100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in


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Ji Fanyin realized the moment she transmigrated over that she was a stand-in, a substitute for her younger twin sister, Ji Xinxin.

“Sure, I can be her stand-in. Here is my list of prices. Take a look at it first, and make sure to reserve a slot in advance. I won’t accept any last-minute calls, and do take note that it’ll only be a platonic relationship. Thank you for your cooperation,” she said.

In a western restaurant, a rich young master looked at her with eyes filled with affection as he said, “Xinxin, I would like to ask you out for a movie tomorrow night…”

An alarm suddenly went off.

Ji Fanyin took a glance at her phone before reining in her business smile, saying, “Time’s up. I need to rush for my next appointment. Make sure to foot the tab, and farewell.”

The rich young master’s smile froze up. “I’ll reserve four hours for tomorrow’s movie.”

In the middle of the night, a drunk, tyrannical young master dialed her number and whined, “Big sis, when will you come over to meet me?”

“In order to ensure the quality of service, this call will be recorded. It’s four in the morning right now, and my services will be ten times the usual price. Are you certain you want to proceed?” asked Ji Fanyin.

“… Hurry up and start acting!”

Ji Fanyin’s phone suddenly rang in the midst of a date with a domineering CEO at Tokyo’s tower. With a smile on her lips, she rejected the call and said, “Sorry, it’s another customer.”

“… I’ll pay you ten times the price. Switch off your phone.”

By the time Ji Xinxin finally returned back to the country, Ji Fanyin successfully retired from the scenes with the massive fortune she had amassed.

Heh, bad women will never get hurt!

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Professional Stand-in, With an Hourly Salary of 100,000
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New serendipity1234 rated it
November 29, 2022
Status: Completed

This is the first time I've encountered a FL who's smart, decisive and professional. She knows when to put her boundaries up even with the ML because of the uncertainty of reaching her goal and that

she might die

. I'm quite satisfied with the ending and the plot twists because it justified everything that happened thus far. All the character deserved their ending. It's a good read and will definitely be in my top three.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New Beccablue
November 14, 2022
Status: c75.1
The MC is cool, calm, intelligent and fiercely independent.

My issue with this story is that it gets monotonous. Every chapter is very similar. At first, it was interesting and it was great seeing the way she manipulated the different men and her sister, however as the story goes on, it becomes repetitive.

It's a solid story with fleshed out characters. The pacing is a little slow. The MC is just always 10 steps ahead so it's like she is waiting for things to happen as planned, then they do, then she... more>> does what she had planned.

She has a healthy attitude towards her work and is very clear about each part of her life.

I am invested enough that I want to read to the end and find out what happens, but this isn't a story I would read again and I would only recommend it with a caveat.

I have a soft spot for the college student. <<less
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MiyaMira rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: Completed
If someone thinks that professional stand-in is not a legit job, please refer to Japan. They have lots of weird jobs like this, ranging from "family", "lovers", or even more silly title of "strangers". I have to say that MC is very professional in her service, from creating a program for booking, to questionnaires, and strictly adhere to her working hours. Also no "falling in love with client" policy was followed to a tee. Even if she wasn't her own boss, she would definitely clap and cheer for her own... more>> ingenuity and ability as a pro stand-in. Very awesome.

What is rare in this novel is the fact that MC doesn't shy away from admitting that she wasn't the original body she possessed, even anticipating the reaction of other people of her situation. It was a refreshing take on a transmigration story that the MC completely separated herself from the original and whole-heartedly accomplished her mission to return home without regret.

It's an enjoyable story, a bit skewered in the moral values department imo but not so bad. At least honesty and sincerity is a big part of the novel, so I would still recommend this novel to people. On a side note, don't look for romance here, the dog food is very little that you'll be starved by the end of the novel with only a half-bowl of romance that can barely make you full. ML is a cutie-pie though.

TLDR; recommended. <<less
70 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
heigottschalkd rated it
February 24, 2021
Status: Completed
i mtl-ed this novel because the description hooked me in, and I can say that I'm not disappointed.

