Yuusha, Aruiwa Bakemono to Yobareta Shoujo


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That girl once called “Hero”,

She was seen as the savior of Humanity, and as the ultimate obliterator of Demons plaguing the world. Her magic was rule-breaking, her healing powers almighty, her weapon mastery unparalleled, and her will was of steel.

And then, she was called “monster”, and her tremendous power and abnegation was feared. Betrayed by her own comrades, she continued alone in her mission. She will not stop until all Demons are eradicated. Killing, killing, killing them all. Because that’s the Hero’s duty.

Losing her past, gaining new companions won’t alter her path. There is only one reason guiding her actions.

“Because I’m a hero.”

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The Maiden Called Hero or Monster
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Cryarc rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: c39
From the author who wrote "The Girl Who Ate a Death God" and "The Girl Who Bore the Flame Ring", it's a great story. As usual from the author's writing style, the heroine is strong but still humane. She have her own worries but she strives ahead even though the future looks bleak. The MC is strong but it doesn't mean she's invincibly OP, she can do OP feats but doesn't mean she never got hurt or get out of it without any severe repercussion.
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Immune Accel
Immune Accel rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: c39
This novel, as well as other other works written by Nanasawa Matari, as always didn't disappoint me. So, how did this work hook me? Here's what: its simplicity, but also dourness.

Seemingly, this is a typical fantasy, and the image immediately comes to mind as cute teenagers are looking for adventure, but it's not! As I wrote above, the simplicity here is fascinating. I liked the way the author focuses readers on the relationships between the characters. Unlike the previous novel, here the author decided to more reveal the personality of... more>> the characters. And I liked it. MCs has a purpose and motivation; they are lively. Other characters also look good against their background, and don't look like kind of plain slackers; every individual is unique.

Now about the dourness: as with the first case - the reality is not what you imagine it to be. There are a bunch of fantasy novels in which the MCs become adventurers and go to exterminate demons/evil beings. Generally, such an action-adventure "genocide" is accompanied by joyful adventures, as if deathmatch is some kind of play. But here it is not. Here we are shown a cruel reality that can happen to anyone who sets out on a dangerous voyage. Despite the fact that it may seem here the demons acts as a global enemy, but the main villains are the humans themselves. The author shows: demons are the evil enemies of humanity, but humans are much more monstrous than demons, and each of the rotten humans is much more dangerous than any monster. Therefore, most of the story is built on this idea.

In my opinion, the element of magic here is also well-painted. Without any super laser shooting techniques, without level up by killing demons, without statistics MP. The magic here is unusual, difficult to learn, mysterious, and also... terribly scary.

I do not regret spent my time reading, and I advise you to do the same. <<less
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Tenome rated it
March 17, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a classic case of the premise and setting being much more interesting than the final product. These two books total about 1, 000 pages, and there is absolutely zero plot development until like the last couple hundred pages when the Big Bad is shoved into the story.

You know how in other standard fantasy settings, with the Adventurer's Guild, a Labyrinth, etc., there'll be a few chapters where the protagonist and his party go dungeon diving, kill some bad guys, be recognized as the cool upstart heroic figure, etc.?... more>> This series is nothing but that meandering for the first 700 pages. Some whatever bad guys get killed, yadda yadda. It feels like the author didn't have a clear direction of where he wanted to take the plot and just wrote whatever came to mind. There's potential here, but the writer didn't capitalize on it and instead just wastes your time up until about halfway through the second volume. On the plus side, you get to like the characters during those chapters. There are a few cool moments, which just makes it even more bitter as you realize what could have been. What place is there for a Hero after the Demon King has been defeated? Interesting themes like that are here but barely touched upon. Overall this is an amateur product that could've used some extensive reworkings.

If you're being charitable, you could call it a slow-burning slice of life of an amnesiac Hero who wanders into town, and hijinks ensue.

Translation (HoboTL) : A rough read. I don't think English is his native language, because he made a lot of weird grammar mistakes that no native speaker would make. Typos, incomplete sentences, awkward grammar, overall a rough read. If he ever decides to translate again (hopefully after actually improving), he really needs to work with a proofreader (preferably one who actually has English as a native language). Look for the SpicyEPUBs release if you want a more readable version of his release. <<less
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AZ09XO rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: Completed
As the third serialization by Nanasawa Matari in the list of novels he's written, I think of this one as one of the more simple of them that he's written so far. There is less politics and strategies involved in exchange for more character development and interaction between the main characters. It takes many tropes of the average JP fantasy novel, but feels better written than the majority of them.

All in all, I found it to be a very enjoyable read, coming from a person who has read all of... more>> his translated works on the site. <<less
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cavler rated it
August 25, 2022
Status: Completed
it's quite a good story, I don't have much critique.

for the positive points:

    • the story limits the amount of characters you interact with, but they are diverse and memorable.
    • the story is short but complex enough to enjoy without getting convoluted or vague.
    • the pacing felt good, and the action was not needlessly drawn out.
    • the story is well planned out, no ridiculous 'plot armor plot twists' or absurd ability's that come out of nowhere.
I'm just not sure if I like how it ended, the epilogue feels off/unfinished. I'm curious what happens after, but it might be left out on purpose for the readers imagination.

overall it's a good read, and the story keeps you hooked until the end.

also as a side note, this story is definitely not fully translated and linked to this site (yet)
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Hobolord rated it
May 14, 2023
Status: c11
I stumbled upon this novel really by complete chance. Admittedly I'm not an avid novel reader, and only even gave this one a chance because the cover illustration caught my eye. But what started out as what I felt to be another generic overpowered protagonist story, ended up becoming something far more interesting. I will be going over very minor spoilers so if you want to go in clean, ignore them.

