Katahane no Riku


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Riku Barusak is a hard-working child. Despite possessing an innate superior physical strength and having withstood harsh training she fails to unlock her talent as a spiritualist. The failure results in her being thrown away by her family.

Abandoned, the only ones that extended a hand to her were the demons, the greatest enemies of the human race. Serving under them as a soldier she becomes a weapon of human slaughter, a fiend that should never have existed.

Katahane no Riku average rating 4.2/5 - 320 user ratings
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Barusak Chronicles ~ Riku the One-Winged and Rook the Silver
One-Winged Riku ~ I'm from a clan of demon hunters, but I found employment with the Demon King Army ~
片翼のリク  ~退魔師の一族だけど、魔王軍に就職しました~
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whosays25 rated it
April 1, 2016
Status: --
A great story, indeed. Although I sometimes hate how the female MC is so loyal to her benefactor (to the extent that she can't perceive how she was being treated as a thing), the loyalty factor is something I really like. The MC is strong and wise. The author has done a good job of writing an anti-hero story where the MC is so likable, even though the overall plot is dark and very serious.

All that I can say is this story is a gem.
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FamishedPants rated it
June 13, 2016
Status: c86
Despite there being an oddly large amount of reviews that praise the female MC as being likeable, go into Katahane no Riku expecting the exact opposite. Riku is a character who starts out sympathetic, but becomes so sadistic and selfish that I honestly can't see why anybody likes her at all now. Worst part is, Rika doesn't really develop after about 10-15 chapters in. She's more of a villain than Rook, her older brother than left her to die because "she wasn't cute enough".

Actually, for me, Rook is the... more>> reason I kept reading this LN and why I enjoyed it.

Whereas Rika just kinda stagnates and doesn't become any better over the course of the story, Rook is quite the opposite.

At first, Rook seems to be the standard cold-hearted genius. He seems to have a brilliant mind and is well-respected by every human (and known by many demons) for his natural talent. But this is not actually the case.

You see, Rook was a person who was born on an Earth similar to ours and died in college, only to be resurrected as a protagonist to a galge game he had played. Because of this, Rook is privy to how events should turn out and essentially knows the future. Unfortunately for him, he made the mistake of discarding a heroine (Rika) and that came back to bite him in the ass, as she began to alter the world and changed its course.


Rook has a very believable change of character over the course of the 86 chapters I've read. He starts as that sick and selfish individual that you are supposed to hate, and a good part of the entertainment of this LN is reading about his defeats and how he keeps losing things close to him. But that is not the only reason he is in this story. Rook eventually begins to grow from his suffering, from an unlikeable prick to what you would expect a protagonist to act like. He first blames others for his mistakes. A heroine was too weak, that it wasn't his fault. But then he starts realizing that he has only himself to blame. His mistakes become his own and nobody else's, and he fully intends to pay for them.


Even when given the chance to restart, to make things right with a wish, he decides that he couldn't possibly do that. That he needed to fix things on his own


Said event rocketed him to my favorite character of the LN, and though that wasn't particularly hard because I absolutely loathe the other MC, it still should be considered something important. It proved that Rook was, without a doubt, capable of becoming a good person. Rook did not become an entirely different person, either. For example, he is still shown to be scared of dying. He was also quick to believe that

Rika had suddenly forgiven him for no reason

, showing that he is still Rook, and nobody else. He genuinely wants good from the world, he was just immature at the beginning, treating this life like a game.

I expect great things from Rook, and I hope that in later chapters Rika will prove to have a similar change like Rook.


I could actually see a Rook and Rika ending, given how much effort they have put into him

. That being said, I could also see this ending horribly, too, but there's no way to tell until it happens, so I eagerly await every release. <<less
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rdawv rated it
March 20, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Ch.41.

I truly did not expect to find this gem. I got the gist of the story from the synopsis but once I understood the underlying concept, I was hooked.

This is a story about two main characters, a pair of sister and brother siblings in an influential family in a world where humans and demons are in constant war. But this isn’t your regular fantasy, as both siblings are actually reincarnators who found themselves reborn in a game setting; unaware of each other’s circumstances.

The main lead is... more>> the sister, Riku who had tremendous physical strength but zero spiritual potential. The younger brother Rook on the other hand had full memories of playing the game and thus became known as the genius of the family.

