A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem


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3rd Book in the A Mistaken Marriage Match Series

He is the master of six kingdoms. As long as he wanted, his cavalry is ready to wipe off any country.

She is the world renowned talented Qing Family sisters. But because of his word, her family became destitute and homeless. He wanted to tame her, she will not submit to him.

Two similar unbending persons with no love and feelings between them, are fated to be continuously intertwine an entire lifetime. He thought that he wanted her total submission but when she was kneeling at his feet, why did it all feel meaningless?

She thought that all she wanted was his life, but when he spurted blood while he was lying in her arms and asked “Why did you return?” Why did her tears keep falling?

Various mysteries in imperial harem, a gold heist, a case of dead palace maid, the baffling death of a young prince, the secret around crown prince’s parentage… So many secrets and thrills!

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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Not like the prequel, this qing sister is not a time traveler. She's the only surviving member of the qing's. The emperor portrayed in this story is quite normal, he has a lot of beauties, cold, and ruthless and I totally adore if someone could smack his face with bricks.
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May 9, 2017
Status: epilogue 2
If you read GuYun's story and ZhuoQing's before this, I would advise you to not read this one.

Because the heartbreak and sadness might kill all your happy vibes from the two stories.

But, if you manage to brave through all 115 chapters of dread, the sweet sweet epilogues are waiting for you.

To read or not to read, ah - that's the question :v
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tanzmoon rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c57
Compared to the other two stories this one is quite melodramatic and at times can really pull your heart strings! It also doesn't seem to have that comedic or playful element like the other two (whenever I'm reading the other novels I'm always smiling even without realizing but for this one it makes my heart restless!). But it can still draw you in like a magnet and you can't help but want to find out what happens next. So frustrating since there's almost always a cliffhanger at the end!

I really... more>> love qing feng, she's such a strong women! Especially in the beginning when she suffered so much humiliation and yet she was still so confident and amazing. In the beginning I absolutely hated the male lead (i.e. The emperor), even now I'm not that fond of him but at least he is more tolerable now.

The translator and editors are very good. Makes reading much easier and the update is quite frequent too. Thanks for all their hard work! <<less
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Poor_Hero rated it
February 7, 2016
Status: --
the heroine in the story of trilogy is not a time traveler. Be warned, that this story has lots of heart-breaking and ragequit events. The MC is quite pitiful in this story but she is so stubborn and persist to achieve her goal. Kind of dislike the male lead so far (hell, I want to burn him alive, like a lot.) wants to see how qin feng survives her ordeal in the cruel and cold palace.
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DOHere rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: epilogue 2
I grew attached to the MC so I gave it 5 stars. But there were some things the author could have written better.

Edit: I tried reading some other books from this author and couldn't finish another one. Are you sure this book was written by the same author? I know an author can have different styles, but how come I didn't like any of her other mc's and stories, but this one?

