Yuusha, Aruiwa Bakemono to Yobareta Shoujo


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That girl once called “Hero”,

She was seen as the savior of Humanity, and as the ultimate obliterator of Demons plaguing the world. Her magic was rule-breaking, her healing powers almighty, her weapon mastery unparalleled, and her will was of steel.

And then, she was called “monster”, and her tremendous power and abnegation was feared. Betrayed by her own comrades, she continued alone in her mission. She will not stop until all Demons are eradicated. Killing, killing, killing them all. Because that’s the Hero’s duty.

Losing her past, gaining new companions won’t alter her path. There is only one reason guiding her actions.

“Because I’m a hero.”

Associated Names
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The Maiden Called Hero or Monster
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Cryarc rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: c39
From the author who wrote "The Girl Who Ate a Death God" and "The Girl Who Bore the Flame Ring", it's a great story. As usual from the author's writing style, the heroine is strong but still humane. She have her own worries but she strives ahead even though the future looks bleak. The MC is strong but it doesn't mean she's invincibly OP, she can do OP feats but doesn't mean she never got hurt or get out of it without any severe repercussion.
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Immune Accel
Immune Accel rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: c39
This novel, as well as other other works written by Nanasawa Matari, as always didn't disappoint me. So, how did this work hook me? Here's what: its simplicity, but also dourness.

Seemingly, this is a typical fantasy, and the image immediately comes to mind as cute teenagers are looking for adventure, but it's not! As I wrote above, the simplicity here is fascinating. I liked the way the author focuses readers on the relationships between the characters. Unlike the previous novel, here the author decided to more reveal the personality of... more>> the characters. And I liked it. MCs has a purpose and motivation; they are lively. Other characters also look good against their background, and don't look like kind of plain slackers; every individual is unique.

Now about the dourness: as with the first case - the reality is not what you imagine it to be. There are a bunch of fantasy novels in which the MCs become adventurers and go to exterminate demons/evil beings. Generally, such an action-adventure "genocide" is accompanied by joyful adventures, as if deathmatch is some kind of play. But here it is not. Here we are shown a cruel reality that can happen to anyone who sets out on a dangerous voyage. Despite the fact that it may seem here the demons acts as a global enemy, but the main villains are the humans themselves. The author shows: demons are the evil enemies of humanity, but humans are much more monstrous than demons, and each of the rotten humans is much more dangerous than any monster. Therefore, most of the story is built on this idea.

In my opinion, the element of magic here is also well-painted. Without any super laser shooting techniques, without level up by killing demons, without statistics MP. The magic here is unusual, difficult to learn, mysterious, and also... terribly scary.

I do not regret spent my time reading, and I advise you to do the same.

P.S. as a person who has read almost all the novels from this universe (except for The Girl Who Fell from the Polar Star, at the moment I have read somewhere a little less than half), I can say that this novel occupies the 3rd position on my list of 5. <<less
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