Vanguard of the Eternal Night


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A master assassin transmigrates into an interstellar era.

Other players were responsible for competing in the e-sports arena, while he was responsible for stringing up and beating up the other players.

His sword was hidden during the peak of day, and he was a gentleman who arrived in a flash of light;
As a vanguard of the eternal night, he was the variable between life and death in the world.

“As you know, the Star League’s difficulty levels are arranged in this way:
Paradise < Simple < Normal < Difficult < Nightmare < Hell < [Tyron Odin]”

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New izayaYY
June 15, 2024
Status: Completed
Gong MC is a elf/incubus ancient assassin who transmigrates into a modern tech-advanced interstellar world. He is the typical OP gong but his incubus/elf heritage adds an interesting facet to his character. As an incubus, his flirting is indeed top level, his bullying skill god level and his beauty beyond compare. He hates his incubus heritage and has a traumatic past life.

ML Vic is so very adorable... he is the very reason why I loved this novel so much. Always silly in front of ML, but extremely capable when dealing... more>> with his work. He is also OP in his profession, a real chatterbox, a tad M and an incurable fanboy. I love his homely gentle dad and alpha-like tsuntsun career mom.

Description of game instances in general are very well translated but sometimes I could not fully understand the action sequences. It did not matter much. Author (and translator) conveyed well how fast each game event is, and how each millisecond does count, esp with Tyron around. <<less
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maevalily rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: c84
This story is good. No, it's really good. No, no it's really really amazingly good ?

Just that, your heart may not be able to handle this suave MC and adorkable little shou and it may explode and you may die.

And very importantly, this is a story translated by our family's amazing XIIN. Super quality and timely updates are guaranteed since this is her project, so what are you waiting for? ?
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Melange rated it
September 4, 2020
Status: Completed
If you ignore the entirely illogical and poorly explained setting as well the corny pick up lines, then this is a pretty fluffy novel. Try to endure as the novel is wrought with cringe-worthy moments as the entirety of the plot is essentially just idol worship directed at MC.

As for the eSports aspect, it's really not even eSports. It's some weird mish-mash of futuristic interstellar VR mixed with fantasy, I don't know.

Maybe some readers enjoyed the romance between MC and ML, but I just felt it was cheesy as hell,... more>> and the way they got together made me shudder from the palpable cringe.


ML got jealous that MC told some reporters that he already had a partner, so ML ran to MC's house and begged for a chance to be together. Then they kissed, MC tried to walk away, and ML kissed him a bunch of times while screaming 'sorry.'

Ughhh, nooo... After that, their relationship is occasionally sweet but also written like an 8th-grader's ideal relationship.

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YoriMei rated it
September 14, 2020
Status: c140
Sometimes you just want a story filled with cool people doing cool things and don't want to sit through 50 chapters of character development. Sometimes you don't want a fantastic story to reel you in, sometimes you just want some cool fights and a decently likable protagonist before you pack it up and go to bed.

Honestly, the story is average. MC's cool but a bit of an edge lord, he's set up to basically be an extremely loyal but absolute s*x God (half incubus half elf) whose also an unstoppable... more>> assassin whose killed gods and kings alike. He and the ML are quite cute and it's nice to have the smooth, cool gong as our protagonist for once rather than the cute but very competent shou. The problem is, MC's so OP in his new world that all tension in fights is nonexistent and the fact that it'll end in his win no matter what makes it quite boring even with all the action. While it makes sense since you essentially have an experienced warrior in a world filled with people who only fought in video games, the power disparity in this world is so big that it gets tiring to keep reading about it. Tension between MC and ML is nonexistent as well, they both are interested in each other very quick (basically love at first sight). It's not a bad thing, it just leaves the story feeling overall a little bland.

In the end, it's alright. To me, the fight scenes were kinda dull and I found myself skimming them but the main couple was quite cute. However I feel like this story would have been better had it been set in MC's original world and his whole backstory rather than the interstellar world. It kind of felt like eating a pound of mashed potatoes, it wasn't bad in the beginning but got dull later on. Still, it's quite entertaining at the start and the translation quality is quite good so give it shot for yourself. <<less
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YaoiMom22 rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: c45
I don't write reviews very often but I simply couldn't help it this time.

This story is GOOD. Like REALLY, REALLY good!!

That said, it's not perfect- there are pacing and plot issues- but I can't remember the last time a story made me feel this giddy inside. It's SO rare to see a gong MC (one of my ALL TIME fave things) and this guy is... dear lord. His lines are just melt your panties hot. The way he goes after the little shou (Who is no weeping, weak bottom btw.... more>> He's pretty damn badass in his own right.) is simply flawless. Kabedon... hnnnn. Without a doubt Tyron is ridiculously sexy.

