The Girl Who Fell from the Polar Star


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The pain that seemed like being pierced by something sharp and the girl regained her sensation. The darkness that like sticky sludge. The girl finally woke up when a red light gathered in that closed world. When she received a purple sphere from a strange red bird, the two memories inside the girl mixed up.

The goal of the girl was to fulfill the life expectancy that was expected to be sixty years. But she wanted to spend fulfilling days, so she thrust her neck in various matters. Because her body was weak, she had to train it. It is a story of a live hurried girl to live strongly, ruggedly and noisily.

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Goku Hoshi kara Koboreta Shoujo
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07/02/17 Just a Dream c3
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June 19, 2017
Status: --
I haven't even read this, but I know it will be gold. Why? Simply because it's from the same author as The Girl who Ate a Death God. I know he won't dissapoint me, he's a freaking genius when writing Light Fantasy Books. I'm not going to rate this for now, because I don't want to rate something I haven't read yet, but I'll keep a close watch on it, waiting eagerly for more chapters before I can read and rate. Watch out boys, this Novel is going to be... more>> popular. <<less
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December 16, 2018
Status: c3
I've read what has been translated and it's definitely interesting.

A godlike being reincarnates as a human girl and only regains her memory after surviving her parent's attempt at a family suicide. She clears her debt woth her powerful magic as leverage but it seems like she'll take over the town economically using her skill at judging how each person can best be used.

This is set in a shared universe with the author's other works but you don't need to read the other stories to appreciate their writing. He/she likes powerful... more>> female MCs and showing how they change the course of history in this fantasy->post magical medieval world. The characters, including the villains, all have believable desires and motivations. Settings are a bit practical since they show more of the how and why of the plot rather than Tolkien level detail of every part of the world.

Unfortunately, the only translation available as of writing this review is subpar. They might need the help of an editor. <<less
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