The Sweetest ‘Fake’ Couple


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The wealthy Chi Chenyan and the golden daughter Lu Li have been married for three years. Whether it is a public event or a private matter, the couple looks cold and detached. They are always being elected as the number one fake couple with overwhelming votes.

After three years, Chi Chenyan felt that this marriage was really lackluster, and was about to bring out a divorce agreement when Lu Li suddenly got into a car accident and hit her head.

It was not a dire situation, but Lu Li suddenly seemed to have changed after the car accident…

At the hospital, Chi Chenyan was about to say polite words to comfort Lu Li, who was covered with gauze, when she suddenly became red. Lu Li raised her eyes, like a poor little rabbit, and stretched out her hands, looking aggrieved, and crying: “My husband, it hurts. Give me a hug~”

Chi Chenyan: “…”


After the accident, Lu Li suffered from a head trauma and thought that she and Chi Chenyan’s relationship is very good and romantic. What the outside world says about their relationship is nonsense.

So recently, the wife of the famous ‘fake’ couple behaved abnormally.

When Chi Chenyan attended a business trip, Lu Li sent a passionate post on Weibo: My husband is busy making money to support his family.

During Chi Chenyan’s company’s new product launch conference, Lu Li stared at the man on the stage and said: Husband, come home and eat tofu with me!

Everyone: ???

Just when everyone doubted whether the Lu family’s company was about to go bankrupt, they thought that the daughter of the Lu family could only rely on this method to keep this wealthy marriage. Then a reporter took a picture of a nightclub, Chi Chenyan’s cold face, his arms were holding a drunk Lu Li, and then kissed her while talking about eating tofu after going home.

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Vợ Chồng Ngọt Nhất Giới Hào Môn
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Shortk rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: Completed
(This is the same thing I wrote in my list) Im gonna give you a metaphor per say. It's like when you have a co-worker that you haven't talked to very much but you're pretty sure from your observation that this is how she is bc of what she wears, how she talks, who she interacts with, and whatever background she's shared with the work before: like yes she's just basic, would maybe be your thoughts.

Likeshe's just not that complex. But reality proves us wrong all the time in... more>> your real life. She probably isn't always happy because she's rich and she's human so maybe she's never had the emotional growth in dealing with people, she's only in her twenties. So that co-worker metaphor is not exactly the MC but it is the metaphor for this book and all of its characters. What I'm telling you is that this writing and book looks like a stereotypical 2d story and honestly you can tell that the author doesn't have ANY PRETENSIONS imo bc the writing is effortless. And that's f*cking skill. This writing neither takes itself too seriously (that it is not going out of it's genre) but naturally, effortlessly allows the reader to see all of the characters as growing, changing real human beings. Bc we're not like "woe is me" everyday as real people. We go on, we avoid issues, we act the same, we have pride, and ultimately we change eventually. I'm telling you this because this is ultimately what is a fluffy novel but with real human characters without ANY PRETENSIONS. The writing never takes itself too seriously and I JUST READ THE MTL.. the SKILL. OMG.

Basically the MC is cringy in the beginning, get over it, she can't help it - trudge through it and you will find a gem of a story. The MC lacks emotional experience. She's in her early twenties, it's reasonable also you understand why bc of this writing shows you why. (I mean anyway most men statistically don't have high emotional understanding until their 40s.)

The ML has faults like humans do lol. But they both recognize their issues and grow and when I say issues it's so naturally written. He is still a very good person. There is no angst. Also this has real side characters. Everyone is a real person. I'm like.... What. This has hands down the BEST FEMALE FRIENDSHIP in all of the Chinese books I've read thus far. WHY? BC REAL FRIENDS CALL OUT BS and friends learn from each other.

And honestly the ex girlfriend just exists to allow us to eat dog food and I'm here for it. And you won't care either. You will be lining up for this dog food.

This book is subtle dude. Just enjoy the ride. I feel like I can't even describe it. It's just a very low-key understated "fluffy" (bc it is?) book about what it's like to join two people in marriage but also be fabulously rich and good looking lol. I mean that's fun man and it doesn't take it seriously. I say that bc I lack vocabulary.

