A Mistaken Marriage Match: Record of Washed Grievances


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She is intelligent, beautiful, calm, and professional. As the youngest chief forensic investigator for the past few years, her future was very bright. All of this, however, changed with a bizarre time-travel.

Her face was now destroyed. All right. But unexpectedly she was also a “gift” from a small kingdom! Her life deviated from the initial course. By her side would from time to time emerge bizarre and bewildering incidents. She makes painstaking investigations, unravels the layers of mysteries, pleads for justice on behalf of the living ones, and redresses injustices for the dead. There have been no vengeful spirits under her knife!

Just as everything has settled down, as she looked back, she was inwardly glad. One life, one world, two-people. Today’s mistaken marriage is only to be tied with you.

Associated Names
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1st Book in the A Mistaken Marriage Match Series
Cuo Jia Liangyuan Zhi Xi Yuan Lu
Sai Gả Tàn Nhan Hệ Liệt: Tẩy Oan Tập Lục
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CTF-Brogan rated it
December 18, 2015
Status: --
In my opinion, I much prefer “Record of Washed Grievances” than “Generation of Millitary Counselor”... just that I love the character here more than the other, don't get me wrong, their both pretty badass and that is very cool but, well it all comes down to preferences...
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riida rated it
January 6, 2016
Status: --
This is not really romance but a great story of a smart protagonist using her skills in an unexpected situation. (And very well written as well)

This novel should be at least ten times more popular.

Too bad words like “romance” and “marriage” scare most people away from such a great read as this.
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Neverim rated it
September 30, 2016
Status: Completed
An extremely comfortable read - there's a balance of intrigue, comedy and dash of action (though less than GoMC) that keeps you going through the chapters without feeling worn out.

It weaves well with its sequel, not necessarily just from Zhou Qing's POV but also supplementing missing scenes that cannot be found in GoMC and explaining how certain events happened. In a way, it makes you curious about the other two novels to find out what happened on the other sisters' side of the story, without leaving gaping holes in the... more>> main character's story.

There really isn't much to spoil and most of the reason why it's so comfortable is that the two protagonists coordinate better than the other two novels' MCs. It's also a lot less frustrating and quite amusing to read how their relationship progress. <<less
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yzrahc rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: c57
As far as I've read, the MC stayed true to her character which makes her very likable plus the foxy male MC which compliments her. The story is very charming and most of the side characters will make you root for them. Also, it is not totally about romance but with mysteries where the MC helped with limitation which is actually good while emphasizing the area she is good at. If Gu Yun is perfect for crashing people who are stubborn and hard to please people then Zhou Qing is... more>> perfect for making everyone be enchanted by her with her cold attitude even with those proud and stubborn people. <<less
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Tachi Works
Biah_belle rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: c36
I regret putting this novel off to read because I thought it was too high iQ for me. It's actually easy to read and easy to understand as well as totally interesting !
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Mavsynchroid rated it
November 8, 2017
Status: Completed
This is really a tragedy. This is a light hearted novel that could have been much more popular, but was absolutely ruined by poor translating and editing. One chapter started of with the sentence...

"The wind on the ear. "

That's it. It was supposed to describe the weather, I think. This novel was extremely painful to read. It really is a shame as I'm sure it would rate higher and be more popular if it wasn't so badly translated and edited. Funny thing is, it was... more>> one of those novels where the editor made a point to have "Edited by (editor's name) " at the start of every chapter. Not sure taking credit for this quality was a smart idea.

Anyway, unless you're used to reading quality comparable to machine translated novels, I recommend waiting until this novel is completely redone, if that will ever happen. If not, you may be completely spoiled towards the novel, not enjoying it at all due to the carelessness of the team that worked on it.

