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At the age of 15, He Jin found himself a “husband” in an online game, their love was filled with loving affection and sweetness. However, because his study was being interfered with, his parent cut off the internet, he didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye and had to disappear from the game.

8 years later, the online game in the past was about to come out with a revised edition and turned into a virtual reality game. He Jin decided to login again and unexpectedly discovered that his “husband” had become a powerful player and ranked number one in the whole server, moreover, he had not divorced him!

However, the husband that was abandoned by He Jin for eight years, his initial impression of him was that of a pure boy, but now he seemed to somehow have become…….a little evil?

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Vẫn chờ người online
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New izayaYY rated it
May 28, 2024
Status: Completed
What started out as a lighthearted gaming danmei turned into melodrama due to MC's insane mom and MC's own cowardly decisions.

The beginning was quite promising, with lovely couple interactions, interesting portrayal of gaming/uni life, good pacing, funny side characters etc... but what started as lighthearted fantasy romance soon turned into melodramatic romance. The angst gets progressively worse as the plot progresses, dealing with heavy themes like depression, emotional abuse, moral obligations and breakups. It is HE and well written but I cannot say I enjoyed reading this. The drama is... more>> coherent and might even be perceived as 'realistic' by some readers (personally I don't think this is actually realistic)... but 'realism' or 'realistic themes' is not what I look for in my fantasy fiction, no matter how well-written it is. <<less
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redbeanbunny rated it
October 8, 2019
Status: c151
  • TLDR; I found some enjoyment in this series. I love the beginning portion especially, when Fire and Ah-Jin are getting to know each other again, and the character developement of the MC He-Jin. The greatest flaw I found was the romance, as I found the ML to be incredibly creepy at many times even though he thought it was romantic and meng. I'm shocked at all the reviews praising the ML. I ended up really disliking him.

    He certainly goes beyond "doting" and does things forcefully and possessively. Its really annoying, especially

    when hes actively testing MC, and when his identity is finally revealed. He didnt even reveal it openly.

    he rigged the lottery to get Ah-Jin's REAL LIFE information but I kind of let it go at first?? And his clingy actions

    in the game like... Its just a game

    Many moments like that are treated romantically and its just not so... He seriously violated MC's trust. And it makes it hard for me to enjoy the fluffy parts where it could be touching like

    encouraging MC to be independant from his family bc this guy is so overbearing. And

    even though he literally scares/terrify/horrify He-Jin with his creepy actions, breaking promises/set boundaries, the lies, forced kissing and intimacy both irl and in-game, having He-Jin be reliant on him for housing, he is pretty easily forgiven for his it and he does not properly repent at all. He just gets more clingy, acts meng and more unapologetic bc he knows the MC had a crush on him and is convinced MC will come around


    If I was MC's friend I would be scared for him and advise him to cease contact immediately. I was so glad to see MC not taking it lightly but then everything is so easily dropped. I did think the romance and misunderstanding was dragged out a lot at some points, but I feel like the redemption was not the place to compromise. I couldnt stand things especially around ch100 and above which is where it snapped for ne. Maybe this is typical fare for romances but I dislike it all the same. And it doesnt help that

    ML is too perfect. #1 player and streamer that makes millions? Okay. But hes also #1 in sports and jacked on his tennis team, and hes also a top scoring student at a prestigious university. And hes mega handsome and mega popular both online and irl. Nope its just not happening. His only flaw is the relationship with MC and being a creep and manipulative but those arent even really addressed as flaws so. HE'S BORING! He is really one-dimensional and a 3 paragraph sob story about his family will not fix this. Definitely lost the charm from the start where he wants to hold onto Ah-Jin but hasnt gone full creeper mode yet. Hes all I dont wanna scare off MC! I wanna support MC! But he only actually about his actions for a sentence before it bounces back to being uwu I love him and he loves me!! For example he realizes HJ will not clamor for him like the girls and what happens but a paragraph or so later? He is c*cky and is all but HJ loves me so! Or thinking about how great his forced kiss with HJ was even though HJ pushed him away and was scared ans tried to run away but was held back by ML... But the ML is being all but he actually liked it


    As for things outside of the romance plot, I liked most of it. I really enjoyed MC's character growth and his inner struggles. It was really great and I enjoyed that sooo much. On the otherhand ML had none to speak of. I like all the side charactets except Flower Yiyi who I felt was done a hugeee disservice by reducing her to the jealous scorned woman. The game world is described in detail which is both nice but also a word dump. Its better not to think about it too much bc its extremely unrealistic (even given the advanced gaming tech) and sounds like a terrible game actually. Giving other players so much control over your character thru domestication is boring and makes things weird. Super secret missions that are only available to the 0.001% aka MC/ML and make them more OP.
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December 15, 2017
Status: c12
MC: 10/10: cute and dense online, but "calm and collected"-ish offline.

