The Magnificent Battle Records of A Former Noble Lady


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Syltina was originally a Duke’s daughter.

Sentenced to exile two years ago, she crossed over to the neighboring country and entered its Guild. The current Syltina, who became strong to the extent that even foreign countries knew her name, was summoned by the country which exiled her.

In order to purify the land defiled by monsters, Syltina gets stuck in a journey with a partner who constantly has zero motivation, the girl from the different world who drove her into banishment, the First Prince who was her former fiance, her former brother who is a Knight and a pointlessly shy magician.

This is the story of Syltina slicing off enemies, playing the part of a Straight Man (tsukkomi) and sometimes, the Fool (boke) to her companions.

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Moto Reijou-sama no Kareinaru Sentou Ki
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New OfficePony rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly, wait for the translator to clean this mess into something readable.

I was enjoying it fairly well up until the point where I decided in all my wisdom to read the rest using MTL. I started to regret my life choices five chapters in MTL and realized that the translators were doing stellar jobs getting that mess into a semblance of readable story.

I'm giving a 5 star review just for the fact that the translator was able to make something out of this story.
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Kittybear rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: --
I have no words for you readers other than that this novel is the novel that we all wished for but just never came because translators kept on choosing harem or wuxia novels. I honestly can say that this novel is by far, my absolute favorite japanese novel I have ever read, and I have a reading list of 150+ novels.

... more>>

This story is something that I have never seen before. It's telling the story of an otome game kind of set up. So picture the cliche otome game plot, you know, the MC is from another world with some sort of power, every man she meets is crazy about her to a weird degree, and most importantly, the villainess noble girl. Now make the MC the biggest bit*h you can find and turn the villainess girl into one of the most hardworking, idealistic, caring person you can find and you have this story.

What has happened is that our story's MC, the "villainess" Syltina, has been exiled from her country based on the false charges of smuggling taxes and bullying the "heroine" Akari (Who the crown prince has a major boner for). Of course, people believed it because Akari looks at them all teary eyed and pointed her perfect little finger at Syltina. Everyone believed the little bit*h and basically abandoned Syltina. Her father, older brother, younger brother, fiance (prince), trusted attendant that has been with her since she was a child, and basically every noble that had a significant amount of influence didn't object to the obviously false charges because they all were in love with the little slut, oh sorry I meant Akari. The thing that really just pissed me off was that, during all of these incidents of where Syltina supposedly was "bullying" Akari, she was actually basically trying to run the kingdom's government because the king was also so enchanted by Akari that he just let her run around, causing anger in the nobles that weren't charmed by her. Also, all these noble guys who were the "capture targets" where abandoning their work to chase after her, leaving Syltina to try and pick up their slack. Plus, the economy was slowly declining on it's own, and with no f*cking nobles caring enough because their to focused on the little "perfect girl", they left Akari and the Minister of Finance to try and salvage what economy they had left. So after trying her best for her country, basically giving up any form of a life she had to work, they all sided with the girl basically leading them to ruin because she's pretty....... and can I just add, she is only like 16 when this sh*t went down.

They "exile" her which is basically a death sentence because no one in the country is allowed to assist an exiled person, so Syltina had to find a way out of the country on her own two feet with no provisions or money, nearly dying several times. 2 years pass and Syltina is now stronger than ever and proficient in magic after working immensely hard. She joined a guild in another country and soon her name became known even in other countries. Because she is now strong, the kingdom that exiled her decided that they needed someone with her power and requested she come back to accept a mission to protect the "saintess" to help purify the taint caused by the monsters. This honestly baffled me that they were shameless enough to call her back to protect the girl that conspired against her to basically destroy her future. This is where it gets good.... she says no straight up to the king's face. I was screaming and crying "f*ck YES!!! I LOVE YOU FOR BEING CHARACTER OF COMMON SENSE THAT HOLDS GRUDGES THAT SHOULD BE HELD!!!!"