I'm an old mom who's been around the block a few times and I was squealing like a teenager.

So is the MC wildly OP? Like a little scarily OP? Yes. If you can't stand a MC who wins every battle like he's robbing toddlers then skip this, BUT, if you can get past that and make it to the romance.... it will be worth it. It's straightforward with very little "Omg does he liiiike mee?" silliness and confusion. It was refreshing to see how easily they managed to get together. I have no idea if there are any smutty scenes and for once I honestly don't care lololol Tyron's lines are more than enough for me :D

OPness (hehehehe sorry, I'm horrible) aside, the MC is actually pretty sweet and very gentle when dealing with the ML. He's a romantic soul. Definitely someone the ML (and we readers) will sigh over. He's very smart but not annoyingly so. I'm interested in seeing what drama the plot has in store for him. So far it's been pretty smooth sailing.

The ML is adorable and feisty. He's a fighter and no one better get in his way when he's got a battle to win. I really like how he reacted to the injustice others face. He's determined and selfless... and super, super cute!! In the boardroom, he can hold his own with the best of them but when he's in front of the MC he folds like paper

flowers. (Under a cut, because the MC actually folds bluebell flowers out of various things and teaches the ML how to do it after he asked for a flower... siiiigh.

There's a reason behind it related to his past as an assassin but it doesn't take away from the romantic aspect.)

His collection of the MC's fan swag is hilarious- especially when you find out why he has so much of it hahaha

Mind you, I'm only 45 chapters in but so far so amazing! If you've been hemming and hawing about reading this (I was tbh for a long while) give it a try. I bet you won't be sorry.

My only real issue is I keep reading "Tyron" as "Tyrion"!! Damn Game of Thrones! <<less
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MukuruA rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: Completed
I love this premise! Reading from the perspective of the gong, slowly falling in love with the cute shou, this really fits me. Also, gamesssss and OP main characters who are great at games... yessss. Tyler is far from ordinary, which makes this novel very different and refreshing compared to BL I commonly see (perspective of the shou, weak to strong, still weaker than gong most times, etc) I'm really anticipating new chapters ^^ thank you Snowy so so much for translating!

I MTLed this last year, and died at ... more>>

The proposal xD

. So beautiful. They're both really strong in their own way, a power couple~ Shou is so sweet and smart, such a breadwinner~ and our MC is super doting. I love love love this. Normally, I get tired of mtl'ing but this was the first time I finished a novel in mtl. I'll wait until the good translations are completed before revisiting (I really need to revisit to understand the fight scenes properly x'D) <<less
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Oceanskyice rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: c24
My friends, this is quality material.

However, to those who dislike op mcs, this isn't for you, because this MC is badass. The fight scenes in the novel are hot blooded and beautiful, and the MC is a rare gong MC, which means he flirts devastatingly well. Like damn, he's smooth with the little shou.

but still, my favourite is the action, as he crushes his opponents without mercy. It's a work of art, and I'd Recommend it to anyone who likes waiting for you online and love you 59 seconds, though... more>> this novel is heavier on the fighting rather than romance.

This is one of those novels about enjoying the ride, not nitpicking the plot holes, so please read with a grain of salt. (Granted, there isn't any holes so far though, I'll have to see)

edit: that's some intense smut <<less
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Asteroit rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked this Novel.

Our main character is seme/gong. He is an old assassin and after coming to New worl he becomes an e-sport player. If you're so bored and tired of the drama and never coming happy endings in novels you can try this Novel.

I laughed a lot while reading the Novel it was enjoyable. Read it if you want to read something light
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earlgreyt rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: Completed
First half of the story was very humorous and a great read. Then it was boredom.

Enjoyed the part about both strong/OP MCs. The Esports part was entertaining in the beginning, but began to get really really repetitive. You know that the MC will win 100% without batting an eyelash. In most novels, this is true, but at least there's tension about how close the fight will be and there's always the possibility of losing a few battles (but winning the cup).

I basically fell asleep twice trying to finish this story.

The... more>> ending is wrapped up very fast. In the beginning, the wooing between the two characters were pretty fluffy, comedic and adorable. But as another reviewer put it, 'it reads like an 8th grader's ideal romance.'

This is very on point. The author's shortcomings and inability to write a full-fledged relationship was exposed after the two get together.

Overall an entertaining shallow read with no obstacles. Good palate cleanser? <<less
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dday0425 rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is one that's pretty hard to rate. I stopped reading it for a long time before deciding to resume the read, and I immediately found the reason why I had shelfed it for so long after only a few more chapters of reading.

