The Sweetest ‘Fake’ Couple


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The wealthy Chi Chenyan and the golden daughter Lu Li have been married for three years. Whether it is a public event or a private matter, the couple looks cold and detached. They are always being elected as the number one fake couple with overwhelming votes.

After three years, Chi Chenyan felt that this marriage was really lackluster, and was about to bring out a divorce agreement when Lu Li suddenly got into a car accident and hit her head.

It was not a dire situation, but Lu Li suddenly seemed to have changed after the car accident…

At the hospital, Chi Chenyan was about to say polite words to comfort Lu Li, who was covered with gauze, when she suddenly became red. Lu Li raised her eyes, like a poor little rabbit, and stretched out her hands, looking aggrieved, and crying: “My husband, it hurts. Give me a hug~”

Chi Chenyan: “…”


After the accident, Lu Li suffered from a head trauma and thought that she and Chi Chenyan’s relationship is very good and romantic. What the outside world says about their relationship is nonsense.

So recently, the wife of the famous ‘fake’ couple behaved abnormally.

When Chi Chenyan attended a business trip, Lu Li sent a passionate post on Weibo: My husband is busy making money to support his family.

During Chi Chenyan’s company’s new product launch conference, Lu Li stared at the man on the stage and said: Husband, come home and eat tofu with me!

Everyone: ???

Just when everyone doubted whether the Lu family’s company was about to go bankrupt, they thought that the daughter of the Lu family could only rely on this method to keep this wealthy marriage. Then a reporter took a picture of a nightclub, Chi Chenyan’s cold face, his arms were holding a drunk Lu Li, and then kissed her while talking about eating tofu after going home.

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hanma9068 rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This is cuteeeeeee!!!

If you have read "Your Most Faithful Companion" you might find that the story is a bit the same, especially regarding the plastic couple & the ex-gf. But this one has less drama/angst & more to comedy & fluffy. I really enjoy both novels!

And like I said, this novel is cute! FL is super cute after the accident, because she thought that she & her husband is a loving couple. Her misunderstanding results to ML to fall for her later on.

If you try to imagine yourself in FL... more>> shoes, you will feel distressed for FL & dislike ML a little. As I was reading, im sad when FL is sad, & happy when FL is happy xD But you gotta know why ML behaves like that. They are plastic couple that basically everyone in china know lol

Extras are basically in a parallel world which tell about their meeting & love story in junior/high school. In real world, they basically know each other after marriage. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shortk rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: Completed
(This is the same thing I wrote in my list) Im gonna give you a metaphor per say. It's like when you have a co-worker that you haven't talked to very much but you're pretty sure from your observation that this is how she is bc of what she wears, how she talks, who she interacts with, and whatever background she's shared with the work before: like yes she's just basic, would maybe be your thoughts.

Likeshe's just not that complex. But reality proves us wrong all the time in... more>> your real life. She probably isn't always happy because she's rich and she's human so maybe she's never had the emotional growth in dealing with people, she's only in her twenties. So that co-worker metaphor is not exactly the MC but it is the metaphor for this book and all of its characters. What I'm telling you is that this writing and book looks like a stereotypical 2d story and honestly you can tell that the author doesn't have ANY PRETENSIONS imo bc the writing is effortless. And that's f*cking skill. This writing neither takes itself too seriously (that it is not going out of it's genre) but naturally, effortlessly allows the reader to see all of the characters as growing, changing real human beings. Bc we're not like "woe is me" everyday as real people. We go on, we avoid issues, we act the same, we have pride, and ultimately we change eventually. I'm telling you this because this is ultimately what is a fluffy novel but with real human characters without ANY PRETENSIONS. The writing never takes itself too seriously and I JUST READ THE MTL.. the SKILL. OMG.

Basically the MC is cringy in the beginning, get over it, she can't help it - trudge through it and you will find a gem of a story. The MC lacks emotional experience. She's in her early twenties, it's reasonable also you understand why bc of this writing shows you why. (I mean anyway most men statistically don't have high emotional understanding until their 40s.)

The ML has faults like humans do lol. But they both recognize their issues and grow and when I say issues it's so naturally written. He is still a very good person. There is no angst. Also this has real side characters. Everyone is a real person. I'm like.... What. This has hands down the BEST FEMALE FRIENDSHIP in all of the Chinese books I've read thus far. WHY? BC REAL FRIENDS CALL OUT BS and friends learn from each other.

And honestly the ex girlfriend just exists to allow us to eat dog food and I'm here for it. And you won't care either. You will be lining up for this dog food.

This book is subtle dude. Just enjoy the ride. I feel like I can't even describe it. It's just a very low-key understated "fluffy" (bc it is?) book about what it's like to join two people in marriage but also be fabulously rich and good looking lol. I mean that's fun man and it doesn't take it seriously. I say that bc I lack vocabulary.

U can tell by this longass review that I think this book is a masterpiece but I don't even want to set the bar that high bc it ruins how natural and understated the author wrote all of these characters. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mayuananta rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Ahhhh.. I love it.. I love MC and ML so much..

Chi chenyan is not perfect as ml.. But I love the way he loves lu li/lili..
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sky2829 rated it
February 1, 2021
Status: Completed
They really are the sweetest fake couple. They were sooo sweet that I got a toothache from it. The extras about children and alternate universe were also extremely cute 🥰.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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