The little sl*t "saintess" screamed about "but what about all the people who'll die?!?!" To which she responds "I do not care. This whole kingdom is corrupt and should perish." I'm dancing for joy at this point because the sweet, sweet irony just.... MMMMMMMMM. I can't describe the pleasure it brought me. This is just one little part in the beginning. Trust me, it gets SOOO much better, but you just have to read this if you want to know. *smirk smirk*


I wanted to break the fourth wall in this and kiss the main character after the first chapter. (and that means a lot to me since I cry every time characters just graze the fourth wall) Please read this and rate it so more people can encourage the translator to work faster. I NEED A NEW CHAPTER NOW!!!! <<less
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Shizukani rated it
January 3, 2017
Status: c2
*squeals* More please! Really looking forward to the future chapters as the first 2 chapters seems super interesting. Kudos to the author for the great start!

So far, the plot seems interesting and the MC design is the badass female MC that everybody loves. The story starts with the description of the idiots and hateful creatures that antagonizes our dear MC (very nice contrast! It just brings out the cheers for the MC within my heart, the oldest technique in the book). I'm curious of how this will turn out.... more>>

I sincerely hope that the MC won't pity her country if it turns out that it was a result of mass brainwashing though... (no spoilers here, just pure speculations.)

But reading the synopsis, I guess one way or another, she will get stuck helping her country anyway... but, too early to judge! I guess this story will go towards a whole different direction compared to what the initial chapters suggests.

Anyway, will edit this review once more chapters are up. <<less
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Helixical rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c12
This story is well written/translated, which accounts for most of those three stars. Unfortunately, I dislike the direction this novel is going. The setting is your typical sword, board, and sorcery fantasy, and that usually implies a fair bit of wanton violence. The MC, on the other hand, is a saint. She dedicated her entire life to saving her country, just to have it all crumble down around her on the whims of a jealous otherworlder. After she, apparently, gains enough power to be able to either get revenge or... more>> just ignore them entirely, she instead decides to accept a commision to protect the same person who ruined her life. The only bits of "revenge" that happen are a couple of snippy speeches centered on how hard the royal family and her relatives f*cked up. It's not enjoyable to read, so I'm probably gonna drop this unless something changes in the next few chapters. <<less
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March 14, 2018
Status: c17
Comprehensive spoilers ahead, but it really isn't much because for all the words, this story doesn't really say anything.
... more>>

So, MC gets screwed by her country and now they need her after she spent 2 years becoming super OP in exile. So it's basically revenge p*rn except they do nothing but talk and talk about how MC was innocent and MC is super OP and everyone else is ret*rded and incompetent and the nation deserves to be destroyed. But she gonna help the nation anyways because the guild tells her to and she's a professional OP MC who doesn't let personal feelings get in the way of her job.

Anyone who apologizes for screwing MC over isn't actually sincere. Everyone in the entire nation is directly responsible for helping screw over MC, who only ever wanted to work late nights to help the nation prior to being screwed over by everybody. Also everyone except MC's professional OP party is incompetent.

And now we're gonna kill some bandits who kidnapped our incompetent charges. And now we're going to kill those bandits wives and children because they want vengeance and MC is an edgelord. Now everyone's who is competent is killing children now because that means you're badass edgelords like OP. And after you are done stabbing please talk dramatically for 5 paragraphs about how you're no longer the naive incompetent sh*t you were a few minutes ago because you're on OP's side and the nation deserves to die... Did I mention that the nation screwed her over? Also the children dying due to the above stab wounds also monologes for 2 paragraphs before dying about how the world is a dark and treacherous place after all and the nation truly deserves to die if it can't provide good job opportunities for its citizens forcing them to turn to banditry.

There's a good reason why the translators aren't posting updates often. <<less
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Thormation rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: c16
Before we start, let's review the last part of the Description above:

"This is the story of Syltina slicing off enemies, playing the part of a Straight Man (tsukkomi) and sometimes, the Fool (boke) to her companions."

This, along with the Comedy tag, would seem to imply that this is a light-hearted farcical romp, with the protagonist rolling her eyes and shaking her head at the antics of her party.