... more>>

    1. What's the deal with the 2nd male lead, Ming Ze? He was seriously introduced at first and he and MC were interested in one another. But that didn't go anywhere. Moreover, when he saw her servant smile, he immediately compared her to mc's smile and how mc's smile made his heart beat. And then he fell for that servant -_-. What was the point of all those small encounters between him and the MC in the beginning then? Why make them seem interested in each other at the beginning? It's as if the author forgot about it in the latter half of the story and acted as if nothing ever happened.
    1. What was the need of giving her child to"her sister", when she left the palace anyway? She didn't want him to be raised in palace, so he wouldn't have. Why didn't she take her baby back then? There was nothing endangering them anymore.
    1. The author was VERY UNFAIR. Why is it that those other 2 "sisters" had such a smooth sailing and happy-go-lucky life and poor MC had to go through so much to get half of their happiness?!?! Her parents were killed, she and her sisters were kidnapped, the guilt of causing "her sisters" to "lose their memory" and her constant concern for them, being married to the one who caused all this, her baby being murdered, finding out her sisters died, having to give away her 2nd child. It's seriously not fair. After all she went through, she deserved way more happiness than them.
    1. Of course we found no answer to who is her adopted daughter, cause the author doesn't care about consistency. I'm not going to read the other novels, where she might reveal the truth about the adopted daughter. But I doubt she'll give this MC any justice, so I can't bear to read all the other novels related to this one she wrote.
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whosays25 rated it
June 1, 2017
Status: --
... This story only made me sad. All I wondered from the beginning till the end was, why was Yan Hong Tian the male lead? In what way was he deserving of Qing Feng? He's a big disappointment, no way worthy of being a male lead, much more of a scumbag than the male lead of 'imperial princess accidentally seduced her husband'. Most of the times, I only make 5 star reviews but now this is one of the exceptions. Try reading the first ten chapters and you'll absolutely know... more>> why. <<less
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tohukyo rated it
March 18, 2018
Status: Completed
This is actually my first c-novel I read/finished. It's what dragged me into this wonderful world. I read this first before the others in this series and I'm quite happy I did. I found Qing Feng very endearing; her strength and talent for a woman in the ancient world. I think it's a good idea for people to read this one before the others because I think Yan Hong Tian comes on very strongly whereas this story deepens his character but that only happens because he becomes a better person... more>> through his relationship with Qing Feng. Anyway the cleverness of the author to have weaved the three stories together is amazing. Sorry this review isn't that good. Mainly because it's been a while since I read it but I think fondly of this story. It has everything that I like in a historical palace romance.

I found the ending like the story of Dong Yi. I didn't want her to leave because of her love with the emperor, despite its destructive start and their cruel words to each other. It was sad to see her leave the palace and for her son to be switched at birth for fear of the cruelty of the palace life.

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Yohanna rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: Completed
I can say that this sister just had the worst luck among the three. She got thrusted into the imperial harem where every women is at each other's throats. To survive, she has no choice but to adapt to her new environment. This novel was an emotional roller coaster ride for me but it was hard to put it down since there is always something to look forward to on the following chapters.

For me, the most memorable parts of the novel ... more>>

where I can feel the pain of the female lead. The part where she broke down when her son died and when she figured out that the two people in front of her were not really her sisters but were two people who transmigrated to her sister's bodies. Because of the death of her loved ones, she never felt so alone in this world. My heart ached for her.


I also got to admire her strong character. I don't even know if I want to keep living on if I were on her shoes!

The ML is the very definition of an a**hat in the early chapters

he placed the MC in a prison when he knew that she was not the sister whom he wanted. I got disgusted with his actions at first.

but he improves bit by bit as he was won over by the MC.

The empress was so evil in ways unimaginable with her servant having a mysterious yet creepy background.

The fact that the MC is not a transmigrated female adds interest to the novel. <<less
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Hirose88 rated it
June 19, 2016
Status: c67
Okay, i've been following this in a while. I'm going to say this is such an original story that I really love (it's not time traveler story) . First you might hate Yang Hong Tian and all you want to do is support Qing Feng. But later ono you might really fall for this couple and every chapter you'll look forward for both appearance. Since this story is interesting, I even tried to find the raw and translate it by myself, anyway it's worth to read. Enjoy ! :D
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annkanni rated it
September 1, 2017
Status: Completed
This is the third and my least favourite novel among the original series.

... more>>

The original series tells the story of 3 sisters from Hao Yue whose parents were murdered, clearing the way for mercenaries to forcibly transport them to Qiong Yue as gifts to 3 prominent men. As tributes the sisters are downgraded to concubine status, disabling them from ever becoming wives.

While taking shelter from the rain, the sisters decide to disfigure their faces and commit suicide to escape their fate. The mercenaries attempt to save them. Eldest sister Qing Ling and youngest sister Qing Mo die, (the souls of modern- day Forensic Investigator Zhuo Qing and Captain Gu Yun transmigrate into their bodies), while second sister Qing Feng survives.

The sisters are drugged unconscious the rest of the way, causing a major plot twist which would explain the first part of the title.