P.S. I think the careless translator has some weird fetish for commas. That, or he simply doesn't get sentence structures so just peppers them in everywhere. <<less
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Tarroyn rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: Completed
Most novels fit into genres very well, things defined far before or by the sheer common-ness of the novels tropes (at least from the translation's beginning). A record of washed grievances is refreshingly original, even as it steps near quite a few cliches of female lead romance novels. Unfortunately, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Record of Washed Grievances is hurt most by an awkward transition between the genres it flits between. It jerks between a quality romance and a somewhat underwhelming mystery plotline, and fails to explore the depths... more>> of either to the extent that they could be. What we get is a lighthearted, fun read with a few memorable events that stick out among just a bit of awkwardness. Worldbuilding:

The Mistaken Marriage Match series involves a world that feels even more romanticized than the usual romanticized views of the past within time travel romances. The series gives a lot more emphasis to the power of the women beyond harem or romantic manipulations, and the end result is quite enjoyable. The world is vibrant and luxurious but not flat, and fits the tone of the novel very well. I enjoyed this setting more than the usual time travel setting, as it set the stage for something more deep than changing an emperor's mind, killing an heir, or marrying a husband. Its refreshing and enjoyable to see tribulations and success outside of inheriting a throne or some sort of comparison between two women's ability to be wives in ancient times. Characters:

The characters is really where the novel shines. The main relationship between the male lead and the female lead is exciting because it carries a different dynamic: Zhou Qing can be lazy and playful like other female leads, but Lou Xi Yan is a fox himself, and their resulting banter is quite fun to read. The rest of the cast doesn't lose out in depth. One of the strengths of this novel is the connecting novels to it, a Generation of Military Counselor and Mysteries in the Imperial Harem both exist within the same world and time frame, and serve as companion pieces directly and indirectly. Directly, they allow you to experience and re-experience the world from different perspectives, and indirectly they force the novel to explore other viewpoints and expand on the characters beyond their purpose within the novel. Even the stereotypical "rival" character ends up being someone who feels human: Her undying love for our male lead doesn't feel like irrational given how he acted (and acts) around her, and the resolution of the affair is poignant and matches the seriousness with which the romance is presented. Story Development:

Record of Washed Grievances carries essentially parallel plotlines: one for the romance between the two leads, and one for the detective work that Zhou Qing is dragged along for. The former is magnificently done, drifting between serious moments and fluff like a fish in water. The latter is a bit weak, however. To some extent, the mystery doesn't live up to the romance. Although it carries a lot of significance (it might even be more significant than the relationship), it's just less exciting than the next moment of intimacy between our two leads. The end of the novel sort of meshes the two plotlines together, which ended up feeling a little bit underwhelming. One last thing worth noting is that a fair bit too much attention was placed on the time travel device; while it does increase the gravity of Zhuo Qing's love, it ends up feeling like a relic of A Generation of Military Counselor more than a piece of Record of Washed Grievances, especially with its slightly awkward placement. Enjoyment:

So here's the rub. Without trying to insult translators, because translators do the job for free and often out of the generosity in their hearts (and sometimes our wallets), the current translation, as of 2017/09/20, is kind of bad. Its not bad from an accuracy standpoint, as far as I know, but the phrasings are awkward in places and the text just does not always flow well. And that's unfortunate, because even then the good moments in Record of Washed Grievances stand out. This makes Record of Washed Grievances a "skim and reread" type of novel: hunt for your favorite moments, and often times those are well edited and enjoyable. The in-between is just a little rough on the edges. I recommend A Mistaken Marriage Match: Record of Washed Grievances to people who love time travel romance or romance in general. If you're interested in the genre or just want a good romance, I think Eight Treasures Trousseau or To Be a Virtuous Wife are better places to start, but Record of Washed Grievances is definitely not far behind. <<less
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Aster Anemone
Aster Anemone rated it
May 24, 2017
Status: c112 part2

Now I want to re-read Gu Yun's story after reading this.

It was good story. Light romance unlike its sequel (military one). MMC and FMC were very likable and many side characters were also solid and eye catching. Story sometimes feels like blowing minor things out of proportion but anything is feasible in this type of setting. I would love to read "Mo Bai's" romance as he is very heroic character too.
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Shien rated it
April 2, 2016
Status: --
I like this story more than generation of the military counselor. I love the main character in this story, the male and female protagonist matched each other. I just much prefer zhuo qing than gun yun.