... more>> Don't believe it.

At least as far as Chapter 16, this is a grim, bleak, desultory story of vengeance and a hidden secret that seems to have something tangentially to do with the "girl from a different world" mentioned in the description. The characters who are not in on the secret are all portrayed as hopelessly vapid and incompetent. The characters who are in on the secret are all portrayed as brutal and merciless. If there has been any reason to laugh in this story, I have completely missed it, if it exists at all.

If you are looking for a less morose, yet still realistic, story featuring a protagonist dealing with the effects of being in an "otome game" world (not a spoiler, check out the tags), read either Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter or Haunted Duke's Daughter. Both of these are very well written but won't leave a taste of dirty ditch water in your mouth at the end of every chapter.

But if you are looking for a somber, pitiless story about a young woman who is taking advantage of the people who falsely condemned her, then you should enjoy this. The writing is not great, but it is solid, which puts it above about 90% of web novels you might encounter. <<less
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HaruKoiUta rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: c4
I'm super addicted to this novel and check everyday for any updates, then cry with disappointment when I see there is none (TT ^ TT) I need to learn to be patient but this novel is to damn good so far! The development so far is super interesting and I can't wait how the story will turn out! I wanna see how the MC will have her vengeance plus a blood bath of the MC enemies soon~ She is so OP and badass I love her so much!!! Good... more>> job on the translations and I hope you continue this wonderful job (/ >u<) / Update soon <3 <<less
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FeeLyne rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I admit that the negative comments are not wrong but I guess I'm the vengeful type because I didn't care that much about how unforgiving MC is.

<slight spoiler ahead>

I think that when you're being betrayed, it's up to you to decide how to react. I don't see why she should save people who never did anything to help her even if they were not part of the "betrayal". She doesn't owe them, indeed, THEY owe her as she spent years trying her best to save them until she got back-stabbed.

She... more>> doesn't actively try to kill common citizens, she only kills if she's threatened, even sometimes giving people the choice to run away before it's too late.

As for those who betrayed her and eventually realized how dumb they've been, I'd like to say: she almost died and they didn't try to help at all. If it wasn't for the few she could count on, she wouldn't be there for them to apologize to so no, I don't think she's heartless for not accepting their newfound appreciation.

The reasons behind the star I removed (actually I'd rate 3.5 if I could) are that

  1. There's way too many side characters (it's impossible to remember all their names) which results in all of them being pretty tasteless/underdeveloped.
  2. There's way too much teasing about the "Grand scheme" they're working on. Every two chapter there's a conversation talking about it but purposely giving some info while leaving most of it out. All in all it's extremely unnatural for people to talk like that and I can understand for the author to have fun doing it once or twice to show us that there's "more to it than what we see" but not 20 times...
  3. The ending turned out to be pretty easy to guess if not disappointing given how much it was teased. It really felt like "Wait, we went through all those chapters of nothing just for that ?"
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Mamabug rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c1
Started off good, but plot twist around chapter 12 destroyed the premise for me and I DNR'd.

... more>>

Starts off as an interesting twist on the 'transmigrated into an otome game heroine who lies to get things to go the way she thinks it should' where the villainess was done bad and struggled to turn herself into someone stronger then came back to rub it in the faces of those who betrayed her and now need her. Also some hints that she is aware of the original game story and working to change it.

What killed it for me is when we discover she had known this was an otome game world prior to her betrayal and exile and that the people she is aligned with after her exile are friends from before. She had foreknowledge that she would be framed for crimes she didn't commit, be publicly betrayed by her family and close friends either out of mistrust or because of political convenience, and exiled in a way that was meant for her to die as she received zero support on her way outside the country.

This key fact destroyed all the characterization up until that moment. It turned her achievement of survival into simply something she had planned for and turned her shocking betrayal by friends and family into a failed loyalty test. Any suffering she experienced was, in a way, her own choice because she had the knowledge and connections to either prevent it or alleviate it.