ML: 10/10: Very sweet towards the MC. As a character, He is actually pretty funny! He is like one of those shameless and persitent MCs aka, idiot MCs. On the other hand, he treats everyone else indifferently compared to how he treats his wifey.

... more>>

Even when though was a low level player, he tried to take revenge on the high level player that killed him and his wife (MC). While his wifey wasn't around, He challenged the high level player ten times, but since his character was low level, he kept dying. Even when the High level player went offline, he waited for him until he went online to challenge him. The High level player was like "jfc! You again!" ?


Relationship: 10/10 Fluffy RomCom type. Wifey Trope.

They already "know" each other online and unknowingly interact with each other offline.

Story: I feel like its a sweeter and cuter (and better) version of 59 seconds. So, If you liked 59 seconds, then you'll definitely like this, too!

Each chapter is gold! No boring parts whatsoever. Nothing is dragged on. The pacing is very nice.

(Do not get me wrong. I like 59 seconds, but there were times when it concentrated too much on the game and group chats that it got a bit boring at some parts because didn't give any romance factor until the latter half of the story. This, however, is full on adorable!) <<less
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azortex rated it
February 18, 2018
Status: c161
Recommended too cute, I could do with less angst. Definitely a roller coaster ride, the angst, the happiness, the angst, the happiness... you get the picture. 1vs1, HE, true love, timid MC, possessive ML.


Chapter notes

c21 Qin Yu IDs He Jin in RL (High Fever)
C93 Qin Yu blurted out and shouted: "He Jin -!" in game.
C100 QY kissed HJ while asleep in car & awoke
C101 QY confessed "He Jin, I like you." in RL
Qin 炀 watched He Jin's eyes: "I'm sorry, before cheated you... I Is flaming fire, is your husband in the game. "
C116 both kissed in QY's room
C129 "What - Jin! I - love - you!"
C134 "Dad, this is what Jin, my boyfriend."
c148 QY snatched HJ from restaurant

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earlgreyt rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: c143

Through this story, I understood the huge cultural gap between China (or maybe even other parts of Asia) and western countries. I almost dropped this book because the MC runs away for the nth time after he finds out that he needs to give up everything to take care of his mentally ill parent.

... more>>

The parent is depressed.

Depression isn't a joke, I've personally taken care of a chronically depressed person day after day for months. It's difficult, grinds down your spirit, and it's easy to become more emotionally fragile too.

However, what I found frustrating is that, for his depressed parent, the MC is willing to completely give up everything that he loves, all of his dreams and hopes, and essentially follow the orders and wishes of that person like a robot for several years, all because that person has depression.

Now, it's already difficult to put time and effort to take care of someone who is depressed, and I understand the MC's attachment and feeling of duty to his parents, but to also give up all of his own personal happiness in order to stay under the control of the depressed person?

Practically unimaginable for people like me raised in the west.

Perhaps it's because we value personal freedom, individualization, and in a way, a more selfish pursuit of happiness, but I don't feel that it is right for a person (depressed or not) to have total control over another person's choices or happiness.

If a depressed parent says to a kid: "When you don't listen to me, I feel like killing myself, " depression becomes an excuse and a chain with which that parent can use at any time to control the actions of the kid. It's basically blackmail.


The problem is, the MC is willing to be chained under this threat, because of his "filial" duty to his parents. Despite struggling with his own depression and unhappiness, he always puts his parents first. This is a big part of the culture, so it's explainable.

But here is where I very much wanted to drop the book.

If this were a different character, the aforementioned cultural gap and separation arc would have been totally fine because it adds depth to the story.

But unfortunately, this character is one who hasn't changed much for the entire 195 chapters released so far. As the reader, you are constantly forced to experience the MC's extreme wishy-washy-ness and daily indecision in excruciating detail.


From the first chapter, the MC struggled with his exceedingly introverted and suppressed personality. There was a heavy psychological barrier created from the way he was raised and his familial relationships. But he makes pretty much negative progress--it's literally one step foward, two steps back.


