Professional Accomplishment Of A White Lotus


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Passerby-A is increasingly dissatisfied with their small part in the drama. By chance, Luo Ran was born because of this one sentiment. Her purpose is only one – to add scenes!

If you want to add scenes, you have to be with people who have more scenes. And those who have the most, are the male lead!

In the imperial harem, she is the second-class maid-in-waiting who died early beside the female lead.

In the immortal world, she is a flower demon who was mistakenly killed by the female lead before she was transformed.

In the CEO world, she is the smart secretary of the President.

In the entertainment world, she is a singer who has nothing to do with the male lead.

Luo Ran uses these identities to attack the male lead and fulfill the desires of passers-by A; to add more scenes!


Passerby-A = Anonymous person, someone unimportant with a tiny role.

Add scene = to add value to a role with more scenes.

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18Yuki rated it
November 19, 2019
Status: Completed

Ending spoilers:

... more>>

Its a BE romance wise, as in she didnt end up with anyone and the expected ML (Her system, in MTL his name is Seventh child) is kinda a scum, but a pretty general one for the MC. Honestly QTS: Male God Come Here is happier then this (after the first 1800 chapters anyway). The MC goes through so much... ofc villains get their dues and MCs life goes on relatively peacefully, so its not a terrible ending for her.


MC & ML Identities:


from what I can understand the MC and ML (the system) are the first beings of the universe with hin as "Good" and she as "Evil" but then they split into 2 sides, she by herself and he with heaven and earth backing him (tiandao) and MC suffers bc of him. Wont go into detail but thats the jist



Its well written, but the author is an S. Most of the endings are tear jerkers, so if your looking for a good cry, here you go.

MCs character is very well built and overall the story flows smoothly.

There are plenty of sweet momments (if you ignore the whole fact that those momments r based on the MCs white lotus-ing).

Side characters and villains are not 1-dimensional.

The Bad:

MLs, especially in the first world, is kinda meh. They don't really have the expected strong or developed character compared to the MC

the real ML, the system, is somehow more developed even though you barely see them but I guess that makes sense in a way cus they are the real ML but..

Anyway, I don't like the ML, he cares for the MC but at the same time dislikes her for what she "is"

and their actions are whats expected of novel MLs, with a little bit more logic at times.

The arc stories and the actions of both MC and ML don't really make sense at times, it doesnt really bother me too much but I know 1 world which will really bother some people

secretary world


General Notes:

The MCs personal ability is strong, but she isnt the independent type, like the title says she's a white lotus so her biggest backer or cheat is the ML of each world. Shes dependent on then because they are the keys of her task, if you don't like that or are looking for a badass MC able to do whatever she wants, this is not the novel for you!!!!

The MC does not have it easy. Some of her pain is self-directed to complete the mission, but the real ones really made me want to cry. She isn't a mary su and everything doesn't always go her way.

Btw I wrote this review late at night after I finisbed the novel so apologies if I dont make sense at times. 😅 <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
November 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Completed MTL this novel, This is my favorite. I like the MC and all arcs. Each arcs is entertaining and nice. This novel is definitely different, refreshes and very interesting that hooked up. No repetition arcs. Each arcs is amazing. It's like reading short story arcs. I feel this novel is similar to seeking good temptation, The way MC acting as White Lotus is best, funny and satisfying.
... more>>

I like Ending - MC became very powerful and she travel the world. System who was backed by heaven was villain who traps MC and trying to killed her. But She killed him.

As For Male Lead


I think they are different person in multiple world. That's why I like about this novel. It's different, unique and refreshes.


Highly recommended this novel. Its gread read novel.

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elvira12 rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Waah. I regret not reading any of the comments before reading the whole novel. I could have avoided this ... more>>

BE pit. I super hate tragedies and bad endings. Im here to read and escape, not to suffer ok??!


But since I have already finished it, what can I do?

To be fair, the novel was well written, if not for the author being such an S! Hate you author!-_-

Really just not my cup of tea or coffee or even coke! Really regret reading this. But if you're into suffering and a shaking m, then jump the pit. <<less
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08phamann rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: c16
Read this novel if you:

  • Like quick transmigration.

  • Harem intrigue.

... more>>
  • Without the intrigue.
First arc so far summarised: MC transmigrated into body of maid, offers herself to the emperor successfully, she does some crying, emperor is smitten and protects her.

Legit that's it. All the schemes and intrigue and poisoning and back handed compliments behind fake smiles and blackmail that you except form a harem intrigue, well you'll get none of that here, so go somewhere else for it. All MC does to make ML love her, is cry, which for some reason makes the emperor fall for her and makes him want to protect her. You would think that other women have used this scheme already, but it appears not as tears seem to be his one and only weakness. I'm really not joking. Do you think I'm joking?? Her one and only scheme consists of crying. Oh and I guess she did fake fall into the pond to make the og!FL look bad. That's boring though. But compared to crying it's master level. Anyway, if you like it when MC cries and that's all she can do, then read this novel. <<less
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Riellana Louella
Riellana Louella rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: Completed
I could endure tragedies if only the final ending was a happy one...
... more>>

The ML didn't die, since he and the MC were one in the first place but was split later on into two consciousness... I would just convince myself that ML didn't die, he integrated with MC and became one with each other, that's it. *Sobs* I couldn't stop crying, even though I knew that ML did wrong MC, but I couldn't stop my tears. Why?!!!!! Why does he have to fall in love with MC, I wouldn't be this heartbroken if he isn't. It's unfair, he wronged MC when he didn't fall in love with her first, so why would he fall in love later on just to suffer more? What MC experienced was indeed despairing and inhumane. I felt sad for them, if only they could have their own HE without these things, forgetting everything and falling in love innocently, it's naive, I know, but what could I do... I sympathize with them more than I expected. *Sobs*


Overall, it was good, it's just that I can't seem to carry it well, read at your own tears. <<less
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December 18, 2019
Status: c46
I just finished the Secretary World. After the previous world, I told myself that I'll continue reading despite the tears but after this world... I dunno.

Actually it's a good novel but if you're someone who likes HE, this isn't for you. But if you want a story that would make you think about life, with bits of realism in the story, then go ahead and read:)

It would make you like the MC when she's being white lotus-ey. She does her job very well. Romance-wise, don't expect happy endings between... more>> the male leads in the worlds and our white lotus MC because her job is to "add more scenes to Passers-by A", and what better way to do it but to cling to the MLs.

Since I haven't finished this novel, that's all I can say. And yes, I agree with the above commenter- the author is a certified S. <<less
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