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How could a poor graduate student without any background or connections become successful? With a coaching system? An upgrade? This is not a computer game, but real life we’re talking about!

This will be a fantasy based on reality. Dai Li will fight back against all those who would mock and humiliate him with his astonishing and awe-inspiring training skills. From a nobody he’ll try to become the most illustrious coach in the sports world, so join him in proving to everyone who’s the real master here!

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16 Reviews

Apr 15, 2018
Status: c144
In this novel we follow a novice coach that suddenly receives a "system" to help him train athletes.

    • Let's start with what this novel is not.
It's not a novel about people working hard to reach their goals. It's not really a "sport novel".

The sport aspect is merely the equivalent of a "skin or a theme" applied on the usual Xanxia formula.

    • Now let's talk about what to expect here.
The MC is the usual undeserving basic guy that has a cheat system fall on his lap. This time no reincarnation, world travel or other. He just gets it, no particular reason.

His system allows him to level up as he train people, making him a better trainer. Basically, as you'll find in the very first chapters, increasing his coaching level mean the very same action or advice will have a bigger impact on the trainee, often an unreaslistic impact. For exemple less than an hour of training obese children (that could not do 1 pull up) will sudden allow them to do 5 or 6 of them. 2 weeks of training those very obese children will make them go from last to dominating the tests and becoming number 1 with a perfect score in 5 or 6 sports (running, pull ups, long jumpand so on).

Remember the last you heard a coach trained a dozen of VERY fat kids for two weeks and those kids ALL scored perfect (100%) on their sport exams and did even better than the fit kids from sport clubs? No? Me neither.

His cheat also grants him items and techniques, for exemple he gets a skill to make people loose weight. Which is basically doing radio exercise for 10 mn to loose half a kilogram, repeatable as many time as you need.

You guessed it, this is NOT about the athlete, this is all about the coach (the MC).

Everything is setup so that no matter what the MC does, everyone will look down on him, just so that when the MC pulls a miracle out of his hat everyone is face slapped.

The MC will move from place to places a LOT, and every time he'll manage to inadvertently strike some conflict with someone he had never heard of, just so that person can be humiliated later on.

All athletes are throw away characters. The MC changes trainees like he changes socks (seriously) so very few athletes have a real personality, since they will disapear in maybe 10 chapters or so. There is absolutly no continuity in the training. He will train obese children, but then will jump up to high school kid, then a national athlete than to something else. It's always a different sport too. The reason is that there is no depth to the training, it's all "magical", fast and not sustainable as all his athletes instantly become number 1, so the author has tomake him move on to other athletes and sports, fast.

Something that particularly bothers me is that even though nothing the MC does is his talent (everything is thanks to the system but as LN readers we are used to that) he still uses "doping" items, like a halo that boost his trainees stats, to increase their performances by x% as long as it is active. That means during competitions his trainees get better scores thanks to that too because even though their current level might be worse than the competition, the 10% from the halo is enough to push them to the number one spot.

They are just not fighting on their own against others. This is disdainful for me, I can accept the fact that the cheat trainer allows them to progress faster. But once they are in the "ring/field/etc" they are on their own and it should be about their current abilities against others. But no, the MC has no activate his cheats to artificially up his athletes stats... This is not okay in a sport novel.

Something else that bothers me, is that most of the athletes he trains have decent strength on their own, sometimes not enough to be first, but still be pretty good.

But the MC doesn't really "train" them, we basically see none of that, what he does is push them up temporarily so that they can rank 1st, in order for him to rack up achievements. The athletes of course know nothing of his "cheats", so they think they are good enough to go professional, recruitement teams will contact them and those athletes that thought they got there with their own skills, fill find out when the MC leaves that they can't sustain their old performances... Because as they are not his trainees they can't enjoy the benefits of the cheats.

But what happens to them when they join the new team and they noticed that their great score went back to "ok"? What happen when they trhew away their studies to join a sport college thinking they could make it? The novel tells us none of that, because the MC has already moved on.