After some consideration, I think this novel fits best with 3.5⭐

well, overall, this is a good novel. The writing is good, the setting is good, and the characters are alright. Many of the dialogues are also refreshing and beautiful. With this, there should be no problem... more>> with it getting higher rating, right? Unfortunately, the most important factor of a novel, the plot, is not my cup of tea (I won't say it's lacking, since it's a personal preference, but the story is really boring to me).

The main character is way too OP. It's OP to the point that his character becomes flat and uninteresting, and it's hard to stay engaged. The disparity of power between him and everyone else is like the distance between Pluto and the sun. It's massive, making everything extremely predictable. There's no challenge whatsoever, so what's the fun in reading it at this point?

The MC is a real-life master assassin whose skills are far above others, hence his achievements are inevitable. He rises all the way to the top in one fell swoop, without any obstacle, and no one can make him even drop a single sweat.

The most ridiculous thing is his performance in the team competition matches. Lol, what's the point of it being a team competition when he can just solo kill all the individuals present at the field? In this novel, everyone practically becomes radishes and cabbages in front of the MC. I wonder why the author even bothered writing about the team competition at all when there is practically no difference from his other matches, where he can kill all his opponents within 20 seconds with his fancy moves. 🙄 I just couldn't get it.

The romance of the main couple, although sweet, also somehow left me with a strange feelings. Idk. The way they interact with each other, coupling with ML's level of obedience, is unusual. It's like MC is raising a pet, but at the same time they are also very sweet and affectionate. 😣 sigh, this novel is such a head-scratcher. Something about it just doesn't sit right with me. <<less
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dee_ism rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: --
I don't mind the OPness of a character, but this story just can't make it interesting. It so boring through and through.

If you like a gaming story, I would like recommend FOG (with lot fluff) or God of Summoner (lot of game) instead.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
erikvio rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: c51
Rather superficial, but is entertaining if you like stories where the protagonists stroll through life on easy mode.

Story follows Tyron Odin, a master assassin who has been in the service of a God of Slaughter for centuries before gaining his freedom. He wakes up in an interstellar world where his skills catapult him to prominence within the world of virtual e-sports.

The story isn't complicated. It's a constant string of action packed scenes where the MC is vastly overpowered compared to everyone else, followed by other feel-good moments. Imagining the... more>> action scenes can be pretty cool, but there's absolutely no tension whatsoever, since there's just no question that the MC would win. It's more a matter of how badass he'd look winning this time. Obstacles aren't really obstacles.

It's a bit amusing and disturbing to see the crazed fanbase he accumulates in the story mirrored in the chapter comments section. There's a lot of squee-ing involved.

The love interest is hyper competent in different ways than the MC, but always becomes a blushing violet and a complete derp in front of the MC. He's really cute though. The MC is incredibly suave, and his flirt game is great. There are darker edges to his interest due to his experiences/family life, which he refreshingly doesn't try to hide before truly committing to the relationship.

Again, there's no tension in this area either. This fic is essentially a feel-good popcorn flick. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Acidelia rated it
September 12, 2019
Status: c66
This story is beyond just being a BL novel which happens to involve gaming, nor is it just a gaming novel with a romantic subplot - neither description really fits. But if you do like BL, gaming and getting fed a lot of dogfood this is definitely for you!

This couple I swear, definitely one of my favourite ships of all time. It's not your typically cold (but melts in front of shou) gong and smart (but loses IQ in front of gong) shou well it sort of is but... more>> ML is so flirty and smooth with his words that shou really had no other options but to fall (I was swooning/blushing/squealing okay?! getting second-hand embarrassment). Noticed a few gaps in logic, mainly around real world development, but easy to brush off since the main focus of the novel is on the MC's gaming experience and the couple development. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
March 30, 2019
Status: c110
the first six chapters were interesting enough that I started to mtl it but I got a little tired around chapter 100. at chapter 110 I decided i'd wait for the translations. there are a lot of pvp descriptions. the MC doesn't play a game story line he just fights so there are a lot of tournament battles. I like the super OP gong main character but I don't understand ... more>>

why his new body IRL is just as bad*ss as he is in the game without any effort on his part to build up strength and flexibility. some of the moves he does should be damaging to his body unless he's at the proper fitness level. apparently his new body was born with an 8 pack and muscles... no work needed. I don't know why, but that bothers me. maybe because he has it too easy in the game and now it's just as easy in the real world


I'm also unclear on his motivation to keep playing games after he achieves his goal. he wants a peaceful life so he decides to become famous as a pvp gamer?? doesn't make sense to me. also I wasn't always clear when they were in the VR world as opposed to the real world. hopefully the translation will clear up some of my confusion. for now I'm giving it a 3. i'll revisit when there are more chapters to read. <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
March 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Very cute and satisfying story. A rare BL one that has a gong as the MC.

