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Cen Sen left for Australia to develop his overseas business market during his first year of marriage with Ji Mingshu.

When he returned home after three years, Ji Mingshu threw a divorce contract to his face in an attempt to end this widowed-like marriage.

The man closed his eyes, pressed the sheets of paper down for three seconds in silence, before throwing them back onto the desk. “Mingshu, I respect your decision, but I think I should remind you what was on our prenuptial agreement,” Cen Sen said with a calm expression. “After our divorce, you might not be able to collect the exclusive Birkin handbags, ride a private plane to enjoy Milan’s fashion show, or auction a Sri Lanka 15 karat Padmaraga Sapphire diamond ring so easily…” He continued.

“Hold on!” Ji Mingshu suddenly realized the error in her judgement. “I think… I can tolerate this marriage a bit longer.”

–What a pleasure it will be for me to be your most faithful companion for life.

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Jevanka926 rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm pretty sure that this isn't everyone's cup of tea. Well, I'm gonna make a list of whys and if you don't think you can stomach them, you would know first.

    1. FL is a literal canary. She's your usual spoilt wealthy girl albeit more likable. Her character development quite surprised me though. She grew from a woman who could be discarded at will, standing up for herself and trying to survive. She didn't know how to work hard not because she didn't want to, but because she was raised as a 'canary' to be married off by her family, and she had lost her parents, no matter how much her family had some feelings towards her, it wouldn't change the fact that they didn't teach FL how to survive. Her uncles loved her a bit, indeed. They had some affections, but that's all. They won't discard their interests to make FL happy. They chose to press her when she said she wanted to be free because they knew her marriage would benefit them. By the way, when I say she a little canary I wasn't joking. She would not survive living on her own even for one day (without her wealth and friends). I was glad when she tried to learn how to survive that when she would be left alone she could still live.
    1. ML. ML... he's just an okay one for me, not loveable, but not hateful either. But ofc, just because I can stomach him doesn't mean you can. ML is actually quite nice, he fought for FL and respected her. His words were quite harsh though. Well, yeah they were right, but still... they're harsh. He guided FL to grow up and find what she truly likes. At least I appreciate that one. But then again, you should try to evaluate him by yourself since I'm using my point of view.
    1. ML's friends. Two out of ML's three friends are jerks. THEY ARE TOTAL JERKS I REMIND YOU GUYS. Actually, they're the ones that make some chapters unpleasant. Even though I know that their characters are based on their backgrounds, but I just can't stomach how low they think of women. They're taking "Treat brothers like brothers and women like clothes" seriously. And honestly? That disgusts me. Sure they can be funny sometimes, but I really dislike how they think that women can be discarded at will. And yes, even though FL is also from their circle, she wasn't an exception. The only likable friend of ML is only the doctor one I think? I forgot what his job is. Anyway, he respects women, and actually adored his girlfriend.
    1. Family interests. First, if you prefer a real loving family for FL then don't try to step in here. No. FL's family is also built on interests. FL even admitted that even if she knew her uncles had mistresses outside, she couldn't bring herself to accept ML's. When FL said she wanted to divorce her uncles locked her up so she wouldn't make 'troubles'. Second, if you prefer face slappings because of what I had told you about her family, don't even expect it. There won't be any face slappings for the family. That's just how FL's family works. Her aunts knew about their husbands' affair, but so what? If you once read a historical romance where husbands and wifes respected each other as guests, don't be surprised to find it here.
    1. FL's world view. FL.... she's quite extreme. She wanted to stay slim and pretty, and she's determined to do so with all costs. She barely ate anything to the point where she got hospitalized a couple of times in the story. Fortunately, my baby JiuJiu just listened to her words from her left ear and pulled them out from her right ear.
    1. FL's friend, Gu Kaiyang's family's views. Just because she was not married, they brushed off the fact that her family relies on her to eat.
You're still curious about the story's other points since I rate it high? Or just want to know whether this story's worth your time? Be careful, my list from now on will have some spoilers.

    • FL's Friends:
I love FL's friend. Unlike the ML's friends, I adore FL's friends, they are cute, funny, and likable.

    1. My baby JiuJiu was introduced as someone disdained by the circle but still friended because she's a wealthy new-money, Jiang Chun. They disdained her, yet at the same time needed her father's money. Some women instigated Jiujiu to hate FL but after she was helped by FL, she absolutely adored FL as her master. Oh, and if you decided to read this novel, I'll assure you that you will not be disappointed with this lil' cutie's date with her new boyfriend.

JiuJiu had a fiancee, a second-generation rich man she picked from a pile of her father's chosen son-in-law-to-be. Unfortunately, he cheated on her with an 18th line white lotus actress. FL helped to avenge her and from then on, she strived to make her ex-fiancee regrets.