U can tell by this longass review that I think this book is a masterpiece but I don't even want to set the bar that high bc it ruins how natural and understated the author wrote all of these characters. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: Completed
This so funny and fluffy but also kinda cringey in some moments. The leads were really sweet and good together. The main story was only up to chapter 77 (MTL)... I have to read MTL bc the translated chp 61 only equal to chp 15 of whole novel.

I sometimes got secondhand embarrassment with FL's actions especially after her cognitive confusion... She became the dumb and crybaby heroine who always thought unreasonably and childishness and irrationality. Her "uwu" cries (after accident) and her hard-to-get stubborness (when she recovered) made my eyes... more>> roll. Thankfully, ML was mature and willing to abide with her wishes.

Also, one of the disappointing part of this novel was that the FL focused too much to online when she's not even an actress. Almost every chapters, I read about netizens' opinions which were tiring to read. I usually read netizens' sentiments in other novels, but this novel kinda overboard. <<less
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April 26, 2023
Status: Completed
This is the first review I have ever posted on novel updates. In general this story is a cute read; nothing too serious with surprising depth of character portrayal for the FM. My only grip with this novel is with their use of Africa:

Want to punish someone threaten them with a trip to Africa.

Want to get rid of your enemies send them to Africa.

... more>> White lotus or green tea giving you troubles off to Africa they go.

I am Nigerian and this doesn't sit well with me. What do you mean by send them to Africa. When has Africa become a punishment continent to send someone to. There are places in Africa that are the pinnacle of luxury and there are areas that are also impoverished just like in Asian countries, yet time and time again I see this trope of using a trip to Africa as punishment in Asian novels. I don't like it and I would like for it to stop. AFRICA is a continent and the countries that populate it are great destinations not punishment and not prison.

Thank you very much.

P.S. I tried very hard not to bring racism into the conversation, but western books don't even do this they just either kill their enemies or send them to prison, not use a whole continent as punishment. <<less
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hanma9068 rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This is cuteeeeeee!!!

If you have read "Your Most Faithful Companion" you might find that the story is a bit the same, especially regarding the plastic couple & the ex-gf. But this one has less drama/angst & more to comedy & fluffy. I really enjoy both novels!

And like I said, this novel is cute! FL is super cute after the accident, because she thought that she & her husband is a loving couple. Her misunderstanding results to ML to fall for her later on.

If you try to imagine yourself in FL... more>> shoes, you will feel distressed for FL & dislike ML a little. As I was reading, im sad when FL is sad, & happy when FL is happy xD But you gotta know why ML behaves like that. They are plastic couple that basically everyone in china know lol

Extras are basically in a parallel world which tell about their meeting & love story in junior/high school. In real world, they basically know each other after marriage. <<less
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CaliforniaMaki rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: c47
Hmm.. Might pick this up again when I need mindless fluff..

Honestly prefers the stoic FL than the bubbly idiotic one lol

Also mildly turned off with author's Africa jokes. 🙃
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jeez Louise
Jeez Louise rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is full of COTTON CANDY FLUFF!!!

Maybe to some people, FL comes off a tad bit childish and annoying but for me, I think she's totally adorbs lol! She grew up being expected to act like a perfect and graceful rich lady which is probably why after she had an accident and partially lost her memory, her suppressed real personality came out and fully exploded on his husband kekeke! Good thing too or else their fake couple act would've gone on forever unless they end up getting a divorce!... more>> ML's doting when he started falling for her is just (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 💕


When he had her write a guarantee promising him that she will still love him even if she regains her memories, AIGOO MY KOKORO 💘


Idk how many times I giggled throughout this novel because of the FL's cringiness cheesiness. Here's an example of one of her rainbow farts to her male god husband:


"My husband is synonymous to the word perfection, so perfect that I often wonder if my husband is real. As long as my husband smiles, I can't even think of anything else but just fall into the abyss that my husband has created with his smile."


If you find that repulsive and not at all cute, then I suggest you stay away coz there's definitely more where it came from hahaha!