A few other thing bother me but they are comon to most LNs. There is no tension, the athletes trained by the MC will always be first and win. The MC also has a lotery system when he levels up (of course...) and that item he got randomly will always be exactly what he needs in the next page, no matter how useless it might seem.

Just... No suspens.

Well Basically to enjoy this novel, one has to push aside the sport aspect completly and not have high expectations.

There is nothing relatable for people that enjoy sport novels. Nothing. They also have to accept that the novel is like any Xanxia novel solely about the MC. The rest of the characters are tr*sh bags waiting to be thrown away. The cheat to get strongers in those novels are here cheats to "coach stronger", the strength level in those fighting novels are here his "coach levels", "martial arts" are "coach arts", and so on, it's the same thing.

I rate it 3 because it's not that good but readable.
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Mar 11, 2018
Status: c365
The greatest sin of this novel is being lukewarm and predictable. Generic plot of becoming the best with no large overarching plot/mystery. Nice things the MC needs pop up at just the right time for him. Conflict is either due to nepotism or (understandably) looking down on MC because he is too young and and his System-gifted methods are unscientific.

What sets this novel apart is that it gives a glimpse into sports development systems, or at least the author's idea of them. Yet for all the effort to make... more>> the subject of coaching approachable, it's hard to maintain interest when what wins out are things that only the System can provide.

Some time after the MC leaves his first long term job at the national level, it feels like the author ran out of good ideas so there are more ass-pulls and the MC gets more overbearing.


In the very predictable "hero saves damsel from marriage to young master" romance arc, the MC is aided by a reward that is NOT consistent with the System's past pattern. The MC even has a (rare) nationalist line that implies that all Chinese immigrants belong to China even if they are not citizens of China. The arc after that is too many chapters of showing that the MC is so amazing because he can fix someone's disability and face-slap the renowned foreign doctor who believes in science instead of the MC's new untested method.


The novel's pacing starts out fine despite the generic gasping and face-slapping parts. However, as the novel progresses, they start feeling more like filler. Since more of his trainees get into the spotlight and the sports become more multi-faceted, there's more opportunities for gasping and suspense... Except the author's writing is so predictable there isn't any suspense. If it's an event that takes the best of X attempts, there will be gasping and fake suspense for each of the attempts, with the trainee breaking his record and narrowly winning on the last attempt.

Overall, it's a barely passable power/wish-fulfillment fantasy. The gasping and fake suspense gets old and it's not as interesting as novels with better plots set in original worlds. <<less
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Mar 02, 2018
Status: c18
Mehverage. Not to say it is bad, but from the initial offering of 18 chapters is seems ok for what it is. A young, distressed graduate is suddenly imbued with a talking cheat system for sports coaching. Focused with his modest goals of getting a job and earning some money, he managed to get a PE teacher position. Don't get attached to the group of obese students as they are merely a plot device for the first arc where he trains them and uses them to slap the face of... more>> the doubters. Nothing too dramatic yet, I guess I am reading it for the sports coaching aspect. It's not as over-the-top as Library of Heaven's Path or as dramatized as God of Music, but there are similar vibes of a teacher figure using his cheat system to tweak the abilities of his students.

The translation is decent, however I am irked by the recent novels flipping the Chinese names (the other recent example in my mind is My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife, another novel translated and hosted by Qidian). Why the translator decided to switch the family name to the back like in the west is beyond me. In Korean novels this doesn't bother me much because the Korean themselves can't make up their mind when writing their names while overseas (eg: the famous footballer Park Ji-sung is often referred to as Ji-sung Park in the west, and he doesn't seem to have corrected them).

But for the Chinese the family surname is always before the personal name. The hero Li Dai (family name Li, personal name Dai) is changed in the novel to Dai Li, Chen Jianguo is translated as Jianguo Chen and yet referred to by other characters as Professor Chen. What is the translator going to do if there is a Chinese character with an English name? Will "John Lan Jiaochang" become "Jiaochang, John Lan"?