Yes, he steps out of his shell and other characters comment on how he's started to show more personality.

But, to the reader who has insight to all of his internal dialogues, it doesn't happen. The chapter 195-him is not different at all than the chapter 1-him. I guarantee no one would be able to tell the difference if you switched the monologues around.

And this is why I feel sorry for the ML.


Reviewers have already mentioned how creepy the ML is, (I agree), but I also feel the MC really doesn't deserve the ML's dedication as he never put the ML first in anything.

Every single moment, the MC lives on the edge of running away/horror because he's constantly thinking of how he will disappoint his parents. Every single decision, the MC has self-hatred for his own cowardice, tries to walk out of his conditioned responses...

But ultimately, he fails.


While this helps make the MC a more realistic character, this is also what makes this story a difficult one to enjoy.

I consider this story a tragedy because I'm sure real life homosexuals in China will frequently have this result. Society is against it (China particularly obsessed with blood relations) and it's easy for external pressures to break up happy couples. Lots of them are forcefully married and have kids. Outside of China, LGBTQ+ people still suffer from a lot of discrimination. It's pretty heartbreaking.

I haven't encountered as much tragic/realistic BL on this site, so I will probably keep reading. But it'll be after the story is fully translated because I need a break from the writer's unbalanced pacing.

There is plenty of fluff/cuteness if you ignore the stuff that drags in the middle! <<less
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hybridiris rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c217
Being Chinese, I've felt the author deal with a lot of topics that are really prevalent in many Chinese parents. I was very triggered by the MC's interaction with his parents. It really reminded me of my own parents and also my friends parents. Yes I know for many people this might be a bitter sweet romance, but I was both surprised and triggered/mortified by how deep the author delved into the MC's family relationship. Near the end of the novel, I had to take a week for breaks just... more>> to take a breather for what was to come. While this is a novel, I couldn't help but resonate with a lot of the realistic topics it tackled like mental health. I can only say the author has a much more optimistic outlook than I've experienced and or seen other friends experience with mental health. The romance was th**ny and imperfect, but I think that's just what it's like in real life. I just wish I was more prepared going into this story that it would take me on a deep soul searching journey exploring the familial relationships of myself and my other Asian friends. I'm sure not everyone will be triggered in this way. It's just the family story line really spoke more strongly to me than the romance. While some people might find the MC weak, knowing friends who are children of people with mental health issues, I can empathize with him so much. I know people who are in his shoes and some of them have a parent who never gets better. Mental health is no joke. Nor is depression. Dealing with family members who suffer from it and other mental health issues has a vast negative impact on those around them.

There is no right choice of choosing someone you love or your family. It's sad that in today's world, people who are gay still have to choose. It's not a matter of "strength". And I say that with my teeth gritted wishing the MC didn't ditch ML for 3 years. He's lucky ML still waited for him. That probably wouldn't happen in real life. All I can say is this novel was too real for me.


TL:DR If you feel strongly about Chinese family drama and heavy topics about mental health, take care reading this story because it might just trigger you. The romance is not idyllic or perfect. It's as imperfect as real life. Don't read this if you are here for pure entertainment. The fluff is light padding for the angst to come and the angst hurts. <<less
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lukibunny rated it
October 25, 2019
Status: c162
I really liked this at the beginning it was so cute. Around chapter 80s is when it goes down hill. The ML fell in love too fast and the MC falls in love too slow. It's really dragging. It took sooo long for them together and even now at 162, it feels like the MC is not commit.

Both the ML and the MC has flaws. MC doesn't seem to know what he wants, just that he feel unhappy but doesn't really do anything to change it and he takes it... more>> out on the ML. The ML is too perfect that he is impossible, but emotionally he is unable to perceive MC's internal conflicts and has no idea how to help him.

I wished they focused more on the gaming then mc's wishy washy feelings. =/ You never really got to see how amazing the MC is at the game. <<less
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Anna88 rated it
December 12, 2019
Status: c181
This story is one of the few real life depictions about coming out of the closet and also trying to find oneself as a same s*x lover young person. Qin Yang has known for quite a while and has a supportive family whereas He Jin lived a repressed life due to his family and his feelings are unfamiliar and not simple to him. Most are not as lucky as Qin Yang and we should not judge He Jin's decisions. He's a very naturally shy and conservative character and we'd agree... more>> he did come out of his shell a lot to the point he'd reached with his boyfriend.