The extras with their kids (1 softhearted boy and 1 mischievous girl) was way too precious and the parallel world where they met during middle school/high school had me asking for more. Definitely worth getting my dark circles! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BananaBasket rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: c22
erm did the sunrise from the west?? Because ladies and gents, we finally have a ML who knows what proper consent is. I'm in shock? Erm, this gets my 5/5 lmao. I was reading your most faithful companion and the ML kinda irked me so I was reading the reviews and someone said that this book is a better version of that book and tbh it really is. I would rather read this than that (even though, sadly, it, might be plagiarized : ( ( ()
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nxtlvl rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Lots of crack and fluff. I read a bit of the translations before realizing it's MTL and decided to read the rest in Chinese. MTL is not a huge issue, but there are errors that affected comedic value and story context. For instance, in the synopsis, rather than trying to eat tofu as suggested, ML and FL are actually talking about going home to make babies, which in the plot is an ongoing point of contention. ICYMI: tofu =/= baby.

FL moonlights as an idol stan and has no experience in... more>> love, so once her memory goes bonkers, she courts ML like a teenage fangirl lusting after her idol. Hilariously, ML eats FL's cringeworthy flirting right up. I did take issue with the gimmick of continuously documenting of of FL and ML's popularity on the internet. It was very quickly reduced to pointless netizen commentary.

If you can make it past the crack, you'll be rewarded with some more poignancy and introspectiveness later on. Overall, Sweetest Fake Couple is a nice, entertaining read because you don't need to spend time thinking about what characters are feeling–their inner thoughts are literally spelled out to you. It doesn't feel like the stakes are high because they aren't supposed to be. It's really just a feel-good novel that you reach for when you just want some mindless fun.

But the trade-off is that it's not very nuanced in terms of writing... there's a lack of depth and descriptiveness. The story also revolves purely around the romance, so if you were looking well-developed characters, this ain't it. At the other end of the spectrum, Your Most Faithful Companion, a very similar novel in premise and character, feels much more substantial, fleshed out and the payoff feels well-deserved. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chande rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: Completed
This story was actually so sweet and MC and ML's struggle to maintain their "fake" marriage was also quite realistic. They married due the arrangement of their elders and there's no love between them. What made it worse, both were a reserved person so they couldn't take initiative to improve their relationship.

Although ML was a cold person, their bland marriage life couldn't be blamed on him alone. He was indeed in a relationship before but his relationship with his ex was no better than with ordinary friend. It could be... more>> said that he almost had a zero experience so that's why he couldn't get along with MC well. But he indeed still did his duty as a husband faithfully.

MC also couldn't take an initiative to make a first move because of her upbringing. Moreover, she never had any relationship before so she had no experience to get along with ML. In the end, they're both stuck in a loveless relationship for 3 years.

But after she had an accident, it was proved that ML was also a normal man and loved his woman to be more coquettish in front him. In the end, it didn't take long for his defense to collapse because of MC's cute act. Thankfully, even after MC was back to her noble persona, ML didn't give up on MC and still loved her the same. Because of it, it didn't take long for MC to tear down her noble persona and be a cute woman again.

As for the ending, I also love it so much, particularly the side story about their children. They're so cute and MC and ML were also a good parent for their kids. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Krypton rated it
March 22, 2022
Status: --
The FL is cute at the beginnning but turns to a s*upid annoying cringey woman at the middle where she finds faults everywhere and does not care about her image. Hate this kind of MC the most. I feel sorry for the ML like duh in real life if you are working so hard and had to work day and night and even have to coax your s*upid wife who doesnt know how to be considerate like wtf. Dont even wait for 1 year he would surely divorce her
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ricachuu rated it
November 1, 2021
Status: Completed
They definitely are the sweetest 'fake' couple. It's so fluffy and sweet like cotton candy but its sweetness can give you diabetes lol. As much as they were really cold and awkward during their first 3 years of marriage, they did make it up during the next few years. Don't even get me started that the ML was too indifferent because the FL was also too perfunctory about it. They never really talked about themselves to each other and they kept on thinking that their marriage is just a political... more>> marriage. After FL broke out her real inner self to ML during her consciousness confusion, ML started to show his real colors and eventually determined that no matter in the future, he will love FL and be a good husband.

