A Mistaken Marriage Match: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue


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What do you get when you put a thick-skinned, acting-dumb constable and the aloof, genius daughter of the Premier in the same town?

For the sake of winning a bet, Lou Chen left her home and crossed into neighboring Liao Yue for some sight-seeing and treasure-hunting. But barely a few days into her trip, she gets embroiled in a mystery murder which leads her to meet a nonchalant, happy-go-lucky constable, who is obviously hiding an astute brain under his flippant appearance.

Turns out that this flippant constable has a birth mystery that links back to some of the most prominent families in Liao Yue. Coincidentally, this constable also seems to have something to do with her sword “Cang Feng” which apparently used to belong to his family before it disappeared 18 years ago.

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5th Book in the A Mistaken Marriage Match Series
错嫁良缘 - 燎越追凶
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MissQ rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: part12
I didn't know this was about the daughters of the 3 past novels! It was all connected!

I read the summaries by Cloud Manor and I am very impressed on how elebrate the stories is, even though it was summarized.

I really look forward to Su Su's book!
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leleonie1608 rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: c15
I really cant wait for the story to be finish trandlated.. at first when reading the dirst 3 books I was skeptical... but then I was hooked into the stories of the 3 female lead siblings.. and now I am hooked to their daughter's stories! It is all connextes to each other! Such great storytelling
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