Mental shackles however esp concerning emotionally blackmailing parents aren't easy to shake off. Others will never know what it's like unless they're in those shoes. I wish people wouldn't treat LGBTQ issues lightly and just romanticise them in their bl fantasies, it's a whole other world they wouldn't understand esp in places these rights aren't easy.

So when one is commenting on a story character, pls think twice these issues may look like fantasy while you read but they speak about real peoples situations. <<less
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funezcookie6 rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: c78
At first, it seemed alright and it looked like it was going to be an immersive plot, but the first 20 chapters are going to be the only real interesting parts. After that, things get kinda old and cringey. I had a few problems with this, especially the ML. He's kinda childish and annoying.

1. ... more>>

There was a part around chapter 60-ish when MC didn't feel comfortable being touched by the ML. After MC says this to ML, ML gets unreasomably angry and startes to beat him a bunch of times in a Tennis Match irl where they don't know each other.



There was a description where ML wanted to take off MC's shoes and "peel" off his socks to look at his feet. This may be a translation issue but it was still cringey to read.



ML constantly goes after MC and becomes really overconfident in the ability to make MC want him even if MC wasn't gay.


One major problem I had while reading this novel was the lack of a redeemable female character. It's not something usually noticeable in BL novels because females barely play a part but for some reason, many female characters that take a role in this novel are unlikeable, in contrast to the male characters where none of them are really an antagonist.


The first one starts with Tongxuan, or MC's ex. She seems to still hold a grudge over MC dumping her but she's not too bad, however the way she's written makes you want to roll your eyes. The second one is Flower yiyi, or the main enemy (as of now when I read it) who seems to despise MC for getting back together with ML in the game as hubby and wifey. The Third one is MC's helicopter mom who needs to control MC's life. and the fourth one, which was the one who really made me notice this pattern, was MC's grandmother who had to control Mc's grandfather's life.


I stopped at the point where ML and MC have a baby in the game because it was getting cringey.

The way ML was taking the game too seriously and this baby business made me go ‎ (=_=). Or how MC was nervous about being hugged in the game by ML and how quickly he falls in love with ML irl without any proper development.

There's also the problem of the setting. Where the game company literally makes revolutionary technology (holographic game) and nothing else is explained about how this has helped other industries. It's just kinda random.

Then there's needless descriptions where the author desperately tries to make the ML look "cool." He suddenly smokes in his own dorm while calling someone??? He just randomly does it and it's never been explained beforehand of him smoking and it never comes up again. It leaves a bad impression and makes people go ‎ (;一_一) .

Another desperate attempt is the need to make ML the star of the university. Everytime he's in a crowd, auther always has the need to add that girls are looking at him and blushing or fangirling. It gets obnoxious at some point because it made me go: "Yeah, I get it... He's popular but how does this affect the plot at all?" It did affect the plot at the start but I haven't seen his popularity affect him in later chapters.

Finally, the fact that MC and ML keep being the first ones to do something recently added into the game and the unrealistic reactions of players in the game going, "OMG ML did something with his wife!!!!" becomes very non-immersive and annoying.

I might continue reading just to see if it gets better, but I'm severely doubting it since the writing has only gotten worse. We don't see much development of other characters. It just feels like the whole world is only MC and ML and it's kind of boring seeing them together all the time. But I guess I just got to pray for it to finally pick up and get interesting. <<less
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Bloodline rated it
December 14, 2017
Status: Completed
If you read this novel, be prepared to experience a rollercoaster of emotions.

The ML is suuch a 10/10, honestly.

The MC is a very insecure person. He has many traumas from his childhood and is therefore.. Very complicated.

... more>> It's not a 5/5 for me, because sometimes.. The story is just too angsty for my personal preferences.

But the story is very very sweet and it made me smile like an idiot during some chapters.

I would recommend giving this novel a try, if you like more realistic Bl stories and you can cope with some (*cough* unnecassary) family drama every so often. <<less
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November 8, 2019
Status: c165
Dropping this because I really can't take anymore how the ML interacts with the MC. I'm sure the author intended it to be fluffy and/or romantic but it just really came across as unintentionally creepy for me.

... more>>

Like, I get that the ML is supposed to be the one breaking out the MC out of his dull life, and it might've come across better for me if the MC didn't have trauma stemming from his very controlling mother, but as it is, it just seems like this time it's the ML who's controlling him instead of his mom, so yeah... no thanks.