Zhuo qing is a calm, smart, rational woman with icy attitude and Luo Xi Yan is a calculating but calm, gentle, and smart man. For me they are perfectly suited to one another.
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annkanni rated it
September 1, 2017
Status: Completed
This is the first novel of the original series and my second favourite among the entire A Mistaken Marriage Match collection.

... more>>

The original series tells the story of 3 sisters from Hao Yue whose parents were murdered, clearing the way for mercenaries to forcibly transport them to Qiong Yue as gifts to 3 prominent men. As tributes the sisters are downgraded to concubine status, disabling them from ever becoming wives.

While taking shelter from the rain, the sisters decide to disfigure their faces and commit suicide to escape their fate. The mercenaries attempt to save them. Eldest sister Qing Ling and youngest sister Qing Mo die, (the souls of modern- day Forensic Investigator Zhuo Qing and Captain Gu Yun transmigrate into their bodies), while second sister Qing Feng survives.

The sisters are drugged unconscious the rest of the way, causing a major plot twist which would explain the first part of the title.

Each novel covers one sister's POV:

  1. A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Record of Washed Grievances (plot twist)
  2. A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselors (youngest sister Qing Mo / Captain Gu Yun)
  3. A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem (plot twist)
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: Completed
Great as expected, but for some reason I just prefer the Military sequel better. Perhaps because I read Military first, when I read this I was pretty disappointed that the story ended so early. I wanted to get ZQ's opinions on events that happened later in Military, but this only covered like half of the story. Plus I kept on fact checking, which probably also wasn't helpful.

I do love ZQ and LXY, especially the fact that they both have both high IQ and high EQ (looking at the low EQs... more>> of the GY x SL couple cough) and realize quite early on that they want to be together. Perhaps that is also kind of why I'm less interested, since they decided it early on so there's a bunch of relationship drama. Like here the Princess is really pretty annoying and never ends up really being wrapped up, whereas the biggest love rival in Military was AT, who was always supportive and helpful with GY. Imperial harems are always hit or miss with me, especially when the emperor seems so evil in this story vs the Military story. God, the emperor was such an as*hole in this story especially at the beginning. I don't quite remember if this switch of names is covered in Military, but that's inconsequential. I guess mostly what drew me off was that it seemed like ZQ and LXY weren't very OP here, since they might be OP with their brains but without also having the physical OPness as in GY x SL, they were much more vulnerable. I'm mostly looking at all of the political maneuvering and the emperor's a**holey behavior here. Quite salty about that. I guess I was also slightly disappointed that ZQ never ended up telling LXY about her actual identity like GY did, though LXY inferred some of it already.

Ultimately, when I was reading this, I guess I felt an overwhelming urge to go back and reread Military. Maybe I'm just addicted to the macho couple.

Edit: alright, after writing this, I'm actually going to do reread Military. After skimming the sequels first for GY x SL parts. I probably have a problem. <<less
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iampheng rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: Completed
I liked this one better than the other time traveling sister one (Gu Yun). This is mainly because the MC and ML know that they want each other and own up to it. The MC, yes...., can be described as cold, but that's just her front. The lead couple have just the right amount of push and pull to be alluring to readers.
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hjieru rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: Completed
I like the interaction between MC and her husband ❤️😍. Prime Minister LXY is so good with his words
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
November 30, 2017
Status: Completed
It was enlightening to read all of the MC's descriptions for the autopsies and how she survives in a world that does not recognize the career-woman. She also knows when something is beyond her and she needs someone's help, which is an important quality to have. She knows what she knows, but she is not a superhero and knows her limitations.

