Winter Begonia


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In the 1930s, a Beiping opera actor named Shang Xi Rui rose to fame because of his strong skills and talent, but because he was not from the city, was suppressed by the locals. In order to keep his foothold in Beiping and fulfill his original promise to carry forward with opera, he persevered and committed fully to his art.

During this process, Cheng Feng Tai, a new wealthy businessman who had never watched Peking Opera before, grew deeply impressed with Shang Xi Rui after seeing his performance. Feng Tai intentionally sought out Shang Xi Rui, and became increasingly obsessed with Peking Opera under his influence.

With the help of Cheng Feng Tai, Shang Xi Rui overcomes many obstacles, rebuilds the Shui Yun Tower in Beiping, and trains a group of outstanding Peking Opera talents with far-reaching influence.

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April 18, 2020
Status: --
This is a very good drama! One of the best! So I'm really excited for the novel!! Thanks for taking the time to translate it!!
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Firelight_exol rated it
June 7, 2020
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I am currently watching the drama and I really really like the relationship between the main leads. As I watching, I wondered how their relationship in the novel is. I don’t wanna spoil so I will just ask this, is Sheng Xi Rui’s ending in the novel the same as the drama? I am really hoping the novel at least has a different ending so that I can relieve my heart after watching the drama.
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