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Chitn00 rated it
September 22, 2020
Status: Completed
A long though enjoyable read, this novel was both heartfelt and moody because of its realism. H*mophobia (both societal and internalised) and toxic parenting are major themes of this novel, and unlike what some reviewers are saying, I find it to be quite realistic, particularly coming from a family with similar traditional (Chinese) mindsets.

Tone (4/5)

Not reflective of the overall enjoyment of the novel, I rate the tone based on how well the author maintained the atmosphere of the narrative. This novel from the very beginning kept a consistently complex... more>> tone that presented itself as chaotic and introspective beneath a more easy-going attempt at an uncomplicated uni/gaming life. It was well done despite limitations imposed by other factors like the characters.

Characters (4/5)

MC is a character with complex issues stemming from his strict and mentally abusive upbringing.

  • He is arguably one of the most well-written characters in the novel and personally one of the most complex characters I've seen in a modern-day kind of BL.
  • There is rarely a moment when you aren't aware of how depressed the MC is and it makes for an increasingly potent reading experience as his emotions and struggles grow stronger and more unavoidable.
  • His character may appear "inconsistent" to some due to his back-and-forth nature with his mother, but to me it is all in line with the mindset of an only child in a strict, traditional, middle-class (Chinese) household who has grown depressed and stifled even into adulthood. His sense of obligation and responsibility to his family wars with his bottled frustration and helplessness, and with an obedient personality but yearning heart, MC struggles with his own ability to decide how to live as his parents' son while also achieving happiness.
  • His actions and thoughts can get frustrating, particularly with the addition of his own internalised h*mophobia, but it all feels appropriate to his circumstances.
  • That said, some readers may want to know he is weaker in resolve and mentality than most protagonists. It is all in line with the circumstances, and it does make the moments he stands up for himself more effective, but even in the right mood it can get tiring.
ML, in contrast to MC, feels almost entirely as if he is from a different novel.

  • While MC is stifled, living with retired, middle-income parents and a constant fear of his mother's/others' opinions, ML is a confident and self-reliant person from a rich family that is kind to him.
  • A dynamic I appreciated was how ML's family life also strayed from the norm (mother died early, lived with stepmother and step-siblings) yet it was a harmonious and healthy life, allowing readers to naturally see the difference between two families that care for their children but in drastically different ways.
  • That said, ML acts with little concern for MC's feelings most of the time, generally just allowing his passion to motivate his actions and oftentimes acknowledging his own "black-bellied" personality, going as far as to admit he would trap the MC and even force himself on him should it come down to it.
  • ML isn't the typical silent, stone-faced and cold CEO you often see in Chinese novels, but he has the same overbearing and powerful aura. I found it refreshing to find an ML with energy and outward enthusiasm towards others (friends, family) while also maintaining a polite distance with others.
  • Though his character is more exaggerated in nature than MC, there is still a degree of realism in some things.
As characters, MC and ML have separate strengths and weaknesses, particularly ML who is written more chaotically than MC, but I think they were both well-written overall. I only feel their personalities could've been refined a bit to better harmonise their interactions.

Relationship (3.5/5)

I personally would call this a nuanced portrayal of a relationship.

As individuals, MC and ML are very well-written, and as a couple, the two were interesting to watch juggle complex issues like h*mophobia and filial piety with modern problems like games, school, and work. Due to MC's own hurdles in life their relationship never really is in harmony until the very end when MC himself gets closure for things that hindered his growth as a person. The experience doesn't feel light-hearted as much as it feels distracted.

There is always a feeling of foreboding in MC and ML's closeness that reflects the MC's anxieties, and it is quite realistic given his circumstance. That said, there is also a sense of disharmony throughout the novel because of this. It isn't big enough that the characters don't feel right together, but it does make you aware of how they are on entirely different wavelengths for most of the novel. Every reader may choose to interpret this differently. I believe it was both appropriate yet also slightly frustrating.

I kind of wish closure for the MC came sooner so there was a greater sense of harmony for their relationship. Additionally, ML's fall into obsession also felt nonsensical, overall making his passion slightly transparent to me as a reader, allowing me to see it as mainly the author's preferences. That said, the two were interesting enough to carry me through the frustrating realism and make me want their happiness truly. I just believe there are more well-matched relationships.

