BL(fake and real white lotus shou mc)

BL(fake and real white lotus shou mc)
These are the novels I have read which have pure and kind mc shou or fake ones.....who behave like  a pure chick in front of others or do that kind of behavior only in front of the ml.

It also have some straight ones. I would let you know.
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Created: Apr 21st, 2024, Updated: Apr 30th, 2024
Created Apr 21st, 2024
Updated Apr 30th, 2024
CN (4.4)
90 Chapters Every 56.1 Day(s) 9707 Readers 53 Reviews 05-25-2022
BL....its good enough it's also like mc had accidentally got a white lotus halo rather than the vilan one.. so now his doing are all... more>>
CN (4.5)
287 Chapters Every 8.7 Day(s) 4875 Readers 57 Reviews 03-24-2024
Straight. Mc is forced to behave like a holy mother who cares about other people really much that it damage her self and also the... more>>
CN (3.8)
8 Chapters Every 142.6 Day(s) 413 Readers 2 Reviews 07-08-2021
It's straight. Haven't really read this one as I am not really into straight ones. The other reason is it have bad reviews.
CN (3.8)
6 Chapters Every 110.2 Day(s) 515 Readers 1 Reviews 10-27-2022
U know what I also havnt read this one but it look interesting so I put it up. Right now I am reading psycho trap... more>>
CN (3.7)
47 Chapters Every 60 Day(s) 2053 Readers 13 Reviews 02-08-2022
Straight. Not reaf
KR (3.5)
74 Chapters Every 3.5 Day(s) 1418 Readers 2 Reviews 07-13-2024
It's good and it's bl. I don't know if it can be put up here but u can say mc is a tragic white lotus and is the white moonlight of the ml. It is a Korean novel but I think I have read too many Chinese bl novels that I am using their slang. And ya it's the typical Korean dept trope but don't worry our gentle from the surface Top dog will pay the depth for his stead.... more>>
CN (4)
208 Chapters Every 12.7 Day(s) 7746 Readers 52 Reviews 01-12-2024
I think every one had read this one. Th3 mc is  chageing livers like it's his under pants. I mean lovers. But still he was... more>>
CN (4.2)
106 Chapters Every 57.1 Day(s) 5032 Readers 46 Reviews 07-14-2024
Hmm kinda dumb s*upid mc who behaves like a white lotus and yes he is
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