(WARNING: My spoilers are always plot spoilers so don't read if u don't want spoilers)

FL had a cold and arrogant noble lady image due to her mother's strict teaching.

However, on the inside, she is squeamish, likes to act like a baby, likes to chase stars, and also wants to experience a good romance. Because of the accident, she showed ML her most real self and believed that she and ML had a deep and moving love. I often get embarrassed by her silly antics but I also really find her adorable. Later on, she recovered her old self while remembering what she did and tried to get along with ML platonically like usual. She did struggle though since she got used to sleeping with ML and made some silly excuses. When ML confessed to her, FL was too shocked that she kept on delaying her response. ML ignored her for a while and she hurriedly tried to coax him. Fortunately, they did resolve their issues in the end and got together.


ML was a domineering president who was always out for work.

Since he was always busy and FL never did contact him for anything, he was okay with the status quo and he even thought of allowing FL to divorce him if she wanted to. He was very helpless and clueless on how to act when FL suddenly became clingy and 'loving'. With FL's repeated 'love attacks' towards him, he surrendered his heart to her. He didn't give up on her even when she turned back to her usual self. His relentless pursuit finally won the beauty's heart and he acted as a domineering CEO husband whose gentleness and affection can only be received by FL. One thing that I can say about the ML after reading the whole novel and the side stories of his and FL's son (and younger daughter), and an alternative timeline where they met in high school, is that ML is a one-of-a-kind beast in bed towards FL lol.


All I can say every time is: RIP for Lu Li's waist. Chi Chenyan, you beast! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kafka6 rated it
August 11, 2021
Status: --
Too childish and cringe. MC acting like a kid expressing their love. So so cringe agh. Literally, get second-hand embarrassment whenever MC does anything related to her husband.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
darkelf01 rated it
June 26, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a somewhat laidback story with fluff and romance. I have to praise the author's attention the characters' growth. It wasn't easy to write the change of a spoiled but ignorant canary into a silly white cute wife you can't help but adore who slowly learnt to be independent and changing a cold CEO-type character into a loving hubby. I saw his moral and logical struggles but I love that he eventually chose the MC in the end. It's a good story to pass your time but sadly it suffered... more>> from annoying side characters.

MC's friend is the worst sidekick I've ever read. Lying, inciting conflicts, lowering the MC's self-esteem, taking the MC to a service bar even though she didn't want to. Also, I wasn't sure if it was coincidental that the bar she brought them to happened to have low paparazzi protection. How the hick are you supposed to believe that a service bar catering to lonely socialite women would easily let a paparazzi took pictures of their so-called respected guests? And then, like the fixer upper she was, calling ML with the MC's phone about the MC being drunk in a bar so the hero could take the beauty home.

To be honest, the couple's married life before MC's impairment wasn't that bad, albeit estranged and polite. But after the impairment, it's this gal who made the story worser. She enabled bad behaviour and was also the source of most annoyingly unnecessary misunderstandings in the story. I even think that the second FL would've been a better choice as her friend.

Secondly, the breach of privacy was... Wow, I have no words to sum it up. I almost dropped the story when the hotel incident happened because, really??? Are passerbys that carefree to take pics of unrelated people or is the law that loose in their country? The influence of the net world was too heavy, it's that unrealistic.

But then again, people usually don't read this kind of story for its realism, anyway. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 13, 2023
Status: --
I quite liked the story (cheese lines and second hand embarrassment not counted) until she recovered. I find it normal for her to be confused but the ML wanted everything to be the same with his little pet wife. And when that wasn't so, he was decided to still court her or something. Until he pissed on those initial efforts and tried to manipulate her into her chasing him when she wasn't ready to face her changed feelings yet, while rejecting her advances but still enjoying some solo time... more>> with her asleep body. I'm at the point where she gets mad about something and tell him they're better as before and she won't chase him. Her self esteem lasted 2 paragraphs, he apologised, she got mollified and even refrained from questioning him about her suspicion about his nightly doings. Like, ok. Wth. Will update if it gets better but so far I'm as mad at both. I quess it's an okay red if you just go over it and don't invest any brain cells. And I don't understand why other people mention only her spoiled attitude and why doesn't she fall straight back in his arms. Hello. She had a brain condition that altered her perception and needs to deal with what changed. Our ML had time to prepare somewhat, she didn't. Not that she's a poster of maturity but still. And he keeps on using force to keep her next to him or take her with him when she's obviously mad at him. Ugh this fluff is turning to sour for me. She gave in of course and they reached their HEA, it just got somewhat ruined for me.