While Rook lived his life as if he was still playing the game using a harem route walkthrough, Riku was abandoned and left to die. Rescued by a shinigami spirit, she traded the soul of her previous life in exchange for survival, losing her memories of that life in the process. That is how she wound up joining the military of the demons, swearing allegiance to the charismatic captain of the unit (and having a crush on him). The two siblings, now separated and strangers to each other; now found themselves being at the forefront of their respective factions. Years passed and Riku’s destabilizing influence slowly unravels all of Rook’s preconceptions of a perfect harem game...

Making the entire scenario more intriguing are the fact that there those who are aware of and interested in “previous lives”. Not to mention the ambitious, prideful father of the siblings, the one who had personally threw Riku off to die is still up and about. Then there is Raku, the eldest sister who is trying to pull strings of her own.

The combat and warfare described are quite effective. A reader might think of Riku as a female Lu Bu with red hair from the video game Dynasty Warriors, cutting a swath of destruction with every swing of her halberd. Some of the battles made me wonder if the author had an interest in Chinese history as there are pieces that evoked my memories of it.

Battle description spoilers:


The battle where Riku unleashed a charge of pigs that were set on fire reminded me of Tian Dan’s Fire Bull Columns during the Warring States period, while her swift actions in suppressing an attempted plot of fire and confusion to open the gates reminded me of Zhang Liao of the Three Kingdoms.

The writing and characterization is excellent. We get to read about Riku’s becoming dispassionate about her fellow human beings and her thirst for revenge, while we get to see how Rook had thought it was still all a game until suffering unexpected heavy losses. There is Riku’s crush on her demon superior, while Rook has apparently real (if initially superficial) feelings for his harem and has dreams of an ideal world.

Readers should persevere with the rough early chapters, the story improves very quickly once the setting is established. Almost every chapter is action-packed.

The translator is doing a good job, though would benefit from an editor to catch the minor mistakes here and there.

This is a very dark story, not shy with the gore and killing off named characters. I highly recommend this to fans of Overlord, and hopefully future chapters are able to meet my high expectations. <<less
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Miriallia rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c100
This is a rare story.

A story about betrayal, and not redemption in the truest sense. What should have happened was disrupted by the presence of those whom should not have been there. Never have I read a transmigration to a game story go this route where those that transmigrated simply... more>>

cause destruction and downfall, instead of solving all the problems, and fixing everything and everyone lives more or less happily ever after.


If anything It's a story that focuses on some of the darker aspects of humanity and in a sense, could be said to be a critique towards the way otaku's think. What should have been a paradise wasn't, but exactly that is what causes the journey to be so amazing. A badass MC pursuing her wishes earnestly and without hesitation, taking time to enjoy herself when she has the oppotunity, but when she can't she is as efficient as possible.


As the story goes on, whilst many comment that there isn't much in the form of character development, I can only disagree. Sinking further and further into insanity before finally being freed from the chains that bound her without her entire personality changing is a masterstroke of character building. Individuals don't simply change on a dime, nor over a short period of time. Those with conviction even more so.


If you enjoy revenge novels and dislike the longevity of suffering that the MC tends to have to go through before finally getting revenge, then this is about the closest you might get to perfection in a way that feels authentic.

I can only wholeheartedly recommend it to those whom might be looking for something new. <<less
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December 18, 2016
Status: c98
* Strong female protagonist
* Not insanely lucky like other protagonists.
* Well written, well translated.
* No character development. Essentially every character sticks to their initial motivations for the entirety of the plot. Though honestly I still rate this 5 stars because its short enough I don't feel like the lack of development overly harms the plot.
* Last two chapters are not translated at all and the translator has been away for months.
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Johnmcclane2016 rated it
April 5, 2017
Status: v1c31
I don't like this novel

It started out promising but then the MC started becoming someone's lapdog, like the usual side characters that fall in love with the protagonist in harem novels.

Let me explain
... more>>

The main character Riku is a girl from one of the main demon killing families, like a lot of reincarnation stories do is that they place the soul of someone who died in the modern era and place it in an outcast/sickly from another world so this happens but riku decides to sell that soul to a shinigami (think deathnote) to find a place where she ''belongs'', naturally after her father decides to throw her off a cliff because she couldn't awaken the family's demon killing power.

So she washes ashore near a city and tries to find a job lady lady lada she gets chased she runs into a demon who saves her and asks her for her true name (which basically means that she becomes his slave) because he thinks that she could be useful.

then she becomes happy because now she has a place to stay and that's pretty much it for her character progression. Now she's just like one of those side characters in a harem that is willing to do whatever possible to serve the protagonist which is in this case a side character.