While English readers might not mind this, this reversed naming convention will prove problematic once family members and relatives are introduced, let alone characters that have baptized names and western nicknames from the worldwide Chinese diaspora (if there are any such characters). <<less
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May 04, 2018
Status: c147
Slashs's review of this novel is very accurate except that the athletes he trains do get stronger/better, however they are given a tiny boost that bumps them up but the athletes will lose this buff once they stop being his students. this probably gave slash the misunderstanding that he doesn't train them and they have no future once they leave his care.

that said, I will reiterate what slash said, that this novel is very disappointing because all the athletes are throw away characters.... more>> they are just there to give the MC achievements and then they will disappear.

the novel also doesn't touch on the training aspect so there is really nothing interesting about this game unless you want to read about the MC who cheats his way up the sports school, then cheat his way to become the best coach of the national sports association.

the MC also rarely contact his family, has no love interest so no romance and has no friends. so yea, none of those in the novel..

just the MC cheating his way up the corporate (?) ladder.... <<less
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Mar 22, 2018
Status: c10
Basically you can skip most of the chapter and you don't miss anything important.

The MC is ret*rded as f*ck. Gains a scanner of good athletes near 10 meters of him and doesn't abuse it.

Has an almighty Wikipedia voice in the head (that is really baby spoon feed basic information like it was a hidden knowledge of the mighty sage) and doesn't ask or test the limits of his answers to plan the most efficient way to use his powers.

I already said he is ret*rded, but why? Well I only read... more>> until the chapter 10 but I couldn't stand it anymore. You have a one time buff time for a beginner chest and you want to use it immediately without none to train ? are you s*upid?

Then, the system tells him numerous times that he can train random people... WHy can't he do it in the spare time he has ? He only trains the fat kids like a part-time job! Use the maximum time of your buff dude !!
And then he has a genius (insert meme genius here) idea to say... HEY ! I can train 8 fats kids, if I can train 10.000 kids of high school I can be richhh! Jesus f*ck... what the f*ck the author is thinking.

Dropped. Don't waste your time.
2 Stars because no harem or h**ny Chinese idiot. <<less
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Mar 04, 2018
Status: c220
Please read because this is a gem in the rough. There is NO RACISM nor POLITICAL BIAS in this novel! You'd expect with this kind of novel you would see the typical over-nationalism but no the author is respectful for others nations and even explaining that many other countries have a better technique than China's own. The MC even goes as far as adapt it to his own team but they don't claim it as their own.

... more>>

For example in a relay race he uses a Thailand technique (i think) and many including himself recognize he used it for his own to win. He even acknowledges them as pioneers in the relay race.


I love this novel though there is the typical idiots who try to fight against him but it never last more than 7 chapters as he relies on his own connections or results to beat them. I absolutely LOVE this novel because in the end the author is UNBIASED and tries to improve his own country by adapting OTHER country techniques and learning as he goes on (HE DOES NOT CLAIM IT AS HIS OWN AND EVEN CREDITS WHERE IT IS FROM). He even recognizes hard talent and effort and for that I give this 5 stars just because its rare to see in a novel on Qidian. <<less
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Mar 30, 2018
Status: --
i want to rate it 3.5 star but 3 star is too harsh for me so I went for 4

It is not that the novel is bad or so... But for me. It can not be good but it is not bad

We have an author that build his world, respect it, respect his character, give us real info on sport, Having a bit of " comedy " in it, Having no harem, Xianxian, others nonsense and haveing no " Hard Patriotism " like " If he's not chinese he can... more>> die I don't care even if its a good guy but because he's not chinese its definitivly a bad guy, and if a chinese do a mistake ? Well... that happens that's life we can move on if you pay somes respect to me ", AND it has no filler

But for the bad... Its not something he have in the novel that is bad.... but more a lack of it