Good reading for passing time if you ignore all the issues. And the Africa jokes were not an issue for me. Author just chose a random place that has a reputation of being wild (in the author's environment, in my country too- Africa is seen as the last wilderness lol) and used that to punish antagonists to social death in the wilderness lol. <<less
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Onymous rated it
November 17, 2022
Status: c1
So fluffy! I actually cried in some parts. Idk why, maybe because I'm usually more emotional during red days but her emotions and pain when she found out about CCY's "first love" and how he hasn't ever told her she loved her even with the amount of I-Love-You's she said, definitely hit me.

... more>>

That first love isn't really a a first love. CCY barely even remembers her. They did nothing mostly and only dated for half a semester. He broke up with her when the girl asked why he never kisses her or holds her. (This was in that BQY pov.


Anyway, CCY is definitely in love with his wife. His jealousy is VERY sour. I laughed everytime. CCY is the perfect gentleman and loving husband a girl can get. He even bought and named a newly discovered planet for MC. Talk about rich president! Definitely cute! Please read if you're looking for fluff and a light read.

PS. Also it might have kind of some bad thinking here. Like how protagonists sends people who offended them to Africa. (I think it's a long standing joke really since they only did this once with that opportunistic male idol) but anyway, it might make people offended so please do not take this seriously. <<less
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Anastrisha rated it
November 7, 2022
Status: Completed
DISCLAIMER: This story, particularly MC has a discrimination against Africa; every time she's mad she would curse to have them "send to Africa" and I don't think I need to explain the intention here. Now as stated in the summary, MC will have a head trauma and will forget about her actual relationship status with ML, so you need to discern if you're comfortable to read a story of ambiguous consent to s*x (as it could be argue MC is not in the right mind to give consent). Tho, there's... more>> also a part of ML secretly using MC's body (hands and thigh particularly), this was put in a light comedic tone so if you are not ok with that, do not read. There's also mention of Hong Kong and a low key implication that Hong Kong is part of China, not really rub much but probably must be noted if you are sensitive to this topic.

I have a hard time rating this novel as the premise and the chapters before ~100 chapter were good enough that it could easily be a 5 star. The story starts with introducing us our MC whose a daughter of a rich family that had a lukewarm relationship with her rich husband and put most of her time in her hobby of chasing stars. It was only in chapter 11 (based on NU, not on raw) did the story's plot started (amnesia). As we seen in the previous 11 chapters how MC normally behave, we, the readers could also feel the second hand embarrassment in wtf is MC doing.


I just want to point out that after reading the end, I'm a bit disappointed that the author failed in fleshing out MC's childishness prior amnesia. From the later chapters, it seems that MC is a tsundere lady rather than the cold and sorrowful lady as the initial chapters may imply. When MC got an amnesia, it felt more like MC suddenly going against her personality than MC finally letting her real personality be shown. BTW even to this end she never became that same person as what we were initially introduced.


It was on chapter 93 translation did MC finally recover. As you can see, there's 50+ chapters before the end, if you think it's the "husband chasing his aloof wife" well it's not. You see, in normal settings ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS TALK. Particularly the husband, admitting that he loves her and that he wish to try having a romantic relationship. The husband did try but MC wish to return to their original state of relationship while secretly still wanting him. YES, THAT ENTIRE 50+ CHAPTERS IS JUST MC IN DENIAL OF HER FEELINGS AND GETTING MAD AT ML FOR s*upid REASONS. Well not all the 50+ BUT IT SURELY FELT LIKE IT WAS.