Each novel covers one sister's POV:

  1. A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Record of Washed Grievances (plot twist)
  2. A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselors (youngest sister Qing Mo / Captain Gu Yun)
  3. A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem (plot twist)

The reason this is my least favourite is primarily due to the ML. As the Emperor he causes the MC to go through a lot of suffering and only redeems himself around 3/4 of the novel. The MC is the strongest among the sisters in how she survives within the Imperial Palace and eventually wins the Emperor's devoted love.

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Jolyphus rated it
October 26, 2019
Status: Completed
There is a saying that happiness or sorrow comes through comparison. Qing Fengs sorry story is heartbreaking to begin with, but then you compare it with her two sisters who have the guarantee and adoration of their husbands from the start and err internal safety:P in the household I guess. When you compare it, then you start to get really frustrated and cry out injustice. But to who?

to the male leads? They have their own circumstances, even the emperor. That being said considering the character he shows later on, some... more>> of his actions are just forced. My main gripe is that he still treated qing feng cruelly even after realizing that the whole farce wasnt her fault and he took part in the family tragedy. He wasnt supposed to be such an ass, but he was. But I dont know ahh:v

to the female leads? They are technically victims too, they also dont actually have a sister bond with qing feng (until the ending). zhou qing especially did try to help I suppose. But nevertheless they were pretty much useless in the grand scheme of things! I rushed skimmed and skipped some parts mainly looking for their interactions to qing feng and I am disapointed. Gu yun had real 4? appearances technically and all in the later half, when qing feng no longer needed much help. zhou qing appeared more often, 5 times I think, in the first half but frankly caused more trouble then actual help, and even got help from qing feng instead. Ex are when she offended both dowagers and the empress for zhou qing, helped with the forged letters, the plan with chen zen almost busted because of her etc. Even in the two final cases they investigated it was... Uselesssssss. Emperor and imperial concubine figured out first what more or less happened lol. It was just filler and to show they care, kind of. They basically understood a fifth of what happened, her suffering and torment at the palace, at best. They understood the palace life, that its not easy? What a joke author. I wonder if zhou qing really understood that qing feng took the bullet for her, cause she wouldnt survive the palace most likely. Perhaps she could since no personal grievances but a modern woman living there? The harem thing alone is probably intolerable for her.

to qing feng herself? It was her that took everything on alone and constanly refused help, yes. But circumstance made her feeling guilty as hell and so she wanted to help and not be helped to atone for it, only to realize that it was pointless and she did it for strangers. Her lone torment was pointless, hahaha... that stubbornness though was so annoying. If only she was able to pour her heart out to her "sisters" instead of festerimg on her own. Even fu ling is just a friend and witness in the end. I was really looking foward to the three of them working together, sheming or something. Dissapointed.

So what is left to be pointed at? Circumstance? Yeah, but I point at author. So many things all stacked up at qing feng made me, a reader, stiffled, baffled and lamenting at the story, let alone qing feng. Not mentioning the reasons stated above, whenever there is a chance to pour her heart out or see through the "sister", there. Is. Always. Always. Something. Interupting. Plot!!! Huzah!

I think this is more or less my own grievances out. It helps to write this down, maybe now I can let it go? I also understand acutely why so many comments are raging, for one word. UNFAIR. What a twist of fate that the first and third got the perfect couple and enviroment, a ready made garden while qing feng got shit. sh*t that she used as fertilizer to finally grow her garden, with her tears as water and land and flowers gained through suffering. Ooh and enemies trying to ruin it while help is everdistant. (what am I writingXD). But despite it all I got really into it, just look at this comment lol, so there, 4*!

To understand what finally happens in the plot Im pretty sure you need to read this third book, so suffer alongside qing feng ahhahaha. Seriously though you could start from the end of the first novel, zhou qings offical wedding night, somewhere halfway through the chapters. Spare yourself from the first half, its where the injustice, pain, and frustration is.

Maybe once I brace myself I will actually read through that parts and not skim:P <<less
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Jden rated it
July 19, 2019
Status: --
(Warning: prepare for a long ass comment.)