A good " sports " novel have to devellop either on comedy, which is not enough to be classified as comedy or have to build characters that is more complex and will change during the story, during what they encounter and More than the sport we will see the character growing and changing during their meeting and so. But here we don't have none of that So the novel can't be classified as good <<less
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Mar 02, 2018
Status: c19
I mean this novel aint perfect or anything but its good so far and entertains me so whats to hate so the story is about a guy who uses cheats to make a better life for himself and I dont see anything wrong with that. Common guys the reason we read novels is to live out are fantasies that we cant do in real life, in novels we can be anyone we want, we can be rich people, we can be cultivators, we can be do anything. And honestly... more>> speaking if I had this guys cheat in real life, hell yeah id used it to better my life, I mean you got a free ticket to becoming rich and no way in hell will I throw it away. <<less
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Mar 01, 2018
Status: c17
Although I only just started this Novel its actually pretty good, the story moves at a good pace, the characters are likable and its not too overpowered.

However this novel is not without faults as the only way I can explain it is plain, it might get better when theirs more than one arc but for now its a side novel I read when waiting for the ones I like to update.
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Nov 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I dropped this before because early in the story we already got a low-level villain. You know a force problem. Now, it's been years and I give his one another chance since I don't have anything to read aside from my daily read which is just 5 chapters max.

I reading this again for the 2nd time and as you can see already reached 400+. It's much better than I thought, it's entertaining enough and it's sports. But the problem as to why I dropped it the first time is still... more>> there. MC is always being picked, which I get, but it's too many and the main driving force of the plot.

Second, is his reputation, his reputation and resume are so damn good. The MC already trained multiple champion provincial/national/Asian and world record holders. So you are expecting some kind of reputation and power But people are always looking down on him simply because they are ignorant, which is usual, but the problem can be fixed as long as the MC clearly says so and the fricking coach who has a very small circle does not know about what's happening above.

The third is love. The MC falls in love at first sight. To his very own boss who trained in their company building. Coincidentally meet, the light blacks out, and the girl injures herself. So now our almighty MC massages her feet and feels the smoothness of the girl's skin describing the experience as some kind of fetish.

The MC drives the girl to her home but another man is already there and yeah, it's one of the girl's admirers. You can imagine the rest, the other admirer causing trouble and his father-in-law (Even when the MC is just a shield BF). The story become so different that I thought they mixed the chapter since the MC is not coaching anymore and just massaging injured people and some kind of noble. It's nuts.

This one handles the international country a bit better than the other and the conflict is mainly because of interest (sports) which is a plus not because this one is from this country so they are sh*t and blah blah blah.

If you have nothing to read you can try this but I know people will be turned off of low-level villain/Young master troupe/Karen-like characters and it's not like it's going anywhere since it's the recipe for every single arc. As for the ending, maybe I will edit this if I survive the last 200 chapters before another novel saves me from reading this.

Edited: The America arc and above I think is the best in the series. It becomes more focused on the novel's theme which is coaching and results. Some problem is bound to be there but at least the story becomes more focused on progress. The way the story changes too.

For example, before we see a POV when the MC trained or the athlete trained but they fast forward the training (sometimes directly skipped) and focused on the competition. The competition lacked details like skimming the story. You can feel the author wanting to end it all. Basketball, football, and American football all in the span of 20 chapters.

The ending is some officials from China want MC to train their football team to enter the World Cup.

Rating: 3.5/5 - Bad start with a much better end <<less
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Jun 26, 2020
Status: --
This novel is basically Physical Education Education, with the typical 1-dimensional cliche side characters.

And no, that wasn't a typo, this novel is about a fresh grad man synched with a system about how to be a Physical Education teacher. Hence, Physical Education Education or P.E.E.

If you're here to read about a a sports-type novel, then you won't find it here. The system don't even give him any tips on how to coach, it's just by leveling up his advice would just make it magically more effective. This started as... more>> a P.E.E. Then went down to almighty weight loss instructor, yet again down to almighty masseuse. It's like the system is from Great Doctor Ling Ran or sonething. <<less
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Mar 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Amazing the story never went off-track.

Especially so that this novel started in the after college scene and to the rise of almighty coach.

