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    2 Series 0 Comments 71 Views 0 Follows Feb 26, 2024 Etheiria
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    No description.
    n. hrr
    20 Series 0 Comments 430 Views 2 Follows Feb 25, 2024 n. hrr
    I didn't eat, I didn't drink, I almost didn't sleep; the only times I stopped reading these novels were when I felt like my eyes were about to burst. I don't know what came over me. I'm scared. I'm petrified. I'm in need of glasses.... more>>
    10 Series 0 Comments 2955 Views 16 Follows Jan 24, 2024 Yanamari
    Novels that revolve around misunderstandings and how every other character thinks the MC is greater than they actually are/ MC is is actually indeed "great" but doesn't notice it/ MC manipulates people into thinking they're great.... more>>
    Maly 023
    48 Series 0 Comments 3806 Views 8 Follows Dec 25, 2023 Maly 023
    Some action and fantasy novels, modern era, etc. Some novels may have pure love, harem or just friendship and camaraderie.
    13 Series 0 Comments 2127 Views 3 Follows Nov 4, 2023 power1000
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    No description.
    22 Series 0 Comments 2341 Views 18 Follows Nov 1, 2023 Vulpine1956
    No Tags
    Hi, this is part 2 of my Career/Shop/Kingdom/Etc. development. As the title suggests, it mainly focuses on the development of a Career/Shop/Kingdom, sometimes including other types of development, such as games. ... more>>
    25 Series 0 Comments 3605 Views 3 Follows Oct 14, 2023 Orangeflan
    Dungeons, systems, swordsmen, you name it!
    100 Series 2 Comments 34778 Views 79 Follows Jun 26, 2023 TheOneWhoDesiresToBeAGod
    Novels I will be reading. ... more>>
    16 Series 0 Comments 7772 Views 28 Follows Jul 26, 2021 cygwyn
    i.e., male protagonists transmigrates into the villain, shows kindness and ultimately changes the characters’ lives around them for the better while also endearing themselves to them but is either oblivious about it or misunderstands the intent... more>>
    100 Series 2 Comments 49552 Views 71 Follows Feb 24, 2021 Mangikop
    No Tags
    Ongoing novels, most of them are updated regularly, though it may not reflect on novelupdates status. You can find them on other sites (eg.webnovel). Please... more>>