Writing (3.5/5)

Overall the story was written well, and if you can soldier through awkward translations in the latter half of the novel, you'll find that it is quite an interesting read. Most side characters feel well-written too, though I noticed some were forgotten nearing the climax and end of the story. One problem I had is that despite the novel having quite a serious and realistic approach to life, the author could feel understanding of h*mophobia for the most part but also randomly be crass about it in other parts. I cannot name an exact moment because they were all minor details throughout the novel, but it stood out to me because of the level of sensitivity with which I went in reading the novel.

Overall (3.75/5)

Overall an enjoyable though moody read. Although I write this out as a depressing and introspective family drama, it has a happy/hopeful end, and its semi-futuristic setting also allows for fun things not bound to reality at present. There is closure despite the frustrations along the way. <<less
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pHantomRJ rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: Completed
It is good until 100 chapters. Suddenly MC run away what I have found annoying is romance is not good enough and MC inferiority complex. Always underestimating himself again too much ego. ML his obsession level is too much. Everything on MC's side is difficult whereas ML is trouble by MC's choices. All aside I likes it.
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Fujoshi1993 rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: c49
At first I thought it'll be boring but man oh man was I wrong. This novel is really good 10/10 so far. Being a gamer myself, I wanna try the holographic helmet... (π.π)
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B2j rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c127
Honestly was pretty interesting in the beginning with a complex MC but the further the story goes on, the cringier it gets. The pair’s dynamic also turned strange and the commonly found gong dominance appears (which is pretty heavy in this one). The ML was too 1 dimensional and hard to relate to since he’s so perfect. Due to the drop in translation quality, the story further goes downhill. I cannot find myself reading it in the future so it’s dropped in my drop list.
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Minato4556 rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: --
I've read this story a long time ago and when I find it again, I felt a lot of memory poured in and I just gotta say that it's both sweet and sour.

The sweet part: I really enjoyed MC's personality, it's fresh, fleshed out, and realistic. This is how I imagine the MC would do/think if they have a toxic family. Every of his actions from the start to the middle made me tear up and I can't help but to cry when he and his mother has a fight.

I... more>> also enjoy the fact that MC didn't rely on love to become a better person, but instead he grew up on his own, step by step resolving his inner conflict and his family on his own way. Love is an interesting emotion but it can't be the 100% sole reason MC would give up on his family and become stronger, all of this needs to come from his own.


I understand for those who hates MC's parents (mostly the homophobic mother) but some of you need to realize that there's much worser parents out there, I'm not justifying their actions but I appreciate their fleshed out characters and MC's parents journey to better themselves and actually went to therapy (unlike some parents) And after knowing the reason why his mother became so strict and unreasonable, I can't help but to feel sympathy and hopes their family could become better.

Yes, we sometimes would dislike another person with different ideology as us, or have different view on what's good and bad, but that's just human, MC mother has some resemblance as my mother, that is their view and expectation for their children. It's not bad to have expectation for your child but when I read MC's interaction with his mother and his mother's wishes for him to do (stable job, getting married early, not allowed to express himself ex: with tattoos, dyed hair etc) it gave me so many war flashbacks that I had with my parents to the point I could see myself as MC and is the one who's suffering under the strict parenting.

For those who complains about MC's weak personality, then they won't understand how helicopter parenting would affect a child's mind. Some would grow up to become rebellious, while other has weaker and more obedient personality, and unfortunately, MC's character fell to the latter.

It was really amazing on how this story can made me feel so many emotions and I genuinely fell in love with MC's character and personality, it was as if MC was a real person all along.

Though it is quite mentally draining me when MC has grown up but he still hasn't grown his backbone, but anyway who am I to judge, with years of broken family relationship would also need years to fix it and MC's self-confidence can't pop out from thin air in a second ╮ (╯_╰) ╭


Now the sour part: Is about ML. I enjoy their fluffy interactions and I understand ML is the key for MC to spark and ignite his bravery and help MC to be able to stand on his own feet, but I hate ML's obsessiveness over MC.

It was okay at first, I don't mind a little black bellied ML but it became more and more outrageous and unbearable as time goes by. ML's personality irked me so much at the latter part of the story to the point I can't handle him anymore.

I just think that maybe the author half-assed ML's character and just made him to be the typical rich and possessive ML, which in my opinion is really unsuitable with MC in this story. It just shows the imbalanced relationship they'll have with how accommodating ML is, and MC might release himself from his family's shackles but there'll always be more chains to bound him with ML.