The story of The Maiden called Hero or Monster is the story of a young girl who goes on a... more>> quest to exterminate the demons. Well, that's what it sells itself as, but it really is anything but. The story of The Maiden Called Hero or Monster follows the story of a girl who's apparently lost her memories along with her name. However she does remember one thing, that she's a "hero, " and because of that must kill demons until she's killed them all. Along with our protagonist, Hero, we have Matari Arte, a girl who was disowned by her family and is trying to bring glory back to her family name, Edel Weiss, a necromancer who deals in spoilers, and Lulurile, a scholar who spouts proverbs near every line as well as the mandatory brains of the group. Together, they go about living their lives facing their inner demons, confiding in one another as they each have been rejected and outcast from society, and give each other a sense of belonging.

Now I'll readily admit that the story, as well as the plot outside of the characters is pretty generic. Story takes place in a fantastical world within a city called Arte ruled by a religious cult called the Star Church. With things such as sorcery, monsters, guilds and the like making an appearance; all the while, being somewhat grounded and believable with their applications. Within Arte is a place called the Labyrinth, a massive dungeon reaching deep underground populated by demons. So, people called adventurers head into the Labyrinth to hunt demons, and collect specific parts from them. Said parts contain high concentrations of a substance called Magic Essence and can be exchanged for money. As you can probably assume, the further down you go the stronger the demons get. But with a dense miasma that only grows in potency the deeper you go, there's a limit to just how deep one can go before ultimately dying to it.

Unlike what I've heard about the author's other stories, this one does not take place during any major conflict between nations, nor is it driven by massive battles fought with in-depth tactics and strategy. Instead, The Maiden Called Hero or Monster is primarily character driven. I will say right now that there are essentially two different plots happening concurrently. One involves political strife within the Star Church that builds up leading to the climax that is the final chapter, and the other is of the characters meandering as things happen in the world around them, forcibly dragging them in. So if you're the type to not enjoy character-driven narratives, or expect a great deal of depth outside of the characters, this probably isn't for you.

Now onto some light spoilers. In the first chapter we quickly find out

that the world was at one point in peril. Demons led by a Demon King nearly drove humanity to extinction, forcing them to pray to their goddess for salvation. Their salvation came in the form of granting Hero, well, the powers of a hero. So she, along with her mentors/friends who helped hone her strength, were off to defeat the demons. As one would expect from this author's works the protagonist is indeed incredibly strong. So much so that it leads to her friends abandoning her out of fear having nearly died fighting alongside her (which is elaborated on later as it's not the entire story.) Calling her a monster, they abandoned her. Leading to Hero concluding that a 'hero, ' is in essence, a monster whose purpose is to kill demons, and nothing more. From this point she goes off and ultimately kills the Demon King on her own and restores peace to the world. With the demons having been sealed within the Labyrinth and no longer serving as a threat, a hero is no longer needed. With the world at peace, Hero no longer had a purpose. Even so, she continues killing demons, as that's all she has. Who is she if not a demon killing monster? Rejected by everyone, and scoffed at for claiming to be a hero, her very identity is degraded. Now as she describes herself, a hollow husk, living but not alive. She searches for a place to die befitting a hero, as she believes dying along with the Demon King would have been a happy ending. Throughout the novel we get to see her growth into finding purpose in herself outside of being a "hero, " as well as finding a place to belong.


All in all, for what seems like another generic overpowered protagonist story, ends up diving into topics of existentialism, with someone who while even being the strongest being alive is just as mentally vulnerable as everyone else. That by no means is indicative of the rest of the main cast being flat either, far from it actually. Each character deals with their own problems in their own believable ways without being overly dramatized. While not to the extent of Hero whose character arc spans the entirety of the novel, they still have a good amount of depth to keep them from being anime-trope cardboard cutouts. Again, keep in mind that this is a heavily character driven story, with the lead cast's development and interactions being the spearhead of the story. The plot outside that can be seen as quite bland I'm sure, and mostly serves as a way of providing situations to further explore different sides of the characters.

Aside from the characters and general story, I feel the action is good enough. The fights flow well, and never feel over explained or too wordy making it hard to follow. Despite some being a bit too short for my taste, they each are memorable and entertaining. However, the weakest part of the story is definitely its antagonists. While it seems they really only exist as a way of exploring different aspects of our characters or concluding their arcs, that leaves most of them feeling like a means to an end rather than actual characters. But, I'd say they served their purpose well enough. Touching on the translation, my initial translation was pretty damn rough. I had full intentions of re-translating it in its entirety beforehand, and have actually just finished doing so a day ago. I can attest to how messy it was since I had the pleasure of going through it all again, but I'm pretty satisfied with how the retranslation turned out. As a great deal of lines have been changed and corrected, unless any EPUB publishers have specifically stated to have grabbed my updated translations, I'd say stay away from them for now. I know of some, but they still have my year and a half old shoddy translations.

With that in mind, I hope those that choose to read it give it a chance and stick with it. It can be a slow burn, but I think it's a genuinely good story which does what it sets out to do well. <<less
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