... more>>

This novel tells the story of MC that transmigrated into the body of the same name, but different situations. This og Ji Fanyin was hella smart academically with some kind of social disorder. But, she has been living with pressure of being in her sister's shadow, so she tried to commit suicide in the river, but then changed her mind last minute. Unfortunately she accidentally drowned anyway..

then came MC who was a famous actress in her og world along with a system who told her that she can go back to her world if she can collect /cmiiw/ 100 billion, whether it's literal money or any fluctuating emotions from anybody, that can be converted into money too. So MC took advantage of the situations in which her twin's suitors were missing the twin, to offer the service of acting like the said twin to relieve their loneliness whatever, in exchange of money. Kinda f*cked up on the men's part if u ask me

well in the end they fell in love with MC, and this one guy that og Ji Fanyin liked couldn't believe that she stopped loving him, and asked to give him a chance. MC was like 'nope the girl u like is dead' he didn't understand that she meant it literally lmao


MC is so goal-oriented throughout the story and I love it! She's not so emotionally invested in the people she interacted in this world especially with her 'clients', but she does feel sorry to the og Ji Fanyin who was treated badly by her family and crush.


but she did catch feelings with the ML!! I actually doubt if this novel can be tagged as romance because the story is about MC's journey to reach the ultimate goal which is to get back to her world, and it can be only tagged with romantic-subplot at least, but her interaction with ML is so pure.. Well he IS pure🥺🥺

Anyway, it's happy ending for both of them


The novel's ending is pretty much satisfactory, where there are actually some closure to the characters in the story.

It's worth the read! Thank you translator for picking it up!! <<less
37 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I finished the story reading the Chinese raws

Things I liked:

  1. MC has a really strong character and moral compass she adheres to. She's a high EQ person who can be passed off as manipulative, but at the same time, she delivers things straightforward right to your face that which makes her candid too. If I have to put it in words, it's like she's 'openly scheming' against others rather than being a rat about it. On top of that, she has clear boundaries on what is acceptable to her and makes sure not to go beyond that, and I think that makes her quite likable.
  2. There are no misunderstandings and angst that's the norm in such novels which leaves a horrible feeling
  3. Technically speaking, this isn't a romance novel (it's more like a novel on a transmigrated woman getting vengeance in another woman's place so that she can get back home), though there's a bit of it in the side stories that wraps things up fairly well
  4. The love interest of the MC is a really likable person too, and it does bring out the feelings of a youthful crush.
  5. The author did think the story out properly by addressing some of the plausible plot holes throughout the novels such that things do tie up together, though some elements might be subjective to the individual
Things... more>> that I'm on the fence about:

  1. The author did give warnings beforehand that this is not the kind of story you want to bring your morals into since many things are subjective here. Honestly, I'm a bit conflicted on how some of the 'antagonists' end up, especially one that ended up crippled at the end due to his psychological state. On one hand, it felt like he did have it coming, but on the other, it felt disproportionate too, especially with the MC constantly driving in the wedge afterward.
  2. Tempo at the start was decent, but it slows down a bit in the later parts. Overall, it's still quite a short story so I don't really have many gripes with it.
Note: The spoiler on the endings on some of the reviews are actually wildly inaccurate, possibly due to mtl interpretation inaccuracies. The conclusion is far sweeter and still acceptably logical given the world's setting, but I won't spoil it here. However, there definitely won't be the lurching feeling from a horribly put-together ending for this novel, and it'll tie things up fairly well. <<less
36 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
08phamann rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Novel was interesting in that MC was quite heartless and never really grew any soft and tender feelings towards the guys who liked her. I liked how she was quite cunning and basically played with all those guys in the palm of her hand. They treated the original body like tr*sh, and in the end they were made to realise how wrong they were and they have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

The ending was the biggest disappointment.

... more>>

MC makes $10 billion and returns to her original world, while the original body returns to her original world. She was been watching MC use her body this whole time, so she is aware of everything. That being said, she does not have a sudden personality change and becomes arrogant and brave. She is still quite shy and stutters and is anxious, but at least she is trying to not be like how she was before.

The reveal that her assistant (Shen Qi) was some sort of god like character who transfered her soul into this body to save her was just a giant WTF. Where did this even come from? And the reason he did it was because he loves her in the og world and wants to wait for her forever, even if she does not return his feelings.