Was slated to be one of the my favorite stories at the beginning, but fell off as I kept going. Still a good read, just not one I could reread over and over. I love the MC and ML and their relationship. They get together pretty early on and constantly spread out dog food everywhere, I love them. The parents of the ML are cute, the netizens are adorable. The problem is more the plot... more>> or lack thereof. I don't mind a slice of life story, but here the "plot" is basically just the MC slowly fighting through a competition. So the entire story lasts like what, 5 months? The MC is very OP, which I'm a big fan of, but he basically just uses the same 3 moves over and over and the author obviously has to wrack their brain to figure out a way to make it seem like it's different. Can get boring as you get later into the story.

Overall though love the couple and the romance. Very sweet. <<less
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scrapsd rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: Completed


- Even if everyone finds MC too OP, I think its cool. Though it can get quite exaggerated, most of the games last 3 chapters which I think is a good amount of chapters for an individual competition.

... more>>

he literally is so OP, he never lost in this whole novel. Not a single fight lost. Lol. So take this piece of information in anyway you want.


- Very cute flirty romance. MC is a big flirt, and ML is just a blushing mess, though both of them are strong in their own fields.

- Really love the backstory of MC, his childhood, experiences and how it affected him, making him strong AF.


- World building and side character building is meh. The world building as well as the MC's circumstances are abit iffy with some plot holes. There are basically no side characters except for ML (Victor) and maybe his parents, and the side couple (which comes in quite late). The rest of the side characters have no names, no back story, they're almost just used for making the MC look better. I feel like having a little more depth to the other characters would be nicer and make this story a little fuller.

- The progress of MC and ML went from 1, to 100 and getting to marry in seconds. If you don't mind minor spoilers...


MC, Odin, is supposed to have trust issues and what not from his past, i.e. his parents etc, he even knows he himself has a hard time loving someone, but it seems like it was easy with Victor. In less than a few meetings, and just a small push from Victor, they're already a trouble free couple... doesn't make sense, but then again, their interactions are very cute.


- Game play? If you can even call it that. It's not really e-sports imo. It's more of fantasy gladiator fighting type (even though there's group fights, this novel mainly shines on MC's OPness in individual competitions. The set up of the games seem endless. There's so many classes/jobs and some of them are even unbalanced. E.g. the card summoner?

he can summon like fire demons that no one manages to defeat, but of course MC does.

and even a class like Hacker... smh. I was thinking more of LoL or at most Val kinda set up, but nope.


It's actually quite good if you like combat scenes and the fantasy type of action novels. The romance is well spaced out, so it doesn't have huge chunks of fight scenes vs romance, and all in all the relationship is very fluffy. I enjoyed the start and middle ish of the novel more, while towards the end, I found myself speed reading/skipping some chunk of the fights. <<less
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Qoo rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: c68
My god...I can't do this anymore. There is nothing worse than reading a romance novel where you don't ship the main pair.

The general concept of the story coupled with the multitude of 5 star reviews drew me in but I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy the chemistry (or lack thereof) between the MC and ML. The MC is majorly OP to the point where I didn't ever need to worry about him being on the losing end or suffering any hardship whereas the ML is an OP CEO/businessman who... more>> acts like a lovestruck dazed potato in the face of the MC. I tried very hard to like the ML but I couldn't do it... I really can't stand overly cutesy types sometimes and something just felt very off about how the characters were written. There was no real basis as to why and how MC and ML got together so quickly in the first place and the dog food was torturous for me. The MC and ML were quite one-dimensional and I wasn't able to relate to them at all.

The 'E-sports' aspect focussed on virtual reality game tournaments. It was interesting at first but soon grew tiresome. I found myself skimming through the battles just to read the outcome which expectedly resulted in the MC's victory.

The novel is mostly a bludge read full of dog food and lacks suspense or moments of angst and tension. It would probably be an enjoyable read for those who are after that sort of easy-going plot and don't mind the dynamic of the MC and ML pairing. Anyhow, I am dropping this like a hot potato. I suppose the take home message for me is to keep my expectations low to minimise the losses. It was a bummer since I hyped myself up for this one - boohoo!