Unlike with Gu Yun's story, the romance here is not forced and is easier to read. Since the MC is actively hitting on the man she loves, it's pretty refreshing... more>> to see. <<less
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Zari rated it
September 23, 2016
Status: --
Very smart female lead. Not the sly and sneaky type that "smart" female leads usually get made out to be; she has real brains. Very confident and independent. I also love the fact that this is one of the pitifully few stories where the female doesn't catch feelings first!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aovel rated it
September 13, 2018
Status: c112
I started reading it after finishing the mother and daughter books. Some of the elements from The Pirate's Daughter made me decide to read this story. The arrangement on how I read the books where based on how I tried to connect the characters in my head and this made more sense to me. I did not expect to enjoy this as much as the other two books (A generation of military counselor and The pirate's daughter) but curiously I did. The pacing was good and the characters became more... more>> vivid to me and I find myself more and more curious about the others.

So far I have a favorable impression about the whole series. And after concluding this story I will walk into the harem to see what the other sister is up since she piqued my interest from all her appearances on this story. Tsk tsk, the author is really sly.",) <<less
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iiWonderWomanii rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c112
I recommend this novel if you're into reincarnation novels with a more gentle tone, like To Be A Virtuous Wife. The characters are somewhat light and like-able, yet pretty realistic. The MC doesn't have unexplained powers, but she has a good head on her shoulder and is eloquent, in a way. The interactions of the male and female lead is romantic and it's easy to understand why he fell for her. There's very little drama, as the leads are quite in-sync with each other.
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mielru rated it
August 20, 2019
Status: Completed
One of best transmigration story so far! I also have read the other two books (A Generation of Military Counselor and Mysteries in the Imperial Harem, which has intertwined story).

Although I love the 2nd book the best, I like this second. The story line has shorter span time than the other 2 books, but still enjoyable. The story gets more expanded and explained in the other 2 books so you have to read them as well to get a perfect ending.
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Myky rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: c57
Oh my GOSH!! Is this a different and riveting story. It has a solid plot and interesting characters. Its slightly confusing but I've always felt that whether a story is good or bad, it is at least a lil bit successful if it makes you feel strong emotions. This story makes me feel so many om gosh.

I love mystery and medical portions of this book and I love how the characters can make you feel relieved after throwing your heart into a blender. The ML is very likable and his... more>> little tricks make me literally go "HE HE HE" >:). The female lead is just trying to survive. And honestly, I would too if I were in her shoes. But I want cupid to throw a torpedo not an arrow and make them fall deep in love rn.

To be completely honest, this story is not what I was looking for and I get more and more STRESSED as I read. But I would recommend it because its really interesting and different. I think its pretty original and things go at a fairly good pace. Though, I did read somewhere that the endings of these stories are abrupt. ; ( The ML and FL are hecking cute and funny. I really wish this story had more fluff (which it might later on but right now I'm at a point in the story where I'm just biting my nails with every passing sentence).


(RANT:this is about the cause of my stress rn)

HIGHKEY THE EMPEROR IS A MAJOR DINGY ASS DUSTY BITCH. LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? For the sake of getting a girl you literally ruin her family and indirectly:somewhat directly force all (but 1) of the members to their deaths (and the other two sisters are other ppl reincarnated into their bodies). Is that love at all? His story about loving the FL (Qing ling) doesn't seem like a love story at all. He's just one sidedly obsessed with her. DISGOASTING !?- (maybe I missed a heart-wrenching part but the Emperor is a NAstY bit*h so still) Literally before you realized who she was at the banquet you were ogling some other girl!! And not only that you gave the sisters you didn't want to your friends? I feel so bad for Qing Feng (the real one of the sisters), my heart goes out to you girl. Like I get she's a fictional character but I can't help but admire how she sacrificed herself to that shit-headed emperor for the sake of her soft-hearted sis. (I get that this huge rant isn't even about the two MCs but I am just so upset abt it.) I can't convince myself to read the third book bc the emperor upsets me sm and Qing Feng deserves sm more.

but anyway I want our foxy fiend and his lovely coroner to hurry up and be lovey dovey im STRESSED YALL SEND GOOD VIBES.

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Afm rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Best transmigration story ever..

I love how the FL and her friend, Gu Yun, showing their 'real-self', instead acting as the real host of the body.

The ML also nice, to understanding of her (FL) intrest/ passion/dedication toward Forensic Pathology.

The only thing that I quite unsatisfied with the ending, the author abruptly end the story just like that... hehe
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