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123jbster rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: c17
Strong, independent Female MC? Check.
A MC that is not a pushover? Check.
A MC that treats 'others' as she has been treated? (Whoa, childhood line right there.) -- Check.
Side Characters that have a large amount of potential? Definitely present -- more to go on that when additional chapters are released.

All in all, this series is my guilty pleasure of novelupdates. I love this series already and it only has, currently, 7 chapters translated. It's a breath of refreshment and satisfaction in my slog of many other current reads.... more>> Seriously, every time I read this I get that silly little grin on my face with the internal monologue going, "Yes! Yes! Yes!!"

I recommend this series to anyone looking for what I have said above. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
September 18, 2018
Status: c20
Here's the Real Synopsis (With Very Minor Spoilers)

... more>>

The MC came back in order to decline the King's request in person as a sort of catharsis. However her guild has a reason to help clean up the contamination, so she ultimately agrees to his request after refusing it initially, but it's clearly for her guild.

Most of her old associates are regretting their past action, as well as anyone who wronged her, but the MC isn't going to make up with the ones who betrayed her. In fact, she's content to treat them as complete strangers.

Watch as she and her comrades escort a bunch of sheltered brats, getting by in relative ease while the aristocrats are miserable.


The MC is guarded, and unwilling to trust others, but she isn't cruel. She's mostly apathetic or cold towards others, but warms up immediately when it comes to her guildmates and the only reasonable party member.

Some people call her attitude angsty or edgy, but I felt it was resigned and detached instead. It seemed more natural than what I've seen from angsty or edgy characters. She's not brooding over the past, she moved forward already, though she still get's mad at people's selfish shameless crap.

The aristocrats she has to escort are sheltered and niave, and as a result of the former, incompetant. So, on this journey, the aristocrats have to face reality for the first time. It really gives lie to the idealistic dribble spouted in most novels, crushing it with cruel reality.

This is a nice story about watching people reap what they sow, being slapped in the face with reality, and seeing how idealism doesn't survive in a world where neccessities aren't guarenteed.

Although the writing isn't print grade, I believe a lot of the narrative elements are.

The Otome Game Tag Explained


This world is a real world reflecting an otome game in another world. The saintess if from another world, knows of the game, and believes herself the protagonist in a game. Unwilling to acknowledge that this isn't a game, the saintess brings disaster, adding a nice contrast between games and reality.


Rebuttle for Spoiler in another Review


There are two consistent themes building throughout the story, the real world isn't as simple or clean as a game, and people are unwilling to accept the world as it is.

At one point in the story, farmers-turned-bandits-by-neccessity attack the party. The MC tells them to leave, but they attack anyways, so she slays them. Then their families attack them seeking revenge, and she slays them. All the while, the bandits talk about how neccessity pushed them to this point and the MC retorts that she also needs to defend herself.

Another review calls her an edge lord for this, but I disagree. The scene indicated that this was just life in her eyes. People do what they have to to survive, and sometimes that involves hurting others. Sometimes, you get hurt. That's just life.

Rather than being edgy, it comes across as a fatalistic view of life, and acts as a nice contrast with the fantastic ideals expressed by the sheltered aristocrats. There aren't any gruesome descriptions or vulgar details, she just kills them. For her, it's life.

However later, when an aristocrat has to kill a child seeking revenge in defense of the prince (his first kill,) the author treats it as a traumatic experience. He goes into more detail, and pairs it up quite nicely with the idealist principle of protecting those important to you and the cruel reality of having to hurt others in order to do so. It's also a nice moment for one of the characters to wake up to reality.

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Devanor rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c4
In a time where 'the protagonist is transported to another world' and 'usually is brutally overpowered and does whatever (s) he wants', this is one of the few novels I know where the main character is actually from the other world.

The novel is refreshing in the sense that the main character so far doesn't go overboard in her actions. She's also one of a few main characters I've seen that doesn't accept nonsense from others.

