Witch, Open Your Eyes


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The story of a lesser known martial arts actor who accidentally barges into a game of Werewolf, seducing and riding on the Adonis’ coattails to survive.

With much difficulty, a lesser known martial arts actor Fang Daichuan managed to receive news from the variety show “Werewolf”. He had hoped to grasp the opportunity to make a comeback, but unexpectedly crashed a game of real-life mafia…

Fang Daichuan: I’ll do my best to steal the spotlight!

Li Sinian: f*cking survive before you talk about anything else!

This novel has also been called “Living with a Werewolf for 7 Days and 7 Nights”, “My Boyfriend Is A Werewolf”, “How to Counterattack A Mafia Game With Low-IQ”, and so on…

Associated Names
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Nü Wū Qǐng Zhēng Yǎn
Phù thủy, xin tỉnh giấc
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New Nyaa.23 rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: Completed
MC accidentally got involved w a real life werewolf game. Lots of deaths later and MC found himself a bf.

Pros :

The MC is the strong no brainer type. Honestly, MC is us trying to be smart. ML is the usual cool type.

The gore is okay, some trigger warnings.

Cons :

Romance starts slow, little action. I still don't understand why would they go through all of that just for revenge.
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8oni rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: Completed
This is translator from chapter 3.

I always have soft spot for the Werewolf (or in Western, Mafia) game. And I am also a huge fan of Agatha Christie, especially her work : And then there were none, I just really really really like it.

So well, this novel are just exactly my cup of tea.

... more>> Our protagonist here is Fang Daichuan, he is the unlucky guy who got trapped in the deserted island with 12 others people and have to play a real life Werewolf game.

What is werewolf game? You got werewolf and villager mixed together and at night, werewolf will go around and killing the villager. The game only ended when the werewolf or the villager is eliminated.

Beside villager and werewolf there is other special roles in this novel: hunter, seer, witch and the idiot.

And you guess it, based on the title, our MC is the witch.

So yeah, people die left and right, nobody can't be trusted and the way the plot get unfolded at the end. I am so tempted to write spoiler here but oh boy, I won't do that.

I give this novel full 5 stars! (≧∇≦*) <<less
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forevrfiction rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: c19
So far I am enjoying the plot, the characters and the story. the translator did a good job and both ML and MC are adorable (as adorable as they can get in a gore setting.) I love the drama, the suspence, and the trust between the MC and ML.

the author played well with characters and the setting. It is a very intriguing plot, not too heavy, neither too light. For those who enjoy a bit of drama and suspence with a hint of dark details such as hinted gore... they... more>> would enjoy the story. I recommend this novel to everyone, it is really enjoyable.

*I was unable to comment on the WordPress page due to some technical issue but I just wanna say this story is exciting. So far my simple mind hasn't encountered any plot holes. Will update once the translation finishes. <<less
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May 23, 2022
Status: c44
Hahahah. Don't expect an overpowered MC x ML lead.

MC is likely the everyone of us normal people. Confusion and with ??? Floating about our heads when things need to be plotted against. Deducing wrong info, trying to score but falling by a long margin.

like the previous reviewer saying,
MC: low IQ but brawns
ML: High IQ but weaker
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The-Lonely-Daoist rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: c34
It has an unconventional MC and ML. The MC is the strong but dumb type while the ML is the smart but weak (physical strength) type.

I have to say I'd probably like this a lot more if the MC wasn't like an anime shonen protagonist who has too much righteousness in his bones. Actually, I'm fine with righteous protagonists but at least they have enough intelligence for me to root for them, but this one is just... not it. It's just my personal preference though. I'd still recommend it for... more>> those who like those stereotypes and murder mystery. (honestly, the sypnosis is really accurate about the low iq but I still decided to give this a chance)

As for the plot, I don't really have much to say but it was getting interesting before the translator dropped it. I'd MTL it just for the plot but I decided not hurt my brain by trying to understand the MTL and being annoyed by the MC's s*upidity. (probably bc I'm too used to big brain MCs lol) <<less
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Lulue79 rated it
March 9, 2022
Status: Completed
Good short story. The plot has plenty of twist to keep things interesting, and the MC and ML, but also the side characters, are all well characterised, and their actions are very coherent with their intentions (even dissonances are logical, in the end, its very well done!).

All obscure plot points are answered by the last chapter, it's very solid.

Warning though : it can get real bloody at times, and disturbing. No particular trigger (at least, I don't think so) but well, don't eat while reading.
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Weiexol rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: c51
I'm currently reading this novel and... oh boy I love it! It seems a simple killing game at first, but I believe that there are more things under all this, can't wait to discover everything!

I actually think that the MC, Fang Daichuan, isn't that s*upid... I think he's perfect in his way! He may be dense but I love his straightforwardness; he's cute tho.

The ML, Li Sinian, is another character that I really liked. He has high IQ and he would do anything to protect his Chuan ge~He is a... more>> cutie too!! xD

The other characters are interesting as well, each have their own story to tell and hide...

Anyway can't wait for the next chapters! Thank you translator, I love your translation! <<less
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AdalSaira rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: Completed
I am screaming!!

I really like the ending!!

They keep their promise, oh gosh!!

... more>> For the people saying MC is s*upid, f**k you 😌

Cause if MC is s*upid then I am an idiot.

If it were me I guess I could die the first night like the beer belly or being voted in the middle of the game 🤦

I actually like the translator's note on each chapter, too bad tho the translation hasn't completed yet so I can only read the MTL.

The story is goes like this...




Actually I am brainless when reading this and not noticing anything at all. I found this after not sleeping for two days making an article and I don't have any brain left for a few days later.

My usual cup is fluffy and comedy BL. Not thriller like this lol. But my favorite genre other than fluffy love is gore so I am enjoying their death so much 😘👌

Tho I can say the gore is not really that gore, well compared to some novel with unlimited time flow I have read (forgot the title) this is relatively mild or easy (?).

After all they only dead by a 'stringe' 😂

Maybe because I was still 'brainless' while reading this, I can't fully grasp the dark atmosphere I should have been feeling everytime I read survival novel. I mean, the suspense and scare itself is not enough and too much game explaining, head breaking mystery, and scientific sense make me feel headache so I mostly skip it trough (i am sorry translator🙇🙇)

Well overall I can still finished this and I love how they got together again. One of satisfying ending of novel thriller. Why?

Cause it's not a plot twist!


Their live ordinary. So ordinary that I become to doubt live. Pitying other MC thriller novel why they can't ending like this MC lmao 🤣 🤣

It's also weird that MC seem like not having any trauma or something after experiencing murder and murder for seven days straight like that.

He is strong for sure, not having mental breakdown after 'exciting' trip on inhabitated island and watching his love one being separated from him in the decision of life and death.

Too dope 😎


Maybe part of the reason is because MC is 'righteous' self is strong eventho he is a coward. You can say he is naive toward ML but not completely s*upid as he can doubt ML multiple times and confront him two times but every single times ML has to explain over and over again.


He is right tho. ML is a damn werewolf.


Hehe. <<less
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