Wow. This had been an incredible experience. The way this has been written just makes me speechless. There's just so much raw emotion written in it that you can imagine it so vividly in your head. In all honesty, it's not that entertaining. If you're looking for comedy, laughs and fun, this is not for you. This story is woven with grief, mystery and growth.

The main character really learns the cruelty of society and in turn, slowly becomes one of them. She... more>> learns to scheme and manipulate, all while solving the tantalizing mysteries of the story. The transmigration aspects of it really helps to give readers something to relate to as well. This is the kind of story where the reader is truly a bystander. You really have to remember the small details and watch while everything unravels.

You first might be angered by the male leads actions, annoyed by the female lead's weakness compared to her 'sisters.' And then you'll see their stories, feel their emotions and know it really can't be helped.

Then the subtle romance, the anticipation, and giddiness. You can literally smell the ambiguous air between them. Then you'll feel the butterflies, the love the acceptance. But then it all crashes down like a roller coaster. Chaos ensues, hatred, fury, murders, schemes, everything stacks up upon each other until she can't handle it anymore. She goes crazy, mindlessly living for nothing.

Fuk. I love this story so much. If you are looking for something more serious, something full of mysteries, where everything is different and well thought of, this is for you. I take back what I said earlier. It's hella entertaining. But if your version of entertaining is funny jokes and tacky revenge plots this ain't it honey. No malice though. Intricate schemes, years in the making. Bizarre supernatural phenomenons. Tainted romance, lasting love, beautiful souls. It's got it all. Give it a go. <<less
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January 28, 2018
Status: epilogue
I won’t rate this story, it’s not my cup of tea but I will review as I already skimmed through it and got the general details from others two sisters’ story. My status chapter is Epilogue because... I only read both epilogues fully, again and again, the only reason is because Gu Yun gave birth in that extra.

Just like those palace novels, it had politics, harem n schemes. Quite realistic and the only story of the three sisters in which MC was not trasmigrated.

Also, I really appreciate author that s/he... more>> really could write Yan Hong Tian’s character like a good real king, that include arrogant, cold inside out, can’t do what he want and can’t protect what/who he like. The reality should be like that but unfortunately I didn’t read novels to see facts. So, I don’t like Yan Hong Tian at all -_-

All in all, the story is not bad at all, just that it’s not what I look for in a novel.

P.S: My number 1 of this series is Gu Yun’s story, the military one, unfortunately, it’s the shortest among all. <<less
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Imane rated it
February 9, 2017
Status: epilogue
Do not read if you don't want spoilers or want to read the book go ahead everyone have a different opinions and that's what make us great!

... more>>

Let me just tell you how much I'm disappointed with this novel especially the lasts chapters and the ending, it made me feel bad/frustration/bitterness. It's sad because I really loved the heroine even thought she had weak points and the novel was alright at the beginning but it went down so fast in the last chapters ugh it made it feel rushed some events were solved in light speed.

The hero was "okay" and the couple had their moments but as for else their relationship was never complete for me it felt like insecure and not whole, she is always careful around him and sometimes it can be seen as cold and unfortunately the hero too is by far a disappointment I fully understand he is the emperor and need to be careful to protect and cold and so on... I read and watched a lot of this kind but maybe I expected something more for him? Like sitting and discussing what future hold for them or maybe even asking about her opinion when it come to his actions or explaining??? I understand the heroine act rashly but come on TRY who knows because it look like he doesn't trust her and as well the heroine sometimes she need me to smack her out 😠

About THE ENDING ugh HE??? Where???? They're ALIVE BUT😣😬 what were both the main lead thinking for $#@$%%

Like ugh 😤, Maybe the author was like : ugh let's finish this NOW

In the end EVEN thought I hated some parts of the novel the heroine was quick and smart and knows how to take action and the the storyline was amazing and the actions never ending it make you read without stopping. 😍