Jiujiu had a bad taste in fashion and she asked FL to teach her. FL agreed and trained her with an iron fist, lol. There's this funny scene when she was chubbier than the last time FL saw her. FL asked her if she ate too many and she found out JiuJiu ate instant noodles. Then a hilarious event unfolded. I can describe the event but it's not exactly accurate. Trust me, it's much more hilarious in the novel


Mingshui and JiuJiu were debating about how much JiuJiu ate.

Mingshu: "You ate instant noodles last night even though I told you not to, didn't you?! Now stand on the weight scale!"

JiuJiu: *Scaredly stood on the weight scale

Mingshu: *Strictly lectured JiuJiu about how important it is to keep one's weight light

JiuJiu: Ran to the cabinets and picked a pack instant noodle before running back to the weight scale

JiuJIu" Look! My weight only increased by two grams!"

Mingshu: Wait, that makes sense. WAIT, WHAT?! NO! THIS LITTLE BIRD WANTED TO DECEIVE ME?!

Mingshu: "Did you eat it raw? You cooked it, didn't you? So how do you know that it would have the same amount of calories?!"

JiuJiu: I failed QAQ


Her father consoled JiuJiu that she would find someone better and that he would avenge her one day. She then went on a blind date with a university professor from a prestigious literary family. He was one thousand times better than JiuJiu's ex. Unlike JiuJiu's ex who actually disdained her, her new boyfriend actually thought she was a precious cutie that has to be protected at all cost.


2. FL also had a career woman as a friend, Gu Kaiyang. Gu Kaiyang was very supportive to FL and protected her. She understood her best friend's position so when she couldn't give a solution, she preferred to stay beside FL. She's a strong career woman that I look up to. I myself don't know if I could stand a friend like FL, but Gu Kaiyang managed to support FL and taught her many things. I also sympathize with her. She had a great career, sent money to her family, and achieved many great things. But once she sat on her house's table she was not more than a 'leftover' woman. I was also furious when one of her aunts made her sounds desperate.


I was quite disappointed when ML's assistant rejected her because she wasn't his type. Not that she had deep feelings though. She just thought that he would be a great partner. But I really like her warm story with a male entertainer. And here's the surprise. HE'S YOUNGER THAN HER. Unfortunately, they didn't really have a storyline. But it really warms me up when he asked her to eat outside when it's the new year and she was all alone


    • The Characters' Developments and Depth
At least it has character developments, it's something worth celebrating, no? The FL grew from a spoilt princess to acknowledging that she still has to be independent if she didn't want to be tossed around by the males and be miserable. The ML learned to respect and love FL. JiuJiu learned to stand up for herself.

Gu Kaiyang may seem replaceable, but I see her as a contrast for JiuJiu and FL. She is a strong and independent woman yet her family sees her as a waste.


is a real sh*t that Asian girls and females from every country have been struggling with.

Gu Kaiyang still needed to rent when her best friends had several estates under their name. She felt like she had bled for thousands of yuans when she paid rent meanwhile her best friends bought a scarf at the same price as her rent house without blinking.

But that's exactly what I admire from her. She doesn't envy, nor does she hate. She witnessed her friends struggles as the upper-class ladies and she knew she didn't want to experience one. I just hope that the author can give her justice so she wouldn't spend her days in loneliness by herself meanwhile her best friends have families on their own.

    • The Comedy
Like I wrote before, ML's friends are actually funny but some that are misogynist just ruined it for me. But hey, you still have some others, like ML's friend who was loyal towards his girlfriend. Anyway, most funny things happen when FL met ML's friends, FL and her friends were arguing about FL's dog food, JiuJiu's blind dates, and FL's helplessness towards her young apprentice.

So, if you've decided to try this novel but still wavering because you can't stomach some of the negative lists, just try. If you don't mind, you could just brush them off lightly
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hanma9068 rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is good! Detailed points have been mentioned by fellow Jevanka.

Though tbh, I dislike ML at first, but as usual, you need to read more to know the story. ML is a typical straight-man, cold & indifferent. So that's why he acts like what was written in the novel. But he slowly become likeable after he recognizes his feelings for FL. Awwww

FL is cute, though you might find her annoying in real life (unless you truly treats her as a friend). Her growth was stunning.

... more>>

I even cried when reading the part where she asked for divorce for the 2nd time. ML's 'ex-gf' is super annoying! But that was the strongest point that made her & ML's relationship change.


More fluffy scenes are on extras. Man, I really enjoy the extras ? <<less
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nxtlvl rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I was a little surprised, but this turned out to be a great read. Unlike most web novels that focus on just the romance without the traditional hero's arc, FL here actually goes through personal growth and learns to have a life beyond the scope of her (loveless) love life. Imagine a heroine having a life outside of her relationship?? The extent of her growth is also realistic to her inherent character traits, offering satisfying development without lobotomizing her personality.

On the romance side, ML and FL go through a natural... more>> process of gradually discovering their love for one another and learning to understand each other. ML and FL are attracted to each other from the start, but it takes a hot minute for them to get in touch with their feelings and drop their denial before finally learning that there could be something more.