"You betrayed me when I needed you the most, and now you're sorry? It's ok...... more>> NOT!" She's unforgiving when it comes to those who turned on her on a baseless accusation, and all her actions has been reasonable. It's going to be difficult to endure the wait for another chapter, but it will be well worth it if the author keeps this up. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: c53
Not isekai or reincarnation. Unlike other otome stories, MC is not a reincarnated villainess, she's a resident of the world.

The theme of this story is about actions having consequences. The isekai'd saintess and the kingdom will face the results of their own actions. This is sorta a revenge years in the making and coming to a conclusion.

Basically MC was betrayed so she prepared and jumped ship years ago, an already broken sinking ship that only managed to stay afloat thanks to MC.
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Tenzen12 rated it
March 1, 2019
Status: --
This is pretty horrible novel. It has good ideas, but delivery failed spectacularly.

Heroine is perfect, she is smartest, strongest, most beautiful and only terrible, s*upid people can't see it. Also she can't open her mouth without mentioning how much she was wronged. This doesn't seem to be more then classic revenge p*rn, which is shame, because for while I did thought it could be fun, but in the end its only edgy

... more>>

Like whe she massacred wannabe bandits (women and children included), who just wanted eat and didn't even killed anyone, despite being so weak she alone could wreck them with her pinkie finger and only people are who protested were idiots who are always wrong and don't understand world.


I kid you not. <<less
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Danthefanokaku rated it
February 22, 2019
Status: c20
This novel is interesting, but it has a few short comings that make it difficult to rate this novel well. I’d give it like 2.5/5 stars, but I can’t give it 2.5 stars so I’ll just give it 2.

Why do I think this novel is interesting if I’d only give it a 2.5 rating? Well, because it is. The characters are interesting, the fantasy otome game plot taken from a different perspective that wasn’t just “She’s no longer the protagonist, I am!” viewpoint was pretty fun. I enjoyed reading what... more>> little of it had been translated.

The translation is also pretty good, I mean there’s some grammar errors and Asian hobbyist isn’t one to translate using the previously translated character names so that always sucks, but the overall translation isn’t bad.

Here’s what’s bad about this novel. Let’s start off with Asian hobbyist as it’s the most minor part of this negative side but it’s still an important factor. They changed almost all of the previously translated names. So good luck on figuring out whose who! And did you say you wanted a well maintained website? HA! Asian hobbyist says no, and gives you a broken website as well as spits in your face. Other than their names their translation was fine, but their website sucks.

The final thing that really could’ve been improved upon is the use of the victim card. Now, spoilers, the protagonist has been extremely wronged. Extremely. And this is a point that this novel will beat you over the head with over and over again. I don’t know if it’s just because this novel is still in its infancy at 20 chapters, but the first 18 have been practically “I’ve been wronged, it’s terrible, you are bad and arrogant people”. It’s just, tiresome. Why repeat this fact over and over and over again? We get it already. The protagonist has been wronged. Yes. Whoopty doo. The author just plays the victim card for the protagonist way too much within these first 20 chapters.

Will it get better? I don’t know, since the translation has pretty much halted. So the world may never know! And on that terrible disappointment, that’s the end of this review. Thanks for reading!


Good: Interesting, decent translations

Bad: Bad website for 3 chapters, almost all names changed, “I’m a victim feel bad for me” for 18 chapters.

Verdict: 2.5/5, but maybe it’ll get better when (read “if”) the next translator picks this up. Grand Tour reference. <<less
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Loosergirl rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: --
This reads a bit like one of those Chinese Wuxia novels with female leads. You know, where some genius transmigrates into a good-for-nothing and shows everyone how much better she is than others. Only, this heroine never transmigrated but rather she herself has become cold and strong due to the mistreatment she received in the past.
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Mario Kaiba
Mario Kaiba rated it
October 31, 2020
Status: afterward
Okay, ignore the 5-star review I've given it, it should be a 4.5 at best. When I first started to read this one, it was enticing. I actually stopped for a while because it changed translators a few times. However... it was good to a point. Before I get into detail, I'm going to warn everyone that I'm a sucker for "Duke's Daughter" stories. Mainly because they make fun on Otome games in general. And there will be spoilers.