She ends up with the puppy love boy, who was in love with her from the beginning. He actually somehow follows MC to her world, and meets her there. Their romance was... it just didn't really make sense to me. And it was not really that romantic?? I think it would have been better to remain in a brother-sister type relationship. They just did not have any chemistry.


I MTL-ed the rest of the novel, so just be aware that my spoilers may not be correct. I skimmed the ending of the novel because it was getting tr*shy. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whateverlol101 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: --
I may be too early in the story to give a proper judgment, but I do know this; I love how the FL is just shamelessly thinking about money the entire time she's around her sisters' harem. It may be just a personal preference for being abused and then face slapping, but I really enjoyed seeing her get over her shameless sister.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
frostcrystal rated it
March 1, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved it until I got to the end, and the reason why I couldn't enjoy the climax was that I'm just too soft-hearted. MC Ji Fanyin is a badass b*tch, and when she's the underdog badass bit*h in the first 75% or so of the novel, I just loved her. But at the end when she's bringing things to a close, she's topdog, and everyone is getting their just desserts, begging her for mercy and whatnot, and she's wringing the last few points out of people who are already... more>> emotionally stunted, hurt, and suffering... I couldn't enjoy it. I felt sorry for them all, even though they had brought it upon themselves. I wanted their pain to stop. It was hard to read.

So anyway what I've learnt from this book is that I'll never be a serial killer. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GingerMessiah rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: Completed
The story was done fairly well. It’s not the usual vengeance and face slap novels you will find but done a lot more maturely. The female lead was worth cheering on but I find the male lead questionable.

... more>>

Chen Yunsheng, a puppy like male lead who only smiles at our female lead whilst showing a cold side to others.

I am not sure why our female lead Ji Fanyin would fall for him.

If we talk about devotion, there are plenty of men who are devoted to her. Especially Shen Qi who will be discussed later.

Talking about devotion Chen Yunsheng sacrificed his whole life remaining a bachelor in order to meet her in the other world. We understand the emphasis from the author love does not have to have a reason. But the relationship Chen Yunsheng and Ji Fanyin was so shallow. You don’t get why he would love her that deeply. In turn his socially awkward behaviour in the courtship seemed to amuse Ji Fanyin. But it was like the amusement of having an adorable pet who loves you fully.

Throughout the novel Ji Fanyin and the author condemned the behaviour of the other male scums for trying to shackle the one they love and two of them are even masochist who wants to keep Ji Fanyin/Ji Xinxin caged.

It feels ironic that Ji Fanyin end up with Chen Yunsheng who behaved like her pet even with all his intelligence and abilities showcased at the end of the novel. I guess Ji Fanyin being the Queen Bee needs a devoted pet to keep her company rather than one who could be her peer and who understand her deeply.

This brings us to Shen Qi, the man/the system/the God who was the architect of the entire story.

Ji Fanyin was nearly killed in a car accident if it was not for Shen Qi. She would not had a chance to survive and transmigrated to another world.

This already shown us how devoted and how much he cared about Ji Fanyin in order to break the rules of the Universe. It seemed that he already turned back time as the first time it failed when he brought Ji Fanyin’s soul into the second world (the world she transmigrated). Even messed up the lives of the people.

During Ji Fanyin’s first appearance at a social meeting you could see how much Shen Qi paid attention to her and know what she liked to eat with a slice of cake.

I find it hard to believe Ji Fanyin and the author could brush aside the fact Shen Qi did so much for Ji Fanyin without any feelings. Whilst Chen Yunsheng did nothing of worth except for the crazy bet he made with Shen Qi; if he remains a bachelor for life and bearing love only for Ji Fanyin he will send Chen Yunsheng to the other world to find her.

I guess there are people who likes the Queen and her puppy. Whilst I am the type who prefers the Queen and her King/Consort.

In my eyes Chen Yunsheng is simply not worthy of Ji Fanyin. Whilst Ji Fanyin committed the same mistake as the male scums.

