Almighty Athlete


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Athletics, sprints, high jump, long jump he could do it all, breaking the world records was known as the “Emperor Track and Field”;

In the arena of basketball with his invincible shots

In the football stadium did not lose a game known as “the undefeated king”

On the tennis court he won four Grand Slam in one year.

On the track created numerous “firsts”

He is the greatest Olympic champion.

He has many world records


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Ramon54xg rated it
September 14, 2016
Status: v4c50
LoL, serious that there are people translating this ? Haha, you see, I always search for novels that I may like in Chinese sites, to read raw, and this is exactly the one that I am reading right now.

Well, this novels talk about a Chinese who is ordinary, he goes to primary, secondary, high school, goes to a mediocre university and lives a normal life, one of his hobbies is playing mobile games, and one day, one message appeared, 'Would you like to be an All-Around Athlete?' thinking that this... more>> is a game he accepts, and he goes back to his body when he had 17 years, in the same day that he did and test in a race of 100m, with a system, there he can buy things with 'skill points' he gain those point doing some tasks, winning races, tournaments, braking records, and with those points he can buy a lot of things, like skills that give a bonus to certain actions, potions to recovery physically, to maintain a good state of game, items that gives bonus, such as tennis that make him run faster, experience of other athletes.

This novel isn't anything great, but is something to pass the time. <<less
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June 13, 2017
Status: --
To anybody who is looking for a time pass, this is not a horrible choice. There are early signs of incomplete character development and even xianxia type MC and villains. Again, there is no depth to the characters.

I recommend only reading up to chapter 596 because after that this turns into complete shit.... more>>

He propeses to his girlfriend (Maria Sharapova, who only has about 1 chapter worth of lines in the entire novel) she refuses the first time and then runs off to India and he follows and they get caught up in the Mumbia terror attacks and he saves her life killing all the terrorists and then she accepts. But she breaks up and leaves him the next week for her dreams even after going through life and death.

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ScotlandForsythe rated it
November 25, 2016
Status: v1c13
The translation isn't exactly the best, but I understand it. The translatorceirjed hard. I like the set up. I actually wish their were more stories on here with athletes.

This really reminds me of God of cooking and Ace of Ace because of the same gaming-system-in-modern-setting idea. I hope the translation gets an editor and other than that I hope it updates. ?
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makenai89 rated it
September 22, 2016
Status: v1c14
As of v1c14, Almighty Athlete is a passable novel with mediocre translation. At first I thought it might be the IRAS of sports (IRAS as in the novel I'm Really A Superstar), but it turned out highly disappointing. The narrative was bland, its initial premises were underdeveloped, the hooks were absent. Currently, the three star rating is probably too high for Almighty Athlete, but if it is edited properly, I believe it could be so.

Dropped it for the time being, will take it up again if circumstances change because I... more>> just like reborn/second chance given to wannabe OP MC. <<less
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