And that scene where MC is drunk and ML just took advantage of him has made me quit. I just hates on how ML is supposed to be the one who helps MC to become independent but in the end ML ultimately become the person that trapped MC in a more suffocating relationship. Though MC didn't see it that way, but imo that's how I perceive their relationship as. I'm guessing MC will eventually grow more dependent on ML, seeing on how many things in MC's life was unintentionally revolves around ML. Because of this, it always made me question the story, "So will MC actually become independent in the future? Or is this just another cycle of toxic relationship?"

Yeah, their relationship probably will get better in the future, but for me, reading that noncon scene just shows to me that ML always has the upper hand in this relationship, and I can't see them being equal to each other when MC seems to be controlled by ML all the time hhh


This story has made me exhausted. Though if you want to read it then go have a try ^^

All of this are just my personal opinion and view btw. <<less
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macy2 rated it
September 28, 2019
Status: c150
Started off alright, but it gets old fast. Scenes just get dragged out and there's not much going on.

The plot is also not as deep or angsty (like barely any) as many other reviews make it to be. Its actually quite simple and shallow; it pretty much goes exactly as you would imagine just by reading the description.
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pookaloo rated it
February 17, 2018
Status: c30
So far loving this and I keep refreshing for updates!

I like the characters very much. The way the ML nurtured his love for the MC gave me the feels. Imagine turning your teenage crush you briefly met online -- then gone AWOL for 8 years -- into someone you truly care for and then love is nothing short of amazing. The dedication and perseverance of the ML is just aww. The MC is older than the ML but the ML's EQ is higher so he is the anchor and driving... more>> force in the relationship so far. He is not super OP in the real world but in the game he is of course (why, he is the game's unofficial poster boy). Did I mention he has a swoon-worthy sexy voice? I just imagine Junichi Suwabe's voice in my head when he speaks...

The MC is a relatable fella anxiously growing up under his mother's watch which suppressed his personality. He is less inhibited in-game which describes many online avatars/personas we have actually. Internet anonymity and all that. On another note, he doesn't feel completely useless unlike the MC in Love You 59 Seconds in that this guy actually have skills apparent in the real world and not everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Don't get me wrong, I loved LY59S with all the kyaa moments but I feel this novel has more fleshed out characters and depth. The side characters are much more interesting too! <<less
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May 31, 2021
Status: c1
It's been a long time since I read this book

This story have a light plot and storyline, with a little spiced up with small obstacles here and there.

This story is actually a good one and have a lot of fun to read, The reason so many people give bad ratings is simply because the story doesn't match their expectations.

But Hey, Didn't this story present a light conflict from the start ??? So what else do you expect...
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Joxiea rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: c161
Spoilers Ahead.

This novel was cute at first. But Qin Yang/Yu's character got out of hand as the story went on. My problem is that the flaws and obviously wrong-doings of Qin Yang are:

- not emphasized enough on how wrong it is by the author

... more>> - tolerated

- ignored

- covered with "sweet" actions

- considered "cute"

- and romanticized!

Let's talk about all the toxic and problematic things Qin Yang did:

- invaded He Jin's privacy

- rigged a lottery for his own interests

- went against He Jin's wish for anonymity

- took advantage of He Jin not knowing his true identity

- made He Jin uncomfortable multiple times

- forcibly kissed He Jin a lot of times

- thought of how weak and tiny He Jin is that he can't fight back from what this devil is thinking of

- made out (possibly s3xual interc**rse) with very drunk non-consenting He Jin

- outed He Jin to their teammates without his permission

- posted pictures of them on the internet without He Jin's permission although He Jin made it very clear that he's still not ready to be out (QY's reason is that he censored He Jin's faces from the pictures so it's okay)

- doesn't understand He Jin and his social status plus what comes with it

- doesn't have a personality (which is a fûcking crim3)

- obsessive

- generic

The list goes on but I can't include everything here. I wanted to finish the story before doing a review but QY is just so much of a bozo and I can't take it anymore. Also, f u to those assh4ts that kept defending QY and sh1tted on HJ. HJ deserves so much better than an arrogant rich boy with no personality.

To QY and his fans, "I just came back from the dead and they told me—YOU'RE STILL NOT THAT GIRL." f u again (pls dont ban me I censor my words)

Kudos to the translators though. <<less
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Jeanne_DG rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: Completed
You'd think it was all fluff but there are deep relationship issues that real world couples also deal with. The author is magnanimous and offers to let you off the emotion train if you get uncomfortable but if you decide to hang on, the reward at the end will make you sigh and smile.
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