11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DubiousWaterMelon rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: Completed

It's such a rarity to see a transmigrated character who is given a task to comply with to return to their original life, sticking through to the end and succeeding!!!!


There! With the major spoiler done!

I enjoyed reading this. All the characters are flawed and opportunists who regard themselves the most important. This includes the MC. She is fierce! Goal oriented and will not let anything, even potential romance and emotion to stand in her way. Her goal is clear - to earn the amount money required by the system (app) to return home and rather than choose a route of using her past life career skill right away in the existing industry, she decides to charge people who uses her body as a stand in for the body's twin sister. She is manipulative and really well versed in understanding people and their emotions. She has an almost detached interest to her survival in the transmigrated world. Her relationship with the people around her are a reflection of how they view her, an exchange of profit and interest yet with such a character setting, she still is able to show the caring and sweet person she is through her consideration of the body's true owner and the new friends she makes. She accounts for all potential scenarios and makes decisions and back ups for everything. This is particularly seen towards the climax of the story. Well written characters with motivations and background explained to give stability to their choices and the events of the novel to be explained.

I couldn't give this a better rating simply because

1. I didn't enjoy the pacing. Sometime it becomes a bit too repetitive with the structuring of events and a bit slow towards the middle portion of the novel.

2. I would have a enjoyed a bit more background and life experience of the MC in her original life as it did have a very strong impact on the progression of events in the story of the transmigration to world

especially since the twin sister's character is a supposedly pale imitation of her.


3. Suspension of belief is bit too much, expectionally since there isn't a 'protagonist halo' element used in the story. Can so many people really fall for a person while still maintaining a cordial relationship with the other love rivals? Can someone with such high self esteem stand someone rejecting them publicly? Is it so normal for an emotinally stunted, abnormal, possessive, almost stalker rich person to not do a background and fact check on their love interest?...?


the additional of the deity/god/supernatural person (?) Who facilitated the transmigration of the MC and later her love interest to her world is a bit too too convient. Also the fact he fell for her when we don't even know how when why enough to give a second chance. What makes her special??

11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Paranoid grape
Paranoid grape rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: Completed
The protagonist Ji Fanyin is a heartless b*tch, a badass, and a cool one at that, but it is undeniable that hurts feelings and people in the process.

Her treatment of her sister's suitors is perfunctory and cold, she doesn't care about them on a personal level and she is unsympathetic. Her character is that of a scum male lead and a shrewd businessman, you'll realize this only deeper into the book as she creates questionaires, scheduled appointments, and advice for her 'clients'. There is an undertone of humor to the... more>> novel, however her callous unfeeling character may be a hard thing to swallow to many. In other words she fails as a human being, but her rigid temperament of 'no bullshit' allows the reader to understand that although what she's doing is wrong, she's not the dirtiest cloth in the pile, shes got her bottom line. She doesn't play with sincere feelings unless specifically hired to and the dog abuse of her 'clients' is self-acquired. To be fair though, her targets are actually dumb (their characters although different make me feel as if I'm reading a novel with child protagonists given how easily these 'geniuses' can be coaxed).

It's pretty self-evident that anyone who even goes along with her actions is delusional from the start. The FL Ji Fanyin is ultimately an anti-villain, her purpose

in 'avenging' the former 'Ji Fanyin' by making use of her melodramatic life story to make her 'wanted' by the same people who threw her away, while simultaneously earning enough for her own selfish purpose of returning to her old body and world.

However, as I mentioned before, although she tries to limit their contact by remaining taciturn she hurts people by making a business out of their feelings. This book is a comedy, so that you can remain lighthearted while reading a melodramatic plot of how she as a master 'Sea king' (harem builder) and film empress uses her skills to scam these men with their eyes wide open, it's a funny and light read. She's a strong FL, she's cunning, business minded, sharp-tongued, glib and can be a really fun character to read about. Its hate and love, I got what I was promoted. Anyone who reads the synopsis of this novel is aware that the FL is a hired stand-in and her character towards these feelings of attachment from her 'clients' is indifference, since they also treat her as an emotional tr*shcan. You give respect she gives respect back, if not hehe. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Doodoo rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: --
Wow. I have no words to describe the uniqueness of this novel. Sure, there might be a lot of cliches you would expect from a typical family/romance drama, but overall, it was simply like a gust of refreshing air in a sea of homogeneity. There are a few things I particularly enjoy:

