Wicked Soldier King


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Xu Yun is a man with a mysterious past as a special forces operative. Since then he just wanted to have a relaxed life in HeDong City, working for his gorgeous boss. Unexpectedly he is pulled into a massive power struggle within the criminal underworld, all because he stumbles upon an earth-shattering secret…

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Yao Nie Bing Wang
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Cancel rated it
May 2, 2016
Status: c136
At first the story is enjoyable but it turns bad fast. The setting and action is okay but the characters are the very definition of annoying. Especially Guo Guo. She was okay at first but the jokes eventually become boring and repetitive. Idk why people think she's smart. She's just a brat throwing a tantrum which adults don't even bother to reprimand.

After 136 chapters and there's still no character development... well actually yes, the MC turns from an alpha to a beta male.
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DemonWolf rated it
January 8, 2016
Status: --
this novel is good besides kid and no romance or character progression. I find the kid way too annoying, the author tries too hard to make the kid be funny and most of the comedy is kid trolling MC or being really sly. There are 3 or 4 love interests but it not going any where. There is also no character progression. All of the character don’t change even after a big event happens. Its like it never happened.

So if you like a story that has MC kicking ass with... more>> no character progression or no romance progression and comedy where kid trolls MC and always talks nonsense then this is the story for you

this is an example of absolute no character progression


when our MC saves fox lady and after he heals her. She all thank full and like blushes and it points to that she develop feeling for him but after few chapters later she turns to exactly how she was before it was like that event never happened and author totally forgot that he even wrote that.


Dropped <<less
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LastKing405 rated it
May 8, 2016
Status: --
Goddammit, It has such a good plot, I mean don’t misunderstand I love it all the even the cringy part but I just can´t take it anymore.. At first you would think the female characters are all funny and awesome, which I think they are but c´mon Author there’s a limit on how you could convert a op alpha male secret service op MC to a pushover wimp that he is, I had to stop it at Ch 137 cause I just couldn't take it anymore, I would prefer to... more>> stop there and keep thinking that the MC is still an OP guy, than ruined such a good plot. <<less
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NaM rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: c143
Good yet Frustrating Story.

Good, because the story's action and plot are good (yes good, not great or best) but frustrating at the same time because of some pop up scenario that ruin a chapter.
(Guo Guo moments!!)

I really like the story really, it was just that the MC "Xu Yun" is such an Ass, One is Badass and another is Dumbass. Badass because of the Good quality fighting scenes and Dumbass because he was easily being took for granted with as if he doesnt have his own brain... more>> to make his own decisions. I mean really, a super elite like him was easily convince and manipulated by that little girl Guo Guo which f*cking sucks!!

Now for Guo Guo, WTF is wrong with this girl, . Its not like she has screw lose but almost like the opposite. She seems to have excessive screw in her head. This girl's attitiude reminds me of those NTR sluts in other wuxia story despite her not being an Ntr girl. She acts like she know everything but why the heck doesnt she realize that Xu Yun was risking his life to protect her against super class organization that if it wasnt for xu yun she was already a corpse now. But this girl is even willing to sell him out to enter another person's problem like her problem is nothing. Does she think xu yun is a robot who doesnt feel pain or something. Sh*t reading this story is just like reading a Puppet show (Guo2x as the puppetter and xu yun as the puppet). If it wasnt for action I might have not read this!! <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
January 3, 2018
Status: c130
This is one of those novels that start out pretty interesting before collapsing in on itself. It quickly ends up being a generic harem novel with an overpowered MC. The little girl is at first cute and clever, but you soon realize that everything out of her mouth is something sexual about the MC and one of the harem girls, unless it's about money. You quickly realize that this isn't a clever and witty 7 year old, but a dirty greedy old uncle trapped in a 7... more>> year old girl's body. Seems the author didn't know how to write a character like her correctly.

The story itself is extremely dull. One jerk after another comes to bother them and gets beaten up in turn. Along with the jerks, one woman after another ends up living with the MC for such dull reasons. It usually amounts to them "being curious" about the MC. Do none of them think... "Hey, this guy obviously likes the woman who lives here.. Maybe it's incredibly rude of me to live here?" Although of course, absolutely NOTHING happens between the MC and any of the harem, mostly due to the dirty 7 year old uncle.