Kudos to the translator though as they did a great job! <<less
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calledout rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: c81
i dropped this halfway and honestly would say if this was no romance id like it a lot better. It reads like a typical self indulgent OP MC beats everyone up novel so why even try and disguise it as anything but, if the romance is going to be bland and the characters one dimensional?? The translation quality is excellent, which is why this review isnt a two star, but seriously I just found myself wanting only the action and none of the romance
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Chiaroscuro rated it
December 25, 2019
Status: c64
A stallion novel written by shoujo author with the genre of danmei lmao

The MC is overwhelmingly OP that he beat people in seconds. No struggle no suspense.

ML is every shoujo protagonist ever, but is also a boss in real life. Confusing? To word it better, he's a lovestruck idiot.

... more>> I can't relate to both MC and ML since they don't struggle. MC's struggle happened in the past so he's already awesome now. ML is basically a genius with doting parents, endless resource and his struggles feels as conflicting as mosquito bites.

Despite my ruthless remarks, this novel is actually quite good in fluff. It's just that feel good BL so don't think too much about plot or character development (there are some, but miniscule)

It's like an overly sweet chocolate, but hey, it's still chocolate. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Akiru122 rated it
October 8, 2022
Status: Completed
If I could give this a higher rating I would, however it seems impossible due to the limit of five stars. I truly loved this story till the end as it kept me happy and constantly smiling, the MC and ML were absolutely adorable, and I have literally no words to describe how happy I was with their interactions with each other throughout the story.

Personally, I will say that I am an extremely fickle person. I have dozens upon dozens of tabs open within different browsers just full of novels... more>> that I've started reading, liked them, but got tired and ended up moving on to find another novel to read whilst keeping it up with the mindset that I will one day return to it (Never happens most of the time btw, lol).

Due to this I hardly ever finish novels, this is just one of the very few that managed to keep me interested although things were repetitive and extremely predictable. This story is not particularly set at a fast pace, but it certainly isn't slow either, just enough that you aren't bored to death and dragged by the arm to finish. The MC is overpowered I will say, easily finishing his fights with no questions asked about whether he will lose. ML also isn't weak although he's not overpowered like MC, he has his own strengths that stand out whether it's through his personality or actions.

Honestly this review could on for ages, I've actually deleted literal paragraphs lol. I will leave it up to whoever reads this review to go ahead and read the novel themselves to hopefully experience the joy I felt whilst I was reading. Good Luck on your adventures (´ ▽ `) ノ Bye bye!~ <<less
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yellauraya rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: Completed
★★★★☆ [4/5 stars]

This is my first e-sports danmei and I actually enjoyed reading this a lot!!

I always, always love OP characters. Whether they're OP physically or intellectually, it doesn't matter to me because I'll still love you. That's why I love the MC and the ML so much!!!

The MC (Tyron Odin/Lord Four, which is actually the gong) is the definition of OPness!! Others might find it exaggerated since ... more>>

he never once lost a fight all throughout the series

but in my opinion, it's quite reasonable for him to be that overpowered. I remember this paragraph from the novel:


The master made a sound of acknowledgement and he thought proudly inside that if, as a half-demon who's lived for so many years, he had been unable to play out a strategy to beat this group of human cubs, he might as well have smashed himself to death headfirst.

And I agree!! Being a son of an elf and an incubus which gave him strength incomparable to others, having an innate talent for combat and honing it for thousand of years in order to survive, it's just understandable to be that strong and smart, especially if his opponents are just mere humans (human cubs in his definition). For me, it doesn't make the competition any less exciting. I actually loved the fighting sequences so much. Even if I know how strong the MC is, I can still feel my heart beats so fast because of so much anticipation. The narration in the fights is so well done!!!

The novel showcased the MC's OPness that I sometimes forgot the the ML (Victor Li/Little Vic) is also an OP character. If the MC excels in combat and strategies, the ML excels in academic. But because he's mostly being a fanboy of his 'male god' the whole time, it sometimes slipped my mind how smart he is! I loved the ML so much!! He's definitely an adorable cinnamon bun. His personality reminds me so much of Little Witch from <Surprise!...> because they're both the same kind of adorable and the way they worship their man is also the same!!!

This novel will give you so much dog food! Their relationship is not toxic and so healthy with no unnecessary drama at all. I adore their interaction so much! They're so meant for each other and everyone will agree. Also that one 'spicy' scene is soooo *chef's kiss*. I think that scene is one of the best smut scenes I've ever read. It's so hot!!!

For those readers who haven't read an e-sports novel yet and now planning to read one, I think this novel is a very good first novel to pick based on my experience. I don't think it's very heavy and complicated in the e-sports part so it's a great choice so you won't get confused. I recommend this novel a lot if you just want fluff with some actions here and there. But I'll remind you again, if you don't want a very overpowered character, this might not be for you. <<less
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