  1. The personality of the main character. She is pragmatic, goal orientated and selfish. Selfish may be a negative word in other contexts, but I think the MC needs that trait to be able to survive. She needs to put herself above all the men she's playing in order to scam them more, and thus, she must love herself the most. I love that she doesn't seek pity despite her pitiable situation as a neglected substitute. I also find her confidence and will power very attractive. Although you could say her moral compass is a bit skewed in the sense that she's playing lots of men at once, but I really see it as her job since she is so professional. Her wit, humour and personal ability are ultimately what allows her to succeed. She is a great character with lots of nuance and complexities within herself, which makes for any interesting novel since its from her viewpoint.
  2. The 'karma'. No significant spoilers here, but really in the end she ends up with none of the men who wanted her as a substitute. In fact, they all face pretty miserable endings if I'm honest. I would pity them but they never had the same regard for our MC. Everything is wrapped up pretty neatly, it's very satisfying.
  3. The love interest. He is very cute. Puppy dog type who likes an older woman. Sometimes due to the age gap I find he is quite immature compared to the MC, but that is realistic writing on the author's part.
  4. No r*pe, no murder, no disgusting 'revenge' plots
Now onto a few cons:

  1. Trust in the tags. There really is little to no romance which is very sad since we are given such a cute love interest.
  2. Although I find most things to be believable, the main plot of the MC pretending to be her sister as a job seems to be a little far fetched. There are so many people who see these trysts going on and they're bound to know that the MCs sister is overseas so I'm doubtful that it wasn't discovered quicker. Plus, it's a very personal relationship...
  3. The cliches. Oh my lord, I could see them coming from a mile away... like how the MC was actually the real childhood love and her sister was pretending to her.
  4. Some parts seemed really drawn out and unnecessary, adding nothing to the plot. Made it boring to read.
And that's it. Overall I love it so far and am looking forward to the dramatic conclusion. Also thanks so much to the high quality translations. They read like an actual novel.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Isabelle rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: Completed
First chapter until now, looks like a not-obscene version of Being Papa'd Every Time I Transmigrate, what's a good premise!

Having Female protagonists that can be free and careless in terms of relationships and all this stuff is soo relaxing QAQ


Edited: I couldn't wait and just read the raws, lol.

Besides the fact that I was wrong (that's definitely not much like Being Papa'd Every Time I Transmigrate), this novel is very well written, in several different ways:

  • The plot holes are almost nonexistent, with everything being explained at some point (even if not always so deeply)
  • There is a very subtle sense of humor that is a perfect balance with the realistic description of the plot
  • All characters are thought out carefully, when even extras often appear more than once throughout the story
  • The logical and psychological development of the plot is wonderfully detailed, with reflections on how events can and are multifactorial
  • Our MC, even if somewhat OP, does not always see absolutely everything that comes after. Despite this, it is very satisfying to see her changing the fate of the original host little by little, without forgetting who she was and why she wanted to return.
  • The plot's ending is well done and complete, one of the few novels that doesn't disappoint in that sense, it's easy to see that the author dedicated himself in advance to make a good ending
  • All vengeance falls like karma, but without things like r*pe or beatings
Super recommended!!!
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Chillyboba rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Couldn’t wait for the translations and impulsively MTL’d the whole novel lol. This MTL is one of the more readable ones, so if you’re impatient like me, then go ahead. I was hesitant to pick up the novel at first because of some bad/lukewarm reviews, but I actually enjoyed the novel a lot. Also if you’ve read the review talking about the engineer then ... more>>

Shen Qi only interfered to save MC’s life and messing up the world was just on accident. He also never really interferes with her actions, so I wouldn’t say she was being toyed like a puppet. If anything, she’s the one playing with others lmaoo. The fact that she refers to her sister as the “sea king” and her suitors as “fishes” and “leeks” ready to be caught and chopped for money cracks me up.