All in all, this novel feels more like one of those silly Japanese harem novels. At least with those, the MC in them sometimes has an interesting skill set. In this novel, the cultivation style is so boring it hurts. Ranks 3 up to 1 and then what the MC becomes, an "ultra rank", or whatever the s*upid term was. Honestly just finished a chapter that said it and it still wasn't interesting enough for me to remember.

I'd skip this unless you really like platonic harems and lack luster combat. 2 stars is generous.

Ummm.. off topic but in these reviews, there seems to be someone who doesn't understand how the review system works.. putting 1 star as the review but then writing

"Action: 5 Plot : 5 Characters: 3

Final rating 4.3 stars"

doesn't make much sense. <<less
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MazinKeima rated it
June 14, 2016
Status: c136
At first I really love this novel. We have an alpha MC and an a lot of interesting character. But somewhere along the line it become a novel about a beta MC and a lot ungrateful retar*s instead. All in all if u really want to read it just stop at around c100 so that u can remember it as a good novel
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KingCahir rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: --
I really like this story and I recommend everyone to read it, one of the best thing about this store is how powerful this MC is but no matter what he always gets trolled by his kid and she always setting him up with woman and selling him out if there is money to make. The store is well written, great action and great comedy. Honestly I don't know why this is not ranked in the top 50
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poolofd3ath rated it
April 24, 2016
Status: --
Action: 5 stars
Plot: 5 stars
Characters: 3 stars

I like the actions (I kinda think of Xu Yun as Jet Li or Donnie Yen) and I like the plot (I think it can be turned into a good movie, although some things have to be rewritten)... but the characters (especially the women, especially that bit*h child, Guo Guo..) are only one dimensional, no character progress... its kinda sad...i still like the novel but when the girls show up, my face kinda cringes... so there you go..

Final Rating: 4.3 stars...
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einzberg rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: c122
Won't really recommend it but well try it if you like mysterious background mafia fighting slow-romance kinds of novel *I know I just forcefully put those tags haha*

... more>>

Start out pretty good, only ruined by the little missy Guo-Guo. Yeah it's ok for a child to speak without care but really? Noone ever does teach her a lesson (well I'm not saying to beat her up kay) causing her to do whatever she please, turning her into an unruly displeasing pervert character.

MC's power is quite pleasing, OP but he too has weakness as human does. But it's a shame, he has power but no ambition. Clearly he lacks money but did nothing for it (he has many resoirceful subordinate but didn't make a good use of that). Also it's been 100 chapts. So far but I didn't really feel the romantic development, or is it just typical wuxia novels which need 200++ chapts to begin the development?

I agree with someone saying to read it just until chapt. 100 cause beyond that it's just a repetitive of the past events (this is me getting tired of fist fighting, need some clever battle)

For now I'll just put 3 stars as it's not completed yet.

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Bishal rated it
May 22, 2017
Status: c118
I liked reading modern day cultivation and gang genre but this novel totally ruined it. Dropped after 118 chapters cause I couldn't bear to read more. Looking at the title I thought I would get to see cool MC but who knew we see a op MC that gets nosebleed from looking at dirty photos and gets pushed around by a little brat.

