the beginning is rushed, unfulfilling, and confusing. There are too many cliches thrown on top of one another, and too little attention's given to any one of them. Two short chapters in, we've already got a runaway truck, a ditzy angel, mistaken identity, time travel (I think? It's confusing), game elements like stat screens, and special abilities. I dread to think what the third chapter will add.

I was looking forward to a refreshing sports novel. This isn't one. The MC's a superhuman... more>> Gamer. Unless the Major Leagues are actually home to Super Saiyans or Xianxia-ish cultivators, he has no business participating there and competing against athletes limited to the peak of human ability. What's satisfying in seeing an OP dude with cheats become the world's best baseball player? A mysterious second chance would have been enough on its own, without all the other props.

I guess after the MC dominates the diamond, he'll go beat up a group of toddlers to become the world's top martial artist. Before he can, though, he'll need an indestructible vajra body, the Five Heavenly Artifacts and Nine Divine Pills, and Excalibur.

Take this review with a grain of salt, the story may acquit itself later.

Chapter 10 update: My opinion hasn't changed much, but now I'm more confident in my rating.

The power-ups he's gotten until now haven't been overwhelming, but thoughtfully limited, which is great. Unfortunately, that's about it, and the rest of the story has remained poorly constructed and translated.

It's nice that the MC's willing to undergo pain to reach his goal, but his pain and determination are blandly described. And if at any moment the story needs a character, the author makes one up, but isn't able to give anyone a foundation. There's some antagonist in the MC's past who I can't bring myself to care about, but everyone else just sort of exists for however long they need to.

Maybe worst of all, it's just. Not. Interesting. Parts away from the field are boring, while the climax of each practice and game seems to be: shall the MC throw this kind of pitch, or that one? But with the poorly constructed characters, there aren't any psychological games to make such contemplation worthwhile.

I'm also sort of incredulous over whether the MC's really a sportsman. The reason given for why he hadn't been able to improve his knuckleball in years is just unbelievable.


He didn't realize that wind could affect pitches...


Just... just wow.

Also, it turns out, there's no time travel. Which is... good?

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Draeghe rated it
July 19, 2016
Status: c3
It's a bit early to properly review, I know.

But I've been waiting for someone to translate a sports novel.
And just considering the tags alone (and the description), I've got high hopes for this one.

Game Elements + Sports is a win in my book. I actually wish there were more novels like this translated.

So far I can say the author at least tries to give a proper reason as to why the protagonist receives his 'soon-to-be' powers. Unlike most novels where it's just sprung onto the MC (often ending... more>> the life with Truck-san) and then given a lackluster reason afterwards. Though sadly a truck is still involved. And the whole start of the novel feels a bit forced.

Luckily after the first two chapters, which are basically the set-up for the novel to really start, it does slow down and becomes less hectic.

His 'emerging' powers so far give him a stats table depicted with letters. Health, Strength, Agility and a couple of others. As well as 'accelerated' 'self-healing' ability.
Like with most other 'game element novels', more powers will most likely reveal themselves the further along we get in the novel.

I'll make sure to update my review once we're further along. So the entire review is subject to change.

Updated and the part below will probably be deleted at one point.
Response to the other review: Questioning the MC's reason to be the best baseball player is rather weird. (or rather the Authors choice to make it so) Sure it's a niche branch, but aren't all reincarnating novels pretty much the same? They have a cheat power or pre-knowledge to propel them to be the best in whatever life choices they make. Saying he's disallowed to compete because of his cheat power is silly...
On those grounds even having reincarnated to begin with, would disallow him to compete, cause he could potentially abuse his pre-knowledge to give him an 'unfair advantage'.
Why did you even bother reading a 'game element' sports novel to begin with? There was bound to be a cheat in it for him.

On a side note. If it does turn into a hidden xianxia, I wouldn't even be surprised... it is a chinese novel after all. lol
It's a bit sad to burn a novel like this before it even really started. Grain of salt included.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <<less
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Jaehaerys rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: c5
Hmmm... I know that this story has a cliche start, but giving it a 2 star just because of that is wrong. What Trent says is that MC will become a xianxia super saiyan. Which is incredibly misleading and misrepresentative of the story. Especially because he hasn't read the whole story yet. So far it seems the story just has a game system, no further mention of the angels has happened. It is similar to God of Cooking, which in my opinion was a pretty good story. This contains the... more>> same feeling, at least so far. I'm looking forward to the updates. <<less
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tyes77 rated it
June 9, 2018
Status: c15
Author barely does any research on what makes baseball great and not only that but the MC is so op its kinda unfair to everyone else. The other 5 star reviewers must be reading something else or have no clue on what makes a novel great. Seriously anyone who gives 5 stars I just ignore because they are literally saying this novel is perfect which this isn't. If you are expecting to learn about baseball or feel any sense of competition between MC and others then look somewhere else. Its... more>> basically MC throws two kinds of balls then wins. That's it with no sense of dread or anticipation of a good duel/fight/baseball game. Sad to say.

FYI if you want a good fun sports novel then check out god of tennis. It takes the game premise but actually makes it fun. Almighty coach is another one. Anything is better than this <<less
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Ardenleo rated it
June 29, 2018
Status: c20
Even though there are a lot of hates in the comment section. I still read this novel but didnt expect this one is a hidden gem. Its like what there saying theres a little bit explanation but did you think thats why its called novel? For my facts that's the reason I want to read a novel is to imagine that I cant do in real world thats why you dont need a scientific explanation, better go and read science book or other things that have a scientiic explanation. Im... more>> pissed it is one of the reason I dont want to read because of the negativity in the comment section thats why sometimes if a novel have low ratings I force myself to read. Ill give this novel 5star.

I read more than thousand novel and my first novel is lms and duoluo daluo if im not mistaken and my conclusion is this novel is really good just try to read it. <<less
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