The MC is this novel is really my style. While she’s smart and ruthless in dealing with scumbags, she also isn’t written as a machine with no emotions like some other novels. I like how she doesn’t torture people unnecessarily, and everyone receives their appropriate karma. There are also likeable female supporting characters! A rarity in the cnovel community lol. Lastly, I’m satisfied that

the original Fanyin was able to return to her body and fulfill her dreams with no scummy men interference!

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TenkaDXS rated it
November 25, 2021
Status: c54.2
Translation is perfect and you really have to admire the wittiness and savagery of our main character. The interactions between characters are pretty interesting and there are a good research on the psychology of each character. As you advancing to the story you will also find that for some of the overall themes and storylines there were a lot of foreshadowing which I always appreciate it as it makes the story building more concrete and more stable.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
limauais rated it
October 29, 2021
Status: Completed

The novel is light and enjoyable, with good translation. Thank you the translation team. I MTLed the rest, and the mtl version is also readable despite Bai Zhou's name keep changing. And to one point, he was directly called 'Porridge' hahaha

I think the plot in the beginning is pretty straightforward, with the female lead reigning in the fishes, and outing with them to generate income. Some parts may feel repetitive in the novel, but it's not too bad that you get annoyed by it. The female lead is consistently strong, unyielding, and unfazed of the affairs not related to her. Given to her being a superb actress, it was easy for her to carry out her missions.

This novel is also the first that we see the transmigrator actually goes back to her own world, and the original 'soul' returns to her body. So the ending which shows the life after the return was satisfactory, not leaving you hanging.

Okay. Then lets touch on the things I don't really like about the novel. This is just my opinion, so it might not brush you the same way.

  1. The male characters obsession with Ji Xinxin, to the point of willing to have a stand in playing her. And the obsession continued even when they realize their feelings to original Ji Xinxin has changed. I mean, in the novel, there were parts when Song Shiyu & Bai Zhou felt that they were being fooled by Ji Xinxin, and even their attitude towards the original Ji Xinxin has turned cold. But strangely, they still hire Ji Fanyin to play her again. I mean, why?
  2. Ji Fanyin is ruthlessly cold towards Mother Ji and Father Ji. I get that the original grew up being rather neglected, but I think not the the point of too much? I mean she still mentioned that despite the preferential treatment towards Ji Xinxin, the parents still provide the original Ji Fanyin with her needs, even her car was a BMW. When she treated them too ruthlessly of willing to see them fall, I just felt it was a bit off. I mean she has the money to actually help, and she was strong enough to fight for herself. If she kept the minimal filial piety towards the parents, it would have been nice. In this case, I was just referring to her helping them out of bankruptcy, not to actually suck up to them.
  3. The ending of the male characters. With two strong males actually get sick from being psychologically triggered, due to the love to a woman. Strange. Too strange.
  4. And I agree with many others, the overall ending is a disappointment. I have a doubt in the character Shen Qi to be involved in the plot when he became her assistant, I thought that he was just a system. If not for his interference, the original plot wouldn't be too tragic for others.

Oh well, the author may have reminded to not bring moral compass into the story, but I just can't help it. That's all.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nyaa.23 rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Mtl till finished. It's more light compared to other josei-mature novel that I read. The MC is an interesting character. Unfortunately, there's not much about her past. Even after the ending of the main text.

The males in this novel are lacking and scums to the ori!MC. They have no progress whatsoever, it's just a matter of time before they fall for MC. But the 'god' male assistant is such a nice twist.

The ending is okay, ... more>>

ori!MC got back to her body and start anew, finished her studies and enjoying her life to the fullest. MC went back to her world so does the boy that she like and they fall in love.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Caffae rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: c82
Awesome! MC objectively isn't doing anything wrong as she is just acting as per what she agreed upon with the MLS but I do feel bad for some of them. Really novel unique plot with semi-reverse harem.

I absolutely love her chill character and well MC is such a queen :)

... more>>

I like how she is sure of what she wants, and not really moved by the scums that were ok with using her as a substitute in the first place. MC feels like a quietly confident character that is not as bogged down by morals that society sets on her yet still has her own principles that she will follow regardless of temptation.