And really hate that brat guoguo. Story would have been much more fun without her. Author should get the fact that all harem have beauties around him and... more>> it won't make novel interesting if all of them are in like friendzoned relationship and fewflirty moments. <<less
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cazaril rated it
September 28, 2016
Status: c137
Really used to like this novel but I don't think I am going to finish it. The adopted daughter selling out the MC is getting too ridiculous and is becoming annoying rather than cute/funny like it used to be. Earlier in the story she was a smart mischievous kid with power over the main character for a believable reason, he was an unknown person trying to get with her mom. She held all the cards. At that point her antics were low stakes, fun and cute. At this point in... more>> the story she has no cards in hand and her antics come with much larger consequences. There is no believable reason why any of the adults bother to listen to a word she says and yet somehow she is in complete control of every situation. To the point where she seems to be completely in control of the main characters finances and business transactions, because... she says so. It isn't clever manipulation anymore, it's just disappointing. <<less
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Lucaria rated it
May 7, 2016
Status: --
It fell for the trap of the typical Xanxia/Wuxia story, namely, repetiveness. It is yet again a story in which the MC arogantly beats someone up only to have the next enemy, confeniently, pound at his door the next day.
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MondoX rated it
April 26, 2016
Status: --
I do not know understand the hate for the little girl, she is hilarious. She is witty, intelligent, and mischievous, it would be more believable if she was a few years older, though. The MC and the little imp have a great relationship, and he would do anything to protect her. It becomes funnier when she gained a rival of sorts, even thought her rival is an adult. The MC is a kind badass, he allows most of his female friends treat him as they please. In spite of that,... more>> when someone messes with people close to him, he does not hesitate to protect them or take revenge. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shuiko rated it
February 18, 2016
Status: --
One of the most funny works EVER. Plus the action scenes are very well written and the Translators have done it justice so.. Hop on the train!
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Beel rated it
November 15, 2015
Status: --
Even though I was skeptical at the star regarding this novel it really was proved me wrong.
The characters are all lovable and each having different and unique personalities. The MC is awesome and story is funny and a breeze to read.
Highly recommended 10/10.
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Promethean rated it
April 4, 2016
Status: --
Its has an okay plot. Its primarily about a little girl, a martial artist with unknown background, an underground wuxia world, and fighting with powerful criminals. The plot you can probably guess just from that info.

The background info, and world is quite interesting. Its one of those “secret martial arts world” in modern day times ones.

The kid’s trolling was great at the beginning, but yes, as it goes on, its just the same shtick all over again, and does get boring rather quickly.

There is a harem, but they don’t do... more>> the same harem comedy over and over again. The harem/ecchi comedy is mostly caused by the kid, and as you can tell, it gets old quick.

The fighting is interesting, but it isn't heavy (if you dont know what that means, it means something along the lines of HxH, except with a "even though it took 2 chapters to describe, it all happened instantly" kind of thing, typical of these series), so its enough to keep you interested and not bored of the fight scenes.

But plot progresses slowly. There is no DBZ level boss ups yet (as in "there is someone stronger than the strongest person previously mention that you have to beat").

All in all, its a decent read. I only give it a 3 out of 5 because of the harem and the little girl. Otherwise it would be a 4. <<less
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Chajupi rated it
February 26, 2016
Status: --
Great read a first but more I read and more I’m disappointed, any progression in this novel... And the little kid, well okay at first it’s fun but now it’s just a little kid who tr*sh the MC with no interest and less and less funny.

So I drop this for now and see later if I have nothing to read and I hope it will be better
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rdawv rated it
February 23, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Ch.117.

Imagine the Korean film "The Man From Nowhere", or Liam Neeson's "Taken" or Keanu Reeve's "John Wick". All three movies have a protagonist who is skilled and prefers to get by with their day-to-day life; forced to reveal themselves by people who have no idea just how deadly those men are.

Now replace those jaded, cynical characters with a younger, laid-back person who is a little more wolfish at heart (and yet won't take advantage of the ladies, because well typical Chinese MC), and instead of guns... more>> you have wuxia, and you get Wicked Soldier King.

It is set in the modern world, not some far-off distant mystical land. The closest equivalent I can think of is Ma Wing-shing's "Black Leopard" manhua, whose special forces main character is far more stern and austere than WSK's MC. Malaysian readers would remember it as "Raja Rimba".

For anyone who wants a break from reading about robed people flying around in the air, WSK is a great change. You have wuxia, entanglements with the criminal underworld, rescuing beautiful women... all in all it reads like a tv superhero series that is so common these days (eg, Arrow).

It is decently written and easy on the brains, a good series with nice pacing and action. <<less
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Parth37955 rated it
December 12, 2015
Status: --
OP MC, ok, badass fight scenes, and cooking... what more do you need?
only downside is, the annoying step-daughter. She needs to get spanked.
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hillybilly rated it
December 6, 2015
Status: --
OP MC, Full of comedy, harem and what else do you need?
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