First off, the Protagonist wasn't bad. She ended up becoming a certain... more>> b-word, but she had every reason to be. The typical Villainess Duke's Daughter MC that had her lover stolen by a "Heroine" who decided to go the reverse-harem route. However... the story takes place 2 years after our MC's banishment. She had joined a Mercenary Group and was requested by the same kingdom that banished her to escort the "Heroine" that framed her in the first place. Trust me, the king and his son who was her fiancé are complete idiots.

I'm not getting into too many details as I don't want to spoil the whole story for you. All I can say is that the "Heroine" gets her just deserts while the MC gets her revenge. Trust me, the Heroine is a four-lettered S-word that needed to be "taken care of".

What's sad is that you can't find the first 4 chapters anymore as the original TL removed them. I left a comment to the TL that finished this in hope's that they would re-translate the missing chapters so others can read this from the beginning. <<less
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apatel190 rated it
September 9, 2020
Status: c55
This is an edgy revenge story with an edgy MC and her edgy companions who plan out their edgy revenge plan and anyone not on the MC's side are completely cliche and ret*rded.

I don't actually have a problem with edgy revenge stories.... when does right.

The author doesn't stop reminding the reader that the MC was betrayed and how it hurt her feelings literally every chapter. We are mostly told and not shown the betrayal through the accounts of characters but theres not alot of flashbacks so instead the story feels... more>> like it starts right at the end of a novel.

The betrayal has also completely warped the MC's personality to the point where she shows complete apathy to anyone whos not her close companion. Such to the point that doe she doesnt even give a sh*t when a kid gets killed in front of her.

I get that the MC is betrayed but she doesn't have to be portrayed as a sadistic demon.

On another occasion she rescues a kid and lets him stay for the adventure but only because she wants to see the look on his face when her revenge plan is in action


Despite the novel title there is not alot of fights and the ones shown are extremely boring and not very challenging since the MC and her companion are completely overpowered. <<less
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This is a 'revenge on the white lotus female lead' story masquerading as an adventure novel. While it's written well enough, it's so self-indulgent and relentless in bashing you over the head with how unjustly the MC is treated that I can't really take it seriously.
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Yun K.M
Yun K.M rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: c63
This is just a overly convoluted revenge plot story, as it was pointed out in other people review of this novel, but it is still SO sastified to read as the plan work out VERY well. Just imagine cooking up some thing that you would REALLY enjoy but the process is REALLY convoluted, and you have this story in essence.
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dsryr30 rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: c20
I absolutely love this, a shame no translator has picked this up for a year now.

Don't let the synopsis fool you. It would be easy to imagine that this is turns into a slapstick comedy of sorts, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I wouldn't call this a dark story but it certainly is in the dark grey area, not a happy world. This is a revenge & conspiracy story about strong MC & her companions and the author really tries to make you hate the bad guys... more>> and makes it pretty easy. If there's anything to complain about, it'd be that the bad guys are made out to be so s*upid and powerless it's unreal, no way such people could lead a country.

This is a more serious version of what would happen with your generic otome game transmigration novel where a girl gets sent from peaceful modern day Japan to a fantasy world and tries to live it according to the script of the "game" without realizing it's her current reality.

I like that the story doesn't try to force modern-day values and Japanese culture like so many other novels (The naive transmigrated girl is in charge of these views). There are signs of good character development for a couple of characters, but 20 chapters is too few to say more.

I see many people complaining that the author pulls the victim card with the MC way too much, but I don't think that's true. If everyone I loved, lived for and protected suddenly betrayed me for crimes I didn't commit, without any proof, and almost killed me as a result, all for some random otherworldly girl who mysteriously has everyone blindly wrapped around her little finger, I certainly wouldn't be able to forgive them after two years. Probably never, even if they apologize. And that's what I like about the MC, she's very hurt and traumatized and won't let go of past bad deeds too easily. I hate it when characters forget or forgive cheating, betrayal or other bad things way too easily with a smile and apology from a pretty face. <<less
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