Her ability to analyze the situation provides a unique high EQ POV. The dynamic between her and her sister is actually pretty interesting, would be nice if the sister was a stronger opponent.

The cute wolfdog ML that never hurt the original owner is really really adorable yet also cool and just wow, I can't remember the last time I liked an ML this much


6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Neleothesze rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c110
MTLed after chapter 30. (It was surprisingly readable)

This novel passes the Bechdel-Wallace test! This is so rare in Chinese romance novels with a female protagonist! Usually, all non-elderly women are negative-IQ cannon fodder or villains who can only talk and think about the men around them. Here we have Zhang Ning, Cheng Lin and others who are just people with their own lives and interests which sometimes intersect with the main characters.

Another unique selling point: ... more>>

Most of the story is from the point of view of the transmigrated person but half of the last part is from the point of view of the original Ji Fanyin who is gifted her body back.

She doesn't rush back to any of the men, she goes on with her life! Og!Ji Fanyin continues her education & gets a dream job in a STEM field. She is respectful of tm!Ji Fanyin's efforts, learns from her experiences but does her best to stand on her own two feet.

The girl who died for love learns to live for herself.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the woman who lived a carefree life caring only about herself, learns to open her heart to love.


I can't comment on the quality of the writing (because it's google translated) but the content is a fresh take on the transmigration routine. 5/5 stars. <<less
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Hyper Ion
Hyper Ion rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is undoubtedly good. (Up until chapter 80-90 to my opinion at least)

It began enthusiastically good but nearing the ending I was seriously thinking about dropping it, not because of how my personal expectations about the characters ending/resolution were unsatisfied but rather they felt unnatural.

For a strong willed woman there are usually 2 ways of developing 'romantic feelings' : either dominate or be dominated, it's obvious which path the author chose and there were indications for that throughout the novel, but it still left an unnatural feeling in... more>> the end. (Maybe it's just me)

After the final confrontation it was mainly toooo lengthy and filled with nonsense.

What baffled me most was Shen Qi. The dude was able to watch the MC for lifetimes as she most likely hooked with others (in this lifetime too) and still planned to wait forever till she accepted him. Maybe cause I never fell in love and I don't get it.

Anyways good read. Cheers! <<less
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xuexin rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a story about a lady who transmigrate into another person's life. The former Fanyin was weak-willed and let everyone step on her, and many people took advantage of this. The transmigrator from another world has the quest to earn money (monetary value and emotional value) in order to return to her former world. In that process, she is able to take revenge on the people who hurt and took advantage of the former Fanyin. It's basically a revenge story, but with characters being able to understand their faults.... more>> I do recommend it, because in a way there is character growth here and there. I can't say that it's the best ending, but it is a happy ending for most of them. The ending is a bit different from the usual transmigration stories, because...


When Fanyin actually finishes her quest, she's able to go back to her world and body, while the former Fanyin also comes back to her own body.


On another note, Chen Yunsheng is such a sweetheart to the MC. He's so naive, innocent, and his love is so pure hearted, but he knows to stay away from green tea b*tches! We all need someone like Chen Yunsheng. At first I felt a little bit sad that the author didn't give the arc enough attention, but in order to reach the ending that the author wanted, it was inevitable.


Of course, the author did not leave us hanging in the end and found a way to give our Chen Yunsheng the happy ending he deserves <3


I did not give the story a 5 star, because the "enemy" never really had a fighting chance when MC transmigrated. Xinxin actually could not do anything, because when she finally had a chance to notice her fishes were acting strange, it was already too late. MC had a breeze in finishing her quest, because she had a huge head start with very little interruptions. <<less
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estelionsharluluasheelvinchancecelenalia rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: c107 part1

Due to karmic ties, it's partially the protagonist's fault that the original Ji Fanyin, a downtrodden cinnamon roll, suffered for twenty years. Thus, as the biggest monster of all, our heroine is brought in to defeat and subdue all the smaller monsters that were responsible.

Along the way she


meets a love interest (whom she brings back with her),


making the f*ck tonne of money required to return to her original world.

Kind of refreshing to see a novel that gives closure both to the protagonist and to the owner of the body she's inhabiting.

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