Another reason for hating this novel is because the author makes fun of the side characters that blindly and for no good reason fall in love with the MC trope but then the author thinks that it's a great idea to make the MC like that.

I think that this story had huge potential but the author just couldn't grasp it

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Aoitenshi rated it
May 9, 2016
Status: --
A dark protagonist, totally not a hero, but an evil. Turn away if you want to retain your sanity. But otherwise, welcome to the dark side.

However, the lack of character development is starting to throw me off.
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December 31, 2016
Status: c98
Ah, Riku acts so cute all the time <3

Very nice read, could use a little more character developing but otherwise good (till chapter 90 or so it was great, 5*, ending wasnt my cup of tea)
... more>>

I really wished for one of these endings:
Success in life: Riku successfully revive Deamon Lord, became his second in command, Levein is dead...
Sad: Riku sacrifice herself to revive Demon Lord and become remembered as hero of demons.
That ending was probably the worst author could choose, even Riku dying and Rook becoming hero and king would be better.

I love Rooks story line, the most satisfying story line of "reincarnated to game" I read so far.

Overall definetly worth reading (last 2 chapters not translated but google translate did great job :)) <<less
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Kumarae rated it
March 30, 2017
Status: c98
Just want to comment since I often see many leave message that some people don't like Riku because she become too villain or nonhero.

This storyline really good see powerful human female in demon army battle with human army. Its really show develop of strong female character.

Be honest, I'm so proud that author keep that way show Riku as villain because of she has experience go through to where she current at. I truly love this story because I finally see MC Female that give no sh*t and she... more>> know she is not hero at all.

If you expect to read MC female as hero after betrayed by her family and many more. Sorry its not fluffy hero kind. I'm sick of many author don't development villain kind female after she experience.

Plus... there are reason why she prefer that way.

She decided to follow person who save her life even he has plan for her in future. Plus she already lost respect to her people treat sh*t to their own people. So she decided to follow what she loyal to and so what if she become not hero in people eyes!

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Abhieghail rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: c100
First point: so what if people say Riku's character did not develop? It isn't important! Why? Because her character is designed to be a 'flat character', the one who stays with the same conviction until the very end! It is different from Rook's because Rook is designed to be a 'round character', the one who changes throughout the story! The author decided to have two main focus that are polar opposites of each other. In novels, there are different types of character and apparently the author chose to have the... more>> flat and round ones. (Urgghh. This is simple and basic character types I learned from my theater class)

Second point: The plot is not cliche! Well done! A great reversal from the usual reincarnation tropes. Riku is not op. There are times she's being subjected to difficult situations and gets help from others.

Third point: Realistic! Of course there is no f*ck*ng way things will happen like the way you thought it would be. (This is for Rook) because he did not treat his second life seriously he f*ck*d up. The ending too. It might look rushed because of how short the end after


levain died


but it is the most realistic.


think of it. The most precious person for her told her to live on. She always put him above anything. As his last order, of course she would follow it to the very end. Can you imagine how his last words weigh to her?


This novel brought me to a roller coaster of emotions. Kudos! <<less
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Shiraori_ rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c100
Revenge plots can often be very hit or miss. They take hold of and use, sometimes cheaply and ineffectively, humans' very visceral emotion of wanting to do unto others what has been done to them, and more. While they can easily be done badly through lazy writing and a general lack of focus on developing characters with varying views on morality and motivations, they can also be done rather well, even without such complexity, by just having a solid foundation and relying on the strength of its main characters.

Vague, general... more>> spoilers on the main character (s). If you want to know what kind of characters they are ahead of time, feel free to read this part of the review.


Katahane no Riku focuses essentially on two protagonists, rather than a villain and a protagonist. Or perhaps, you could say that the positions are reversed in this scenario, to an extent. Riku, the titular character, having been discarded and putting herself through hell to get revenge on those who cast her away becomes essentially a psychopathic murderer who only ever had on her mind trying to appeal to her benefactor, who is blatantly throughout the story trying to use her. She kills without remorse and tortures the people who have wronged her. While Riku is the person who is seeking revenge, she also isn't someone you're supposed to entirely sympathize with. She's a robotic killing machine that doesn't really develop at all throughout the story. Apart from her obviously having the makings and personality of any villain, she's otherwise an intelligent, strong, driven individual that while often driven by rage, is capable of not flying into uncontrollable rage.