There's subtleties when it comes to ML, and I appreciate that the author took a different approach with developing his character compared to with FL. He's more introverted, so he's clearly not going to express his feelings and state of mind in the same way. But if you keep an eye on the details, you'll find that he started falling for FL long before he even realized it.

Bless the author for actually revisiting the story elements she introduces. Plot elements actually serve a purpose in progressing the story and/or the main characters' relationship development and arcs don't get dragged on incessantly for the sake of drama. The author also has a sense of humor and will poke fun at her own characters when they're being obnoxiously over-the-top.


The one part that was slightly underwhelming was the portion regarding Cen Sen and Cen Yang's tragic childhoods as well as Cen Sen's relationship to both families. I understand why things ended up the way they did and like the sense of emotional realism embedded there—not everything in life gets a happy ending tied with a pretty bow, especially when family matters are as complicated as this—but some of the turning points and big reveals fell flat for me. Also, I need a Cen Yang alternate universe story, please.


ML's friends and FL's plastic girlfriends are the perfect example of people who stay in toxic friendships simply because they're too they're too comfortable to break old habits and venture out of their social circles. I suspect these relationships were inserted to show why ML and FL had the prejudices they had for each other at the outset of the novel. Luckily, FL does have two other supportive friends whom she shares hilarious exchanges with.

If you like forced cohabitation or arranged marriage stories involving a sassy, spoiled, airhead of a princess and an overbearing CEO, this story not only checks off all the boxes but offers compelling plot to boot. Just fluffy enough but not so silly that you start questioning your own intelligence. I skipped some of the side stories, but I do recommend the parallel universe extras on the author's Weibo :) <<less
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Shortk rated it
May 18, 2021
Status: Completed
3.5 rounded up. I'm conflicted because I'm worried that "The sweetest fake couple" plagiarized this book since this came out first. HOWEVER, man, "the sweetest fake couple" is vastly better written (although I'm comparing through mtl but plot and character wise) than this.

(Honestly if they did plagiarized, it would make sense why it's better because all they needed to do was improve all the weak points of this novel)

I think if you can trudge through the first half and you don't care about plot and just want fluff,... more>> then it's enjoyable. The best part is that there is a very solid 3- girl group of friends who are actually very good to each other. Positive female relationships being actively shown.

The worst parts are that the ML and MC are fairly hm selfish (but personally I don't care too much) especially in the beginning. Honestly, the MC doesn't grow that much except professionally. The ML does do a 180 to be the "doting husband" but the writing is not that good. It doesn't support the change very well (given mtl again).

I say this because in "the sweetest fake couple" the MC and ML have really well written character changing plots. It makes sense and they are honestly more likeable. But idk, props if this is the original or something. I'm conflicted bc I really love "the sweetest fake couple", read that first, and it is better but if it plagiarized this (& basically improved it), then damn that makes me sad. Lol. <<less
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CKJnovelFANatic rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: Completed
I almost didn’t read this story because of the poor reviews but I’m glad I fried my brain a little with the mtl since the OT dropped it. It’s one for my “Dark Love” category, definitely not fluffy love (at least not til later in the book).

It’s a realistic look at the ugly dirty muddy super wealthy world of messed up childhoods, relationships based on interests not love, cynical attitudes toward the opposite s*x, I live you die cutthroat business, and more...

... but lotus blossoms bloom from mud. And... more>> damaged people as well as innocent ones deserve a happy ending.

I really like the multiple POVs and the side characters are fully formed. The epilogue stories give satisfying conclusions.

I really hope Fantranslations can pick this up again🙏 I’d really like to read it again fully translated <<less
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Sista777 rated it
November 23, 2020
Status: Completed
FL is really spoiled and...... cute (if you really close to her and love her unconditionally).

ML is super indifferent and kinda annoying at the beginning.

Roller coaster of marriage life cuz one, the FL is super superficial and loved ML implicitly and two, the late realization of ML that he lover her, FL.

They are separated for 2 years in marriage and after ML got back home from Australia that they review their relationship: Two divoree offers from FL and misunderstanding and Tom&Jerry relationship.

... more>>

HE with one baby boy and 7 years later a baby girl.


Love this kind of story that's why I read until the end. I still want to read more in the translated writing cuz the MTL-ed thing most probably couldn't potray the situation best. <<less
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December 20, 2022
Status: c13
Im only at chapter 13 and I really want to drop this for the mean time or skip few chapters.

The ML was so unlikable. They got married, left for 2 years, went back without telling her, appearing at a gathering 2 days before with his friends, appearing at a party infront of her and no explanation.

They went back, had s*x, acter s*x, he became the cold person as he is. Told the FL she wasn't talented enough, not cut for big projects, crushing her self steam in a blunt... more>> manner. They are husband and wife at that. So far, I haven't convinced myself to continue. Probably after reading another novel then go back here? <<less
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