This is the part that made me feel like MC does not deserve ML. ML admitted to MC he likes her but MC wish to remain the fake relationship. Now if MC genuinely wants to remain their old relationship, I would have no issue with her as it is her feelings BUT this isn't the case. She keeps on creating poor excuses to cuddle with ML. At one point MC got mad at ML's cold treatment of her and ML told her that it's just because he didn't want to offend her by acting intimately on her when she claims to not like him. Obviously, ML is trying to have MC confront her feelings for him but what did our MC did? This childish tsundere got mad at ML for forcing her to admit her feelings and hated him even more for not chasing her??

No wonder despite being together for three years, feelings never improved. Because no one wants to give in. MC getting an amnesia and thus giving in allowed the relationship to prosper, but now with her back to "normal" and with her pride, she didn't want to do anything, even when ML already told his feelings and confronted her, so long as he never chased her. Now we can argue ML should lower his pride and chased but in today's society when a girl says no it's a big fat no. Girl should have just told ML her true feelings and her desire to be chase ah.


Well in reality most of the later parts focused on entertainment industry. I understand that it was the way of author making MC financially independent and have fun beyond of being a housewife but I think the implementation wasn't that great and thus instead of stabilizing the power dynamic it only ruined our favorability of MC and tarnish the plot.


All the favorability MC gained from adjusting to ML and behaving like a little wife would slowly be eaten up by her foolish behavior from getting mad at ML for the most unreasonable reasons to playing/teasing with other males and playing at ML's heart.

Imagine, she get pissed off at ML for having an EX during HIGH SCHOOL and despite telling her they didn't really do anything aside from walking close together at corridors, she still pissed off. Now I would understand if she's jealous but ML literally is working every day and had barely contact that ex yet as soon as MC saw the ex's face, she would INSTANTLY get mad at ML for being a jerk. Then to top that, she has the BALLS to get mad at him when she at one point went to a bar and touch a waiter's abs, going to a variety show to chase idols and praising them the same words she used to ML. Meanwhile ML here didn't do ANYTHING and the problem is him because he had an ex who he never contact? BRO? THE DOUBLE STANDARDS AHH.

I understand that the MC likes chasing idols and there's inherently nothing wrong in idolizing celebrities but I just hate that the MC could like other males than ML and get 0 issues but when it comes to ML, just the ex and it already become very dramatic. I feel like all the horrible things MC did are more good reason to break up and become a drama than the ex.


Beside that, I feel like there's an incoherency with MC being a rich family's daughter and wanting to keep her image clean versus the ending.


Provided that some were incidental but wouldn't her joining an idol variety show instantly destroy that? Regardless if she didn't talk (she did and almost tarnish her "sweet couple" with ML), the mere fact she joined it gives indication that she likes them... Not at all keeping up with her image lmao.


I also do not like MC's bff that much. She's all over the place. I also low key did not like the low key showing off private jet. The amount of pollution they caused- XD

Also poor secretaries who need to be on call 24/7 to deal with our character's issues.

Finally, my most memorable scene in this story is MC guiding us how to deal with white lotus: be frank. I mean that's the truth. So long as you know what exactly to be frank about and the audience are either too dumb to understand the white lotus' implication or smart enough to pretend to be dumb, you are fine.

As to the translation quality, I think some parts are weird but it's bearable and appreciate translator trying to be scientific in looking for MC's cause of amnesia. <<less
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December 13, 2021
Status: c31
It's a little too childish for me. Personally, relationships built on deception (or in this case, withholding information) does not look like a desirable read.

I'm going to drop this for now.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sky2829 rated it
February 1, 2021
Status: Completed
They really are the sweetest fake couple. They were sooo sweet that I got a toothache from it. The extras about children and alternate universe were also extremely cute 🥰.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mayuananta rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Ahhhh.. I love it.. I love MC and ML so much..

Chi chenyan is not perfect as ml.. But I love the way he loves lu li/lili..
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CaisAngelsPearl rated it
January 31, 2024
Status: Completed
Nice cute story read to the end but as an African living in this great continent, my 2 stars is for the numerous 'send them to Africa' punishments.

Dear author, it's the 21st century, surely u can do better especially knowing ur readers are from all over the globe. Not cool 😡
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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