The only person who really goes through any character development is Rook, Riku's sister and the protagonist of the game the world is based on, whom also possesses memories of said game world. Basically, while he is the villain of Riku's story, he is the protagonist of every other game reincarnation Isekai story in existence. The difference however is that Rook doesn't solve everything magically with his knowledge of the game, and instead constantly ends up f**king up the lives of everyone around him, suffering failure after failure. He goes through all the stages of grief. From denial, putting blame on others, to seeking revenge, and eventually, determination to fix his wrongs. He starts idealistic and even sticks to his ideals to the end, and suffers many hardships throughout the story. He has literally all the makings of any standard heroic tale, yet is not the main protagonist. Hence, why I said there are two main protagonists, or perhaps the situation is reversed, as Riku having killed everyone and taking everything Rook knows from him, is his story's villain.

In a way, Riku and Rook are polar opposites. Riku is someone who won't hesitate to kill anyone necessary, and she won't let anything resembling ideals cloud her judgment. She's always on her guard and has long since abandoned her naivety. On the other side of spectrum, you have Rook, who sticks to his ideals, hesitates to kill anyone, even his enemies that are trying to kill him, and is naive to an almost infuriating extent. Riku has strong enough discipline to not step out of line when provoked, most of the time, whereas Rook has no such disposition.


Characters aside, let's talk about the general story, what to expect, and the pros and cons of it all.

    • Expect an emphasis on large scale war and tactics in skirmishes. While battles between individuals are indeed present, many of the major arcs and events are large scale wars lead by commanders.
    • Riku is indeed a very powerful soldier, one capable of fighting large groups of spiritualists without breaking a sweat, but she's not so overpowered that there is no tension whatsoever. While she can mow through hordes of enemies, since the majority of battles are large wars, she has a limit to her stamina just like anyone else and will eventually collapse or start getting weaker the longer she's in action. Characters will die rather unceremoniously throughout the story and also suffer permanent injuries. There is no convenient instant healing magic in this world. There is also never the feeling that Riku is so unmatched that she can defeat anyone. She can't.
    • While the story is indeed based on the game, there aren't any game elements to speak of at all. The only reason it being a game is relevant is it ties into Rook's story and he uses it as a reference for how he lives his life. Otherwise, this seems like a fantasy world and not literally just a game.
    • The tone of the story in general is very dark, though, at least to me, it never quite drifts into edgy territory. To me, just being grimdark and dealing with death and war doesn't make something "edgy, " things become edgy when it becomes unnecessarily, gratuitously gruesome to the point that it's excessive, unrealistic, or inadvertently hilarious. Katahane no Riku is a dark story with a lot of death and suffering, but it (to me) it never overextended. Some specific examples:

        • Spoiler

          Riku is someone that will readily torture someone brutally and laugh maniacally like a crazy person but it's already been established that she's f**king insane and everyone in the army fears her accordingly. Some other stories like to act like the protagonist seeking revenge is some paragon of morality that's just doing the right thing, or even just someone who you as the audience is supposed to root for because "the enemy is just more awful than the protagonist is, so they had it coming, " and that to me just makes things really hammy and difficult to take seriously. Usually it's like that, but here, Riku is just an insane, murderous psychopath. The story and characters itself acknowledge it, and so //should// the readers.

        • Spoiler

          Riku may be a murderous maniac that lost her sanity and humanity long ago, but she never does anything truly, completely edgy. She'll use her position and power to keep people in line and essentially rules those below her with fear, but she never kills allies or innocents unnecessarily, and at the end of the day, the actions she takes are her responsibility as a soldier in an army. A belief that she holds that will often be brought up by her is: "If you step on the battlefield, you should be prepared to die, " hence, she kills without hesitation. She isn't "evil for evil's sake."

    • The demon and human side are constantly conducting espionage and spying on one another, to an extent that every time a new character comes in you can't really trust them. This creates a sort of constant feeling of tension, not knowing whether someone has been with a certain faction the entire time or if they joined at some point, or what have you. There's a lot of betrayal and foul play.
    • Morality is albeit incredibly black and white, yet it's not entirely hamfisted with its execution either.
And now, some cons:

    • As I've stated previously, the only one who really goes through any character development is Rook. Everyone else just kind of remains the same.
    • The discrimination between demons and humans is believable, considering humankind has basically been indoctrinated over centuries to do so, but at times it can be a bit excessive. People are so blinded by hatred for demons that it feels almost forced at times. This is the one thing that makes things get close to edgy territory.
    • To add to the above, since this is sort of on a similar note, literally everyone in this story is a sh*tty person to some varying degree. It's kind of ridiculous and gets close to breaking my suspension of disbelief with how sh*tty everyone in this entire story is. There is maybe one person that I thought was a consistently decent person, but even they have had little screentime and ended up wronging someone at some point.
    • Death flags for some characters are a bit too blatantly obvious almost every time. Sometimes death comes unexpectedly, but most of the times it's telegraphed pretty well.
    • I've mentioned prior that deaths come suddenly and unceremoniously oftentimes. While I think this approach can be good to an extent, I'd also consider it a con. Not everyone has to have an extravagant, long, heavily monologued death scene, but at the same time having someone's death just glossed over in a few sentences or paragraphs can be really annoying at times, even if that's usually because it's in the middle of a war so they can't stop to do something like that, but especially if it's someone who's had a lot of screentime or has been an important character until then, it's frustrating. The result is that while the tension of death of characters is omnipresent, the impact of most of these deaths tends to be a bit subdued.
    • The Shinigami character is awful and shouldn't be in the story.
Overall, I think this is a pretty well-written revenge story. I've read a lot of revenge stories but this is the first one I've actually genuinely enjoyed unironically. Usually I read stuff like this as guilty pleasures or to laugh at them, but I much enjoyed following this story to the very end. It perfectly skirted the line between just the right amount of edginess and too much.

Two of the main characters are very good, the descriptions have the right amount of detail, the translation quality is above adequacy, and the pacing is solid. A very solid read all the way through. <<less
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Hantosh rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: --
If I had to describe the story with one word, it would be bland. The story feels like it's missing a massive amount of detail, whether it be characters, world building, fights, etc.

Basically the only reason you'd want to read this is if you've never seen a story where a couple of archetypal cute anime heroine-type characters get slaughtered. But even that's kind of meh, as the characters themselves aren't fleshed out very well.

... more>>

As far as "subverting tropes" go, the aggravating event where the MC was on the verge of killing the "hero, " he escapes unharmed via plot armor in a typical disappointing cliche development. Welp, there goes the one thing the story had going for it.


The translation has a lot of errors, but is readable. <<less
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Queen Oceananas
Queen Oceananas rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: --
I honestly did not think I would find such a wonderful gem. It is interesting story where roles are reversed. To keep from spoiling I will say this; the MC was originally apart of her brothers harem. But things don’t go that way and she gets tossed out, saved (kinda), and becomes a BA bloodthirsty soldier with the country her family was at war with. It serious, halarious (no gags, just charaters relationships (especially her lazy babysiter)), gruesome, and oddly insane. The crazy MC is so likeable... more>> even when she is cutting off enemy heads. Halfway through you start wanting everyone to just die (except for her and her crew) and she kills them!It also has a small inkling of a relationship. I just love it.

Number 2 on my list.
Rateing: 20/5 <<less
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Khader rated it
April 16, 2016
Status: --
Stories like this just makes me want to hate Typical Harem MC's thinking that they are 100 % correct. This story is like what happens when your typical harem member gets abandoned by the MC just because she is little to less cute which in turn turns out be the worst villain that you can ever face.

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Cryden rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: c100
Novel is not bad but its not good either. It has a promising story but I feel like author couldnt use all potential of it.

There are a lot of stupid decisions by hostile characters which MC takes advantage of and people praise MC because she used a 'good' strategy. I also would like to complain about how bad author is at politics and strategy. MC just stated few facts about someone who got close to humans and got him/her killed but MC is human herself...

Also strongholds that have been defended... more>> for hundreds of years are being captured because after humans curse demons or make fun of them demons get mad and leave the stronghold and attack thus getting killed.... I mean... What?

If you have nothing to read read this novel but even if you end up not reading it you wont be missing too much. <<less
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JapaneseFandom rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: c100
(There are some spoilers contained in this review, if you don't want to read the review skip over to the summary at the end of this review. It's short and has no spoilers.)

Alright this is my first review so don't expect an amazing review from me, I'll probably cover the story without telling much details.
... more>>

Katahane no Riku was a really interesting series, I'm also surprised that I never found this earlier. Katahane no Riku tells a tale about a red haired-girl named Riku who was born with super-human strength, but thrown away by her family for not being able to awaken her talent as a spiritualist (they're basically people with magic powers who got advantage over demons). As she was on the verge of death a demon reached out to her giving her the choice of siding against her own race or choosing to rot in a back alley where no one will ever care about her. After firmly giving her decision to the demon she grows up to become one of humanity's greatest threats.