Many thanks to the translators who made this novel available for us to read I appreciation the hard work! <<less
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rdawv rated it
January 2, 2017
Status: Completed
Very good. The key strength of the novel is the characterization. Reading it all at one go, I find myself understanding the motivations and behaviour of the female MC. However, the supporting cast is a little hampered by the fact that they are shared across the related novels. It's like a movie series that tell separate stories with a cast of familiars, and because the other stories have yet to be fully translated you are left grasping at straws to fill the gaps with your own imagination. There are many... more>> reminders in the novel that tell you to read the other novels in the series to make a complete picture. Oh, you can read this on its own, just be prepared for jarring gaps that the author did not elaborate as it is assumed the reader would be at least familiar with the other novels in the series. It's a familiar tale of a tragic woman forced to become a tribute, taken by the emperor of the victorious nation. She quickly found herself entangled in vicious palace politics who are eager to nip her in the bud. Some might not even like the male love interest who behaved like a stereotypical, overbearing emperor; and to the the end I felt that he remained underdeveloped based on this novel alone (I have no idea how prominent he will be in the other novels). He remains a somewhat vague figure in my mind, much of the story is dominated by the female MC's thinking process.

The ending seemed rushed, almost everything was concluded in the final chapter (which admittedly is nearly 3 times longer than previous chapters). The final resolution to me seemed 'too clean' and convenient, and I felt somewhat cheated at the lack of an actual final confrontation. Speaking of the ending, it should be noted that the epilogues opened the way for future sequels after a timeskip. <<less
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December 26, 2015
Status: --
P.S., unlike the prequels, the heroine in this is not a time traveler.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lonelysaram rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: Completed

I made a choice to read this book first instead of the prequels because the synopsis hooked me. Always been into an Imperial harem story, so it was a no-brainer for me. I had to say that it is better to read the first book first (coming from my own experience) because once you read this, the first book became less charming (cause many of the incidents on the first book is mentioned and sort of explained here, leading me to kinda read the first book in a faster pace).

I've had read a quite a number of Chinese Novels series, but it seems my knowledge is not wide enough because honestly, after I read this book, I was unable to move on for a while. Even after the ending, the sadness and grief that the female lead encountered still managed to bring me down. I can't even smile that much during the epilogue when my brain kept thinking back about the time when her baby was murdered heartlessly, or when she had to spend time in prison eating sh*t (not literal). But I truly can't imagine at the same time I can. It's contradicting, but when I thought about reality, yes someone out there might had a similar experience as she did. And when I thought about how it's supposed to be a story, and how some chinese novels (which I read mostly) portrayed their female lead as invincible made me cried and shook for this one.

It's an amazing story, I had to say. Despite the heartbreak and grievance, this novel brought out a deeper emotion than the other two books. It would eat you up and spit you out.

If you think about it, in comparison with the prequels' female lead, Qing Feng was the youngest in terms of age. Her thought process, her life experience paled in comparison. What she had to experience in the harem would have made someone gone mad, but she managed to stay sane (despite very much difficulty). And also, the fact her reals sisters were gone made her truly alone in that lifetime.

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misanthropethatenjoysreading rated it
September 4, 2018
Status: --
This story is not the typical transmigration historical romance- instead, we have an unyielding FL who, till the end, is relentless in what she wants. She favours familial bond over love and power and isn't all-powerful or too weak. She's in the middle of the spectrum. The ML is the typical cold emperor who falls in love but more secretive and easily misunderstood. Their 'love' is complicated and doesn't necessarily end the perfect 'happily ever after' like others which I prefer as it suits the FL's persona. But this story... more>> is quite heart-wrenching at times so be prepared to shed some tears T-T <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yango rated it
February 17, 2018
Status: Completed
How did I get through this novel, meant to give it 4 stars. It starts out really good, we've got our MC who is headstrong and really, just the perfect character. And then we've got the typically ass of a ML who we gradually understand and fall for. What I didn't like was all the scheming and typical palace conflicts. Really isn't my cup of tea. High stars because the translation was really well done.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Honeycomb rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a historical story without time traveling and I loved it! They are a rare kind these days. Although the emperor's character could be better. It has heartbreaking moments but for me, the epilogue is worth it.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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