You'll literally see the progression that will happen in the story particularly from the perspective of a coach. Just like a zipline and it will ride you to the generalities of coaching systems.

There are some heart warming or touchy moments (depends on how much connected we are...) and just a small tip if you don't want to read the games technicalities and you just want to read want... more>> will happen next in the story and not the rules, please do so, I highly recommend it.

I like the ending by the way. Thanks for the read :) <<less
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Feb 20, 2020
Status: Completed
A very luke warm system novel. I won't comment too much on what other people have already said, concerning the athletes being throw away characters and pretty much random "enemies" that literally decide to hate him before even meeting him, only to be "beaten" a short while later.

My complaint is a little different. I'm really disappointed in the joke of a love interest in this novel. It was also treated as a throw away scenario, which this author seems to do a lot. I'll write the rest in spoilers just... more>> in case.


The MC eventually meets his love interest, and at first there were a few chapters dedicated to their relationship growing. However, after those few chapters, when they were considered finally dating, she has next to nothing to do with the novel. Now, I know this isn't a romance novel. However, if you start something in a novel, you should finish it.

As I said, after they were together, she pretty much disappeared from the novel, especially since he was in the US at the time. She showed up again when there was suddenly a "scandal" between him and an athlete, which literally only lasted half a chapter. It was mentioned she wasn't returning his calls, and even blocked him on wechat. He suddenly decides he's going to fly back and propose to her in China. That's how the chapter ended. You'd think the next chapter would be about this happening, right?? Nope. The next chapter starts with someone saying "Oh, you're back from China already?? How'd it go?" With the MC having a big grin on his face.

In other words, the author actually skipped the entire scene where the MC and the love interest actually get engaged. I don't even know if they are actually married by the end of the novel, because except for a couple other times where she shows in a paragraph or two to talk to him about his current problems about athletes, she never appears again! I know this isn't a romance novel, but this is the love interest for crying out loud! This is the girl he fought for by face smacking about of rich brats by gifting her a priceless roadster and fought against her father who disapproved of him. The entire story line concerning this just disappeared.


This is the problem the author has. He just throws away characters when he wants to progress in the story. A novel shouldn't do that. It leaves a bad taste in the reader's mouth, making them wonder... "What happened to these people?"

For the author, it's anything to push the story along. This includes really awkward time jumps. I had no clue how old the MC was by the end of the novel. Not even a vague idea to be honest. Sometimes the time skips were months, half a year, a "season" of whatever sport he was in charge of. For all I know, 10 years, 20 years, or even 40 years could have passed in the actual novel by the end of it. I'm just not sure.

Relentlessly pushing the story forward can't be done at the expense of the quality of everything else in the novel. <<less
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Jun 27, 2019
Status: c626
Do not listen to the people who haven't read the whole book. This is a must read. The beginning may not start of wel for some of you, but if you persevere through the first 100 chapters you will find yourself rooting for him. The challenges he overcomes in the beginning of the story transforms into curbstomping the competition. And for some of you who like romance, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! When the tag says 'romantic subplot' it means there is nothing to see here. The story does not... more>> have any big exciting moments sinds he solves everything like a winner.

All his atlethes, groups etc. Always win their competitions exept when the difference between the athlethes is to big.

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Mar 24, 2018
Status: c92
MC is dummy, coaching system works really weird as MCs coaching level DOES NOT affect MC but rather his trainees (they get better at things faster), while skills he get is borderline magic.

Not actually a spoiler but it may spoil some twists.


Also many lucky coincidences when MC gets seemingly useless skill but right at the next chapter it turns out this skill is precisely what he needed the most.


It's readable, dunno how or in what way, but I got hooked on it.
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Mar 24, 2018
Status: c90
It's good read for bored ppl, and hey best of all there is no garbage called harem in it so rest assured the MC won't suddenly act out of character, well up to where I read he hasn't so let's hope for the best and pray to the author that he/she won't make him do that (leeacherous behaviours) and stop the raining of the heavenly beauties in each new arc and chapters.
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