Reading the first few chapters I got hooked. After going through 100 chapters in one day (literally stayed up for 24 hours finishing this XD) I experienced many heart clenching moments and many gory, brutal and sadistic scenes, and battles that even sent our adorable Riku to the verge of death, showing us that not all protagonists got perfect lives. Throughout the series Riku gained a lot of compainons and lost some too, but she didn't falter and kept fighting for exacting revenge on her family who saw no worth in her super-human strength.

Anyways while the series is amazing and well written, I have to point out the flaw (s) that was apparent in the series. There was almost no (if not none) character development in the series. All the characters never changed and really felt dull after chapter 70 to me. Another thing I want to point out is the ending. The ending felt so rushed and unsatisfiying, this is actually the main reason why I rated this 4/5, whole the story was amazing but I was seriously disappointed at how the author ended the series. I really would've preferred if he continued it for 1 or 2 more chapters, because I think the way it ended didn't give the readers the feeling that something big happened, and made the reader's think that our MC's story is just one other story that would be recorded in history with various other stories that never stand out (by recorded in history I mean in the novel world's history not real life history).



I strongly recommend this series for people who are looking for reincarnation novels or revenge driven protagonists. I personally think this is one of the best series I've read in a while but don't expect a lot of character development and don't expect a perfect ending for our MC. <<less
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Fantasy-Magician rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: c100
First of all... take FamishedPants' advice on starting to read this story with no expectation that Riku (The main character) is a good person or sympathetic in the long run. The main character is a broken person because she is abandoned cruelly by her family and the brother who could have helped her did not because she is 'not cute enough and weak' so even though her benefactor isn't a good person and not so caring to her she clung to the fact he 'needs' her.

Riku's character design is not... more>> meant to be sympathetic in the first place I think, but portraying a different take of reincarnation plot. Riku isn't using real world knowledge to improve anything and she has no cheat abilities either. She is however... a butterfly effect from careless action of Rook (The canon MC of the game world) where the world in the end is real and no game like he thinks. Ironically, it's this frivolous brother who get more character development than Riku.

The plot spiraled downwards as Riku without mercy killed 'heroines' one by one. Noted that she didn't seek them out for revenge but simply because they're her enemies. She is only vengeful to select few especially her father. She didn't forgive anyone, this characterization isn't sympathetic but realistic for a broken girl in her situation. Her benefactor doesn't value her so much but she is fine with it simply because she is loyal and not dumb. It's perhaps touch the nerve of some, but since the beginning of her relationship with said benefactor it's very clearly one sided and tragic.

Character wise, this series did an amazing job especially how the author dives into some typical portrayal in this love SIM games and how in 'reality' it's not acceptable such as demon princess who was easily swayed to fall in love with protagonist and abandoning her duty as a regent. Which is not okay at all to her people when her allegiance is swayed.

The plot however... too many death in a sense the protagonist Riku seems to be fated to kill all heroines siding with Rook. So it get predictable for a while. <<less
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lapidibus rated it
March 25, 2016
Status: --
The only romance here is in violence, schadenfreude, and revenge. Riku acting true to her desires is immensely satisfying, especially when compared to the half-baked male reincarnator who tries to act like the hero he's not. Fair amount of cliffhangers and foreshadowing means I eagerly await each next chapter.
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B055Y rated it
February 23, 2016
Status: c100
So, Riku the main protagonist of this story is abandoned by her father for 'not having the family talent' although talented herself, with undeniably rare red hair along with dominating strength. She is thrown away like trash later to be picked up by a demon and forcefully put into the ranks of the Demon Army. This novel does hint near the beginning of some reincarnation into a 'game' plot, it is briefly glossed over and leaves you wondering why they even involved it but throughout the novel it is referred... more>> to and could actually be seen as an important part of the story.

If you are into the type of 'anti-hero' stories then I definitely recommend this to you especially if you like a gory story and a savage and ruthless lead character who enjoys killing. I am enjoying this so far and you should check this out! <<less
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Tsukinotaku rated it
September 12, 2017
Status: c100
This series is certainly one of my favorite now... The epicness, the characters growth... The surprising events for some characters...

The cruelty of Riku's fate, the drama, the plot twists ! Everything is so good... And obviously a spear girl as MC ! (well halberd actually but close enough) What more could you wish for !

I was just looking for a female MC for a change but a little hidden pearl that made my week-end great !

... more>> This series is a must read. I would definitely force my friends to read.

But I don't to be your friend for you to read this series... Right ? Just do it. <<less
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